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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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mack2404 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

This is the best game - ever. Amazing graphics for it's time, a wonderful soundtrack and countless hours of my life spent chasing Ganon(dorf) across a beautifully rendered 3D Hyrule.

Unlimited replayability. I still play this, trying to figure different orders to complete the temples in (lousy Water Temple....). Never a dull moment, keeps you on your toes, amazing storyline....what more could you want?

I will not, however, speak of Majora's Mask in the same light...



mack2404 commented on Super Mario Bros.:

This is, for me, the game that started my addiction to gaming. I still occasionally hum the BGMs and imitate the sound effects. I still remember the first time I orphaned some Goomba children by stomping on their father......*sniff*



mack2404 commented on Sonic Spinball:

Who plays pinball games, anyway!? A waste of precious Wii points. I had this game way back on the Mega Drive - it was rubbish. SEGA made a huge mistake with releasing this game.



mack2404 commented on Punch-Out!!:

One of the few NES games that I still own the original of. The reason? This game is, without doubt, the best boxing game EVER made - simply because there are no stupid combos or annoying character creation screens to fight through - just simple boxing.

If you haven't got it, I ask: WHY NOT?!