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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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E-dawg commented on EU VC Releases - 20th June - Epic Fail:

Nintendo better make up for this. If we got Tetris on WiiWare that would be an OK excuse, but c'mon two crappy WiiWare games and no VC games? Thank God Brawl comes out on 26 June...



E-dawg commented on OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Eu...:

@ Cally
There were 4 other games right? Nintendo should do a 'fans week' of releases. I personally am dissapointed that out of the 5 games they didn't choose the N64 game, which we have a distinct lack of on the VC and for no real reason, N64 had so many great games.



E-dawg commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:

As much as what your saying is right, remember that they are only hinting at the idea of a hard drive at this stage (they were in complete denial not very long ago). So by the time it is completely thought out, finalised, produced and distributed, I'm afraid to say it won't be available until Christmas (especially If they want to catch the huge $$$ that they will earn in December...).



E-dawg commented on Wii SNES Controller Hits Japan:

It's not that much different to the Classic Control, I don't see what all the fuss is about to be honest. But hey, each to their own I guess, personally I'm ashamed to admit that I have never owned a SNES...



E-dawg commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

I have Sonic CD on Sonic Gems Collection and it's an awesome game, I would also like to try more Sega/Mega CD games in the near future. Only thing that holds me back about this is that the slow rate of Nintendo 64 games coming out, will only become slower...



E-dawg commented on EU VC Release - 4th April - Yoshi's Cookie:

C'mon on Nintendo, give us Super Mario Kart at least to coincide with the release of MKWii. Oh by the way, considering Europe/Australia don't have Brawl yet (or even a release date) we should be getting better VC games to make up for it...



E-dawg commented on Cruis'n USA:

Whats with the harsh rating? This game is very similair to OutRun and is quite good (3.5 Stars). I Think this game deserves a fair go...



E-dawg commented on Virtual Console Top 20 - March 2008 (EU):

Why not Sonic 2? Seriously that game is awesome. It's good to see Nintendo 64 titles in there, that shows Nintendo that we want MORE but it's a shame there's not enough Sega and other Third Party games in there...



E-dawg commented on Tetris is Coming to WiiWare - Online Play Incl...:

YES! I love Tetris, will definetly be worth it, even though I spt AU$45 for the DS version, this is on the big screen! PS. Will this version have the classic Tetris music (original Game Boy version)? That was an awesome song!



E-dawg commented on Wii TV Guide channel available for Japanese users:

Handy, but in Australia we have a cable TV service known as Foxtel Digital which has a TV guide channel selector and I only ever watch Foxtel and never free-to-air, so it doesn't bother whether we get it or not.