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United Kingdom

Sat 16th May 2009

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jillyoldsnilly commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

i got the special version only 15 pounds with win waker from game exchange from glouster in the uk it was hell of a deal master quest costs oover 30 quid by its self used on ebay myn was used to it was a once in a life time game any one find mario football and zelda tp on gamecube they r really rare games i found mario football in game i should of got it to sell idont really like mario footy though i also found tp on game cube in game exchange to same shop but it was 40 pounds so i didnt get it i got it on wii tho



jillyoldsnilly commented on Super Smash Bros.:

trust me this wont come out to middle 2010 as its got (realesed in Japan)
anyway na will probably get this before uk and theres games out there that has been relased in japan from 2006 come on nintendo ur startin to suck balls



jillyoldsnilly commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

ha i come from uk ive finished the game i need 8 more hearts all fairy unlockables mask of truth all nights mask keaton mask postmans mask couples mask fd link mask (hardest mask to get int the game) giant wallet 40 and 50 arrows upgrade to finish the game 100%