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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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mamac commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

megacody u think this is too easy and u havent even played it? i can guarantee it isnt easy and that u will never complete it!!!!!



mamac commented on New WiiWare game - Pop:

i know man i wish you could use the VC directly from SD cards. the only other option is that nintendo reconsider a playable hard drive



mamac commented on TurboGrafx-CD games for the VC?:

suppose nintendo released a hardDrive for the wii would the games appear on the wii menu?? because i have tried to put my games onto a SD card and they dont appear on my wii menu?? Does anyone have an idea?? thanks mamac



mamac commented on Super Mario World:

i do like this game alot, it was the first mario game i played, on the snes and it is awesome best mario game ever!