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Sun 15th Jun 2008

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PsychoFish commented on Review: Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 (Wii...:

I am disappointed already. I read lots of bad stuff about this game on WiiWare.
1. The Price on WiiWare is (almost exactely) two times that of the PC Version. (Europe)
2. Grafics and sound are worse on the WiiWare Version.
3. And there aren't any subtitles in different languages. Everyone around the world has to play the US Version. European Children or people who don't speak english have no chance of playing this game. (I have no problem with that, but i scream "lazy telltale".)

Considering all this i think i get it on PC.



PsychoFish commented on Tales Of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare:

Awesome!! ... I love Monkey Island, period! Actually I'm playing through the series and now THIS. Really great news. The only thing is that they want to set the price to 1.000 Nin-points (like Strong Bad). 5x1.000 = 5.000 = 50,€/$ Compared to 35,$ for the whole PC Version i have to say NO to WiiWare. I hope they reconsider.



PsychoFish commented on Nintendo World Cup:

Greatest soccer game of all time!! Pure fun and excitement. If you don't already have this for your NES you definately need to download it for Wii.



PsychoFish commented on Super Mario 64:

Every Mario fan should have played this one. It's still a modern Mario game and worth every single Wii point.



PsychoFish commented on Star Fox 64:

Brilliant game and the best Starfox game ever made. I wish there would be a similar game to date. Pros are definetly the music, the sound effects and the voiceover. The gameplay is really good and multiple ways to the end of the game makes it worth playing over and over again.
"Can't let you do that, Star Fox."... everyone who played it loves quoting it



PsychoFish commented on Mario Kart 64:

I love it. I even prefer this one over the classic Super Mario Kart. It's simply more fun and has some great tracks and tunes.



PsychoFish commented on Shining Force:

I was searching for a real classic (turn based) RPG on the VC and after reading the reviews i decided to download Shining Force. And what can I say: I was not dissapointed, it was exactely what i was looking for. The graphics are really nice and the gameplay is solid. Only the backgound music made me turn down the volume more than once.
Btw.: My first not-Nintendo console game ever!!



PsychoFish commented on Super Mario Bros.:

Super Mario Bros. is the ultimate Jump&Run. Everyone should have played this game. It' a big part of my childhood.



PsychoFish commented on The Legend of Zelda:

The first game of the best Nintendo video game series. It is different than modern Zelda games in many ways and most of the time it's unbelievable hard, but it is THE classic Zelda and a must have in every NES or Zelda fans collection.



PsychoFish commented on Tennis:

Compared to its "sister" Soccer, Tennis is a real great game. Overall it's an average. The first real Tennis game. I had a lot of fun with it and i think it's worth a try.



PsychoFish commented on Soccer:

A real dissapointment. I bought it because it was the first game that featured offside but the rest of the game is horrible. No tackling, an impossible targeting system and a real lame game. Nothing compared to the great "Nintendo World Cup".



PsychoFish commented on Kirby's Adventure:

It's a nice little game. I first played it on the VC and it was really worth the 500 points. A true classic and one of the must have games für NES lovers.



PsychoFish commented on StarTropics:

I really like this game. It has always been one of my favorites. Greate tunes, good story. Definitely worth 500 Wii Points and everyone that doesn't know the game: try it out!!



PsychoFish commented on Mega Man 2:

The best Mega Man ever, period!! Great gameplay, awesome music. My all time favourite Mega Man and one of my No.1 NES games.