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Sun 19th Jul 2009

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fatlittlenick commented on Super Mario Sunshine:

Just bough a mint copy off ebay for $40. I am so exited because the last time i played this was back in 2003. LOVED it.



fatlittlenick commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Coming to Wii:

Same here brethren.
I just checked the official STH4 website, and there's a collum saying "coming for XLA, PSN, Wii and ???" Possible that its for DSi ware?
I am honestly going to buy a copy for both Wii and PS3.
I am so hyped for this game, I hope it delivers...



fatlittlenick commented on Japan to Receive Widescreen DSi:

I doubt this is going to happen. I mean, isn't nintendo meant to be announcing a brand-new handheld system at the next E3? (please call it the Super DS) The original DS will be turning 5 on the 21st November this year (for america, at least), so a completely new handheld released next year would make enough sense, i guess. But not this 'widescreen' BS.



fatlittlenick commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii):

I didn't enjoy Galaxy that much, to be honest.
I think it was the controls, in the way that you've run around planetoids, which was kind of annoying (I guess I'm just too used to the 2D Mario games, and I wasn't much of a fan of Super Mario 64), it also seemed a little too easy.
The graphics are amazing (for Wii), can't argue with that, but I wouldn't go to say this deserves 10, more like 8.



fatlittlenick commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Countless amounts of good memories with Ocarina of Time. I highly suggest to anyone to find a copy of the Master Quest disc that was packed in with Wind Waker special edition. It's VERY good! (So is Wind Waker!)