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Sat 11th Oct 2008

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Kurachi commented on EarthBound Creator Confirms Something Is In Th...:

see? it was all a rumor..... but i doubt it'll hit the wii's VC, and prolly goes to 3DS and weeyuu

lets hope it hits the wii's VC, let my doubt be wrong, plz

i dont have enough points left, but will be some then, so make me happy, or leave me in the dark..... starts hoping (not holding my breath)



Kurachi commented on Mix Superstar:

pay to play? does it mean i gotta pay more than the download points?
in MMO's p2p = paying every month or so, so how does this one work?

looks awesome, maybe i can use my last points for this, if thats all i need to do o_O

nvm, its nothing like MMO's, lol

i'll get it soon



Kurachi commented on Paper Mario:

is this still on wii's VC? cuz they remove lots of games lately, even with nintendo copyrights

i cant get my wii to work atm, gotta look for the cause of that, once i done it, i'll buy this game as my last bought game from a console, since mostly they have motion games, which my handicaps cant handle

and its the last game i could buy with the few points i have left, so gotta hurry up before the weeyuu destroys all of the wii's VC

ok, i got it, yay, will play later

question before i do, is it timed in battles, like FF games... when you wait too long you get hit... that stuff?



Kurachi commented on EarthBound's Virtual Console No-Show Could Be ...:

i hope the rumor didnt wake up the copyright owners of the songs, which the samples sound like, so that it wont come on the wii's VC (forget the weeyuu)
that'd be sad, starmen FANsite causing it not coming to wii's VC..... hope thats not the case... and i hope it will come before they quit wii's services, which may be anytime after (maybe even before) weeyuu comes out



Kurachi commented on You Can Transfer Wii VC Games to Wii U:

if it werent for motion games, i'd be collecting money to get it (unless i can pay in parts) and buy it if i like it

i cant move all day like that cuz of my handicaps, so controllers (like the older ones) are the only option for me



Kurachi commented on SEGA: "Sonic VC Games Will Stay in Europe":

well, i have no worries as i have a wii which can play GC games and have that sonic's mega collection, in which you can unlock knuckles in sonic 2 and 3
but good to see stuff will stay in EU (and maybe America) VC



Kurachi commented on Europe's Virtual Console Loses 6 Games This Month:

reggie is right after all, the VC isnt dead, more games disappear
glad turbografx isnt my kind of console (game wise)

i still have my points, and i have almost all games i like
the only game i like to have is paper mario, but not sure if i should get it with my current points in case another and better (for me) game shows up

but paper mario is nintendo licensed, so i doubt that'll be removed

1 good point here: once you downloaded it, you wont lose it... just dont let your wii get broken

lets hope nintendo wont need to remove its own games too o_O



Kurachi commented on Wii U to Launch Just in Time for Christmas:

yay, so they can release more VC games, before the Wii dies for real....

i dont get a weeyuu, as i cant handle motions due to some physical handicaps, so VC is better for me (had too much bad sides with the wii already)

i hope they will make the wii's VC more alive until at least a few good games are released



Kurachi commented on Secret of Evermore:

i wish this'd reach the wii's VC, i sure like to finish what i started back then
i remember being alone and die quickly, i'd not make the same mistake and lvl enough if this would reach the wii's VC

in 1 way its a SoM sequel, as its same style, and has same system

if they will release it, i hope its soon



Kurachi commented on EarthBound:

we can hope, but we gotta wait, i guess
it'll be 900 points for EU, but i think its worth it (never played it)



Kurachi commented on Nintendo Download: 19th January 2012 (Europe):

well, i may not be fan of prince of persia at all, but at least the wii's VC isnt dead yet, now just hope for games i DO like, and i could buy wii points again... when i have the money of course

go nintendo



Kurachi commented on Prince of Persia:

i dont like prince of persia games, but i like to see the VC being back to life, as long as there will be more to come



Kurachi commented on Japanese Virtual Console List - January 2012:

well, i have 1200 points ( i think) left, and only paper mario looks good to me to get, so i most likely will get that and then not even bother getting more wii points anymore
not to forget about my wallet not being big at all

anyway, i most likely wont even try pokemon rumble either, which i cant, but that aside, it would cost money, and thats something i cant have right now

was fun, buying points and getting new(old) games, its over now, i guess

soon we'll say "RIP wii's VC"
ps. i wont buy weeyuu (WiiU) cuz of my wallet AND movement handicaps (wonder why i bought a wii... oh well)



Kurachi commented on Reggie: Virtual Console on Wii Isn't Dead:

i hope for just a short list:
1. Robotrek (please nintendo + SE, i'd pay my 1000 leftover points i have for just this one)
2. earthbound
secret of evermore, illusion of time/gaia, inindo: way of the ninja, lufia 2

i mostly hope for nr 1 and 2

anyway, i think reggie wont lie to us, as nintendo would get alot of angry fans that way, remember: he never said anything like "we will give way more wiiware and VC games" so it may be just a handful of games on the wii's VC

if i should choose only 1 more, it'd be robotrek, that game made me happier than any other SNES game except for secret of mana



Kurachi commented on Double Dragon II Coming to Save Wii Virtual Co...:

was a great game, and prolly still is, but i dont have much money, so i prolly stay with river city ransom/street gangs, which has a bit of RPG in it

i DO hope more wii VC games will show up, especially 1 i cant forget called robotrek o_O

i doubt it, but for now.... great to see this one coming to VC
btw, i wanted river city ransom/street gangs just cuz it was close to this game (DD2)
a lil late i guess



Kurachi commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

oh my, i play PAL 50hz VC games, and no problems
alot here make it sound much worse than it is, sry to say
seriously, if you cant enjoy a good game, even with 50hz, you cant enjoy games, you just enjoy its graphics

i prefer good games with a bit lower graphics and such than bad games with..... you get my point.... i hope

well, i'm gonna enjoy my games in an older sight, just like back then

ps. kinda sad that people dont buy games they like JUST cuz of a bit lower graphics quality... thats my opinion...



Kurachi commented on EarthBound:

@212 i hope so, as this will be an instant download for me
i've been watching youtube videos of the game, and the more i watched, the sooner i wanna play that on VC



Kurachi commented on Nintendo Download: 20th May 2011 (Europe):

i got chrono trigger right away, and play it, but as always i like to level before going further, so it'll take a while for me to get far, lol

also, i wont make the mistake i done with guildwars, thats playing it everyday, so it gets boring after a while, cuz i dont do anything else o_O

anyway, i'm very happy to play CT with my classic controller



Kurachi commented on Chrono Trigger:

yay, very soon (imo) it coms to europe
still glad i dont buy alot of games when having points
awesome news



Kurachi commented on Chrono Trigger is Coming to Virtual Console in...:

never had this in EU (where i live) so this is great news
i dont play handhelds, so this game will be mine once its in EU

btw, i see some negative posts which say its not sure if pal gets it, but we got FFIV and several others

its not my nr1 wanted VC game, as i never knew it on console, but i'll give it a try, and i bet its gonna make me happy
i'll buy it no matter what, 900 points isnt that bad
i'd say some wiiware titles are much worse with their prices, IMO

it will take a while to come, so i wont watch news everyday, but i'm happy to know this

ps. i bet alot of people have been waiting for this
and i have, even though some say: it might not come
i'm sure we all get it, yay



Kurachi commented on Chrono Trigger:

coming to japanese VC, so we have a very good chance we get it this year, and i personally hope before my bday, which is 27th august
why? cuz i think thats late enough



Kurachi commented on Animal Crossing:

i just bought this one, and i love it, i played it alot
its so much fun working and such, its good for a relaxing time in your life
i found 3 fossils so far, no idea what they do, but i found em

digging around when finding a place to dig and helping people
it prolly cant be played online anymore, but its good enough for me

i wouldnt play it everyday, or all day, but when i wanna relax

gosh, i love how nintendo made the wii being able to play GC games
this game kinda feels same as harvest moon, except AC has no time limit as far as i can see



Kurachi commented on Final Fantasy III:

looks good, think i'll buy it
i never have been fond of the newer FF games, but FF(nes) and FFIV(snes) are nice, so i'll give it a shot, as i still am an rpg fan (not any rpg, but this looks good)



Kurachi commented on Lufia & The Fortress of Doom:

same chars as Lufia 2? i thought in lufia 2 they started all over, oh well
i dont know this game, but looks just as good, although i still prefer lufia 2 on VC

since it looks like it has the same enjoyment level, i guess i buy it when its here

ps. why does the site say 800 USA and 900 UK? i thought this got to europe too :S



Kurachi commented on Japan Getting Online Multiplayer for a Virtual...:

if this will be the future of most other VC games, i'd be damm happy
i dont like this kinda games, but there's enough games i'd play online with people, or which i'd buy just for that (if others wanna play it more than just once )

playing secret of mana, kirby super star and super mario kart online (keeps dreaming, but not counting on it just yet)



Kurachi commented on Kirby's Epic Yarn:

hmm, i read on the nintendo site (official site) that it wasnt a kirby game at the start, maybe thats why i dont really like the idea of this game

tbh, i hope that cencelled game will show up (with at least GC controller support)



Kurachi commented on Pokémon Rumble:

is it playable with gamecube or classic controller? (wikipedia says it, but also was wrong about FFCC: echoes of time)
it looks cool, i'm even thinking about buying it
at least something different from those gamebuy games
and i read that its rpg-ish too, but was hoping for a video here at least, oh well, i'll see later whether i buy or not



Kurachi commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2011:

would be cool, another FF
i yet have to see where nintendo stated they wont ever translate games which didnt get outside japan

some people said to me that remakes wont get on VC, while KSS is here and FFIV has the same
same with earthbound, as "Nintendo" has never said anything about it not coming

well, we can hope, and they may do, prolly will be later rather than sooner, but better later than never

ps. if someone wants to tell me they wont do something, plz give me an OFFICIAL link from "Nintendo"

btw, why is this page about a game, while it already has its own page? just wondering



Kurachi commented on Faxanadu:

yay, coming soon
first mystic quest, now faxanadu

this will be awesome, i actually like the VC alot more again

i dont like that much games, like shooters and not much arcade kind of games, but i do like this one, so... yay



Kurachi commented on Gargoyle's Quest:

i played this one at someone's house, but i had the NES version
the NES version was pretty cool, but i somehow (cant remember why) never played it much, so couldnt get through the 1st level

i would like to see it on VC (the NES version), so i can finally try it for real
who knows, it could happen

1 thing i liked most from that game was wall clinging, looked cool back then

EDIT: yup, the NES game is "Gargoyle's Quest II" thats the one i'd like to see on the VC



Kurachi commented on Faxanadu:

oh my, i'd like to see this and mystic quest coming to our VC
that'd be 2 games to buy from me
but will it get to the VC for sure?
we cant be sure until nintendo has announced it

i've completed the game back then, and will do so again when its on the VC



Kurachi commented on Kirby's Epic Yarn:

i just am very disappointed its a motion wii game
i dont like motions, if they only would make more games with wiimote and controller options....



Kurachi commented on Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

when i played SSB (which i bought on N64 cuz i saw kirby was in it) i was best at kirby, but then a better game of the series came named SSBM, much more possibilities and way more advanced, and still was best at kirby
now that the best game of the series (IMO) came to the wii, i bought it and still am best at kirby

this game has so many possibilities, and is even bigger than SSBM
to me, everything is better than in SSB or SSBM

the only 3 things i dont like as much are online game, as you have lag alot, even with 2 people playing who have good internet connection
then you cant fight against CPU with 2 players online, and cant play custom stages online

and the stage builder is a bit too limited, bit more pieces in a stage would be better, and i know it, as i have "over 500!!" custom stages

other than that its the best wii game for me
i also love the story mode (SSE), which i completed for 100% not very long ago

as for the ratings i have: 10/10



Kurachi commented on Super Smash Bros. Melee:

here the smash bros series started to become big, bigger stages, more characters and more moves

was a great game, i only didnt really use kirby's run attack (fireball)
SSBB is even more advanced, but this game was so challenging back then, now SSBB is more challenging, and SSBM is easier
i know its high rated, but i still give it a 10/10 as it made me very happy, i would agree with 8,5/10 if i compared SSBM to SSBB



Kurachi commented on Review: Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic (NES):

i doubt they would release it on VC, as we got SMB 2(USA)
and i wouldnt download it, as its 2 same games, except for mostly the sprites, and i have SMB2 (USA) already

they did make a good change with mario chars, like letting us use toad, which was merely a background char

i must say it looks funny, and if they would get profit by putting it on VC, they should do so



Kurachi commented on Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic:

lol, haha, it looks funny, and to think that SMB2 (USA) was just ripped from this
the mario chars fit well, especially introducing toad in a mario game was cool
would be cool to see both versions on VC, but i think it would cost too much, as i wouldnt buy this one, since i bought SMB2 already... and 2 same games with different sprites wont make it worth it, i think