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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ChocoDK commented on Nintendo Download: Karts, Blobs, Bits, Shops, ...:

How ironic that on Monday I got the original Super Mario Kart for the SNES in the mail that I had ordered. I am not complaining though (as I still planned to buy the original cart anyways) and am glad that they finally released it. However, now I will not be getting it on the VC. But its nice to see Nintendo pushing out some quality titles.

I am interested in this Harvest Moon game though. However, seeing as they keep milking the franchise I will tread with caution.



ChocoDK commented on Mega Man 9 T-Shirts Now On Sale:

Well I got my three Buzz Quiz TV add ons for less then that price and it doesn't even ship to Canada. Oh well I would rather have a little Mega Man in 8bits. Thanks Capcom.



ChocoDK commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

Hmm thats cool that its getting released on Wiiware first and the DLC is nice. However, I got only 100 points on my Wii left right now so it sucks I would be once again 100 points short. That leaves me to the problem of which system to get it for. XBL has the achievements but the D-Pad is crappy so the heck with it. The PS3 has a nice D-Pad but I get charged tax on purchases but its an exact purchase amount. However, it comes out a few days later. The Wii I wouldn't need to pay tax for but be 100 points short of the DLC. Ah well I will see which system I buy it for.

I am on my PS3 more then my Wii though so that might be a factor but I shall just see. Either way I am glad that WiiWare gets the game first before any other system.



ChocoDK commented on USA VC Release: Mega Man 2:

Good week for those who don't have the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on PS2, Xbox, or GCN. I personally prefer the PS2 controller better then the latter two. But the Wii remote is better for the original feel if you don't own the NES and game cart. I fall into the group that has the Anniversary Collection on the PS2 so I won't be getting this. However, its nice to see two Wii Ware games came out this week although I am not interested in them both.



ChocoDK commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

Finally after almost 2yrs of waiting Super Mario RPG has been released. I am extremely happy it has finally come out but I wish it came out last week. I have to go back to school tomorrow so my time will be limited but either way I am extremely happy. Now I really am not hoping for anything to come out on the VC except maybe more N64 games.

Time to download it but before I do that time to delete stuff >_<.



ChocoDK commented on USA VC Releases: Ys Book I & II and Samurai Sh...:


Sure I'll take EU's week and trade it with North Americas week. I am not saying this week is bad but I have been really wanting Super Mario RPG.


Not everybody has a Super Nintendo and thats why I don't have Super Mario RPG. I only rented it when I had an SNES and never really got to play it so I want to play it again.

Oh well I got Uncharted to play and gain my last two trophies for Hard Mode and Crushing Mode.



ChocoDK commented on EU VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Super Mari...:

Congratulations Europe for finally getting this game. But I do have to admit I am very jealous. Since this game was released so late in the SNES life the best I ever did get to do was rent this game before I sold off my SNES. I really hope that this game gets released next week on the VC here in North America or soon. I doubt it though but one can only hope. Once again though congratulations.

What sucks though is I have been sitting on 1900 points since Feburary finally lose hope for Super Mario RPG and downloaded Star Poldier (sorry if I spelt it wrong). Not that I dislike the game its a ton of fun but this screws up my points now. I should've waited and I want to get Mega Man 9 on Wiiware instead of on PSN.



ChocoDK commented on My Aquarium Coming To Europe This Friday:

My Aquarium kind of reminds me of that PSN download that you use with the PS3 Eyetoy. I would hope though for Europe this isn't the only game since it is probably dull to most users (not saying the game is bad).



ChocoDK commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (13th August):

Wow I can't believe what I am seeing. Pokemon Ranch was knocked down from #1 but not just #1 it is now in #3. Well finally something mustered up enough to knock down Pokemon Ranch. But I still can't believe that Pong Toss is at #2. I still have yet to buy a Wiiware game yet. Waiting for Mega Man 9 to come next month.



ChocoDK commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (6th August):

Well I would'vee loved to have supported Toki Tori but the price got raised in North America to 1000 points which I wasn't expecting. if it was 100 points less then I would've gotten it on release. Now I will be getting Mega Man 9 and saving the other 900 points for I am not sure what at the moment.



ChocoDK commented on Review: Wild West Guns (WiiWare):

I like the way the game looks but I personally think the game is overpriced so for that reason I won't be picking it up. But very good review.



ChocoDK commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

Umm well I was only thinking of getting that Ys I & II since it looked interesting. I got Mega Man Anniversary Collection on the PS2 so Mega Man didn't matter to me and I don't care about Samurai Showdown II. But this does suck but there is a lessen to be learnt don't believe everything you read.

Really does suck though for a lot of people and I still got 1900 Wii Points on my VC. Also still bought no Wii Ware games and am dissapointed at the amount of Wii Ware games that come out weekly.



ChocoDK commented on Mega Man 9 Official Box Art:

Doesn't Mega Man here look kind of Japanese? Not that its a bad thing but it looks nothing like Mega Man. However, it does a good job at doing NES box art.



ChocoDK commented on E3 2008: Mega Man 9 First Impressions:

I hope there is different difficulty settings. I don't like games that are so hard that I can't beat them and I want to scream. I prefer to relax while playing a game and progressing and having a bit of a challenge. Either way thanks for posting this up.



ChocoDK commented on E3 2008: Miyamoto Discusses Limited Storage Sp...:

Well I am glad Nintendo addressed this issue. However, in my opinion I pit all he blame on this space issue do to Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB). It forces you to use so many blocks for data that you can put onto an SD card. I think it should've been optional or something and thats when I ran into my space issue. Although, the only Wiiware game I see myself purchasing is Mega Man 9 in the future. The VC sucks right now to me and maybe thats why Nintendo is releasing garbage games for the most part is due to the space issue.



ChocoDK commented on Japanese Mega Man 9 Site Now Live:

I am going to do what I did yesterday and watch it on IGN's Livewire. So I am going to watch the Nintendo and Sony Press Confrences today. Its cool that the Mega Man 9 site is up but I'll wait for the English site to be posted up.

@Terranigma: In business people rip off of each others ideas. And to be unbiased I think that Microsofts avatar ideas with the clothes is really cool. However, a guess would be that you need to pay for the extra new clothes.



ChocoDK commented on US VC Releases - 14th July - Donkey Kong 3:

I got Donkey Kong 3 for the E-Reader anyways so I don't care. Even if I got to use a clunky thing and swipe cards and I think it came out on a Game & Watch Gallery which I got them all.

I can't believe also that the Major League Eating Competition game came out today.



ChocoDK commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:

Wow 3/10 what a horrible horrible HORRIBLE GAME! I think my first Wii Ware purchase will be Mega Man 9. Very good review =).



ChocoDK commented on See Mega Man 9 In Action:

This game looks really good and I think I will use my Wii Ware points that are sleeping on my Wii for this game.



ChocoDK commented on Beer Pong Goes Alcohol Free:

I wasn't interested in this game at all but the new changes because people complain make this title sound even more DUMB!



ChocoDK commented on US VC Release - 7th July - King of the Monsters:

Maybe Nintendo is releasing garbage games due to the storage issue. That is just a thought because when they were releasing good games people's flash drives were filling up. Now with Wii Ware people's flash drives are filling up even more and releasing good games on the VC wouldn't help either. It would just increase the complaining.

Now don't get me wrong I am not defending Nintendo. I am just as dissapointed as the majority of people in North America (NA) about the VC. But I just hope that Nintendo has a good announcement about the VC and harddrive issue at this years E3 next week. Knowing Nintendo though I doubt it as they have let me down as of late.



ChocoDK commented on Will You Be Bursting Bubbles Today With Pop?:

Well I don't see the appeal of Pop and maybe if it was 500 points I would've looked into it. Forgive me if I seem ignorant but I just don't see the appeal of popping bubbles. I understand that some games doing the most simple things such as Tetris is fun and addicitive but popping bubbles? I don't know maybe its just not my cup of tea. But to everybody who enjoys it I am glad you do.



ChocoDK commented on Capcom Confirms Megaman 9 WiiWare Exclusivity:

I will see the price and then maybe purchase it. I got the Mega Man X Collection for the GCN and Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the PS2. So I might as well try Mega Man 9 when its released.



ChocoDK commented on US VC Release - 30th June - Fatal Fury 2:

Another week and once again no titles I am interested in. To be honest I would rather have in a way Europes pattern because at least they get five VC games once every two weeks which beats three VC games in two weeks. Then again though I don't like the way Europe gets Wii Ware releases but I haven't even downloaded one Wii Ware game. The VC is a major dissapointment to me and next gen I am waiting till the end of the gen to buy the systems I want =P.



ChocoDK commented on Most Popular WiiWare Games in North America (2...:

Umm I am not suprised that My Pokemon Ranch is so high up. I expected it to be high but maybe at #2. I thought that Dr. Mario RX would actuall take #1 but I knew My Pokemon Ranch would sell extremely well. It looks like holding off My Pokemon Ranch didn't make any difference since its zoomed to #1. As for me due to limited space I haven't downloaded any Wii Ware games yet. The only one I am interested in is Toki Tori and I am sad in a way its not higher up there.