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United Kingdom

Wed 4th Mar 2009

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VenomTheEvil commented on VVVVVV:

Fantastic game is fantastic.

Old school platforming bliss cant wait to pick up this gem on my 3DS



VenomTheEvil commented on Final Fantasy IV:

@ Kurachi

In case FFIV does not come out on VC outside of japan (Still we have a good shot however) check out the DS remake its mostly the same with but with a facelift

Oh and minor storyline changes



VenomTheEvil commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

@ Mickeymac

I found that I could take everything in and didnt have to rush it at all. I didnt find the time thing that much of a problem.

@ Party On Dude

Feel europes pain. We have to wait for everything else. So its only far we get SOMETHING GOOD before you guys do.

Also dont call europe "stinking"



VenomTheEvil commented on Final Fantasy IV:

@ WyvernKnight64

Try VI (6) thats another very good one.

@ stinssd

You win at the internet sir! YOU WON!



VenomTheEvil commented on Ten Arcade Games We'd Like To See On The Virtu...:

Well so many I want I think I would like to seem some of the classics of gaming. Plus newer titles and some lightgun games.

Point black anyone? That would rock. I love point black used to play the PSOne version with my sister all the time