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Sat 19th Apr 2008

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Jimpaco commented on Mario Kart 64:

AWSOME GAME!! but i got double dash and mario kart wii (preordered it) so im probably not gonna get it.
but everyone with a wii get this game for virtual console its awsome (unles u have the origanal stick with that) long live mario kart the best racing game in the world!



Jimpaco commented on F-Zero:

the demo on super smash bros. brawl is fun i might buy it my mom likes racing games



Jimpaco commented on Fantasy Zone:

never played it it looks hard.
how much levels does it have? I might buy it cuz it does look fun.



Jimpaco commented on Adventures of Lolo:

my friend has this game for vc its pretty fun but gets old quick ive never played the second but i imagine its the same just different puzzles



Jimpaco commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

I cant wait to buy this game for vc ive always loved the zelda games
Wind Waker is the best and Twilight is really good 2 so i hope this ones fun and I wont get bored of it quick (unlike lylat wars)