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Win The Prima Official Game Guide The Legend of Zelda: Box Set

Santa may have been and gone for the year 2013, but in our opinion it's still the season for giving. With this in mind Nintendo Life is thrilled to bring you a very special competition this Christmas courtesy of the lovely folks at Prima Games, who earlier this year released the exceptional The Legend of Zelda: Box Set of Prima Official Game Guides.

We've got two copies of the set up for grabs, one for our North American readers and one for those based in the UK. The box sets are extremely heavy so we are unable to ship them to other locations — sorry about that!

As usual, all you have to do is answer our simple quiz question to be in with a chance of winning. Don't forget to tell your friends! You can read more information about the Box Set on Amazon.

About The Prize

The set includes 6 hardcover collector's editions for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass, The Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

All 6 of the guides will be on high quality paper with gilded edges, giving the guides a gold shine along the pages. This limited edition set will only be printed once, when it is sold out they will be gone forever!

Find Out More

Watch Us Lift The Lid On Prima's Legendary Zelda Strategy Guide Treasure Chest in our unboxing video.

How To Win

It's simple, login or register and answer the question, we'll randomly select the winner(s) and contact them via email.

Enter The Competition

Sorry, you're too late, the competition is now closed, please try again another time!


Closing date for entry is 3rd January 2014, winners will be contacted via email for their postal address, prizes will then be posted via registered mail. You may only enter once, duplicate entries will be removed.

User Comments (228)



Gioku said:

Awesome! I've entered~ probably won't win though... but I hope I do!



Nico07 said:

I would love to win this, hopefully those of us in the United States aren't disqualified. Either way thanks Nintendolife staff, you guys are great.



X_mirage_X said:

I would love to get my hands on this set!! I may need to use the trusty Titan's Mitt to pick this thing up though.



wicked636 said:

Great set.Would love to get one but to much for me to put into books.Great way to get it.



ouroborous said:

seriously hope i win the prize for NA, im still sad that i couldnt get one of those awesome zelda treasure chests with ALBW.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

Just entered! I hope to start a video game collectors item collection and this would be the perfect item to start that fancy collection!



Power5lave said:

i need this in my life, missed out on the limited edition hyrule historian so this would more then make up for it good luck everyone



ariwl1 said:

One of those things that I don't need, but darnit, they're just so beautiful...



Nico07 said:

@leymour Thanks I suppose I should learn to read as it states one for North America and one for the UK Good luck everyone!



Kurtis_the_Red said:

Entry uploaded...would literally cry if I won. But given my luck, it's probably best not to get my hopes too high.



Yosher said:

I've got this one already, so I won't enter this one to give everyone else a chance to win one. It's certainly a must-have collector's item for any Zelda fan! Good luck everyone!



strenny said:

I'm in Germany, but i habe a friend living/working in the UK. Could her adress be used instead?



Beta said:

I entered, but I'm neither in the US or UK, so I'll gift it to one of my friends over there if I win X3
Good luck, everybody!



JaxonH said:

Thank you for a fun contest Nintendolife! And remember folks, if you don't win, you can still buy this Zelda guide set on Amazon for a little over $100 brand new- 50,000 made so you know how that goes. Might take a bit to sell all of them but once they're gone, they're eBay only for absurd prices. Get em while you can!



Remisio said:

If I won... I'd be so happy that... I... Would... Probably... (Not) DIE.




G-money said:

Good Luck to everyone. If I do win I want to give this gift to my brother since he really love Zelda.

Thanks Nintendo Life Staff for this awesome giveaways.



J-Manix98 said:

Good Luck Guys! I'm probly not gonna win... but if I do i'll be sure to tell ya'll!



EarthboundBenjy said:

I entered. All that does is make it statistically slightly more unlikely for any other person who also entered to win.



Buduski said:

That set is absolutely amazing, I never win any of these things but it is still ok to day dream.



SkywardLink98 said:

(prays to the almighty gods of contests) Good luck to everyone! May the odds gods of RNG be ever in your favor!



JohnBgon said:

Well I hope you win!

So now that I was nice about it I should definitely win! That's how it works!



Doobie said:

I can't remember the last time I won anything, I hope this breaks the pattern!!!



tripunktoj said:

North America or USA? Because NA includes Canada and Mexico, where Im living for the foreseeable future. Right now it doesn't specify, so I just entered anyway.



LINKCA said:

My dad died two days before christmas so c'mon santa do a little something for me :/



kikyou1 said:

I signed up for the contest. Good luck everyone and thank you for the comp. Nintendolife.



Henmii said:

I entered! But while UK mostly means Europe, I fear it now only means England! And I am from Holland, so I fear I am out of luck!

I would love the prize! It looks awesome!



eichs22 said:

Good luck to all! Finally got registered here, thought this give away was too good of an opportunity to pass up finally joining this site!



TaylorBoo4222 said:

Oh man! This is SOOOOO exiting! I could eat an oktorok! Good luck everybody! May the Triforce be with you!



Havenxio said:

What an epic prize to win! Would absolutely love to have those guides. This is such a great Nintendo website. I'm so glad I signed up.



Manaphy2007 said:

i never win anything but you never know, i could win or not. that is the joy of entering, not knowing if you win or not



Lonestar166 said:

I would be happy to add this to my Zelda collection. How unfortunate it does not include a Wind Waker guide.



Felioth said:

I live in Italy so... sadly non contest for me!
Good luck to everyone that can actually participate!



YoshiAngemon said:

The only thing I ever win are radio contests. I won't win this, since it'll be easier to BUY the thing, xhould they have it. And why buy some strategy guides online, when there's Strategy sites that help you out for free?



NintyMan said:

I just entered. Good luck to any North American and Briton lucky enough to get this huge collection!



Miss_Dark said:

@Spanjard Dutchjard I know but but I have friends in the UK and maybe they can keep it for me and when I travel to the UK they can give it to me and I can drag it to Belgium



Obito_Sigma said:

Am I the only comment that does not know the answer? I am comment #143 and, apparently, every single person knew the answer... Is there a cheat guide anywhere? No? Anyone? Possibly my dad? Okay.



i-am-error said:

quite sure the odds won't be in my favor... but regardless, this is a REALLY awesome give-away NintendoLifers! thanks for the opportunity to throw my hat in the ring and also for creating/maintaining a site that i visit daily (with or without the chance to get my hands on some super-fine-schwag)



Gigan said:

Been meaning to sign up here. Fingers crossed. Would love to win this. Save me, checking Amazon...., $150! Fingers tightly crossed now.



JoSlifer said:

I'm more excited to have it than to use it at all. A strategy guide kind of takes away the fun of the adventure, doesn't it?



NewUser said:

This would be like, the coolest thing for whoever wins, but the chances are like, so small!



ribbitking17 said:

I logged in to my account for the first time since 2008 to do this. I hope I win for North america



Mr_DSi said:

I've wanted to pick these up for a while but haven't enough money at the end of each month. Here's to hoping I win it!



Rein1991 said:

Good luck everyone! hopefully whoever wins will enjoy it as much as I would If I won XD



Drawdler said:

I already got one for Christmas(and I'm from Australia anyway), so I won't enter. Good luck everyone! It's a great box set.



nathj1999 said:

Really hope I win this, I'm a huge Zelda fan and this would be an awesome addition to my collection



dburger said:

"Can't win unless you send in!" Kinda makes me feel like I'm entering an old Nintendo Power sweepstakes.

Good luck, one and all!



ikki5 said:

easy answer to that question:P

I doubt I'll win but if I do, I'll be pleasantly happy. Zelda is my all time favourite series ever since I was 5



B3ND3R said:

I have everything zelda related in my collection, so this will certainly be an awesome icing on the hyrulian cake! So glad NA is finally getting some love and a chance to win



B3ND3R said:

@dburger I miss NP like crazy.. In fact, the reason I came to discover this site was due to NP's end. I'm so glad Nintendo Life exists and I'm glad they do things like this xD as you said, very Nintendo Powery. Now you're playing with power!



dburger said:

@B3ND3R - Thanks for your comment! It's the same for me--long time NP subscriber, who recently discovered the Nintendo Life forums. It's great to be here!



EJtheK said:

Wow! Great giveaway. Thanks for having two copies available! Good luck to all Nintendo Life readers and Happy New Year!



PuzzleMaster7 said:

Thanks for holding this contest, NL!

@dburger Have you checked out NF Magazine yet? I've made a thread about it here if you want to learn more information about the magazine. It's basically the spiritual successor to NP.



crobatman said:

In pure excitement I answered the question without reading the conditions -_-
Typical me........ oh well, even if I win I can't receive the prize



Lunapplebloom said:

Awesome to have another competition here. Seems like a long time since the last one the USA folks could get involved in. This will make for a great end of year gift to some lucky soul. Thanks NL, and good luck to all.



dburger said:

@KodyWB-98 - I certainly have been keeping an eye on NF! I plan to subscribe in the near future, once I get the spare funds. They really do have an all-star cast working on the publication; I'm glad to see the spirit of NP being kept alive. Thanks for your message!



SphericalCrusher said:

Buying this off a coworker tomorrow for $100. Brand new, unopened. I had it preordered prior but had to cancel for Christmas stuff. Excited to get it, even though I own four of the guides already, haha.



Shicky5000 said:

MAAAAN, I need this. I really hope I win, but I enter giveaways constantly and it seems that I never get lucky..



G3ry said:

@leymour EXACTLY... Even Nintendo thinks North Armerica is just US and Canada!!!! We want Nintendo TVii!!! And Club Nintendo Rewards!!!



harpnbass said:

Actually, this is not a competition but a drawing. No one is actually entered competitively. If that were the case, I would win!



Shambo said:

Ow, I just entered, but I live just across the sea from the UK to the rest of Europe... Flanders, Belgium... Guess that won't work then?



mr570 said:

I don't read game guides as a rule, but these books look pretty awesome in their own right. Fingers crossed, good luck to everyone who has entered.



artofmana said:

I'm not terribly optimistic about my chances but I would love to get this set. It's gorgeous. Both as a collector of books and of things Nintendo, I'm all over this. I just haven't yet been able to justify the expense. Thanks for the chance, Nintendo Life!



peladex said:

got mine a couple of weeks ago, and is beautiful. every zelda fan should have one. good luck!!!!.



Darren1986 said:

I have wanted to own these for some time, but everywhere I look they seem to be overly expensive or out of stock. So this would be amazing!



Mode7 said:

I won an NL competition a few years ago for a t-shirt of some lawn dart? WiiWare game that I didn't even want. The shirt never came. I didn't really care. The End.



Heros_bane said:

I hope they announce the winner, I know I have no chance but it would be nice to see who won and congratulate them.



Heros_bane said:

@YoruNoMatsuei I didn't know that when your name is mentioned in someone elses comment they send you an email... Yeah... I kinda fangirled and squealed for a minute before realizing I didn't win, lol ^u^;



SheldonRandoms said:

@DreamyViridi When you crossed your fingers, you somehow crossed into the dimension of really good luck, and you brought that luck with you and won those books.

LOL, only I would comment on the competition page where you entered, I wonder how many users will do the same, probably nobody, because i'm swell.

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