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Sat 28th Dec 2013

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Devlind commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

@bstoppel WHAT? That's the point of it, the amiibos (unlike the skylanders/Disney Infinity) are compatible with more than 1 game, that means that some of them are going to be useful with other titles (eg. link in hyrule warriors, mario characters in mario kart 8, smash characters in smash bros), it makes sense (I don't see why a mario amiibo should be compatible with hyrule warriors).



Devlind commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

I'm not mad at those people, Nintendo encourages this kind of thing when they do this stuff, it would be easier to put the demo for everyone at the same day and to the platinum users a demo with unlimited plays.



Devlind commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

This is Bouffalant$H/T and everyone knows it, I mean, why on earth they can't do wifi events? in BW we had tons of events, darkrai, mewtwo, reshiram, zekrom, victini, etc. but now we seem to only get bug pokemon (heracross and pinsir are not rare at all).