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Tue 16th Jun 2009

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ChaosValentine commented on Review: SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson (3DS):

Honestly, I can't say I agree with the score, but I do respect the opinions shown here. I can say though that it won't stop me from buying the game whatsoever.

I was initially unsure of the whole series due to the obvious content that some people may have issues with; but my wife kept looking at the PSVITA game Shinovi Verses and I ultimately caved and bought it for her last Christmas (though I almost took it back once because i was really unsure of it haha)

Either way, she opened it, played it and I was hooked by watching it. Yes the content is there, but it was no where near what I had initially expected; its mainly a bunch of boob jokes, which don't really make me uncomfortable anymore since getting married (not that I would ever make the jokes mind you)

When it comes down to it, make your own choices about what games you play; sites like Nintendolife are here to give their insight, but they don't decide our purchases. If this seems like something you'd enjoy, then go ahead and buy it (I personally recommend it), if it isn't, well that's fine too; however there is no need to make fun of or judge the people who are buying/enjoying it.



ChaosValentine commented on Nintendo Download: 28th May (North America):

Little heads up, in the post it says that Battle Network 4 is the last of the series to hit GBA. However, Megaman Battle Network 5 & 6 did both come out on GBA; 5 did have a special combo game come out on the DS, but it didn't stop the GBA releases



ChaosValentine commented on Mega Man Battle Network 3 Headed to the Wii U ...:


Sadly I know for a fact that these two games cant be 100% by themselves. In order to get one of the Giga Chips in each game, you have to fight VS Link Battles against the opposing game and hope that you get it randomly as a prize after you win the fight. If they don't do something to fix this then we will not be able to 100% the game and not be able to access the secret boss at the end...



ChaosValentine commented on Review: Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii):

I absolutly love this game, and the ones for DS. But I too have issues with the runey's. I've had this game since the day it came out last year, But I got really busy and didnt really pick up on playing it till recently....Everything was fine till I learned about the Runey's I had been ignoring. Luckly I caught it at the end of Summer Year 1, But I sitll have LOTS of repair work to do.

The game woulda been a 10/10 for me if it wasnt for the runey's. Sadly they drop it to a 9.5 for me, But still thats really good



ChaosValentine commented on Review: Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calib...:

I just got a points card, saw this game out and I want to get it but im still kinda on the fence....I absolutly LOVE Rpgs and SRPG's but Im still kind of hesitant for some reason :S

Is it really that amazing? Is the story any good?

Also should I be playing the SNES one first?



ChaosValentine commented on Might The Next Zelda Sense Your Vitality?:

So wait, The more scared you'd get, the tougher enemies get....

I used to get scared by Skullfish from MM as a kid....It scares me to think what something like this could do to them

imagines being swarmed by hundreds of skullfish at once

waaaaaaaay to freaky



ChaosValentine commented on Review: Stunt Race FX (Super Nintendo):

My dad bought me this game from our local video store when I was a kid, He had no idea what it was nor did I. However I ended up loving it and still have my copy today

its a awesome game, If it comes out to VC then Id definently recommend it.

Also, just have to say. There's one extra in it that I dont think was mentioned in this review. ( at least I dont see it, Maybe im blind) Basically it was a Demolition Derby type deal where you drove around trying to ram and destroy each other in the time limit. It was always my favourite part of the game as a kid XD



ChaosValentine commented on Competitions: Win a DSi and Nostalgia!:

Im getting a little excited now, Soon we'll know who won:), Personally ive been waiting for this game to come out for a long time yet unfortuantly money issues have kept me from picking it up yet, Hopefully I win >.>