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Tue 5th Jun 2012

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EJtheK commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

Guys - I'm not sure if they've already sold out, but if you are trying to get the MM New 3DS XL, go to a GameStop if you can. I successfully got a web order in store as I see others have as well. When I did this, the consumer-facing website was already not letting me buy it. All hope may not be lost if you're still in the market. Good luck!



EJtheK commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

@JLoverde That is definitely interesting. With the Metroid pricing, that seems like an appropriate adjustment considering that it does not come with all the other fixings and was listed (not including promo codes) at a price around the point you can get all of that on eBay. I think that's a wise drop.

As for Xenoblade, I'm not sure of the current going rate. Perhaps this is below? That'd be a great deal. Fortunately, I was smarter there than I was with Metroid, and I got that one at launch. Phew.

Good luck to all!



EJtheK commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

Hey all. I said I'd post, so here's the result.

My copy is just like the one @JLoverde received. It looks brand new, but it didn't come with the collector's goodies.

I took it back as soon as I got it because I wound up getting a complete, Like New edition for $85. I missed out on the coupon codes, but it was worth the extra bucks to get the whole thing for me. That said, the GameStop copy was excellent if I were to have not cared about the extra goodies. The disc certainly looked brand spanking new. For that matter, so did the manual and case. Certainly an interesting situation...

If you want a new copy of the game and don't care about goodies, GameStop with coupons (although some may have expired) is a great option. Otherwise, watch eBay and Craigs List with patience.




EJtheK commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

@Loverde Thanks for sharing everything you learned on your quest! I certainly appreciate that you have spread the word on all of that!

That's all very interesting. I have a copy arriving Monday from GameStop. At this point, my plan is to return it if it isn't 'complete,' so that I can simply pick one up on eBay that is. When I get it, I'll post about what I get for the benefit of all. It sounds like I can expect it in the condition described by you, @JLoverde.

Again, thanks for the information!



EJtheK commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

@tchaten - Did you get your copy yet?

@Loverde & @tchaten - I suppose it's picky for me to be upset by them not sending the steelbook case. However, I figure I'd contribute two points for thought here: (1) I called GameStop and was told by a manager that they do not accept pre-owned copies without the steelbook case, so "AT THE VERY LEAST" it would include the case (I guess this wasn't true though); and (2) every now and then complete versions of the game in Very Good to Like New condition go on eBay for sub $100.



EJtheK commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

Does anyone know yet if this arrives with the steelbook case, art book, etc.?

I know its 'pre-owned,' so there's no guarantee here. However, given some of the chatter around the internet (i.e., over at Kotaku) regarding the condition of these, it sounds like there's a good chance of these being 'like new.'

Anyone have experience or insight yet?



EJtheK commented on Review: Nintendo Land (Wii U):

@ShadJV I could not agree more with your assessment. In my mind this game has the perfect amount of online anyway (and, it's as cool ... if not cooler than traditional online multiplayer): the Miiverse interactivity within the park.

When played competitively or cooperatively with friends, this must be experienced locally ... otherwise the laughter and ridiculous situations would go away. Yet, seeing others in your park with clever messages to share is delightful.

I've learned that there are a lot of creative, dedicated, and funny Nintendo fans out there. I love interacting with them ... it feels like there are other parties of people playing right now that are all similar to the party you have laughing in your living room. Good stuff.