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Fri 27th Dec 2013

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leymour commented on Wii U Skylanders Bundle Deal Heading to GameSt...:

@dmdsoftware I live in canada, I did not see that happen o_O

Also People, remember, you can actualy connect a USB drive to the Wii U and backup and store GAME Data on them. 8gb or 32gb doesn't matter. If you are willing to shell out 80$ for a 2TB Hdd, you will never need to worry about space again (2TB ... thats probably big enought to download all 2014 and 2015 wii U games comming out!)



leymour commented on Nintendo Apologises for Nintendo Network Issue...:

@TheLilK98 Sony .... they gave free games partially to avoid a lawsuit. To receive those games I had to sign a digital waver (those things people click accept and dont read .. Yeah those!) that said I will not sue them in any form. Then I was able to dowbload the games.