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Sun 29th December, 2013

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dburger commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Unbelievable news. Mr. Iwata was a bona fide fixture at Nintendo. He was a gamer himself, a programmer who did what he loved, and he accomplished wonderful things for the company we all know and love.

I enjoyed in particular Mr. Iwata's always entertaining directs and his keynote speeches about his early programming days; to me, he felt a bit like one of my computer science professors, since I majored in this subject at university, and I watched his speeches with that programming background in mind. I also remember him taking a 50% pay cut when the Wii U was having some sales troubles a few years back; that is leading by example that few other international CEOs and executives would even consider doing!

Domo arigato, Mr. Iwata. You will be deeply missed.



dburger commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

I'm hoping that the North American Club Nintendo will restock their Zelda: ALBW posters. I missed them by 70 coins or so when they were first offered as a reward, so I would love to see a 2nd batch get sent to the printers, for a second chance at nabbing them!



dburger commented on Win The Prima Official Game Guide The Legend o...:

@KodyWB-98 - I certainly have been keeping an eye on NF! I plan to subscribe in the near future, once I get the spare funds. They really do have an all-star cast working on the publication; I'm glad to see the spirit of NP being kept alive. Thanks for your message!