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Sat 17th May 2008

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YoshiAngemon commented on Nintendo to Step Up Character IP Licensing, In...:

Why not K'NEX for the Legend of Zelda? That way, when they do up Super Smash Bros. Stages with characters, they already have Mario, Luigi, DK, Diddy, Bowser, Peach, and Link and Zelda. Maybe throw in Pit, Olimar and Pikmin, Samus, and Villager.



YoshiAngemon commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

Personally, I'm hoping for Mischief Makers, a joint project by Square Enix and Treasure Games. That was a good game. But maybe since Microsoft Game Studios, makers of Blue Dragon would officially own Chrono Trigger, maybe THEY should release it on XBox Live Arcade. Don't get me wrong, I don't own a 360. Maybe they'll also release RC Pro AM, too.