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Star Fox 64 3D Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Just like old times, huh Fox?

When the remake of Star Fox 64 was announced for 3DS, it joined Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D as part of Nintendo’s N64 re-release launch strategy. Opinion will vary on the merits of releasing these titles on the handheld, with some pining after the new titles on the horizon. What we can say after a lot of time with Star Fox 64 3D is that this is another title that simply must be experienced on the 3DS.

It is important to bear in mind that this title was originally released 14 years ago, so there will be a lot of gamers with no memory or experience of the original. This release — and indeed this review — is primarily for these gamers. Those who have played the original should also take note, however, as to dismiss this title as a lazy port would be a grave mistake.

For those new to this title and perhaps the series, Star Fox 64 3D is an action intensive, on-rails arcade style 3D shoot-em-up, with occasional ‘All-Range’ sections that involve dog fights or boss encounters in an open arena area. Starring Fox McCloud and his fellow talking, aircraft-flying animals, you pilot the wonderfully designed Arwing through a number of levels shooting absolutely every enemy that you can see. Some variety is provided with land-based missions, as well as an underwater level that is, in some respects, the exception to the overall standard of the gameplay. That standard is fast-paced, heart-pounding action that will bring you back again and again; if you like this genre, then you will be hooked.

A key element in the success of this title is the controls. The intensity of each level requires precision and quick reactions, and on these fronts the 3DS control setup delivers successfully. The old-fashioned control system uses the Circle Pad for navigation and the shoulder buttons for quicker turns and defensive barrel rolls, with the four face buttons providing your laser, bombs, boost and brakes. There are two options for these controls, with an intuitive setup where boost and brake utilise the top and bottom buttons of the four, or there’s a setup more closely resembling the N64 controls. On top of this, it's possible to pilot your vehicles with the 3DS gyroscope controls. This is surprisingly effective, and we comfortably completed a play through using nothing but the gyroscope and buttons. Moving the device up and down as well as tilting left and right is very intuitive, but only really works in 2D mode, as maintaining the 3D sweet spot is challenging when moving around in the heat of battle.

The care and attention given to the controls carries across to the game options available. First there is the Main Game, the primary focus of the title, consisting of seven missions to save the Lylat system from fiendish monkey scientist Andross. The storyline is cheesy and inconsequential, but has just the right degree of silliness to make it charming. The key element of this mode is that there are branching paths to follow, meaning that there are actually 16 distinct missions available.

Which path you take depends on your performance in the previous mission; an average display earns a ‘Mission Complete’ accolade, while ‘Mission Accomplished’ means you’ve met certain criteria. This can vary from shooting certain enemies quickly, to flying under arches or shooting out searchlights; you have to figure out these requirements through hints in the game and plenty of practice. If you achieve the ‘accomplished’ grade, you can choose which of the two paths you want to pursue, a nice touch that gives you freedom of progression. Seeing all levels will require multiple playthroughs, which typically last around 45 minutes, with different paths of progression leading to variations in the storyline as well as alternate endings. The final challenge is to collect gold medals in every mission, a task reserved for the most skilful of gamers.

Beyond this mode is Score Attack, allowing you to play unlocked missions in pursuit of more medals; bronze, silver and gold. Hidden objectives are less relevant, as your score is based solely on how many enemies you destroy, and much like the main game medals the top rewards in this setting are exceptionally difficult to achieve.

The other major one-player option is Training, which is mandatory the first time you play the game. This is a good way to grasp the basics, and new to this version of the title is the ‘Trial’ run that follows your training, an obstacle course that will test your abilities and prepare you for the main challenge.

In both the Main Game and Score Attack, you actually have two distinct challenges and sets of medals to collect. The 3DS option is balanced for play with the gyroscope controls, though you can play through this mode with these controls disabled. The difficulty level is slightly easier, with less aggressive enemies and a more generous health bar. The N64 option recreates the challenge from the original game, and gyroscope controls aren’t provided as an option. For those seeking the most thrilling and challenging gameplay, this is the mode to play.

The final gameplay mode on offer is Battle. This consists of arena battles against three opponents in the All-Range style, and can be played against CPU opponents in single player. There are variables in objectives, though they all basically involve shooting the most rivals. Further options are given in victory conditions, as well as which extra items are available for use: some of these can be fun to use, such as homing missiles and weights that prevent opponent’s movements. This mode is best when played with friends, though this is limited to local multiplayer — the lack of online is a genuine loss, but the fact that up to three extra players can all join in with only one cart in use is a big bonus. After a bit of a wait for Download Play to complete setup, the additional players then have access to play against you in any of the maps for multiple rounds, without additional wait times. The feature of seeing your friends’ faces – utilising the inward facing camera – as you try to blow each other out of the sky is undoubtedly fun, so this is a decent diversion.

In terms of presentation, Star Fox 64 3D is another strong indication of the console’s capabilities. The graphics have seen a significant overhaul, with some levels in particular standing out. The greatest triumph is the 3D; the effect is subtle enough to be easy on the eye while genuinely enhancing the experience, all with no noticeable drop in frame rate. This helps this title immensely, maintaining a silky smooth performance that allows the gameplay to shine. Sound is also of the highest order, the music in particular supplementing the action perfectly.


The beauty of Star Fox 64 3D is that it provides a quick pick up and play experience that is guaranteed to provide an adrenaline rush. The original was renowned for its exciting action, and this title takes that original material and enhances it with much improved graphics and a gloriously smooth frame rate. The only complaints are the lack of online multiplayer and the fact that, content-wise, this game is almost the same as the original. Yet, this release can provide thrills and addictive shoot-em-up action to both veterans and those new to the game, its irrepressible energy enough to make us forget that we’ve done it all before.

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Star Fox 64 3D isn't just about flying in a straight line, you know: there's alternate routes aplenty to be had, if you just know where to lo

User Comments (117)



JayArr said:

Wow that looks reeeeeeeally sharp. The lack of on-line make the price tag not worth it to me though. Without, it's just a Nostalgia-ville with a fresh coat of paint. Good review Thomas.



Corbs said:

Nintendo did a damn fine job on this one. Great review Tom!



andyutd97 said:

Me and my mate predicted and this and are disappointed to see our prediction come true. Stunning review but why does everyone always have to slate online so much. If your that obsessed people go a buy a 360. Personally feel its abit of a shame how no online automatically slices two marks of the score. If it was Mario in that space ship it would be a automatic 10 what-so-ever.



XCWarrior said:

@Jarvan Don't base a preorder over a number, especially not on a remake. And there is the rest of the review to read.

@andyutd Dude, Star Fox Command on DS had online. This should have online. You can't play Star Fox on 360, which is a console, this is a portable. Your arguement doesn't come close to standing. Some of us don't have a lot of time to play with people in person. Or in the case of the 3DS, it's hard to find people nearby who even own it.

I'm glad to see that everyone still loves the game, but man with hardly any additions, I have to wait to pick this up.



ThomasBW84 said:

@JarvanZheitk - An eight is a good score, don't forget. It represents 'Very Good' in our scoring policy, there were just a couple of niggles such as lack of online play and the absence of any significant new content beyond extra modes; a few 3DS exclusive story levels or online would have pushed this up to a 9. If you like the game-style or the series, it's highly recommended



Weavius said:

I loved the original. However, due to the lack of online play, I'm going to wait until it drops to $20 to pick it up.



nick_gc said:

I thought this was supposed to have online multiplayer? Otherwise, if it's just local whats' the point in the feature of having your picture display as an icon in the game? Ugh, Nintendo, you really really do make me pull my hair out sometimes.



Kirk said:

The buttons for Laser and Nova Bomb need to be the opposite way around imo. I think it's more ergonomic and comfortable positioning my thumb further into the device for actions I am having to perform all the time rather than keeping it right at the outside edge of the device. I really don't know why Nintendo seem to have switched this type of thinking from how they used to do it on the likes of SNES to how they seem to be doing it most the time on their current-gen consoles but I think it was better the old way.

Well, at least they should give us the option.



moosa said:

"to dismiss this title as a lazy port would be a grave mistake."
Thank you for writing this. Some people will just never be satisfied.



JustAnotherUser said:

@XCwarrior I'm not basing purchases on scores, I usually use reviews (for pre-orders) to see if there are any major issues.
I want to apologize as well as my comment seems trollish looking back on it.



timp29 said:

Never played this before, still very interested in getting this title.

Read the review, avoided looking at the score until I had read the whole thing, and from the language of the review, I was expecting a 9. I get the impression that Thomas enjoyed this more than 8/10. Still, an 8/10 isn't going to stop me from buying this title.



Arthedain said:

I did play this once or twice on the SNES back in the days but never got arount to play it on N64. I'm looking forward to this one



LittleFuryThing said:

The only game in the series that I played was Starwing back on the SNES...so very long ago.
Regardless of the omission of online, I'll be picking it up anyway. If it's anywhere near as enjoyable as Panzer Dragoon then it's good enough for me.



NintyMan said:

An 8 was expected, but the fact that I haven't played this game yet already qualifys it to be my next purchase.



daznsaz said:

played it on 64 if it had online i would get it.im not saying that to jump on any bandwagon ive got about 350 hours so far on resi mercs.and that doesnt even have a story.they really should of given starfox online imo.



skywake said:

I was considering getting this but without online I'm much less convinced...........



pikku said:

Okay, okay, Nintendo. You got my money once again, no need to rub it in.



blackknight77 said:

I'll be picking this up. I could care less about online anyway. I barely touch online feature in the games I do own.



RandomMan85 said:

Looks like it could be a good purchase, I don't really care that it doesn't have an online feature. Online is cool but I don't really think it's a necessity on a handheld console. The whole point of a handheld is to be able to take it everywhere, including many places where there is no wi-fi spots (like the beach, bus etc...) so online is just a bonus for me but in no way affects my purchase decision.



Lobster said:

The review looks great and so does the game! However, I will not be picking this up, due to my irrational hatred of StarFox games spanning back to the SNES. (WHY DID I SUCK SO BAD? WHY DID MY FRIEND RUB MY FACE IN IT?)

Seriously, guys, glad you're all happy.



Cavea said:

The lack of an online mode is a bit of a shame, but not a deal breaker for me.
Great review - looking forward to getting my hands on this game on the 9th! :]



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Yep its not a lazy port, but they still added almost 0 extra new content. So whats the incentive to shell out 4x as much for a game I already own and have played hundreds of times? I'm really tired of these remakes right now. Give me some new content Nintendo.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i'm getting this eventually....i, too, don't get the appeal of online and hardly play online in the games that i do have. but i get that some people like to play online. So I get that they are disappointed, but I think that not every game needs to have online to be a good game.



Spoony_Tech said:

I think many more people will pick this up then most people think. It is a nice gap filler till the Mario's come out. Otherwise all we really have is two more remakes sorta speak. Metal gear and Tetris. Yes I believe Tetris is just another remake. How many version's do we really need. Well it looks like one more and ill probably pick it up because I'm a sucker!! Oh and I forgot about cave story. Yet another remake.



SilverBaretta said:

Huh, no online is kind of a shame, but I really like how they tried to compromise by making Download Play the exact same package as the cartridge's.



TKOWL said:

I would get this if no other games were coming out this month, but Kirby: Mass Attack is right around the corner, so I have to save up for that instead.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Great in-depth review, Thomas. Everything you mentioned seems quite like i imagined it. Like with Ocarina 3D i have mixed feelings about the graphics from the trailers. But i guess if i can get it for cheap one day they will amaze me as much as OoT 3D's graphics did.

And there's one more thing about the game that interests me. Not a deal breaker though.
You cannot save after a mission, can you ?
So every time you want to play through the game you have to do it in one sitting or put your system in sleep mode, right ?

PS: Not that i really care, but i think one could argue if Ocarina 3D really deserves a 10 / 10 now ... since there's not much new content in it. At least if you count the release of Master Quest in the limited edition of Wind Waker.



taffy said:

I don't see this not having online being a problem. Did anyone play Command online, it always took ages for me to find a game!



chiefeagle02 said:

Great review. Great game. Definitely one of my favorites in the N64 generation. However, I'll wait for a price drop or ask for this for Christmas. Funds are limited while you're in college, you know?



Linkstrikesback said:

I agree with a few other people in the comments , this game went right into the Wait for a significant price drop before buying pile of 3DS games, next to RE: Mercenaries.



Blaze said:

Mine's coming on Friday, and it looks like it's shaping up to be a good one!



Shockwave said:

An 8 is a great score, but it's reasoning makes me scratch my head. You gave OoT a better score, and that game had what this game had... improved graphics, optional motion control, and a small addition (OoT was Master Quest, Starfox was a much more robust multiplayer experience).

How can you praise the one for being a recreation of what should have been if the hardware limitations weren't there with really no new content, and not with the other?



CowLaunch said:

Lack of online multiplayer is shocking, Nintendo need to get their act together on this stuff.

I still want the game though.



pntjr said:

As much as i want this, with no online, and still trying to beat OoT, and saving for holiday titles, i can't get this one.



Magi said:

Trying to pick this up today for my son's bday from Toys R Us (gift card), but they sadly have not received any.

With three 3DS systems in the family, the local multiplayer should be pretty fun and I'm glad that only one copy of the game is required to play against each other.



Knux said:

Awesome review! I can't wait to do more barrel rolls...in 3D!



ThomasBW84 said:

@battLeToaD - Ah, I should have mentioned about saving. There is a hint in the title that always playing the campaign in one sitting works as an achievement. I haven't been able to earn enough medals to see what that is. I did test it, and if you quit during a main game, when you go back you are given the option to continue where you left off, so there is a save feature.

In terms of the score, and some pointing out that OoT received 10 out of 10. OoT 3D was the first time that the main quest and master quest were in one package together (rather than being in separate releases), in addition to the boss rush mode that was unlocked in the game. With the Master Quest included, you're looking at dozens of hours of gameplay, with the original game arguably being 10 material before the enhancements.That release fully merited 10, in my view.

It was close between an 8 and a 9 for this title, and we ultimately opted for 8 based on reasoning in my earlier comment. Unlike OoT bringing two separate packages together for the first time, Star Fox has barely any new content. Considering the relative brevity of the game (all 16 stages, if played consecutively, can be played in under 2 hours), it seems a pity that no new stages were added. Yes, it's an arcade experience that you play again and again, but after a few days of intense play, especially for N64 veterans, you wish for some new levels. As for the multiplayer, we enjoyed playing against others, and although online doesn't make a game, limiting this feature to local only is prohibitive for most and a disappointing omission. Playing Battle mode against CPU bots doesn't give the same fun-factor as battling others.



Detective_TeeJay said:

I'm dissapointed there is no online multiplayer, but the inclusion of CPUs in Battle Mode softens the blow significantly. I'm sure if there was online people would use cheap tactics anyway...

So, I think I am going to get this game.



NESguy94 said:

Nintendo needs to get on the ball with Wireless online gaming. Maybe StarFox wouldn't need online multiplayer, but they have missed out on some fine opportunities.



Gohonq said:

This game interests me.. especially since I missed it the first time around. The thing is, it's a very short game, and has no online mp.. I just do not see that, being worth the full price tag they're asking for it at all.

Maybe to people with nostalgia goggles that refuse to see any bad in a game they love it's worth every penny. But to a gamer that sees past those things, I just can't accept it :/ I'll buy a used copy later on I guess.



MrDanger88 said:

Finally a review that is unbiased. No online connectivity whatsoever in a game like this is unforgivable. When in the hell is Nintendo going to learn?



BulbasaurusRex said:

@44 The game doesn't come out until Friday. This is an advance review.

What's with this complaining about little new content? In addition to the improved graphics with stereoscopic 3D, it now has a gyroscope control scheme, a new difficulty level, a new score attack mode where we can jump straight to any unlocked level, the option to take the easy path even if we unlock the hard path, the ability to save midgame, and a highly improved multiplayer mode with the camera feature, new powerups, and AI opponents.

That looks like plenty of new content to justify a $40 purchase. Yes, online multiplayer would be better, but it's not a dealbreaker in a game like this where the focus is on the single player modes, and the ability to play as a single player against AI bots softens the blow, anyway.

@50 It's especially worth $40 to players like you who don't already own the original game. The multiplayer in this game has always been considered a minor feature. The meat of the game is continually replaying the campaign, looking to take different paths and earn higher scores and medals.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@50: I don't know about nostalgia goggles. I own the VC version and still play it from time to time. It's only short if you just play through it once. The branching pathways having you coming back to the game again and again to see all the levels, and they are all radically different.

@46: Don't know where you got your info from... maybe europe didn't get the Master Quest disc as a preorder for Wind Waker, but that had both versions together in one package also.



Raylax said:

So the whole video feed multiplayer icons fall into the same 'wtf' basket as Pictochat when it comes to being cute but entirely pointless. "Brilliant, now I can see the faces of people who are already five feet away." I swear Nintendo likes to assume we play multiplayer exclusively in public toilet cubicles, and are now offered the opportunity to watch each other strain.

As for the rest of the game, guess I'll pick it up on Friday. Not like there's much else going.



ThomasBW84 said:

@TheDarkness - You're right actually, I stand corrected. Though I stand by my basic argument for OoT deserving a 10 (the standard of the original material, combined with 3DS upgrades and dozens of hours gameplay). I'd argue that anyone comparing OoT to Starfox is comparing apples and oranges; completely different genres and style of game.

The new features that are included are nice, but one thing that came home to me is that each mode (apart from Battle) basically involved playing the same levels with a different control scheme or aiming for a different medal. In extensive time playing this title, I played every level multiple times within 8-10 hours. When I was able to play multiplayer it was actually fun, so the inability to play against others (not bots) at any time is a disappointment. It's all about what could have been done for this title, suitable for its genre, so it felt like a slightly missed opportunity.

Let's not forget, again, 8 is a good score (and it ALMOST got a 9). The basic summary is, this game is very good, a lot of fun and worth gamers' time if they like the gameplay and genre on offer.



Detective_TeeJay said:

I agree that a video feed during multiplayer is an entirely pointless feature now because of the lack of online connection. I'm still confused as to why it's even included in the first place.



OldBoy said:

Played this to death on the N64 and also bought it on VC so a new coat of paint isn't enough to tempt me at full price. No online is ridiculous and a wasted opportunity on Nintendo's part.They really need to get with the program with this online business ,MKDS had online, there really is no excuse.
Having said that if you have never played this game then you need to.It really is awesome!



Matillion said:

I'll wait 'till it's $20 anyways, even if I haven't played the game.
I'm such a cheapo!



MetroidMasher17 said:

Not gonna buy it. No online multiplayer, no reason other than the graphics for me to get it since I already have the original, and the local multiplayer won't work for me since I know no one who has a 3DS.



Supremeist said:

Online isn't the main goal in handheld games, because they expect more people to be playing on a handheld while on the road and such.

I do wish they could have added online multiplayer, though I am definitely gonna pick this game up. I've never played it, never owned an N64 or any other Nintendo Console besides the GameBoy back then, so I'm really glad Ninty is remaking all of them so I can get the experience of all of these amazing games :]

I won't be getting this for another month or so, though. Which really sucks /: But hopefully money adds up soon.




Thank you. 8 is a great score but considering the upgraded visuals, 3D effect and successful gyroscope controls this desrves a 9 even without on-line.

I played this back in the day and I enjoyed it (though I wasn't mental about it or anything). Struggled to get into to the re-vistation of it through the Wii's VC when I played it a couple of years ago. Didn't grab me enough. WILL give the 3D version a shot.



WolfRamHeart said:

Sounds good but I'm going to wait until this one drops in price before I pick it up. Great review Thomas!



Link245 said:

I don't know, considering there's no extra content I might just download the original on VC.



Shockwave said:

Really surprised to see so many negative comments. I guess I'm one of a very few who actually cares about this title. I never would have thought so many people wouldn't buy a beautifully re-visioned classic just because of a lack of online multiplayer in a game in which it's multiplayer wasn't a focus, but just an interesting add on (at the time just to make another game to support the new 4 controller ports on a Nintendo system).

Funny how games like Call of Duty are perfectly fine in people's eyes despite it's story mode being rather short and pointless just because it's mainly an online multiplayer game, but single player games (not just Starfox) constantly get slammed for not having online when it wasn't intended as it's focus anyway.



WolfRamHeart said:

@Shockwave: Personally, I think that this remake of Star Fox 64 looks and sounds great but since I already own it on the Virtual Console I have to pass on it for the time being. That and my budget is stretched pretty thin with so many games coming out this holiday season. Oh and I am definitely not a fan of Call of Duty.



CanisWolfred said:

No new content = wouldn''t touch it with a ten foot pole. But I already new what was coming for a while now.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@57 Because if you look up to to taunt someone you killed, someone is just going to sneak up behind you and starting blasting you to bits.

Everyone, stop saying there's no new content!!! A new control scheme, a new difficulty level, a new score attack mode with instant level access, the ability to pick your next level when you unlock the hard path, new multiplayer powerups, and multiplayer bots is PLENTY of new content!



Odnetnin said:

I already pre-ordered this game, but this review has convinced me to open it.Untitled



Retro_on_theGo said:

To the people saying the video feed is pointless because the person is right there: You do realize if you take your eyes off the screen to look at the person odds are you're going to get really damaged or die?

Anyways great review! I'll be getting the game this Friday.



Slapshot said:

Great review Thomas, and I completely agree with the outcome. As a big fan of the original version of the game for N64, a fesh coat of paint doesn't justify me running out to spend another $40 on a game I already own. I was actually interested in the game, when I was thinking that it would have online capabilites, but I doubt I'd even spend $20 on this remake without it. It was a great game in 1997, but in my opinion, it needed signifianct additions to justify reselling this game again to the ones who already own it.

For those who've never gotten a chance to play this gem though, don't miss it!



BulbasaurusRex said:

We've been told for months that the multiplayer is local only, so why have so many people been surprised by it lately?



Nintendude92 said:

What is it with the comments here? "Oh it got an 8, I was expecting a 9.. I'll buy it anyway though"

8's a good score. And at the end of the day, this game is very light on content if you're not a high score type of person.



Doma said:

"Everyone, stop saying there's no new content!!! A new control scheme, a new difficulty level, a new score attack mode with instant level access, the ability to pick your next level when you unlock the hard path"

These are options/settings. Not sure if you can call that content.



y2josh said:

@Shockwave: I'm not a call of duty fan, but it would take three playthroughs of Starfox to equal half of the length of a COD story mode lol. I love Starfox, but I've bought it 2 times before and I'm not paying 40 dollars for it again.



Slapshot said:

@BulbasaurusRex I myself haven't really kept up with the info on this particular 3DS title, as I'm more interested in Super Mario 3D Land and the other upcoming new 3DS titles, so the lack of online multiplayer being omitted slipped past me. It wasn't a day one purchase for my anyways.



Noire said:

This game was barely an eight when it came out 26 years ago or whatever it is now. Adding 3D visuals and some crappy gyro controls I won't ever use doesn't justify this at all. Pass.



McGruber said:

Would have picked this up if there was online. Might pick it up used eventually though.



McGruber said:

And Nintendo is really annoying for even including the pixilated faces feature on a game where multiplayer means everyone is already in the same room!!



sborwege said:

I think anyone who thinks online multi-player hasn't experienced it. I was a Nintendo fan boy and then got a ps3 for free while my brother is overseas protecting our rights. I also got COD:MW2 with it, and if it wasn't for the online multi-player I wouldn't be playing the game every. And I now plan on getting MW3 because of it. In some games its not essential, but if the game has multi-player it should ruin the score if its not included now days



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thanks for the quick answer, Thomas. So they really added these saves to make the game even better suited to a portable. Good thinking there, Nintendo!

@ everybody complaining about the score: You did read this one part of the first paragraph, right ?

Thomas wrote:

What we can say after a lot of time with Star Fox 64 3D is that this is another title that simply must be experienced on the 3DS.



Tryken said:

It should be docked points for no online multiplayer. Nintendo has time and time again stressed how they're going to give it to the core again. How their going to improve online functionality. When I was a kid growing up, me and the neighborhood kids and my brother would gather in my garage to play Star Fox 64 split screen. Well, I'm not a kid anymore. My friends and I don't all live in the same neighborhood, neither do me and my brother. I'm married. So online for me and my brother and old friends is important.

Without online functionality this is just a glossed up port with 3D asking for a full price tag. I'll still buy the game because I love Star Fox, but it makes me more disappointed in Nintendo.



BulbasaurusRex said:

They did dock the score a point for no online multiplayer. The rest of the game is still good enough to get an 8.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I am quite disappointed with the lack of online, seeing as I don't know anyone around me with a 3DS. Still going to get it though, havn't played the original and would love to see what makes it so good.



wolfen532 said:

i like this game but i like wolf better. his star wolf team is better and cooler than star fox. Plus who the hell is Katt??!!!!!!!!! Shes in the second path. i wish wolf was a playable character.i would rather play the original n64 game. what a rip off!!!!



rhythmheavenfan said:

It's fun to get to play this again; it's been a while. Like a previous poster said, though, I'm looking forward to the new titles coming out in the coming months.



rkolegends said:

Considering I never played Starfox 64 (or Lylat Wars) on the N64 since I never owned the console this was a great chance for me to play it since I love Starwing on the SNES. It's a excellent port but I really would have liked to have seen Nintendo had some exclusive levels to the game to extend the single player other then that it's a great game.

It's a shame online isn't in the game Nintendo need to think about online as it's only third party developers that have added online so far into 3ds games.



NintendoN8 said:

I agree with all of you that said this game needs online. Am I the only one who doesn't understand why this game and Zelda: OoT weren't launch games?
Seriously, how long does it take to add a little spit shine to an N64 game. I probably would've been suckered into buying this game if it had come out earlier in the summer. Right now there are too many good new games coming out soon: 3DS (Mario Kart, Mario Land) and PS3 (Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Shadow of the Colossus/ICO, MW3, BF3) for me to toss $40 at a rehash (I almost forgot about Skyward Sword...add that to the list).



alvieao said:

When I first popped in Star Fox 64 3D on my 3DS, it was just like old times again. Back in 1997, it was a pleasure blasting enemies and bosses in the Arwing, with the occasional Landmaster and Blue Marine. Revisiting it 14 years later rekindled why I still loved Star Fox 64 after all this time; it was the outstanding gameplay and branching paths, hence unlimited replayability. Having played the original for years, I kept it old-school with N64 mode and used the classic controls. On the other hand, 3DS mode was easier (and you can save anytime), but I don't find myself using the gyro controls too much. The local multiplayer is much better than the N64 original, though I'd like to see Nintendo include online in a new Star Fox installment. For newcomers and long-time fans, Star Fox 64 3D is a must-play on the 3DS.



Milkman-123 said:

meh, its ok but in a bad way. i wouldve given this a 4 though. it wasnt that appealling to me. i beat the entire game within an hour. and the game wouldnt let me go back to previous levels unless i was playing the exact level after. so when i was in the level past the asteriod field, i couldnt go back to corneria and find the alternate route ); thats a serious issure for me. plus the 3D effect sometimes only made the screen shinier, instead of actual 3D, which i only found in cinematics. and the gyro sensor features didnt even work that well, so all of the 3ds' capabilties were crushed, all except the remastered graphics which dont even look impressive at times. like i said, this is probobly more like a 4/10 than an 8/10



fox_man said:

hmmmm... either gana get starfox 64 3d or shin megami tensei devil survivor overclocked. AHHHHH CAN'T PICK!!!! (please give ur opinion)



Shworange said:

Playing this game really makes me wish Factor 5 was still in business. I think Rogue squadron on 3DS would have been incredible!



SkywardLink98 said:

Honestly, I could part with the graphics and save a good amount of money just by buying it off Wii VC



Mryokokurama1 said:

Just cus this dont have wifi people get mad and troll but back in the days you didnt even know what it was cus we didnt have it but now that we do cus of the dreamcast we all expect it to be in every game well i would like to see one of you make a good game that has a good wifi.



theblackdragon said:

@Mryokokurama1: Forgive me, but I can't stand the 'well let's see you make one better than this' argument — if that were valid, we wouldn't be able to dislike a movie if we weren't filmmakers. We wouldn't be able to dislike a book if we weren't writers. We wouldn't be able to dislike a type of car if we weren't involved in the auto industry, we wouldn't be able to dislike a type of food if we weren't farmers or cooks, we wouldn't be able to dislike anything if we weren't fully-trained professionals in that particular field of study.

If people are unhappy that there's no online multiplayer in this game, in this day and age they honestly have the right to be — as someone else has already mentioned, StarFox Command had online multiplayer, so why this portable StarFox outing doesn't follow that example is quite disappointing.



atariman said:

Its not a bad game. but I don't really like it that much. sorry Nintendo. a 6/10.




Awesome "re-make" of an all time great game. 9/10 all the way. Even if u had a passing interest in the original, you owe it to yourself to get this gem. A classic made even better? What's not to like?



DanielHPoetry said:

I HATE THIS GAME! I've never played a Star Fox title and picked this up at launch because everyone was raving about it and it was a chance to try something new. To my dismay, my experience was totally anti-climactic and lack luster. Yea, ok, the graphics are nice and sharp, but I WAS DONE WITH THIS GAME IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS, WTHeck! And why isn't there any online gameplay??? I was thoroughly disappointed all the way around. The levels are short and rushed, the boss fights aren't challenging, and there's hardly anything added extra in comparison to the original Star Fox 64. I've honestly had way more fun, and a greater jovial experience playing Red Alarm for Nintendo Virtual Boy. #FAIL



Socar said:

Love this game. To me, the content is very reasonable and while a bit more could be added, its enough. I mean what could you expect from remakes these days other than enhanced graphics and low difficulty? If anything, Ocarina of Time 3D is just a mash of both the original and the port of the master's quest which was on the gamecube.

One of my favorite games and I still keep playing this game now and then.



Socar said:

Love this game. To me, the content is very reasonable and while a bit more could be added, its enough. I mean what could you expect from remakes these days other than enhanced graphics and low difficulty? If anything, Ocarina of Time 3D is just a mash of both the original and the port of the master's quest which was on the gamecube.

One of my favorite games and I still keep playing this game now and then.



andyg1971 said:

Picked this up sealed for £5 from Tesco, it's a classic and irresistible at that price!

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