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Wed 7th Sep 2011

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sborwege commented on Feature: The Revolution of the Wii:

@ 41. carb.

you said "I got my wii fairly late," but you also said "Super Smash Brothers Brawl had just come out".... by fairly late I vision 2010 or later... the wii came out in november 2006, brawl came out in march 2008.... i wouldn't consider a year and a half coming in late



sborwege commented on Review: Star Fox 64 3D (3DS):

I think anyone who thinks online multi-player hasn't experienced it. I was a Nintendo fan boy and then got a ps3 for free while my brother is overseas protecting our rights. I also got COD:MW2 with it, and if it wasn't for the online multi-player I wouldn't be playing the game every. And I now plan on getting MW3 because of it. In some games its not essential, but if the game has multi-player it should ruin the score if its not included now days