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Rumour: Mario Kart 8 DLC to Feature Expanded Roster and New Battle Modes

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

E3 madness begins

Update: We've received some further information that suggests these images are indeed fakes, good job you kept that salt handy, right?

Original Article:
E3 mania is well and truly underway, with screens now emerging of a potential Mario Kart 8 DLC leak that could be confirmed during Nintendo's Digital Event. Strap yourselves in and keep some salt handy.

To start with the screen above, it shows what looks like an expanded roster, with Professor E. Gadd, Kamek, Birdo and Plessie joining the ranks. The screen below is perhaps more interesting, as it points to two new Battle modes on the way — "Shine Thief" and "Bob-omb Blast", which were both seen in Mario Kart: Double Dash. In Shine Thief teams would fight over ownership of the Shine, while Bob-omb Blast is rather self explanatory.

A close-up of the top of the TV does appear to show this as having a "Mario Kart DLC Pack" sign, reinforcing speculation that this would be a feature of the latest entry. Bear in mind at this stage that this is only a rumour, though we do think that these images look legitimate.

If true, what do you think of this potential leak? Would you like these DLC extras in Mario Kart 8?

Thanks to Orromov for the tip.


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lividd3ad said:

I really want this to be real (I've wanted to play as E. Gadd for the longest time) but one thing I've heard mentioned is that Battle Mode doesn't actually allow you to use the glider under normal circumstances. They may well have changed that for Bob-Omb Blast but it looks like that could be the downfall of this if it's fake.



Alpha2797 said:

Oh my fricking goodness! I'd LOVE this DLC pack to become a reality! I don't care if I have to pay, I WANT THIS NOW!



shashwat said:

You forgot that Diddy Kong is also the additional character in the roaster.

Ohh and you messed up in mentioning the position of images. Please fix it.



faint said:

Not getting my hopes up but if this is a fake it's the best I've ever seen



LordJumpMad said:

I know a fake when I see one.
Blurry image, off screen shot, and E.Gadd head shot looks pretty bad.



Yai said:

I really hope this is real! The images look pretty real to me.



Discipledoctor said:

Between this and Mario Maker, the fake leaks have been good this year. But in 26 hours, they will be forgotten.

Also N64 VC plz



arronishere said:

Diddy should of been there from the get go, Baby Daisy, Baby Rosalina and Gold Peach were wasted slots!



ikki5 said:

How... is shine thief going to work on race tracks with people jousting at each other.... This is what makes be think it is a fake. So i won't get my hopes up if they don't announce a DLC for it.



Dr_Corndog said:

Do please let this be true. And release it in time for me to plsy it with my family over Thanksgiving.



NintyMan said:

This is the best Mario Kart 8 "leak" I've seen. E.Gadd actually looks somewhat believable and Plessie would work since they could shrink Honey Queen. Every time I see Birdo on the "Women of Racing Competition" sign in N64 Royal Raceway, I can't help but wonder. Every other female character on those signs in the track is playable except Birdo.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.



AnotherNintyFan said:

Doesn't look fake with that Mario Kart DLC Pack thing. I'm guessing they'll make it an extention like Super Luigi U. If there's another pic. I will freak.



ToneDeath said:

Although I'd obviously grab any Mario Kart DLC I could right now, I don't think there's any rush to bring it out. Maybe something after the summer and/or before Christmas.
An extra cup or two would be nice (with at least one more retro SNES or GBA track) and a proper arena for battle mode fans (doesn't bother me though).

These characters would all be welcome, though I wonder if Plessie should instead be swimming about in a new track rather than shrunk to fit a kart...would've been nicer to have found out tomorrow though.



DragonbornRito said:

Unlike the "full Smash Bros. roster" that was leaked (and then prayed by fans to not be real), this is one that I hope IS real. Oh man, I'd love to race as Diddy again. And Plessie? Heck yes!



Gen0neD said:

I want more Grand Prix tracks, but I'll supplement my MK purchase with some battle arena/character DLC. Help round out the already solid title. I kinda knew that they were gonna do this. Seeing as though the battle mode seemed a little too tacked on to begin with, to be the real deal.

These tracks specifically: Waluigi Pinball, Baby Park, Dino Dino Island and Airship Fortress.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I think it's real because I don't think any supposed creator of fake screenshots would have thought to include Plessie over the likes of Funky Kong or Dry Bowser or other charcters from previous games.



Evenmoresteven said:

I could see them charging for the characters, but the battle mode DLC better be free. It should've been included in the game in the first place. If they charge for that, I would be pretty upset.....however, I would still buy it. I'm part of the problem...



TheHumbleFellow said:

If this is true, it'll be great to see Diddy and Birdo back. Gadd and Kamek seem like good choices as well, though I have to tilt my head at Plessie.

But why is Bowser Jr still not there?



Yosher said:

@lividd3ad You can glide on the Moo Moo Meadows battle track at least.

Would love this to be true. Would add two more characters for me to play as; Plessie and Kamek! Don't really care for the other three very much for personal use, but they'd be very welcome still to make the roster more versatile looking, since it's rather bland as it is. ( I LOVE the Koopalings and having them in Kart, in fact I love using Larry, Iggy and Roy, but I still think they don't justify being there on such a relatively small roster. )



sketchturner said:

Here's the deal Nintendo. You keep putting out DLC for MK8 and I keep buying it. I normally don't like or don't care about DLC, but in the case of MK8, I don't care if I end up spending $200 on this game.



EarthboundBenjy said:

It seems that for whatever reason, the Koopalings and Bowser Jr are mutually exclusive. I remember in New Super Mario Bros. on DS, you had to fight Bowser jr like eight or nine times throughout the game, and then in the Wii one, the Koopalings replaced Jr's role.
Unless there was a game I'm forgetting where they appeared together?



Rafie said:

To be honest, I would rather have more tracks as DLC. Like they should really redo tracks like the Baby Park from Double Dash and such. That's what I would like to see. Add another GP mode there.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I'll give it this... last time a picture of the character roster leaked it was real. So, I'm going to engulf myself with E3 hype, and give it the benefit of the doubt.



ManateeBlubber said:

Yes! Please! I want this so bad! I finally picked it up last night, and I want to play as these characters and want to play Bob-Omb Blast again! I hope they bring back that cookie-shaped level.



NintyMan said:

I imagine it would take Nintendo longer to make DLC tracks than new characters or extra battle modes, so assuming this is real, those would probably come later. Besides those, I just want to see Bowser's car from Super Mario 3D World as a DLC kart.



dinosauryoshi said:

If this is real my life is complete. Well if they've added some proper arenas anyway! Throw in a few more customisations and tracks and I'll happily get a Nintendo sign and marry it.



brandonbwii said:

In an ideal scenario I'd love for Nintendo to continually release new and retro tracks while saving new mechanics for a potential sequel. That way there could be more innovation besides just new tracks in the next installment. That will never happen though.

Also I believe this. There is definitely room for substantial DLC and even better Miiverse integration. As of now the Battle Mode is completely barebones, there's no easy way to check Youtube videos or even time trials on Miiverse, no Mission Mode/Time Trial Tourney as in MKDS and MKWii respectively, and you can't view tournament results on the console versions of Miiverse, only the web app.

Good thing a couple of those can be cleaned up with a simple web update, but a good number of them would require a substantial patch and a strong DLC initiative.



absuplendous said:

DLC, eh... it depends on the price, I suppose. I'll feel a bit burned if there's a "GOTY edition" with them all included... I like most of new character additions, though. E. Gadd is a nice surprise, and it's nice to see Kamek after being knocked out of Mario Kart 64! Plessie should be far larger than any kart, though. I only wish that characters like these--that is to say, actual characters--were part of the main game, and characters like Pink Gold Peach were the DLC. I also have a strong desire to rearrange that selection screen's order!

@EarthboundBenjy Bowser Jr. appeared alongside the Koopalings in both NSMB Wii & NSMB/NSL U. I guess you could say that they're mutually exclusive in the handheld iterations, though.



Tsurii said:

Kamek, Plessie and Double Dash's battle modes? real
If it's real, I'm expecting it to be ~5-8€/$ and I'd definitely be okay with that price.

there's one "bad" thing about this, tho!!
I can't see Bowser Jr.



Jazzer94 said:

So may DD memories of playing battle mode so I'll probably get this depending on price obviously.



LtAldoRaine said:

I want more tracks and battle arenas, but the Double Dash battle modes and new characters are pretty cool. Hope it's real.



King47 said:

I'm assuming this is fake but hoping it's real.
I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm expecting nothing so annoying is great for me. I just started w101 and playing it with mk8, I love both.



Dezsi said:

I certainly hope that if this is real, it's free DLC. Otherwise, frankly, screw this.

Nintendo should not be going in this direction. Yes, this would also mean that the new racers and battle modes could have been available from the get-go, but you're gonna have to pay 5 quid or so to have the full package. Fantastic. Call me old-fashioned, but that pisses me off.



Grumblevolcano said:

@Yosher Yeah, I think it's fake too. Plessie seems an even more odd choice than Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina and Birdo isn't next to Yoshi on that screen.



Yorumi said:

If it's real this really reeks of withholding popular characters and releasing a terrible roster in order to sell characters later.



koochiekoo said:

you may know a fake, but this is most definitely real. both images have amazing detail in every sense, you are just being stupid. unless you are trolling, if this is fake it is literally the best i have ever seen. both images would require the "faker" of the content to create brand new images of both the characters and battle preview images. now stop being silly. thanks.



AJSjedi said:

While I understand your anti dlc frustration (I to hate dlc overall) nintendo DID give EVERYONE who purchased this a FREE 40 dollar game...that's a lot of lost revenue. Asking for everything else to be free is a bit silly



MixMasterMudkip said:

Welp, it's official it's fake. []
This video practically proves it. If you compare the hands in the picture to this you'll see they are exactly the same. Unfortunately the dream is dead.



absuplendous said:

@AJSjedi That's a limited-time promotion and not really comparable. If you want to make that case, though, I'd rather have all the content of a given game with one purchase than receive a second game for free--especially when the free game choices are popular titles Wii U owners are likely to already own. Three of the four titles were all bundled with the hardware at some point!



Dr_Corndog said:

Glad Bowser Jr. isn't on that screen. He's like the unnecessary 8th Koopaling, completely neutered of anything that might make him appealing.



dizzy_boy said:

What about a Luigi Track Pack. Luigi Cuircuit from GBA, GCN, WII, Luigis Mansion track DS.



617Sqn said:

Knowing Nintendo the DLC is all ready on the disc, and will charge a silly amount to unlock it.



whodatninja said:

If the game didn't already have 7 freaking Koopa kids, Bowser Jr would've been sorely missed.

But when we have all those already it makes him redundant.



MixMasterMudkip said:

@Troma Oh wow..... Some times it feels like the people who make these want us to figure out they aren't real. I mean it would have been so easy to get rid of that shadow...
@BusterRed123 True, but since they are from the same source it's pretty safe to assume the roster is fake as well. Either, way I still think major MK8 DLC is coming just these happen to be fake.



WanderingPB said:

@Rafie i agree before any new characters or modes as DLC i would want more tracks! Im probably sounding greedy but another four cups could fit on the menu but honestly anything from Double Dash would win me over especially that version of Rainbow Road!!!

But at the same time i can understand why they wouldnt…oddly enough they have always a good mix of old and new tracks an if they use all the retro tracks why will be left for the next mario kart? Maybe the fact that we want more tracks for this fun game proves that they gave us just rather wait than drown with DLC like COD.

Wait a minute it has Professor E. Gadd?! Forget it im happy Nintendo gimmie gimmie gimmie. Imagine if his horn is the Luigis Mansion theme song! Now thats just P.I.M.P.! I apologize but im a huge Luigis Mansion fan so this and a new installment on the Wii U would probably make me jump up and down in pure joy



Hero-of-WiiU said:

So it's fake? Wow, I would of believed this. Shine thief would be awsome. Plus Nabbit would be missed.



sillygostly said:

I just want 5-player multiplayer and for Nintendo to remove the ridiculous split-screen display on the Gamepad. -.-




Where's Diddy?!?! >:[ Also in the article you guys have switched around "the pic above" and the "pic below" when you are really referring to the opposite.



ledreppe said:

I hope it gets DLC soon, because MK needs it. It needs a challenge mode, like the Wii and more single player functions, like trying to beat checkpoints against the clock as per Sonic Transformed.



Yoshi said:

The fact that the image on screen is the same as it is on the Gamepad tells me that this shouldn't be taken lightly. It looks too good.



PJR0cks said:

If these were true, with they mean new battle arenas? or just different modes in the same tracks? I haven't touched the battle mode personally, I tried it once in Toad Harbor, it was really anything but exciting, I'm really hoping for some good old arenas.



MasterWario said:

Honestly it's gotta be a fake just because of where Iggy is!

Edit: well, maybe. That one does actually look pretty real, the other one obviously isn't.



Dizzard said:

If they add Professor E.Gadd and Fawful I'll forgive them for baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach.



smikey said:

I'd love dlc though I still want my Bowser jr back.
And I'm not too bothered about the new battle mode I quite like it (though some tracks aren't great for it)
I wouldn't mind if they introduced more battle modes and arenas to keep everyone happy though.

if anything the dlc I want most is more tracks ( especially retro tracks from the snes / n64) I still don't get why they put 3ds tracks on when most mario kart 8 owners will have a 3ds & can play the 3ds tracks online.

In addition I still don't like how the cut N64 Rainbow road into 3 It could have been left as one long track can players these days not race a level that takes more than 2mins to finish?



Mikes said:

I'm not surprised at all that the images weren't real. However, I'd love it if they returned those two battle modes. I loved Bob-omb Blast to death in Double Dash. Shine Thief was a close second. Heck, give us actual Battle Arenas and I'll be even happier.



RedYoshi999 said:

Ok so the battle mode pic is fake, but there's a slight possibility the character roster is real (not likely though since the battle pic looked real too.) I do hope MK8 DLC is announced, with some DLC arenas and King Boo.

The thing that makes the roster fake is that the person is hovering over Donkey Kong. I mean if you were leaking this to the internet, why on earth would you not highlight one of the new characters? Especially Plessie, I need to see how that looks.



Nik-Davies said:

Even if these are fake, I would LOVE to play as Plessie. It would be awesome to see her/him/it wave as you drove past people. Loved the Plessie levels in 3D World.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I anticipate free DLC for MK8. I'd consider paying for more tracks but paid character DLC just seems like an idiot tax to me.



firebird3334 said:

Damn, that guy/gal is really talented at photoshop, i mean, look at the characters on the rooster



Dannyxzero said:

@lividd3ad yes you can ^___^ remember you can hit the jump pads cause its not a normal Battle mode level, its the tracks but in Battle format ^^



Corleonis88 said:

they look pretty good even if they´re fake. I would have chosen toadsworth over gadd, but that´s jsut me. Plessie doesn´t sound so crazy considering that queen bee was in mk7



AJSjedi said:

Then you keep the digital copy and trade in the physical one...geez I swear never seen so many whiners like I do on this site. Nintendo is giving away free stuff and STILL people complain, it's never good enough. Can someone start a zombie invasion already please? Too many entitle mentality people in this world.

Nintendo doesn't have to give you, me, or anyone else ANYTHING remember that



absuplendous said:

@AJSjedi I am not whining, I am articulating why I'd prefer theoretical DLC up-front over a second game which I'm likely to already own/have played.



NintyMan said:

Mario Kart 8 does need DLC, though. I got all the three stars and beat all the time trials in days. I need something more to keep me coming back for more besides online.

At the very least, I just want Diddy Kong back and the Bowser Car from Super Mario 3D World along with battle arenas and tracks.



timtimdaunholy said:

i know this is fake but there has to be a traditional battle mode coming
nintendo has been better at listening



AugustusOxy said:

I like that plessie is in there, the rest of the characters don't do anything for me. Please bring back Dry Bowser.



Emaan said:

I'd love to see some Mario Kart DLC announced tomorrow, even though these screens probably aren't real at all.



2Sang said:

Why was pink gold peach not dlc rather than birdo? Birdo is a veteran and he is actually an important character in mario history.



Yosher said:

@Porky Not broken. Copy-pasta works wonders, you lazy people! Not my fault links don't become click-able when posted here.



DJSmith99 said:

I wish it was real. I hope Nintendo announces the same thing but with King Boo,Bowser Jr., and Nabbit. If Nintendo does this then I'll consider Mario Kart 8 the perfect Mario Kart.



Rafie said:

@WanderingPB That's what I'm saying. To keep the longevity of MK going for the Wii U, they should add more cups with redone tracks. To be honest, I don't want to see another MK for the Wii U. One iteration of the franchise per generation is good enough for me. I just want this one to last longer than any of the MK's. Double Dash still holds dear to my heart as the best. I want MK8 to exceed that, if it's possible. I guess we'll find out if it does or not.



Goginho said:

Hmmm...Plessie? Why? I can't see Plessie fitting in a kart properly. this seems real, and I hope it is for battle mode sake at the very least, but Plessie makes me doubt this. Meh. I just want some more tracks to be added. Characters I don't really care for so much, as long as we got our classic 8-9 in there...and I guess Diddy Kong too



Luna-Harmony said:

Very cool I've just got mirror cup 3stars 2 more levels to finish and time trials then i hope the dlc comes. Been playing mario kart hard since day 1.



dumedum said:

shame, could have been amazing to play Plessie... what a cool character he is.



WanderingPB said:

@Rafie i believe i have the answer that would shut down any argument when it comes to what tracks an how many if any nintendo should release as DLC…i believe Nintendo should release NO DLC…what nintendo should do is release an HD remastered version of MK Double Dash for the gamecube VC and add online to it!!!!

No need to thank me im just glad that im not the only one who holds Double Dash as the holy grail of the series LOL! Oh and i challenge you to race me in the Double Dash Rainbow Road the mayhem would be glorious LOL!

Regardless i do understand where ur coming from and agree with ur perspective…hmm imagine if they would sell remix version of all the new tracks and during each lap the track transforms and changes?! Im goin to put in a resume at Nintendo and make this so!



MoonKnight7 said:

Wait, wait, wait! I've got the solution to the whole Plessie problem. What if Plessie was an actual Kart!



123akis said:

yep definitely FAKE! why the **** would the demo units be on early? they probably get tested before they arrive at the venue! and even If it was, Nintendo wouldn't let anyone play, even the people who set up everything, they probably get checked for cameras and @Troma clearly showed it's fake!



Spakiness said:

I'm happy to hear it. I haven't even bothered with battle mode yet because I heard it was so bad. I am also always happy to get new characters.



DaemonSword said:

Any DLC would be good. More tracks, more players, more vehicle upgrades, more battle courses, a double dash option. Gift that keeps on giving. Diddy Kong is icing.



Rafie said:

@WanderingPB LOL Now I wish more than ever we had a Double Dash HD remake with online capabilities. It would SO be on! Hahaha I'm smiling from ear to ear thinking about how much fun that would be. I hope we're friends on the Wii U. If not, please add me. Rafie82 is my Nintendo ID. I'm still trying to beat the computer on 150cc comfortably every time. It's still a little bit tricky. LOL However, I'm getting there.

Oh and what a great idea that you have about the tracks changing in such. That would be really awesome!



retro_player_22 said:

Yes this is awesome, I will be the first one to try Kamek and Professor E. Gadd, disappointed that Funky Kong isn't there though but oh well at least Diddy's back.



Nico07 said:

Im hoping for a MK8 DLC announcement tomorrow. I would even pay out on a season pass... sigh... probably won't happen.



greeeco said:

If any of this is real it better be the roster upgrade, the selection for this one is just so bad. Plessie is a pretty cool idea though, and of course so is having Shine Thief and Bomb-Omb Blast return



Gamecube5f said:


had to look away really quick when i saw the expanded roster....



KO-Cub said:

Would Nintendo really do a DLC where if you couldn't get it, you'd miss out. Doesn't seem up Nintendo's ally.



Squiggle55 said:

What I really want are arenas! Just give us the N64 ones if you aren't feeling creative. They were great.



AshFoxX said:

Honestly you would think if they were going to go this far to fake the roster they would have used more likable characters. I didn't even really know who Plessie was when I saw her on the roster, but I was unimpressed all the same.

If the faker wanted to wow me, and make me mad this was fake, they should have been Boo, Dry Bones, Dry Bowser, and Baby Bowser. Kind of a 'bad guy pack' or something. weak...



D2Dahaka said:

@Rafie @EarthboundBenjy Word. I would be down for as many cup dlcs as they could release. As an oldschool fan of the SNES original I would literally pay anything to see most of those tracks brought back as dlc. Doughnut plains was so well done in MK8 it left me wanting more...alot more.



Kirk said:

Even though you say these are now basically confirmed as fake I still think they look real...



BertoFlyingFox said:

I just hope they do offer DLC that extends the gameplay. That battle mode section is aching for more options, battle arenas, and maybe some more battle-oriented cart customizations.



Gameday said:

Better be FREE and the battle modes best have platform levels again with all kinds of battle modes !



Gameday said:

Better be FREE and the battle modes best have platform levels again with all kinds of battle modes !



Alucard83 said:

@Evenmoresteven Yes you are dear. You will buy it anyway. That's what Nintendo and other publishers are thinking. There's always an idiot who will buy it. I don't simply DLC unless they are really really worth! Over a gig or 2 and not just 10mb like some lousy DLC that hardly adds anything and still dare to charge high amount? I don't play these games anymore.

On xbox 360 I always bought DLC and now since a year or 3 nothing. Just so done with the DLC part. ON PC most DLC's are all free. Except on a console???? Yeah right

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