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Tue 18th Jun 2013

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KamenRiderClive commented on Kamen Rider: Battride War II Steers Its Way to...:

Yet another promising import falls victim to the accursed region lock. It's like Japanese companies don't want my money!

By the way, Nintendo Life, calling Kamen Rider "Like Power Rangers with bikes" is a little like calling Dracula "Twilight with accents." Just wrong and going to make people like me seethe with pointless rage.



KamenRiderClive commented on Disney Magic Castle Stays On Top in Japan, As ...:

Sorry, sorry, minor correction because I'm neurotic and if I let it go uncorrected my conscience will never forgive me. I'm fairly sure #17 should be "Gaburincho," not "Kaburincho." Shows up in romaji on a lot of the show's merchandise, ya' see.



KamenRiderClive commented on The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Chea...:

I went up against someone in an official tournament who had a Kyogre who knew Dark Void that absolutely destroyed me. It was only when I mentioned how much I hated the attack to a much more knowledgeable friend did she inform me that only Darkrai could learn it...

I really hope Nintendo can step up detection of hacked Pokemon in the future.



KamenRiderClive commented on Hands On: The Wonderful 101:

I'm always pleased to see toku-style heroes make their way westward. The main problem is suffering through people calling any hero wearing a mask a freaking power ranger.



KamenRiderClive commented on Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe Wants To Make Tingle...:

I was always confused by the hatred for Tingle. All my friends love him, and he's always been one of my favorite characters. Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, which Nintendo cruelly forced me to import, was one of the most fun and creative games I'd played in a long time.