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Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Race Going With DLC

Posted by Lewis Childs

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

As we’re all aware, Mario Kart 8 is just about to zoom around the corner and handbrake turn into our shiny Wii U consoles, which makes it pretty difficult to think about anything else at the moment. With the recently released Mario Golf: World Tour offering paid DLC packs – including additional courses, characters and challenges – it’s not hard to imagine that Nintendo may have similar plans up its sleeves for what could be the company’s most important title of 2014. Paid DLC is certainly not a new venture for the Big N by any means, and there’s no denying that it is becoming an increasingly common option for many of its recent titles, including Pikmin 3, along with free-to-play experiments with Steel Diver: Sub Wars and Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball.

We at Nintendo Life began to wonder, ‘if Mario Kart 8 was to offer DLC, what would it actually be?’ Below are some of our ideas but, remember, they are just ideas.


Mario Kart, like most racing games, is all about the courses first and foremost, so this is probably the best we could hope for when it comes to DLC for MK8. We already know that the latest addition to the series features 16 brand new courses as well as the 16 retro courses, which has been the staple setup in each instalment since Mario Kart DS – although retro courses were first introduced in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. 32 courses is probably enough for most Mario Kart fans – especially when the unlockable mirror mode essentially doubles that figure – but undoubtedly some players will be crying out for more. If Nintendo were to offer additional tracks as DLC the obvious choice would most likely be to provide more retro courses. Why? Because the track designs already exist – although each retro course has to be rebuilt from scratch – cutting out a lot of the logistics that go into creating a brand new track (aside from incorporating the MK8 anti-gravity sections, naturally). There’s also the notion that gamers do love a bit of nostalgia, especially when it comes to all things Mario, which also makes it less of a gamble when parting with our hard earned cash.

But then, what’s the likelihood of actually getting new tracks as DLC? Well, as mentioned earlier, Mario Golf: World Tour’s DLC offers additional courses (as well as characters and challenges) that further expand an already expansive title, but these courses were apparently created in the developer’s down time – between completing the title and the lengthy delay to its release date. Obviously, courses take a long time to develop, so unless Nintendo decided to make more courses than necessary and are keeping them back for the purposes of DLC, we don’t recommend holding your breath.

Battle Arenas

Something many fans have cried out about is the lack of dedicated battle arenas in Mario Kart 8. This time around battles will take place on a selection of eight existing courses from the main game, but with racers starting off in opposite directions of the track. Although a strange omission, we found in our review that battles on some of these courses were still quite enjoyable, although certainly not as fun as arena battles. With this being the most altered – and subsequently criticized – feature in Mario Kart 8, Nintendo could fix this by offering dedicated arenas as DLC. Even though switching out arenas for existing courses was a deliberate design choice, according to the game’s director, Kosuke Yabuki, the most sceptical of fans may see this odd exclusion as a way for Nintendo to sell dedicated battle arenas via DLC.


Mario Kart 7 introduced the series to vehicle customisation, and it makes its return in MK8. Vehicles, wheels and gliders could all make potential DLC, although Nintendo would need to be careful not to upset fans by offering souped-up add-ons that could, for example, put players who haven’t purchased the same DLC at a disadvantage. One way this could be easily solved is by applying simple re-skins to some of the game’s existing customisations, in order to keep in with the game’s fairness balancing; which Nintendo has apparently spent a lot of time tuning in Mario Kart 8.


A fairly obvious choice for DLC is, of course, characters, as there are always some fan favourites that don't make the final cut. Mario Kart 8’s roster seems to have dropped a few racers from some of the series’ previous entries, such as Diddy Kong, Dry Bones and King Boo, in favour of newcomers like the Koopalings, Metal Peach and Baby Rosalina; this makes DLC the perfect way to fill in gaps left by those excluded from the core game. Of course, there's nothing to suggest that other characters from the Mushroom Kingdom couldn't be added, as well as those from outside of it, a la Super Smash Bros. In terms of balancing, it certainly wouldn't be too difficult for Nintendo to offer additional characters as DLC, as they’d most likely be added to one of the existing weight classes in MK8.


Although Mario Kart Wii offered competitions through the Mario Kart Channel (which sadly ended earlier this week) and Mario Kart DS had its own mission mode, Mario Kart 8 instead offers ghost time trail races and customisable online tournaments. Even though Mario Kart 7 still hasn't offered equivalent challenges to that of its Wii and DS brethren, we’d love to see them make a return on the Wii U – even in the form of DLC. Having these little unique experiences where, for example, you might have to finish an existing course by driving in reverse, or maybe even smashing all the item boxes in a given room by ramming into them, can be a pleasant change of pace from the main game.

What do you think? Would you be in favour of Nintendo offering DLC for Mario Kart 8? If so, what sort of content would you like to see? Let us know in the polls and comments below.

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I'm very interested, but the pricing and content has to be fair


I'm not sure


I don't think so, but I'm open to persuasion


Most definitely not


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Which kind of paid DLC would you most like in Mario Kart 8? (597 votes)

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ylitvinenko said:

I'd actually like to see some sort of track editor added as DLC, but I cannot see this coming until the second half of the game's lifespan, which will be pretty long (well, it's a Mario Kart). I was imagining building my own tracks with a GamePad's touchscreen since the actual reveal of this game.



Shiryu said:

I want an F-Zero customization body, and yes I will pay for it! It would also be cool to be able to use 3DS Mii helmets on Mario Kart 8 Mii character.



ueI said:

Are the characters not identical within a weight class? There wouldn't be much reason to pay for more.



Bulbousaur said:

Give me Bowser Jr and Diddy Kong, and I'll be happy. Don't really care about battle mode to be honest, I don't think I ever played it online in Wii.



FineLerv said:

@MAB "Hopefully that missing frame will come as DLC "

If that were the case I'm sure Australia won't get the DLC.



antipop621 said:

I'd gladly pay for new courses. I'm generally done with Mario Kart games when I beat all the cups. I won't be online with it for years like some people so I would welcome new tracks.



Kirk said:

Well, if Nintendo has been listening IN THE SLIGHTEST to media and consumer feedback, it would add proper multi-player arenas and proper off-screen play for a second player in multi-player mode at the very least imo. Then obviously it would be cool to get a few more courses, characters and customization extras etc.

So, if Nintendo does offer DLC then here's a perfect opportunity to see if it does actually listen to it's customers in the slightest...



0utburst said:

Why not free DLCs? at least for those who register before February 1 2015.

I'm really thinking of getting MK8 on eshop now instead of physical. Especially if there will be DLCs.



allduhype said:

Each dlc pack should add an additional cup with 2 new and 2 retro courses, 1 new character and customization set. Charge $10 per or $25 for a season pass. There is money to be made with dlc and Nintendo should be taking advantage of this.



the_truth said:

Please don't speculate about this kind of thing, because it only gives Nintendo ideas.



HornsDino said:

The game's not out yet and people are clamouring for DLC! I might be in the minority, but I'd rather they gave it their one best shot with a standalone product. I am sick of being nickle and dimed.



cmk8 said:

I'd also pay for more retro courses, shouldn't be too hard to do with the main work already done.
And maybe the option for player two to have the whole TV screen to themselves could be a nice free bonus...



Tops said:

I can't believe I'm saying this but I would pay for a pack with a couple additional tracks and a character. (Diddy Kong please!)



suburban_sensei said:

I voted for paid DLC and New Courses. I know people cry foul over this practice, but for such a quality game, I don't think it's so bad.



ULTRA-64 said:

If we dont get arenas for battle mode as dlc i will cry.......real man tears =(
If new characters were being considered I would like to see rayman in a kart. Would keep ubisoft happy aswell maybe?



MadAdam81 said:

New characters would be a little pointless for me, as would new kart all they would be is.a different picture that I won't look at while I stare at the race track. New courses are the only things I would buy all DLC for, as if characters are cheap enough I might buy one or two favourites of mine, my wife's and kids.



MadAdam81 said:

@HornsDino I'd like it if it was to be like a series of.expansion packs that are.extra on top of what was made for the game. It's sad that DLC is rarely that any more - with Pikmin 3 a rare exception.



MadAdam81 said:

@unrandomsam a frame that was unnoticed until a computer counted and looked at each frame. If GD said it was 90 fps,.people.would talk about how fluid the motion.



MAB said:

@FineLerv Yeah, but it only affects a physical disc owner anyway... My D4L version will no doubt run at 614,000 frames per hour



Lalivero said:

@MAB #2 Oh wow, haha, that cracked me up, too. XD

Well you can keep the frame then...or the extra...613,941 in that case, ha.



rjejr said:

"Although Mario Kart Wii offered competitions through the Mario Kart Channel"

I really looked forward to my blue Wii light shining every 2 weeks telling me a new challenge had arrived. And it was all free. Seeing my gold halo'd Mii near the front of the pack never got old.

Hopefully my gold halo will get a chance to ride again as Target is giving away the new MK8 Wii U wheel for free w/ purchase.

Was planning on using the Gamepad to steer but that wheel just looks too cool.

BTW - TRU also offers 40% of another Wii U game if you buy MK8.

And all the major retailers are advertising the Wii U MK8 bundle for $329 but havne't seen a single sale, tie-in or GC offer w/ the bundle. At least it made the front page of the BB ad.!/featured+deals

Happy shopping everyone



Dreamz said:

I don't want to see DLC unless it's done New Super Luigi U style. AKA, large updates that add a lot rather than small bundles that nickel and dime you to death.

Given how much they tout off-screen play, if it was even remotely feasible they would added it. The Wii U simply isn't powerful enough to render both streams and keep a consistent frame rate, most likely.



TurretGunZ said:

I cant stand that in this new generation of gaming all everyone is caring about now is that every game just HAS to be in 60fps, 1080p HD. Its like we are now back to caring only about graphics and little about gameplay.



PJR0cks said:

dlc could be something great, if developers learn to put a good deal of effort in building the core of a game and making something special, they sure deserve to be supported with paid dlc.
I'm really looking forward to new cups and specially new battle arenas, hope to seem them by December.



Jazzer94 said:

If it was reasonably priced DLC for characters and battle courses I would get it.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Hmm... I don't know... I'm not working, so I have limited to no cash, and my internet is poor for these kinds of things. So... and in addition, I don't want 'Download this or that to access this or that' I've already had enough with most of my 7th-8th gen games.



MajinSoul said:

I'd mostly want new Courses (especially Retro Tracks from Double Dash), the character roster certainly lacks a lot of good characters though ...



Mahemoth said:

Wario colosseum, that track was amazing. Only that one I would love to see return as RETRO course.

But I'd still rather have arenas, as these are easier to make, takes less time and less money, so we can buy it for a fair price.



AyeHaley said:

Since there's only one MK per system, this would be amazing. I'd love new courses, returning characters, vertical arena's and definitely single player challenges. And I'd happily pay for it. (maybe a combination of new stuff for like $10-25)



claypool said:

I would love to see DLC, especially in the form of new tracks and more retro tracks. It would definitely add to the replay value



SavoirFaire said:

I am in the minority as I don't care much for the arenas, but it couldn't hurt to add them. Expect massive outrage if Nintendo does add them, as they were "Taken out" of the game to make money...

I'd love to see one more 4 new/4 retro set with the tracks and of course more karts would be great, in spite of how many great ones are already in the game.

However, I think a character DLC pack would be the best selling of them all. A "retro" pack with all the of the characters that have ever been in a MK game, and a "new" pack with nothing but first-timers.

Overall, I think a Thanksgiving/Christmas timing on a DLC pack would be ideal. It gives enough time for people to really enjoy the game, and not feel cheated. Barring of course those that feel cheated for any DLC whatsoever, you cant make everyone happy.




Nintenjoe64 said:

I wanted 32 new tracks with the main game, then the option to buy previous games as track packs. I'd pay £10 for 16 retro tracks. I am pretty happy with the selection so far but SNES Rainbow Road deserves an HD Remake and orchestral version of its music.

Character DLC is a huge rip off and I wouldn't consider buying it. I will probably complete the offline modes with about 5 characters and use the same character online for years at a time.



Nintenjoe64 said:

An expensive DLC I would buy is a complete F-Zero DLC that brings Captain Falcon and friends, the Blue Falcon and some classic F-Zero tracks to Mario Kart. I can't see us getting F-Zero any other way.



unrandomsam said:

@suburban_sensei Nobody can say without playing it. No anti aliasing either (Means jaggies for most people).

Two different reviewers for Nintendoworldreport only gave it a 7.



kevkeepsplaying said:

Cup DLC is a really bad idea, trust me. At least, new retro courses. If they do that, Nintendo will have less tracks to work with in their next games.

I wish they would've done actual battle arenas... Now DLC for that is out of the question. Unless they want to piss people off.

I really want character DLC, though; this game is oversaturated with babies, koopalings, and metal clones. And challenge levels with odd objectives like in Wii would be interesting.



Yorumi said:

I'd like to see new courses. After a while, even online, racing the same few courses becomes tiring. That's why I'm such a big proponent of a track editor. User generated content adds so much more life to a game. Barring that dlc is the next best thing.



turnmebackwards said:

I'm paying for the game so don't half ass the game Nintendo & only release 80% of it making me pay extra for the remaining 20%.



Nico07 said:

Although I love what has been done with MK8 and can't wait to play it finally, I would welcome any and all DLC. For my favorite franchise I will purchase any and all DLC.



Marshi said:

Dlc is a naughty word with some gamers,but I remember games 10 years ago,where gamers would wet themselves with excitement if there were any extra course to buy on granturismo 4, or new characters to play as in streetfighter 3 etc etc. Now all alot of gamers do is moan that "the dlc should have been on the game in the first place". Theres just no pleasing some people.

Well I for one would LOVE mario kart dlc in any form! New karts,new characters new courses. You name it id love it! After all,its more of what you loveg why wouldnt you like that?



unrandomsam said:

@Marshi Depends how it is done. If it is all freestanding (Don't need the game) and is extensive enough to be considered an expansion pack then it is fine. If the best character for online is part of the DLC that is really bad.

Its also ok if you can just wait for a GOTY version.



Marshi said:

@turnmebackwards Whats half ass about 32 courses and 30 characters? Thats just as much as previous entries. Did you buy other mk games and say "well its good but I think im only playing 80% of the game"?



Octane said:

As long as it's free...

DLC always makes me wonder, why couldn't they just include it in the game in the first place? Well, obviously to make more money, but now you'll end up with a Mario Kart game priced around +$100. When I buy a game, I want to buy the full game, and not a half game that wants to empty my wallet.



retro_player_22 said:

If it's free DLC and we can use other people's custom tracks then I'm all for it. Also more retro tracks would be great too but all had to be free. If it ain't free then no Mario Kart 8 shouldn't do DLC.



DespyCL said:

I would prefer additional characters instead of retro courses. They should keep them for the next mario kart.



turnmebackwards said:

@Marshi Haha I'm not a fan of DLC & don't want Nintendo to start releasing only half assed games then making us pay for the extra content. I'm not pleased with what they have done with Mario Golf 3DS that content should have been unlockable content.



Yorumi said:

@Octane yeah I mean afterall why are they making a new MK game anyway, they should have all all this content on super mario kart for the snes.

@turnmebackwards it's extra content they made after the game was done, what's wrong with that exactly? And how is it different from a sequel?



Marshi said:

@unrandomsam Well I agree if a dlc "breaks the game" then ofcourse thats not good. But in general dlc is just extra parts of a game that can be enjoyed if you liked the original game. But dont affect the game if you dont wana play it. Its all subjective I supose. I just find it very greedy when people complain that they are not getting the whole game,even though previous entries offered the same amount of original content.

By the way, what do you mean by free standing? How could you play mk8 with only 1 character dlc without the actual game?



turnmebackwards said:

@Yorumi If talking about Mario Golf the DLC was released at same time as the game. If they make extra courses for Mario Kart later on like remaking retro courses of course that's cool but I'd rather they included that as unlockable content. Rather then making us dig deep & pay for all the extras.



Yorumi said:

@turnmebackwards that's because the first course was built while the game was being finalized, manufactured, and shipped. The dlc wasn't on the disc. A game goes gold(meaning it's ready for printing) months before it's release date. The have to manufacture hundreds of thousands of carts/discs, and ship them all around the world. During this time the development teams have nothing to do, so they worked on building the game's dlc. This is further helped by the fact that the art team will finish a game long before the coders do, and most of what is in dlc is art(since the engine is already built).

A game has to go to print at some point, otherwise it's just a vicious cycle of indefinite delays cause they "should have added this and that." Or the development team just sits there for months twiddling their thumbs before working on the dlc to avoid comments like that.

I frankly would much rather have timely dlc that adds extra life to a game than arbitrary and pointless delays for no other reason than perception.



Ninhau said:

as long as the vanilla version has at least the same amount of content as last entries, no problem with DLC.
But if they cut content like other publisher do, that's another story



Inkling said:

On the MK channel I loved seeing myself as the first Mii behind the top guy on loads of stages, good times



Marshi said:

@turnmebackwards You got 9 courses each with 18 holes in them before any dlc was purchased dude! How on earth can anyone complain at that? I remember the snes era,where you would pay 40 quid for a game with 5 levels that could be completed in an hour! Trust me mate,we get alot of bang for our buck now. Its just if we want more bang we have the option!



Marshi said:

@shigulicious Is that the super short oval,set in a themepark? If so I second that! Baby park was awesome multiplayer course on double dash!



NintyMan said:

More than any other Nintendo game, even Super Smash Bros., I would want DLC for Mario Kart 8. Whether it's new characters, battle arenas, or both, it would be great in extending the replayability of the game for years to come. Iwata has stated that Nintendo will keep promoting Mario Kart 8 throughout this year along with Super Smash Bros., so I wouldn't be surprised if DLC is announced a couple of months from now.

The character roster, while not terrible, does leave something to be desired, and characters that really should have been in the game like Diddy Kong, Dry Bowser, and Birdo could have a chance to enter through DLC. Characters are really not that big of a deal in Mario Kart, with only the weight being a determining factor, so Nintendo doesn't have to be stressed out about balancing.

Battle arenas make a lot of sense too. While these battle races might be some fun, they probably don't stack up compared to battle arenas, so I think it would be great if Nintendo brought in N64 Double Decker, Wii Funky Stadium, and others for those of us with good memories of playing on those stages. It would also stir up interest in battle mode again and increase replayability more.

Customization parts would the trickiest to handle, but I wouldn't mind them as well. In fact, I wish they had included Bowser's car from Super Mario 3D World as a kart, so that would be perfect for a DLC kart.

And as far as courses, since there is no new Donkey Kong track and retro Bowser's Castle, wouldn't it be awesome if they brought in a Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze track to complement the Returns track and a retro Bowser's Castle as DLC tracks?

The opportunities are large for Mario Kart DLC, and while I understand how many groan about it, it will give you enjoyment for years to come with new content that will stir your interest months from now when you might not be playing the game much. But if you're not interested and are content with the game as it is, then that's totally your choice. It's just silly how people belly-ache about something that would cost as much as a fast-food meal. That would last only minutes compared to something that could last years.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I definitely wouldn't mind DLC race tracks. Think about it - given enough time, they could have every single racetrack from Super Mario Kart down to Mario Kart 7.



Shade_Koopa said:

Anyone have any idea if Nintendo has confirmed or deny DLC for Mario Kart?

I would love to see some DLC characters and DLC courses. ^^
Plus, I'd like to see Bowser Jr back in the game.



Samurairu said:

I want to play the game first before I start thinking about what else I would like to have in the game.



SleepyCrossing said:

I would be alright with DLC if its not overly-expensive and is 100% fair. In the meantime, I need to figure out if I should buy the MK8 bundle or not >_>



WanderingPB said:

A fairly priced season pass with all of the above is my hope for nintendo's DLC....oh and that 1 missing frame to shut people up already LOL!!!



Bolt_Strike said:

Courses and characters are the only things I'm looking for, although challenges would be nice. Don't really care about battle arenas because as far as I'm concerned, Battle Mode's been dead since Double Dash/DS.



Megumi said:

Didn't MK Wii have DLC....I know it wasn't paid, but I remember hearing something about it.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'd pay for challenges because I find them interesting and because I think Nintendo could make them relatively easily without using up too man ideas for future Mario Kart games. I wouldn't mind seeing different characters, but I don't care enough about characters to pay for them.



absuplendous said:

I'm one of those guys still resistant to the concept of paid DLC, and even DLC in general. Call me old-fashioned, but I like the idea of paying full-price for a complete game. And as we've just seen with the end of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, downloaded material essentially has an expiration date.

@rjejr Thanks for the tips! There sure are a lot of Mario Kart branded Wii Wheels...



Action51 said:

  • grabs Cranky Kong cane and fake white beard...

Back in my day we had expansion packs, and they cost about half to two thirds of the original game, and they were loaded with tons of new stuff and breathed new life into games we already loved.

Then companies came along and started charging a little bit here, and a little bit there for new costumes, a new map, a drip or a drop here and there...they started charging for endings and game breaking items or locked this content on the disc and made you pay to unlock it...and soon this "DLC" - as the kids call it - got a bad name.

No DLC is not a bad thing inherently, it's all in how it's used or abused by the developer and the publisher.



LittleIrves said:

As much as Nintendo has been dipping into the DLC waters lately, I don't see them selling course packs for Kart 8. Especially since they need to hold onto other Retro courses for Mario Kart 9, 10, etc. I could see something like NSMB2 with its Coin Rush modes. Maybe sell Challenge Packs, kind of like how Pikmin 3 works. But full-on cups with original or HD-ified retro courses? No way.



Gma-X said:

I'm all for DLC, but I wouldn't pay for extra characters though. Where characters are considered, I think Nintendo could have easily added more players to the mix. It doesn't matter that much to me, since I always play as Mario anyway. New tracks and challenges sound really good though and I hope they will add a couple of extra cups over the years. Fan inspired hopefully.

@ absuplendous Downloaded material stays on your WiiU. If you were to download a new track, you wouldn't need internet after that to play it. You suggest that when the internet service would seize to exist, all your downloads wouldn't be viable anymore, but that's not true. They'd still be safely on your WiiU.



noctowl said:

Holy cow. You'd think DLC did something to their moms the way they act about it.



absuplendous said:

@Gma-X No, what I suggest is that once that service goes offline, anyone who hasn't gotten that material will never be able to do so. I missed out on some DS content because I didn't reach a point in some games to access the content, and anyone who buys these games today won't get them, either. There's also that actual limited-time DLC that essentially forces you to buy the game within a certain time window to get certain content. Anyone who gets that game after that window has closed is out of luck.

"You had plenty of time, you should've known," you may say. But what if I haven't heard of a game or decided to try it long after it was released? What if don't get the system right away? The idea that player don't deserve content because they weren't there on day one doesn't sit well with me.

Meanwhile, I can pick up just about ("just about," there are exceptions, I know) any game pre-2006 and get the entire package, no matter when I buy it. I like that.



Grumblevolcano said:

@Xiao_Pai No, MKWii didn't have DLC at all, a tournament did have an exclusive battle arena though (Galaxy Colosseum) but I think that was hard coded into the game and just not used for normal battle.

As for my opinion on DLC, I think it would be a great idea and do something like each pack being a new cup and new character (e.g. Retro Bowser cup (GCN Bowser's Castle, GBA Bowser Castle 4, DS Bowser Castle, 3DS Bowser's Castle) and Bowser Jr. playable). But the key being not to announce or release it until a reasonable time frame after the game's launch (Mario Golf got a large backlash due to Season pass and launch day DLC options).

@absuplendous I find pre-order DLC to be the worst. Sonic Generations' DLC to more precise as if you didn't get the game at launch then you would never get to play the Casino Night pinball "stage". This is why I always get SEGA games at launch as I don't trust them anymore.




Gma-X said:

@absuplendous Ah yes, I get your point and I agree. It's sad that you can't get any DLC for a game on a console that has been "forgotten".

On the other hand, MK8 in this example is already quite the full game, atleast in terms of a Mario Kart game: 32 tracks, 30 characters(granted, they are not diverse enough), a battle mode, time trial mode, mirror mode, ghost data. It's all there and I think it's worth the $60. With time moving forward and developers being able to make new content over the years for the fans, then DLC is inevitable. I mean, I want extra tracks when they are developed, I think most of the MK-franchise fans want to.



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 Even with the expansions they were all a decent size and eventually there was a complete edition. (Nintendo did the right thing in making NSLU freestanding but they should have done the same for the download version as well).



Minotaurgamer said:

Ok so does the game actually have some hints about giving DLC? do they have a store in there or something? did the developers gave hints or some comments about it? no?

then what's the point for this absurd article? slow news day? make more misleading rumors so the nintendo fanboys start to make a tantrum when it wont be OBVIOUSLY confirmed?!

and they wonder why game journalism it's a joke.



erv said:

Battle arena's make sense - easier to create, improving quality perception:)



unrandomsam said:

@minotaurgamer The reasons it is a joke is because the goal is to show advertising. The advertisers are the customer the users are the product.

At least a print publication has some kind of incentive to make sure people trust it so they keep buying it.



Williaint said:

1. The graphical "Issues" aren't "issues". Human eyes can hardly see the difference between 24 and 25 frames/second, let alone 59 or 60. Also, The resolution can be perfectly scaled, anyway.
2. DLC is an OPTION. You aren't forced to get get it, and online, you wouldn't end up playing against some "superior" racer, unless you had that tentative DLC, as well.
3. The Only DLC, which is more of an update, that should be available for free is the choice to play against friends.
4. I'm all for downloading new tracks, or battle arenas. If they added a new cup, I'd expect it to be like the Super Luigi DLC for New Super Mario Bros Wii U. Something for about $30, with a bunch of extra content seems downright reasonable.
5. I'm not for adding new items, as it sort of changes the game too much. Adding characters also isn't a good idea, but adding extra vehicle mods, as long as they aren't extremely upgraded, isn't a bad thing.



Ttimer said:

lets see, like how many people said, if it is reasonable I would get DLC, as of right now, I think the game looks amazings and I cant really ask for more.
Maybe in a few months, I'd get DLC if they have it, but I am not to big on buying chracters, but if they are tied with courses.....then sign me up
I like the characters as now..... but having more characters is pretty cool....but its isnt something I would spend money on. I would spend money on new tracks and stuff.



Azikira said:


Seeing as how Dry Bones is undead, I think either option will work



eaglebob345 said:

@TurretGunZ It only matters if it is not the PS4, apparently. I visit this site and PushSquare, because I used to play on Sony consoles too and I kinda want Sony to show something I want again (still has not happened yet, hasn't happened since the PS2 and PSP). A lot of people rag on the Wii U and XB1 because they don't have many 1080p 60fps games but, when it is about the PS4 not achieving it either, I see a lot of "oh, well PS4 haz mo POWUH!!" Honestly, I wish third party companies and "gamers" would go back to playing great games and stop worrying about graphics, resolution, and framerate.

New courses would be great DLC. IF they do it, I hope it isn't day 1 DLC, unless the day 1 DLC is free. They should wait a while for paid DLC to let the game live and breathe on its own first.



ledreppe said:

MK8 needs dlc, like adding some of the single player features that were so great in Sonic Transformed, which MK8's single player badly needs.



tripunktoj said:

MK8 character roster desperately needs DLC (top DLC priority), this is the worst MK roster ever with koopalings occupying 7 slots and babies 5 (some of which dont even exist out of Mario Kart) and dont get me started with gamings worst random idea pink gold peach... its the most lazy and unoriginal way of filling a roster. Especially with some classic characters left out and TONS of Mario character that would fit great as new racers. More tracks would be awesome, Id like to finally see GBA Cheese Land as a Retro track. Battle arenas is also a must for MK. Challenges in the DS format would also be nice, but not a priority.



eaglebob345 said:

@MAB That one pixel is going to cost you!! XD

We all know resolution and frame-rate DLC are going o be a thing in the future, when all of the consoles have the same specifications.



Yosher said:

I still don't understand why they took out battle specific arenas in the first place, it's such a dumb decision. Only reason I can think of is that they're left out due to time constaints, which I kinda doubt is the case, but.. I don't know. To me it just seems like they're making Battle mode bad on purpose for whatever reason. Each time they fix something, they do something else wrong in the process, which will keep me from enjoying the battle modes all that much. So, I really, REALLY hope they'll throw in some Battle Arena DLC in there somewhere.

Also characters. Also I personally like the Koopalings better than the likes of Diddy Kong, Birdo and King Boo, they never should have come into this game over those characters. So I'd like those to come as DLC as well. Every other DLC based stuff is just extra~



Henmii said:

I don't think there will be DLC for Mariokart 8. How many times Nintendo said "maybe" when asked about DLC?

The point is if Nintendo did plan some DLC for a game, then there would already be traces of it found in the game! To me it sounds like you can't ad DLC out of the blue, or at least it didn't go that way for Nintendo games! Zelda for example never got DLC, and DKC Returns didn't get it either!



Yai said:

Retro courses as DLC would be amazing. There are many courses I would love to replay such as Waluigi Pinball or DK Mountain.



Henmii said:

As for Retro courses: Maybe a dumb question, but are all the Retro courses "new"? And with that I mean: No recycled Retro courses already found in, lets say, Mariokart 7?

I mean: Now that there are 8 proper Mariokarts, there are a lot of courses you could pick. But I have a feeling they picked a few they have done before! Then again the graphics will be much better, with added ramps and anti-gravity, so it may still feel fresh.



JaxonH said:


I liked the NSLU DLC as well, but Nintendo does a good job when it comes to smaller DLC too.

Take Pikmin 3, for example. Every 5 new missions they released, you got the first one free, and the other 4 were only $1.99 TOTAL, so 50 cents a piece. Then you look at Mario Golf World Tour, which basically doubled the game's content (or close to anyways), plus 4 new characters, for only $15. NSMB2 and Fire Emblem Awakening were a little more nickle and dimey, but one must keep in mind that was their first try at it (and even then I bought all of it, way better deal than 3rd party DLC). They seem to have hit the sweet spot ever since NSLU, so I'm not too worried about it...



unrandomsam said:

@JaxonH Maybe the USA situation is different but in the UK Mario Golf + DLC is about as much as both 3D World and Tropical Freeze together. Do you think more work went into Mario Golf ? I don't.



JaxonH said:


All I know is here, the game was $30-35 (depending on the retailer and when you ordered), and the DLC was $6 per pack, or $15 for all 3. I paid $30 for Mario Golf World Tour, plus $15 for the DLC, so basically I paid $5 more than what normal 3DS games go for anyways.

But on that note of "more work". Games generally aren't sold based on how much work goes into them. They're sold based on how much enjoyment can be obtained from them. Which is why FF15, despite taking 7+ years to develop, will sell for the same $60 as any other game. And why NSMBU sells for the same $60 as any other game. It's not my concern how much work went into the game. Tbh, it makes no difference to me. What matters is how much fun I'm going to get for my money. They could magically snap their fingers and say "presto" and make a finished game appear, and do no work whatsoever, and that's fine by me. As long as the game provides fun for my money, that's what I'm buying it for.



Gold_Ranger said:

Battle mode needs User Costomization like it used to... Set a set limit per battle, Set the Popped Balloon Counter limit, I want to play as long as possible and not short 3 minute bursts in battle mode like SNES had! MK7 is fun but too damned short!



Jayvir said:

I'd just like a whole new cup as DLC. Do like they did with Mario Golf, and release a new cup and a new character along with it for like... 5 bucks.



Blast said:

The first batch HAS to be free and the rest of the DLC has to be cheap so people can't get mad.



Grumblevolcano said:

@Henmii Yes, all "retro" courses that have been remade have only been remade once (as long as you don't include all 20 SMK tracks appearing in Super Circuit). What people are likely concerned about is that Wario Stadium is the only N64 track that hasn't been remade yet.



DBPirate said:

I wouldn't care if all the DLC was just characters. Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser (or Dry Bones), E. Gadd, Nabbit, Diddy Kong, Birdo all for a total of maybe $6 to $8.



Henmii said:

"Yes, all "retro" courses that have been remade have only been remade once"

So this is the second time If I understand correctly?

"What people are likely concerned about is that Wario Stadium is the only N64 track that hasn't been remade yet"

Yeah, I would also love to see that!

Update: I checked the internet and if I saw it right then every track has been remade just once so far.



MeddlingIdiot said:

@minotaurgamer There are no hints to DLC within the game as far as I know, but there were no hints within Pikmin 3's menus either, until Nintendo released a software update.

DLC being available for a Mario Kart 8 in the future is by no means a far fetched idea, infact it's entirely plausible based upon the reasons given. This article is also clearly speculative, so it shouldn't come across as misleading.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I actually don't really care about battle mode. It's more of a distraction. I much prefer the racing, which is the core of a Mario Kart game.



Henmii said:

Update: I checked the internet and if I saw it right then every track has been remade just once so far


I agree! I was never a huge fan of the arena's. The normal race-tracks is where its at! But I can understand that if you are a battle-arena fan that you are a bit dissapointed! I think the only reason they did this is because they weren't in the mood to make some arena's. Or just to cut some time/resources!



ghosto said:

Free DLC. Making tracks and extra characters costs peanuts now that the core game is finished. Paid DLC only splits the online community and lots of people are tired of being nickle and dimed to death.



Mikes said:

Generally, I'm not sure. I'm not sure why, but while DLC sounds okay, something at the back of my head is telling me it may not suit Mario Kart.
If they do end up doing it, I'm sure it'll turn out fine. I-I wouldn't mind getting some Battle Arenas!



AshFoxX said:

I keep reading about a track editor, which I am highly against because it is BORING racing on custom tracks, as seen in ModNation Racers and LBP Karting... Okay, if they DO add one, make it more like Trackmania's track editor. That community makes VERY interesting tracks. Also, 2 screen multiplayer would be a nice addition, I know the system can easily handle it. Maybe a firmware update can make it happ'n, Capn'?



RFox182 said:

The loss of WiFi connection isn't going to effect the Wii U console or.... am I wrong???(not sure). And yes to DLC! Don't think they'd do new tracks or more retro courses but new characters, kart customization, and battle mode would be awesome. If so..out by Thanksgiving/Christmas would be perfect.



Starman3 said:

Yes, I believe that we do need a DLC for Mario Kart 8 For New Courses, Returning of Battle Arenas, New Challenges, New Characters. It could help with Nintendo's sales. if they do that. imagine that.



SuperWingsMario said:

@Starman3 They would probably do that for a DLC. So far, they made a DLC for Mario Golf World Tour and New Super Mario Bros U. So they might add a DLC for Mario Kart 8.



Action51 said:

@JaxonH _ also wanted to expand on what you said by adding this:

  • Grabs Cranky Kong cane again

Back in the day, you only had the back of a box, a copy of Nintendo Power or Electronics Gaming Monthly, and your buddies at school and their Genesis and SNES collections to inform your game buying decisions.

In 2014 we have so much gaming media competing for our ears and eyes like wild dogs fighting over scraps. There are professional reviews, opinion channels on Youtube, player reviews, meta-scores, let's plays, and every imaginable source of detailed information you could ever want with just a few clicks...and your damn game console now invariably comes with it's own browser and web-video app so you have the tools built right in!

People can make informed choices more easily then ever, so if the industry rips us off with bad DLC, it's because too many of our fellow gamers buy into the hype and let themselves get ripped off.



JaxonH said:


Well yeah, it's all about personal decision making, and whether or not YOU as an individual feel it's worth the money or not. To me, I couldn't care less how much effort or dev time it takes to make something. I care about the user-end of the content, that's all. There's many factors that play into whether I personally deem something as worth buying, but I can definitively say that man-hours needed to develop it (in relation to other games) is not one of them.

I see character skins, costumes, outfits, and characters commonly sold on other platforms all the time for anywhere from $2-5. You look at Mario Golf World Tour, and you're actually getting 2 full 18-hole courses AND a character for that price. I really think gamers would benefit from owning a Playstation or Xbox so they could see what's commonly pawned off as $5 DLC. Oh, you want an actual COURSE? $10 a pop, all day long. That's how it is. I paid $5 just to play as Kat in PS All Stars. Now, not all DLC is unfairly priced from 3rd parties- it really depends on who the developer is. But more times than not, $5 aint gettin you much. A character if you're lucky, or a 2-pack of skins. Certainly not two new courses AND a character.



DrSlump said:

If Nintendo will start to sell uncompleted games at full price and then completing them as dlc's.. then this is the end of videogames



Grumblevolcano said:

@JaxonH I'd say Harmonix is the best developer when it comes down to DLC value for money and on top of that there were lots of giveaways which enabled you to get some of this content for free (sure this was only for Xbox 360 and PS3 but Nintendo hated the concept of free content back when Rock Band was around).



larry_koopa said:

I've been on the record before saying that I am not generally a big fan of DLC. That said, if any Nintendo title could/should benefit from DLC it is Mario Kart in my opinion. I would like retro courses to be provided as DLC, and while I'm disappointed that it did not receive more votes, my second choice would be the return of Challenge mode a la Mario Kart DS.



alLabouTandroiD said:

For me it’s a bit too early to talk about what I’d really want as paid - and maybe even free - DLC. First i’ll have to spend some good time with it to really feel the game. But alright, let’s give it a try.

I’ve got a feeling that courses-wise only a pack containing four new retro cups would make sense. If you got it you should be able to choose how you want to play online.

  • Original Courses + New Retro Pack,
  • New Retro Pack only to get your money’s worth out of the download or
  • Original Courses Only to play with others that haven’t downloaded the pack.

What’d be most amazing is if this was playable in single-player- / local mode and let you unlock new characters, dedicated battle arenas, customisations and maybe even challenges like in the original cups that come with the game.
For 20€’s this would be a deal I’d certainly consider.

When it comes to characters there’s besically no limit from the ones mentioned in the articles over those featured in a MK game before up to a Baby Baddies Pack with Baby Wario, Baby Waluigi, Baby DK and Baby Bowser.
And I’ve got to agree, it could really be great to have challenges again. If done right they might even turn out to be one of the game’s highlights.



Bass_X0 said:

If Nintendo will start to sell uncompleted games at full price and then completing them as dlc's.. then this is the end of videogames

How is Mario Kart 8 currently incomplete?



MaverickHunterX said:

Battle Mode in the MK series has always been broken, incomplete, and completely unnecessary. It's just Demolition Derby with Koopa Shells and Banana peels, and it's just as boring too.

Racing is where it's at.



akaDv8R said:

@memoryman3 Have you not seen/got the DLC for Ghosts? Or for Castlestorm? How about the add-on DLC for Mario U? Of course the Wii U can handle DLC, there are lots of games on it that have DLC already.



Sceptic said:

@Bass_X0: At that price it better not be incomplete. Even the rumor of paid DLC for one of the few and rare games on this console would be a publicity nightmare. In fact, I think even this article is bad publicity in how it sows confusion over where the speculation comes from and whether or not Mario 8 is 'as complete as they can make it', or if they will pull a surprise DLC 'add-on' in a few months just so they can claim "another release" for this year.

The SB figurines rumor comes to mind. The way things are going for nintendo, they need to start some serious giving before they can expect to receive.



kyuubikid213 said:

Just so long as it's Nintendo style DLC and not BULLPOOPIEDOODLE DLC.

You know what I mean... "Here's the game for $60! Now hand over another $20 to get the second half of the courses. And another $10 to play as everyone other than Mario and Luigi. And how about an extra $20 for these two tracks!"



SparkOfSpirit said:

Battle arenas and better characters are all I want. If we don't get those two and we get other DLC I'll be disappointed.



Bass_X0 said:

At that price it better not be incomplete.

It has the amount of courses and characters as a regular complete Mario Kart game. But they could do still more. More characters. More courses. I'd rather they do DLC now than make us wait until the next new DS.



PieEater163 said:

This quite funny because I thought just yesterday that battle arenas as DLC for Mario Kart 8 would be an excellent idea, looks like you beat me to it.



Onion said:

I'm fine with DLC as long as it isn't something as silly as the "time savers" from Assassin's Creed IV, or unlocking things already on the disc. If they can give us a few more tracks or characters, then why not? It's up to the individual to determine whether or not it's worth it. DLC is more popular now than ever, and one thing Nintendo has been hassled for in the past is it's lack of "Keeping up with the times." Now Nintendo is keeping up with modern standards and that's not enough for you people? If you don't like the DLC, then don't buy it. It's not like you're getting a less "complete" game if you don't buy a certain course pack. The only thing that may cause an issue would be online play, but i imagine in that case they would just turn course packs off.

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