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Gma-X commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

@Bolt_Strike I agree. VR is definitely the next step in immersive gameplay. Looking at how Nintendo has evolved itself over the past few consoles suggests that they are seriously considering VR. The Wii introduced movements as if playing in game and the Wii U introduced looking around in space and seeing the game around you. Merge the two and you get VR.

The development of VR is unfortunately not in a far enough stage to be cost effective. Looking at the gaps between consoles I expect the NX to appear in about two years, which is too short for VR to develop to a profitable scale.

But VR will become the new standard over the next decade and I'll be joining in for sure. Imagine Mario Kart inside the game, way too epic.



Gma-X commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

Long overdue and it is going to be epic. I hope the style of the N64 has been mimicked for the most part. Not so stoked about the Walker. The drone could be good though.

The extra control options aren't that big a deal unless it will really have a good advantage/usability ratio. Graphics could be better, but hey, it's Star Fox, the gameplay is reason enough to play it. I would play Star Fox 64 over almost any graphically advanced game now without a doubt anyway.



Gma-X commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

Almost every Zelda game has been atleast a very good game, I trust Eiji Aonuma well enough to believe he'll make it work. Changing the puzzle style could be a good thing and I'm open to it, but even if it would be the same style as previous Zelda game, I'd still get it day one and love it for the game it is.



Gma-X commented on Weirdness: Conan O'Brien Plays Super Smash Bro...:

That was really funny, it's the first time I've seen Conan and I must say, he's funny haha!

@Porky We love Nintendo as well, we're just also up for some laughs. Sometimes you have to realize that there is more than games and lighten up a bit. He's insulting pixels on a screen for crying out loud XD



Gma-X commented on E3 2014: Mario Party 10 Subtly Announced for W...:

@CaptOlimar30 I hope the rumours are true, because you're right: Wii Party U can't compete with Mario Party in any way. Mario Party is, for me atleast, THE party game for any Nintendo console. I appreciate Nintendo trying to change the formula with MP9, because innovating is what I love about Nintendo, but it obviously didn't work out, so I hope they will revert back to the classic gameplay.



Gma-X commented on E3 2014: Mario Party 10 Subtly Announced for W...:

From my MP9 experience I'm very much against the travel together by car approach. It wasn't fun in MP9 and I doubt it will have changed significantly. Unless, as @CaptOlimar30 said, every player works together. Highly doubt that, though. MP has always been about competitive play between players and a winner in the end, but one can hope.



Gma-X commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

It's not even a glitch, just leave it in. Anyone who takes a collection of possibilities and options tries to make the best out of it, also in real life. Someone who uses solar power to cut down on his electricity bill is just using what's available. If you're not doing it, your choice, but you can hardly complain.

People who use this are just using the mechanics of the game, nothing is being broken, no glitch is exploited. Everyone can use it, so it isn't unfair. Yeah it looks silly haha , but don't punish the people who work to become better just because you're not willing to.



Gma-X commented on Play: Mario Kart 8 in the NLife Community GP -...:

Indeed, getting hit is part of MK and you expect it, adds to the challenge, but when you lose because someone fails to play it smart at your expense, that's kind of annoying.

Are you playing all your races in one go? If you don't, message me through here or Miiverse(NNID Gma-XAE). You'd have at least one player not after killing you for no reason



Gma-X commented on Play: Mario Kart 8 in the NLife Community GP -...:

Dude, preaching to the choir. Sometimes people use items on me when I'm already down and they easily could drive by me and hit the person in front of them.

To be honest, I never strike first . I drive my ultimate best from the start and try to take the lead. And then when someone strikes me with a red shell or two to pass me I go to the offensive approach to get back on top. Plus I notice that I never get really good items when being second. One guy today followed me and got two times 3 red shells. I drove behind him and got a Mushroom -_-



Gma-X commented on Mario Kart Month: Expanding the Universe of Ma...:

I really don't see that working. Kirby could be added, maybe Ness, but you can't have Link and Zelda racing in a modern kart... The Mario Universe is one where vibrant colors and an overall good feeling are the soul of the games. That is what makes the Mario Kart games so attractive as well. Adding serious characters from 'darker' worlds like LoZ just wouldn't fit.

I like the incentive, but I don't see it working. I would much rather see an extension in cups, along with more and diverse characters.



Gma-X commented on Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

@absuplendous Ah yes, I get your point and I agree. It's sad that you can't get any DLC for a game on a console that has been "forgotten".

On the other hand, MK8 in this example is already quite the full game, atleast in terms of a Mario Kart game: 32 tracks, 30 characters(granted, they are not diverse enough), a battle mode, time trial mode, mirror mode, ghost data. It's all there and I think it's worth the $60. With time moving forward and developers being able to make new content over the years for the fans, then DLC is inevitable. I mean, I want extra tracks when they are developed, I think most of the MK-franchise fans want to.



Gma-X commented on Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

I'm all for DLC, but I wouldn't pay for extra characters though. Where characters are considered, I think Nintendo could have easily added more players to the mix. It doesn't matter that much to me, since I always play as Mario anyway. New tracks and challenges sound really good though and I hope they will add a couple of extra cups over the years. Fan inspired hopefully.

@ absuplendous Downloaded material stays on your WiiU. If you were to download a new track, you wouldn't need internet after that to play it. You suggest that when the internet service would seize to exist, all your downloads wouldn't be viable anymore, but that's not true. They'd still be safely on your WiiU.



Gma-X commented on Video: Join Us For A Relaxing Weekend Drive Ar...:

@Jetson True, 30 is indeed the highest number of characters ever to be seen in a Mario Kart game. However, 20% of them are part of the koopa family. As much as I welcome them, it takes away the diversity of choice. In MK Wii you had Funky, King Boo, Diddy, Dry Bowser and Dry Bones, all of which are diverse characters.

I would much rather have only 2 extra Koopas and 5 or 6 other characters. I mean, Pink Gold Peach, lovely and I like it, but why does it have to be a replacement instead of an addition?

I know hidden characters is something in MK, but following the information, I gather these are all of the characters, which you will unlock as you progress. Ever seen a MK with so many characters BEFORE the hidden characters were unlocked?



Gma-X commented on Video: Join Us For A Relaxing Weekend Drive Ar...:

I like the idea of speeding up the downtime when you fall, but this is just a little too fast I think. In MK Wii one mistake in first place would land you atleast 4 or 5 places behind, which is a hard punishment when you're hit with a blue shell while jumping over a hole. On the other hand, when you make a stupid mistake you shouldn't be let off so easily. I mean, I want winners to be determined by pure skill.

The retro tracks look great though, had a nostalgia attack when seeing Royal Raceway and N64 Rainbow Road. Although I've seen every MK8 video, I'm still left amazed by the graphics after every one of them. Clearing all the cups on all the CC's will be extremely pleasant! Also can't wait to play this online with some friends and some headphones hahaha.



Gma-X commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

@siavm I don't entertain myself by trying to understand something that doesn't make sense. "Good" is subjective, you think the game is good as is, others don't. So they created a mod, a very impressive one at that, and they play it. Not in your house, not on your Wii.

The Wii was released more than 5 years ago and Brawl about 4 years ago. The WiiU is out for over a year, the Wii is losing it's WiFi abilities, Nintendo and the maker of Brawl have both gotten as much as possible out of it.

Furthermore, I believe a game maker should be happy to see fans so invested in their game that they're showing what they would like to have improved. Now the maker knows what was lacking for some players and can use that to grow as a gamemaker and deliver an even better game the next time. Plus, this mod will make sure that the Melee lovers who didn't like the game go play it again. It's a perfect compromise: They get what they want and the overall idea + story of the original maker is kept intact. He should be happy that now even more gamers will get to see his game.

Look at it from more than one angle, man.

@unrandomsam Exactly that.



Gma-X commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

@siavm Dude, it's not replacing Brawl, it's just a mod you can play when you like the melee style. Your entire message literally doesn't make sense, I doubt you even thought it through before you hit the keyboard. Don't say non-logic cr*p if you have nothing to say.



Gma-X commented on Round Table: Let's Talk Endlessly About Mario ...:

Too bad there is no hands-on info on the online experience, that's one of the most important features for me. Being able to play with friends and MKTV, finally something you can save your epic races with.

We all know those races where something so amazing happens (positive or negative) and no one was there to see it, so you could only describe it with words and the other guy like "okay, pretty cool man". But it wasn't 'pretty cool', it was downright unbelievable. Now you can say: "Look what happened in this race, dude!". Epic feature.



Gma-X commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Rainbow Road from 64 is back!? Is this heaven?

The other retro courses, well chosen, I always loved Toad's Turnpike. Why is May 30th so far away!

If they really ditched the Rubber Band AI I'll be leaping in the air out of pure joy. I remember in MK Wii, I was playing Moo Moo Meadows in 150cc and I was leading literally from the start and by the third lap I could see number twelve in front of me. I was I think 5 seconds from the finish line when I heard a blue shell(I had no mushroom, so there goes dodging), after that a red shell hit me, followed by me being run over by someone with a big mushroom, recovered only to be hit directly by a bullet bill, landed and got hit by a player with a star. Ended the race in number 12, what the hell...

Too bad about the motorcycles and the wheelies, but I hope they will give them double drift boost then, just like the karts.



Gma-X commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

I think the Wii games can wait for an HD release, the graphics of SS or SMG never bothered me. I would much rather see Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, Starfox 64 or the Banjo-Kazooie games produced in HD.

In my opinion, the gameplay of classic games is of a high level, because they had to "compensate" for the lack of graphic power, enabling them to sell the games purely on gameplay and ofcourse music. Combine that gameplay with HD Graphics and you've got an amazing game I think the original creators would have loved to see in their day, but were limited by the technology of their time.



Gma-X commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

The Gamepad is a cool controller and perfect to act as a map, inventory or as multifunctional object in party-games. I've played ZombiU, Windwaker HD and Wii Party U and I loved the Gamepad's role in them.

When it comes to games like MK8, DKC:TF and definitely Zelda U(I have to play it with the remote and nunchuk ever since Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword), the Gamepad can take a rest. MK8 should be played with a comfortable controller, like the Pro Controller, same goes for DKC:TF. I started playing DKC with the Gamepad and put it aside after the first level, it's just too chunky to play with as a regular controller.

The Virtual Console games are perfect for the Gamepad though and I'm happy GBA games are coming. The Gamepad will flourish as a mini console when you just want to sit in a corner and play some old games.



Gma-X commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

Sad, but nothing surprising. Nintendo should've released a console with specs worthy of this time. You can't blame developers for not going the extra mile to make a version of the game for a platform where most people aren't into the hardcore side of games.



Gma-X commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:


I agree, if they were to make a level public as a demo, I think more people would buy it.

Realistically though, I think you only have two kinds of people with respect to Nintendo. You either like Nintendo or you don't. Only people who like Nintendo in the first place bought the Wii U before any REAL games were out and I doubt someone outside that group would buy a Wii U for two (amazing) games and nothing more. Less and less third party developers want to work with the Wii U, so buying a Wii U is primarily just to play the classic Nintendo franchises. Knowing this, why release demos if you know that almost every Wii U owner will probably buy your game. I don't know if Nintendo thinks like that, but I would understand if they did.

It's a completely different story with the e-shop though. Demo's are very appreciated there.



Gma-X commented on Hyrule Warriors:

Gonna be epic. Link is an epic swordsman and this really brings out everything they weren't able to in times of N64. Am definitely getting this.



Gma-X commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

For franchises like Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I don't think demos are needed, it's pretty straightforward.

I do agree that some games like DKC:TF could use a demo. Sure, I know I would buy it the moment I knew they were making a sequel, but that's me. Not everyone is convinced when they hear Donkey Kong or Mario, and it's seriously only beneficial to kick out some demos.



Gma-X commented on The Wait for Mario Kart 8 Is Filled With Sunsh...:

I have played every Mario Kart till date and I must say MK8 is heading towards the top of the entire chain. Beautiful levels!

Regarding Sunshine, I had a lot of fun with that game. Inventive way to use Mario and the FLUDD device added a new dimension to his movements. Indeed, the lack of the long jump made it a little less than previous games. But let's not forget that the SMG games did not have the dive jump, which I certainly missed is some life/death situations. Overall, I think you should have played Sunshine when it was the newest Mario around, then you'd have more appreciation for it.