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Russian Federation

Thu 20th Feb 2014

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ylitvinenko commented on Areal Passes Kickstarter Goal, Yet More Peculi...:

I've already made this comment on another sites, but I am going to double it here. That picture of Putin's letter ( is clearly a fake. I am Russian, and I can say that the text is stylistically unprofessional and contains a lot of punctuational and orphographical errors ("проэкт" instead of "проект", this is grade school error). Besides, fonts look messed up too.

What doggeypoopielousy developers they are. Instead of making a good game, they make a soap opera.



ylitvinenko commented on Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your...:


I should add that DS Download Play functionality doesn't work. The game seems to try doing local wireless stuff (all screens and buttons are working etc.), but neither my DS nor 3DS can't find anything. (UPD: And later I saw that you noticed that, sorry.)

Also, some neat bit - if you try to touch something on top screen (er... left sub-screen?), it will show you an icon about inability to touch in that area.



ylitvinenko commented on Mario Kart Month: Keeping the Mario Kart 8 Rac...:

I'd actually like to see some sort of track editor added as DLC, but I cannot see this coming until the second half of the game's lifespan, which will be pretty long (well, it's a Mario Kart). I was imagining building my own tracks with a GamePad's touchscreen since the actual reveal of this game.