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United Kingdom

Wed 18th Nov 2009

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HornsDino commented on Review: Evofish (Wii U eShop):

Can't really disagree with this review. I bought it for my kid as he likes fish and virtual aquariums but it doesn't even really scratch that itch as the fish are too abstract looking. It really shows its origins as a mobile game, though thankfully the IAP has been surgically removed.

Final nail in the coffin for me was the inability to play off-TV in single player mode. Poor.



HornsDino commented on Review: Soccer Up 3D (3DS eShop):

Shrewd tactical move, releasing this first in the "home of soccer", the USA. Oh, wait..

Hopefully they will have ironed out some of these bugs when it hits EU shores!

(EDIT: I see it is coming as "Football Up 3D", release TBD)



HornsDino commented on Review: Mahjong Mysteries - Ancient Athena (3D...:

Games like this illustrate a troubling flaw at the very heart of the 3DS design. The top screen is forced to be the main action screen as it is the one that is 3D (and bigger) whilst touch control is only available on the lower screen.
Hence any game that would benefit by direct manipulation (e.g. this, or something like Art of Balance) is instead forced into this weird "laptop touchpad" style of operation.



HornsDino commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare):

Err.. as to your review, you singularly fail to mention anything about the actual GAMEPLAY. Is it a beat em up? Shoot em up? RPG? I honestly have no idea