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Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Operate Normally"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Europe provides update to state that store will still close for 12 hours

Update 2:

Nintendo of America appears to be making some progress in returning to a full service in the region, having all services up and running with the exception of the 3DS eShop, which is closed from 4pm Eastern until 4am Eastern on 29th December.


As of 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific on 28th December, Nintendo of America is yet to update its North American Nintendo Network status, and hasn't done so since 17:56 Pacific Time on 27th December. As it stands the region will still be limited to eShop access between 4pm-4am Eastern Time (1pm-1am Pacific). Despite the network status update on the European website, it's now been confirmed that the eShop platforms will once again close in the region at 9pm UK / 10pm CET today, and will remain down until 9am UK / 10am CET tomorrow.

Original Article:

Due to factors such as increased festive traffic and the launch of Pokémon Bank on 25th December in Japan, the Nintendo Network had extensive downtime from Christmas Day until 27th December. A return to service on 27th December was on the condition that the eShop was only available for limited hours, as the volume of those logging in with Nintendo Network IDs continued to cause Nintendo problems — you can see a summary of events in our original article.

Nintendo of America has recently clarified that each region was given different access times on 27th December (relative to time zones) to ease the traffic load, but there's now a suggestion that normal service will resume to unlimited access. The European network status page is now giving the online services the all clear, with every category now "Operating Normally". The limited hours access — 9am UK / 10am CET to 9pm / 10pm CET — was said to be temporary, and the status page suggests that all platforms will return to normality.

The equivalent status page for the Americas is still indicating the same issues — and eShop availability window — as on 27th December, but at the time of publication may not have been updated as yet (time zones, once again). We'll update this article should that status be improved during the course of today, bringing North America back to full service.

This has been rather damaging for Nintendo, as the persistent downtime for two full days and limited access on the third day does not reflect well on its online infrastructure, and compares poorly to the single-day festive turnaround on fixing similar issues on other online platforms such as Steam and PlayStation Network. It has also cost download publishers and developers, who lost vital days of sales.

Have you been frustrated or disappointed by this issue, or do you feel Nintendo dealt with it as well as it could have? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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ikki5 said:

didn't know this was still going on..... I live in NA and I have not been seeing any issues for the last day now.



Xjarnold said:

Yaaaaaaa! The eshop is back online this is great news... Wait does that day European?



TreesenHauser said:

Luckily for them, I've been busy playing Super Mario 3D World finally. As long as it gets fixed for everyone else ASAP...



AlexSora89 said:

I just hope the Bank doesn't get silently cancelled. I don't want X and Y to become the next Ruby and Sapphire.



N64ever said:

Oh come on Nintendo Life. Just because the eShop wasn't available doesn't mean those publishers lost a sale forever. I mean I really wanted NES Remix but I didn't go crazy and say I wasn't going to buy it just because the eShop was down.
By the way NES Remix is awesome!!



Toodles78 said:

@AlexSora89 I don't think Bank will get canceled. It's much more relevant than Flip note. Also, if Ninty took it off the Japanese Eshop they are probably just updating the servers. At least, I hope so.



MAB said:

Come on now, honestly those Pokebank servers should really be used for something else more substantial... Like thousands of VC games or something



Emblem said:

The total lack of faith and patience shown by Nintendo owners on this and other nintendo websites is shameful. Multi-console sites have the same old nintendo basing or empathising attitudes but for the most part as usual the vocal majority on forums and such has been negative or childish.
I'm actually considering sticking to multi console sites as the stuff i keep reading here is ridiculous.

This is real life crap happens, you learn from it and get on with it. 2 days of issues and everyone loses their minds, i have to wonder what other digital services people use as every single one i own has issues and downtime.



Jazzer94 said:

I was to busy playing SM3DW and Tearaway to even be remotely annoyed by this.



RQuinain said:

@MAB How the hell is cloud storage for one of Nintendo's most successful franchises NOT relevant? Seriously?



DreamOn said:

Was just now able to access eShop so I could re-download Ambassador WarioLand 4. Was not in any hurry for that however

The meltdown is over lol



mjhopkins81 said:

@Emblem Or, alternately, you could just skip reading the "Comments" section. Most of the people who people who post a comment are voicing an opinion, rightly or wrongly - you just don't have to read them.



JudgeMethos said:

Well, I got physical copies of my Wii U games on Christmas so I don't need the eshop for now. However, those games had updates I couldn't update for a couple hours but no biggie. I could still play them.



Ronoh said:

This does seem to reflect poorly on Nintendo, especially to new owners who may not have had similar experiences like this before and who may think what they just shelled out money for doesn't work properly.

At some point, you have to call a spade a spade... and Nintendo dropped the ball here whether we like it or not. The bottom line is that the network issues shouldn't have happened in the first place. It shouldn't have happened on Steam or the PlayStation Network either for that matter — but that does NOT absolve Nintendo of their responsibility to maintain their services. This was the busiest time of the year and Nintendo failed to adequately prepare their server capacity.

That may not be a big deal to some, but for developers, they absolutely cannot get back the eyeball impressions they lost during Christmas and the day after for their games in the eShop, some of which are only available in the eShop.That level of traffic doesn't just happen everyday.

So Nintendo messed up. Let's hope everything is fixed so we can move forward.



DarkNinja9 said:

think its weird how they set only certain times for ppl to use the eshop like if your grounded and not allowed to or else xD but eh not to bothered just think its funny what i really want is a way to stop the cloners in pkm like how they stopped instacheck <.<



ULTRA-64 said:

@N64ever the point is.......where would you have gone to buy remix ? You can't! Even if you wanted to!
On the other hand if someone has two choices for download, say Sony or Nintendo, some money and limited Xmas time to play a specific multiplat game. They will buy wherever they can and the margins are different with different e shops so some lose out. It didn't effect me , but I would have blown a fuse if I opened my Wii u Xmas day and the games bundled in wouldn't download! Nintendo is a family company, Xmas is a family get together event. It was a pretty major slip up imo!



MysticX said:

@MAB I totally agree with you, except for the "little" issue of needing those servers to transfer previous-generation pokémon to Pokémon X/Y, which Nintendo decreed must go through their cloudstorage app/servers, once they get them working, that is...



Emblem said:

@mjhopkins81 Its not always just the comment though, some of the bloggers are just as bad, which is fine as they are bloggers not journalists but it still irks me when some articles are written in a way to accumulate hits or are blatant flamebait.

You are right though nothing is forcing me to read anything, i think i'm going to stick to reviews and reveals unless i feel i need to voice an opinion on anything else..



suburban_sensei said:

Good to see they are at least getting somewhere. Sure it is a minor annoyance, since I have an eshop card coming in today, but I have plenty to play. Got WW HD and Asassins Creed IV for Christmas, on top of all the games I bought recently, so just hope Nintendo sorts it out sooner rather than later.



AlexSora89 said:

It's a paid service we were looking forward to... well, to pay for. Being upset is kind of normal, especially given the replay value older Pokémon bring to the Kalos region.
That said, we're just mad at a disservice, but we're no @Pachterkid either, if you catch my drift.



GreenX1 said:

@Bliquid Yeah, our whining is worth it, MAB. You mad, MAB?
Anyway, the date is incorrect in America's Nintendo site. THANKS FOR CARING, NOA!



ACK said:

Been an inconvenience at most. Really didn't bother me and I expect online services to occasionally falter... I mean, PSN goes down intermittently and has coughed up credit card info in the past. I even know several PS3 users who had their PS+ accounts banned after being hacked. They lost all their games with no compensation. That's a paid service.

Anyway, I hope everyone copes with this stuff. Patience isn't just a virtue, it's a necessary component of happiness and contentment. Not like anything was lost other than the opportunity to buy, download, or update.



AmyGrrl said:

Nintendo kind of ruined my holiday plans. I had 4 days off work for Christmas. So I stayed at my brothers for a few day and brought over my Wii U. Because of the network problems we couldn't download any of the digital games. So I had no games to play while I was at my brothers. I really wasn't happy about having my gaming plans ruined. I also think Nintendo was a bit stupid to start a new service on Christmas day. They should have started the new service a week before or after Christmas. They should offer better discounts/sales for all the trouble.



Xaltheron said:

I do have to wonder whose bright idea it was to release the Pokemon Bank at christmas, combining new 3DS and Wii U owners with pokemon fans was always going to be a recipe for disaster.



AyeHaley said:

It was very annoying! I wanted to buy Bravely Default and some eShop games but thanks to waiting this long, changed my mind on all but Super Castlevania IV. They could've had my impuls buy but sadly they weren't prepared for something most companies are (somewhat) prepared for...I just hope they learnt their lesson, I feel bad for all those indie devs sales. And bad PR.

I hope they didn't pull Pokebank just cause it was straining the servers but also cause it isn't hack proof as they said it would be. Way to go GameFreak/Nintendo..



DiSTANToblivion said:

@Emblem I hear you man, reading the Facebook pages' comment section were particularly painful. To say some people overreacted is an understatement.



Windy said:

I was able to get in this morning. I downloaded Project X Zone 14.99, Edge 1.99 and Bird Mania 1.99. I still have about 32 bucks left I'm going to wait and see if HarmoKnight and Unchained Blades ever go on sales. I also need to pick up the last 2 sega Classics which I intend to do Im on the west Coast in Las Vegas. I think the the Eshop closes at 9am this morning



daveh30 said:

I really can't believe the way people overreacted to this. Some people really need to take a deep breath...



N64ever said:

@ULTRA-64 well if I couldn't play something right when I got it or had to spend my money right then and there. Then I have bigger problems coming up for me in the future if I can't have patients to play something later after it's fixed.



TheLilK98 said:

Like above, I'm still wondering who the idiot was that thought opening a new online service on Christmas was a good idea.



3DSfan134 said:

Is the meltdown over for NA now? I could still connect to Miiverse and the Nintendo eShop btw.



electrolite77 said:

Didn't affect me personally (got a couple of absolute bargains in the PSN sale though) but I can imagine people being livid if they couldn't download games they got in bundles or were bought for their new consoles. People only get so much time off work and if they'd planned to spend it playing games it's understandable they won't be happy.

It also doesn't give a good first impression to people new to these machines (similar happened with the PS4 launch IIRC) and will not help push digital sales.

Overload at a busy time of year is understandable to a degree though I think it's fair to say with Nintendo relying heavily on Christmas/holiday sales they should be prepared server-wise. If you want customers money you have to provide a good service. Launching a new, big-name, entirely digital service on Christmas Day however is at best naive, at worst incompetent. None of it helps Nintendo rid themselves of the perception they struggle with online.

When Sony had one of their periodic PSN disasters and it got hacked they compensated their customers. Maybe a small gesture like that from Nintendo would be prudent.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I couldn't get on the eshop on the couple of occasions that I tried to and then I saw IGN put an article up and by that time it was already running fine for me. It's worth compensating new Wii U owners with something small if they couldn't play properly on Xmas day but Nintendo are the ones who missed out the most because they couldn't sell any games for 2 days! They should at least extend the launch price of SMB3

In other news, I managed to play 50+ games of tennis without a single laggy match. I think they've managed to make their matching system more ruthless with other players' latency so bad games just don't start rather than letting you play it out at one frame per second!



sonic_brawler95 said:

It didn't really affect me all that much, but I do feel bad for all those who got a new 3DS or Wii U bundle and were unable to download their games. Good to see its all starting to clear up, though!



GraveLordXD said:

Don't see what the big deal is, I had problems getting on steam the last couple of days probably for the same reasons



dumedum said:

2 days of access problems is not even a problem. Completely immaterial and unsubstantial event.



Haxonberik said:

I've only been affected by the Pokemon Bank delay since I had no other reason to enter the 3DS or Wii U eShop this last 2 days. I just hope they give us a new release date soon, I can't stand this TBA thing.



TruenoGT said:

Downloaded a handful of small things last night with no problems in NA. Anyway, sorry to people who've had troubles... However, if that's the only thing gone wrong over the holiday, you're doing OK.



Midayle said:

I am still trying to get A link between world as a digital download for my 3DSXL. When ever I try and redeem to code the eShop gives me the error code 011-6561. Nintendo website is unable to determine what that codes means and the email support is down. I might try and call or just pirate the game to get around Nintendo's customer service.



MasterGraveheart said:

They did all they could. Let's not hate on them like a lot of supposed fans are who are already threatening to jump ship.



dudedavel said:

It's disappointing. I understand that the servers are going to take a bashing around Christmas, but a supercompany like Nintendo should be able to handle it and limit the disruptions. Three days of on-off service isn't what I'd expect.

As for Pokemon Bank which I've been waiting for since it was announced, Nintendo needs to keep its customers better informed of its progress in bringing it back to the eShop. It's the only game I can remember which was delayed AFTER its original release date, and the updates need to be more substantial than a simple "thank you for your patience".



Sparx said:

To everyone saying it was dumb to release pokebank on Christmas day, maybe they wanted to have it be like a present to gamers since I think Japan has been getting into Christmas lately.the real mistake was underestimating the traffic



MysticX said:

@Sparx If it was supposed to be a present, it turned out to be a figurative lump of coal...

It would be nice to get some updates from Nintendo beyond the callcenter-style "Thanks for your patience, now please wait some more..." messages.



ULTRA-64 said:

@N64ever I think you missed my point, in the Christmas holidays people have a small window to enjoy their console, due to a fault, people were not able to share their family time with a Wii u, in some instances people could not download packed in games, all during the biggest family time of the world calendar. Patience may deliver , in time ,the same games, prices , and services but Xmas with Nintendo and the family 2013 was ruined irreplaceably. Not mine,clearly not yours but some.....



chess227 said:

You know.... I love nintendo as much as the next person, but I am not willing to give them a pass on this. For them to set such lofty sales goals and then not be prepared for the traffic is pathetic. Since most people are already critical of nintendo's online system being so lackluster, it is disappointing that they just proved it is less than stellar. Heck, half of my friends didnt even know nintendo had online capabilities for online multiplayer games when I got my wii.... Goes to show they have a long way to go on promoting the online functionality of their system. I don't care that I couldn't log into eshop for a few days but it is a HORRIBLE way to welcome new users who may or may not have been apprehensive to begin with.



robohobo93 said:

I couldn't get online to download New Leaf for a while. You know what I did? I played Donkey Kong. You might be thinking "Oh, easy for you to say, you already had a new game to play." But take this into consideration: one of my brother's had a busted 3DS; the shoulder buttons were crippled and the system would shut off if the hinge opened all the way. Yet, he had a brand new 3DS that he couldn't transfer to because of the outage. You know what he did? Something else! He played with his Legos, he watched YouTube vids, and if he really wanted to play a video game, he played on one of our DS Lites. Yes, he was a little annoyed, and got a little impatient, on Christmas day, but I didn't hear him going around saying "That's it! I'm done with Nintendo!" On the other hand, my other brother (older than the one I mentioned) sat around, repeatedly checking if he could download his games and must have used the phrase "stupid eShop people" about 76 times that day. Buuuut, he's usually an ungrateful little weasel about anything anyway, so that's nothing new. Hmm, see a connection?

My point is, even though people got new consoles, pre-existing owners (myself included) got eShop funds, and people have been dying to get their hands on the PokeBank... it's not the end of the world. How hard could it have been to do something else? I get that there are parents out there that aren't so tech savvy, and mistake internet trouble for a malfunction, but those of you who are mad at Nintendo (and especially those expecting something in return) need to grow up.

The Internet isn't perfect; it DOES NOT always operate flawlessly. And seeing that Nintendo usually has a handle on things (besides this measly 2 1/2 days), they need to be cut some slack.



sleepinglion said:

Yep, all seems well here in the Midwest.
I was able to nab Super Street Fighter IV 3D for 9.99 =) Not sure why Pilotwings Resort, another launch title, is still 39.99 (cough, Nintendo), but hey, a nice deal!
It's been interesting reading the reactions to this outage and thus far. I really liked what I've read about new console owners only having a limited window of time to enjoy their new console while on holiday break, vacation, etc. I have family visiting from Florida for a few days and was able to offer Wii Sports Club as a family gaming option because I had previously purchased passes. But new owners, not so lucky.
It's those new folks I hope Nintendo can smooth things over with in some way. Still, video games aren't everything and I'm sure folks found other ways to spend their time.



Clockwerk said:

I managed to download PxZ for $15 before all this happen and I'm not really affected or bothered. Though I do feel bad for new owners who couldn't get their games. This makes Nintendo look really bad and incompetent with online features. Sure other platforms have these issues but they at least somewhat prepare and get working on the issue at hand, not to say Nintendo didnt, but they still made a very poor decision being unprepared and then launching PokeBank at the same time. Nintendo needs to get their online services under control, what with Swapnote being taken down and now their server issues. This is totally off topic, but I am no longer a fan of Nintendo, the only reason I keep up on their news is because I still love my 3DS but only for the gems that are 3rd party games released for it.



Gioku said:

Well, now that all is well, I can finally spend my eShop cards, haha! ...gave me an awful time downloading Resident Evil Revelations yesterday, though; ened up taking six hours!



AdanVC said:

What!? Nintendo of Europe just tweeted that once again the 3DS eShop would go offline for around 12 hours today ! Looks like the Wii U eShop is totally restored everywhere wich is nice but still. I'm in Mexico anyway but I just hope NoA doesn't do the same for the 3DS eShop.



dumedum said:

Not everybody even celebrates Christmas. Christmas holiday is more than one day anyway and now there is always the weekend again and then new year eve and another weekend. Nobody suffered because they couldnt download a packed in game on Christmas day but the adjacent weekend instead. Totally pointless whining.



IceClimbers said:

@Gioku Were you on the "Download Now" option? I purchased Project X Zone yesterday right before the eShop was supposed to go down for maintenance, clicked "Download Now" and then realized that if I clicked "Download Later," it would download without being connected to the eShop.

Edit: Just realized that it most likely took you six hours to download Resident Evil Revelations because its almost 4 GB.



Gioku said:

@IceClimbers: Nope, it took 5-6 hours on "Download Later"... I'm pretty sure it would've gone much faster if the eShop had been online, though!



IceClimbers said:

I have to say, most people have overreacted, particularly Nintendo fans. I can understand parents being upset because their children got a new system and aren't able to download the game that came with the bundle.

That being said, Nintendo was absolutely stupid for trying to launch Pokemon Bank, an online cloud storage program, in Japan (where there are almost 4 million Pokemon X/Y owners) on Christmas Day. Also, I think that Nintendo should have had some of the games that came in the bundles preinstalled on the system rather than a download code for the game. I know Nintendo had included download codes in order to get people to go to the eShop to download their games and see some of the other games available on the eShop (especially with those major sales!), but I think plenty of people would have visited the eShop anyways.



123akis said:

hey NL i'm tired of seeing that image when theres news related to maintenance or server issues



IceClimbers said:

@Gioku Yeah its probably due to the size of the game. Resident Evil Revelations is almost 4 GB, which is larger than any other 3DS game I believe.



sinalefa said:

I agree that the middle ground is the best here. Hopefully this wakes them up to improve their online infrastructure. But on the other hand, this is not the end of the world.

I did not even intend to access the eShop after Christmas, as it was understandable that tons of people would be doing that. I got all games I wanted before the 24th.



Bender said:

@Ronoh you do realize this most likely also happened to PS4 and XB1, right? Even if it was for a short period of time. It's Christmas break, so many people who were at home those days were on the internet, which led to internet traffic being slow. This is the exact same thing that happened to the eShop. Way too many people trying to access it. I don't think Nintendo is at all in the wrong, this stuff just kinda happens..



ULTRA-64 said:

@dumedum I'm amazed by the ignorance of your comment, if you weren't a regular I'd think you were trolling!!! Just because you get time off school for Xmas , doesn't mean working people have a jolly for a whole week, do you really think nobody works weekends, goes out for ny, lives more than a few miles from family? Or even that Japan has weekends off like in the west!! All your comment says is that YOU don't care what happened.not cool!



sleepinglion said:

@mjhopkins81 Well said. While others see negativity and criticism I see a passionate fan base. To some of us, THIS is our sports. Our topic to talk about at length, argue with friends over and generally overemphasize. I see frustrated Nintendo fans at Nintendo fans who simply want to download digital copies of games that came with some of their systems at Christmas. Regardless, it's over. I'm sure Nintendo will learn a lot from this and we'll all benefit as a result.



PinkSpider said:

Hopefully the percentage of whiners that said they were taking there "kids" Xmas present back to the shop is quite low.



M0rdresh said:

Quite extraordinary choice to curfew a network service in such a way. But if Nintendo feels they can solve the problem this way, I guess that's just that. A bit of a mess to first have a headline everything is back to normal, to now again put the 9AM to 9PM restriction in place.



Jstar269 said:

The american page says all services are available, but the 3DS one will still close from time to time.



Bob-t-Gmaestro said:

I mostly got physical 3DS games this year, so this didn't effect me much. I got a physical copy Wind Waker HD and some new shiney Crystal Disney Infinity figures. I wanted to download NES Remix as soon as I could, but I focused on the other games I got.



Sparx said:

@IceClimbers I think it was download code since it's cheaper than physical and if pre-installed wouldn't it be deleted in a system transfer?

I just hope this gets Nintendo to give a lot more importance to what goes on with their online services



MysticX said:

@SeVok The boys at Nintendo (Hey, nice movie-title! ) probably need the downtime to frantically add servers to the whole Nintendo online system, let's hope the maintenance goes well and helps get "Pokémon bank" out soon, my Shaymin, and misdreavus and porygon and... (long list of pokémon names) cry for their place in my pokémon X cartridge! >_<



electrolite77 said:


People paid Nintendo money for one thing, games. Those same people could not access their games. They messed up, no debate. I guarantee no-one at Nintendo thinks this is an 'immaterial and unsubstantial event' and I really hope no-one at Nintendo thinks the compaints are 'pointless whining'.

Try and show some consideration for people with genuine complaints instead of blindly defending a consumer products company.



MAB said:

25th of December 2013 will be recognized as that day crappy Pokemon stole Xmas... Except for the MAB's Xmas because I could still download stuff and access Miiverse but I prefered drinking alcohol and feeding my face with family and friends anyway



dumedum said:

I don't see the complaints as legitimate sorry. If people take a couple days more to play a bundled game yes it's inconsequential yes it's just a small thing that shouldn't get anyone upset. You buy a console for a long time it's not a McDonald's hamburger it's a video game console. Regardless whether your family somehow works 364 days and this was the only opportunity to spend time together? Common... Also you don't really spend the time together on the 3ds do you. You just bought a 3ds by the time you tried the card games and explored it a bit you'll have the service back on..... No foul no harm seriously whats wrong with people people buy games and leave them wrapped forever creating a backlog suddenly it's omg 2 days late to play a Zelda... Ye right



Bender said:

@BlatantlyHeroic I think what he is trying to get at is that this was obviously something that Nintendo would attempt to fix immediately... Which it's been fixed (well, here in NA at least). Some people were acting as if it would never be fixed and that it was an omen that the online service would do this repeatedly when people tried to log in all at once again... This was nothing compared to the PSN outage that lasted weeks, and people's information was possibly stolen too. So I feel that while yes, these last few days of eShoplessness was lame, Nintendo fixed it pretty quickly. So I congratulate them on being prompt.



Hyperstar96 said:

@Tobias95 No, it really wasn't. Every other service was down for a day at the most, while it took Nintendo three or four days to get back up. Maybe if they knew the Internet was more than just a fad, this wouldn't have happened.



JaxonH said:


I agree about the griping over minor things, but don't judge everyone for the actions of some. This is actually a great site and has some really great members. Sure, we've got some serial-complainers here, as do all sites, but for the most part members are rational gamers



Webby-sama said:

It's all Nintendo's fault for not being a perfect, flawless entity, like all of the people who buy their products are.




JaxonH said:

My goodness people, what's the deal? So they're having technical difficulty, IT HAPPENS. LIFE GOES ON.

People act like the world is a perfect place, and nothing ever goes wrong. The minute one little thing goes awry people wanna burn Nintendo at the stake, screaming "It's their fault!" Good grief, ever heard the saying **** happens? You'd think Nintendo was the devil incarnate himself judging by some of these comments



MAB said:

The reality is people should be blaming Pokebank for being a pointless extra piece of junk thrown to the lamoids for a quick cash grab... I can't wait for the inevitable news article and comments about the servers exploding and everyones stored Pokemon is targeted for termination



Windy said:

I don't think anyone overreacted. First off millions of dollars were paid by consumers to Nintendo in Eshop Cards and hardware. There is no good excuse to even excuse how fouled up things have become in the Eshop. There are more people using IPads and you don't see apples online shop crashing out the way the Eshop crashed. Now I do remember the IPhone update servers crashing out the first year the IPhone came out. But seriously people paid millions of dollars to them there is absolutely no excuse for this. Just because it might have happened with another service it should never happen with the amount of money they made during the holidays. Ridiculous to let them off with a "why is everyone overreacting?". With that said. I'm sure Nintendo is going to fix this and prepare for it so it doesn't happen again. I love the Eshop service and will be back so hang in there guys it really is getting good.



Emblem said:

@JaxonH I agree and didn't mean to offend anyone, i did say vocal majority to imply i wasn't tarring everyone with the same brush.

Some people have legitimate concerns like the people who have d/l cards of games they couldn't redeem but others were just whining for the sake of whining or making snide comments as usual.



unrandomsam said:

@Emblem If the calculations that are normally done when there are things like strikes or the US govenment shutdown how much time (Which is one of the few things that you cannot buy more of) and money was wasted (At peoples standard wages). I would suspect a lot. Its not acceptable (I would more than likely be fired for a similar situation especially when it was obvious thing to not mess with things at this time).



Cengoku said:

Yes finally, I've just downloaded Kid Icarus (on my jap 3ds). Gift from Nintendo (2 + 1 free)



WaxxyOne said:

The exact same issue occurred last year when people opened their Wii U on Christmas morning only to find out they had to wait for a 2+ GB system update to download before they could use their new system. There's a simple lesson to be learned here:

If you're a parent buying a Wii U (or any modern console for that matter) and planning to give it to your family on Christmas day, open that sucker up BEFORE XMas day arrives, get it online and patched up, and download the software and updates you're wanting to have when the kids open their shiny new gift on Christmas day. It doesn't matter what the service is, millions of people slamming it on the same morning is going to cause problems every time. Do the smart thing and plan ahead, people!



dumedum said:

@WaxxyOne Or.. don't. Because if your kid doesn't get to play it on Christmas but two days later nothing happened, and he would learn that life is not always perfect and he won't grow up as a spoiled brat.



Flowerlark said:

I'm a bit dissappointed that Pokemon Bank is delayed, but it is far far from the end of the world. There are bigger problems out there than playing with treeko in Kalos. So I will just exercise patience and wait for it to come out.



64supermario said:

Funny this happened as soon as my friend wanted to buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and now its back after he leaves to his house that has no internet xD



LoveSugoi said:

Ah just noticed the shop was offline again and came over to here to check the situation.

If they're still trying to fix the servers then i'd rather they do this allowance system then have it be a random gamble checking the shop all throughout the day to hopefully get in or a complete shut down. I've been agonizing over purchasing the same games for three days straight, another 6 hours ain't gonna make much a difference.



remlapgamer said:

Huge hardware sales number will justify the down times-unless it was mostly the update instead .



paburrows said:

@WaxxyOne Yeah that's exactly what I did, I heard advice about that so a few weeks before I did the update and then packaged it back up and no one was the wiser, the only thing that I wasn't able to do was the system transfer since the missing downloaded games would have tipped them off. I'm also really glad that the Mario bundle that we got had a physical game included instead of a code. I remember 3 years ago when we got the Wii that the eshop was slammed for a few days also so this didn't supprise me.



banacheck said:

PSN being hacked towards just going down is two different things, and when the PSN has gone down your not waiting for days just hours a big difference.



HMNIM said:

@banacheck PSN has been out longer then the nintendo zone system. give the new system a break! its the first time anything like this has occured for nintendo. it hasnt been out for ages.



ULTRA-64 said:

@dumedum I take it you didn't get what wanted for Christmas, your attitude has all the hallmarks of someone who's a bit bitter about others being happy at this special time of year when you couldn't be. Be happy for those that had a god one but let's not forget, tears were shed on Xmas morning and some people were upset for a reason not their fault. Maybe it wouldn't effect you, but others like you , and just a shred of consideration would be nice.



Legromancer said:

Nintendo just lost so many NEW customers for the eshop by this. People whose first impression / and second and third) is that the eshop just doesn't work withaout any explanation in the actual shop won't even bother trying it in the future. It is as simple as that.
We informed people read this blogs and websites, normal people and kids don't and have no idea what is going on. For them the eshop will be non-existant from here on.



Mellor2000 said:

I am outraged. Because of the network being down I was forced to spend Xmas talking to my family and being sociable rather than locking myself in my room playing games. You have a lot to answer for Nintendo. This is the worst thing that's ever happened... Ever!



Infinete said:

With everyone whining, maybe Ninty should just start charging for the use of their servers (eshop, Miiverse, Friend code exchange and what not...) and get better ones? Rather than letting people use them for free, Microsoft has been doing this for years and now Sony has jumped on the band wagon.



Legromancer said:

yeah ,aeah funny lol. But really: six month from now reports will rise that show that indies are no more likely to support Nintendo as they are now because of this and surveys will show that from new customers Nintendo got this Christmas only a small percentage actually use the eshop. And you know why: It just didn't work without an explanation for them. They only got this lame ,,An error occured. Please try again later''-massage. And besides of Sony, Steam or whoever also had this difficulties the situation stay the same for...weeks? Really guys, long enough for many new customers to juset don't care anymore.

@ Infinete:
yes they should. This way we would get online modes in all 3rd party games. Because the publisher won't have to pay for the servers, Nintendo would. This is a big reason many 3rd. parties are abandonning the Wii U: horrible online infrastructure THEY have to pay for.



M0rdresh said:

@Infinete I have no problem paying for online services, provided that Nintendo returns to present day from wherever they are stuck and make purchases on the 3DS account based and not device based.



dumedum said:

@ULTRA-64 I don't celebrate it myself actually and im 33 years old. Tears should not be spent on trivial things in life unless you really received very bad education growing up. Patience is an important virtue and so is knowing what's important in life and being able to reach rational thoughts.



Windy said:

@dumedum That's not Nice what you said about that guys kid. Even mentioning something like that about someone elses kid puts bad luck back on you. That's not your kid and you have no clue how he is being raised.

Back on Topic- Guys its plain and simple. When Nintendo sells Eshop cards especially in the Millions of dollars range. They are Obligated at that point to make sure that the people who bought them can get into the Eshop and download what they paid for. Nintendo will even tell you that. Nintendo will even tell you that what happened is not Excusable. They will will fix it. It's a bummer it happened on Christmas and some people couldn't Enjoy their Brand new shiny's Hang in there guys cause this is going to be a nice ride. Don't take those systems back just yet. I would be interested to know how much Nintendo did sell in Eshop cards. It's probably in the Hundreds of Millions range. Untitled



Obito_Sigma said:

Great, I was finally able to download Mario Party: Island Tour at last. Now I all need for the Eshop is Pokebank and then I'm done with the Eshop until SMB3 arrives.



dumedum said:

@Windy I didn't say anything about anyone's kid I have no idea what you're talking about. Seems like a reading comprehension problem if you're referring to the theoretical discussion of not needing to set up the console in advance of Christmas. Work on that...thats serious reading problem.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@dumedum If you could see how your brain works through my eyes, you would probably commit suicide due to how inferior you are to those of us with a higher understanding of life. Smell ya later!



electrolite77 said:


Spot on. Of course Nintendo know what happened isn't good enough and will look to prevent it happening again.

Some people external to the company refuse to accept any criticism of them whatsoever (same with Sony,MS,Apple etc.), but Nintendo as a rational company that exists solely to sell products for profit will be worried at the potential loss of customers. I don't expect the same thing to happen again.



Webby-sama said:

I feel good for the people who were able to treat the issues this week as if they were on par with a natural disaster destroying their home. Must mean things are going pretty well for them otherwise if the biggest problem in their lives is "I can't download video games."



GraveLordXD said:

@dumedum your opinion that someone else's kids are spoiled brats because they complain about not being able to play with their Christmas gifts Christmas day is a little absurd like someone else was saying you could open and download everything prior that way they would be ready to go has nothing to do with spoiled brats more than you being a lazy parent if you do have kids if not maybe you shouldn't



dumedum said:

@LDXD it's my opinion, learn to deal with it. Anyone can choose how to raise up their kids, and you will learn in life to hear different opinions and deal with them. Also you will learn that it doesn't make a parent lazy if he didn't open a console beforehanded and downloaded stupid updates. The parent's job is to nurture the child, bring food to the table, and if he brought a gift, then it's great to have the kid wait a couple of days and not feel entitled if the internet is suddenly down which is no tragedy. See it's that kind of attitude that the parent is "lazy" for not doing it which a spoiled child will say.



dumedum said:

Of course too many kids have been spoiled and they want instant gratification, you are right. Thanks for proving my point.



GraveLordXD said:

@dumedum how is a child spoiled for wanting to play with his/her gifts and not have to wait till days later? All you would have to do as a parent is take care of the situation before hand if you choose not to you either didn't think about it or just plain lazy has nothing to do with being a spoiled brat some people like to see joy in their kids eyes maybe they didn't have those same things growing up
But its cool just keep telling your children wait on it with nothing under the tree sounds like a nice holiday you have maybe you can wrap up a bunch of empty boxes and when they open them up to find nothing inside just tell them you don't always get what you want in life deal with it!



dumedum said:

I hope my kid doesn't grow up like that to think that everything is always perfect and ready for him on a silver platter. Indeed. It's something called character and it prepares them for the real world - life is not always fair. You're not buying a toy for a baby. It's a kid and children growing up need to learn respect and responsibilities. That's how it goes in life.



GraveLordXD said:

@dumedum I think you're forgetting what Christmas spirit is all about has nothing to do with learning responsibilities you're just being the grench
Why stop there why not light the presents on fire tell them nothing last forever, that'll teach em



randomlypikachu said:

@windy this topic may die but it will forever live in my heart as the topic that caused an argument that kept me entertained for a good while when I had nothing better to distract me while waiting for a new bank release date. <3 you will be missed beloved topic, I shall not forget ye.

in all seriousness though, I might as well bring up some thoughts I have.

@dumedum a kids gona turn out to be spoiled just because he/she gets to play with his/her new toy the day its received. im not saying a parent has to update their kids new system before they wrap it up, but im just saying if they do then that's just nice and the kid probably isn't gona grow up to be a spoiled awful human being. children have a long time to grow and build character and that Christmas where they get to play their new system while others are waiting to play theirs isn't gona ruin the kids. also I hope im not crossing a line here but you kinda come off as rude in some of these posts ... maybe work on not coming off like that?
@LDXD I can see why your getting so worked up but ... your kinda blowing his words and attitude out of proportion. also its a little unfair to say that a parent is lazy just because they didn't update their kids gift ahead of time. even if they are aware that it will need to be updated they shouldn't have to update it ahead of time (again though if they do then that's just nice). the kids should be able to get their system updated when they receive it. Nintendo clearly wasn't well prepared for everything though so the fault lies with Nintendo not with parents who didn't update the system ahead of time.



GraveLordXD said:

@randomusername its simply the way it is with Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft ect. Just as I said previously I had a very difficult time getting on steam around the same time due to high traffic and was almost unable to get the deals I wanted did I throw a temper tantrum no I'm a grown man
Knowing what I know about this type of thing I would have simply had my kids Wii u up to date beforehand, is that unreasonable? Its pretty simple and its not spoiling your kids having a Christmas gift ready to be played with the same day as they open it
What's ridiculous is telling your children " you opened your gifts you got what you wanted what more do you want play with it!" While they are watching the neighbors kid ride up and down the street on their new bike or hearing how good Mario is from a cousin all because mom and dad are to lazy to update before hand, not knowing better is one thing but just saying oh well kid that's life get use to it! Is just foolish



randomlypikachu said:

@LDXD i see your point and that's not unreasonable at all. still I don't think its fair to call them lazy for not doing something that they should've been able to do the day their kids opened the box in like 20 minutes to an hour of waiting. after all, how were they to know that Nintendo network was gona mess up this badly the day their kids opened their gift? your right this type of thing shouldn't be going on, so a parent shouldn't even have to expect that theyd need to update it ahead of time just to avoid a situation that shouldn't be happening. again, if the parents did update ahead of time that's nice, and really awesome for the kids, but they shouldn't have to be expected to do it.



element187 said:

@ACK but gamers just shrug their shoulders and make excuses for that company dropping the ball and losing credit card data, while when Nintendo's outage is a LOT less egregious its "OH MY GOD NINTENDO IS THE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD, I'M NEVER BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN".... Microsoft sold falty hardware to millions and as they were blowing up outside of warranty gamers just shrugged and bought another 360 console.... You know darn well if a Nintendo console was faulty on a scale that massive people would be going apopaclyptic on Nintendo.



eichs22 said:

Never had a problem. Got on Christmas day, the day after, and the day after. I repeat, Never had a problem.



Windy said:

@element187 That's a great point. Microsoft got away with Fraud with more than a million faulty systems. I wonder how much the Judge was paid off in the Lawsuit. LOL They should have had to replace those faulty systems with new ones. Instead all they had to do was refurb them. Terrible! Even after Refurbs the Red Ring of Death still happened again.I heard alot of people sending their systems back 5 times or more to be refurbed. I Say FRAUD! That my Friends is bad Business. Thanks for the great point Element



biomadd said:

I heard steam gave away a couple games for free during their blackout. Trololo.

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