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Thu 16th June, 2011

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GreenX1 commented on Play: Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life:

Anyone wanna try this with Gold Parts? I think I'll start with my "best" parts while using my Mii, and if it turns out to be easy for me, then I'll continue with the Gold Tires and Gold Glider.



GreenX1 commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two...:

Warren Spector is, and was an overrated hack even since Deus Ex. I agree with Tom Chick with this one, though I don't just see crates. I see a game ruined by Ion Storm's lack of team morale and Spector's bloated pride in himself for being in the same building as John Romero. I don't think he's learned much from those days, hence producing inferior Mickey games.

However, because Warren Spector has almost nothing to do with the 3DS game, I thought the demo for that was fine.



GreenX1 commented on Review: Pokémon Dream Radar (3DS eShop):

Really!? I was able to find clouds in a pitch-black room! Before every cloud-capturing session, the game shows a map of approximate locations of the clouds. What I do is that I hold the 3DS up (elbows on the seat handles), and when the crosshair shows, I move the 3DS a certain number of degrees depending on where the map shows the + signs representing clouds.

I hope this helps.



GreenX1 commented on Review: Lock 'N Chase (3DS Virtual Console / G...:

Oh, fudge! While I was learning the basics of video game development in college, I unwittingly tried to make a Pac-Man clone that has to do with cops and robbers before even knowing about Lock 'N' Chase! Looking at this game makes me ashamed to admit that my game sucks compared to Lock 'N' Chase. Mine's buggy and virtually unplayable, while this game is actually fun. Data East, I salute you. Nintendo, thanks for humbling me.