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Thu 2nd February, 2012

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RQuinain commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

Lol just after I spent my coins on rewards I didn't want that much, but I just felt like I needed to spend my coins... I hope the end-of-program rewards they're releasing won't be TOO bomb, otherwise I'll feel bad about wasting my coins pre-emptively :(

Sure hope I can get elite status before March 31st. I have 285 coins to go.



RQuinain commented on Gallery: Feast Your Eyes on the Super Mario an...:

So just wondering, are the Super Mario Amiibos going to be the same size as the Smash Bros one? By same size, I mean the bases; are they the same size as the SSB ones. I imagine they would be, I just wanted to make sure, because if I collect any Amiibos outside of the Smash Bros ones I'd want consistency in size at least haha



RQuinain commented on Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus Controllers Ju...:

I might want to get both since I have two regular Wiimotes with Motion Plus attachments! The only thing is the attachments are bootleg so don't work that well sometimes...

So conflicted though, because one of them is the Tron wiimote and I never want to stop using that! Lol



RQuinain commented on Bertil Hörberg Shows Gunman Clive Running on ...:

I'd so buy this game on Wii U for $5 if he can add a slew of extra content on it. Weapons and levels particularly.The 3DS version was much more gameplay than I expected for a $2 game, so imagine how much we'd get for $5!



RQuinain commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Aut...:

It's between Watch Dogs and Wind Waker for me. Watch Dogs because I'm just completely excited to play it no matter what. Wind Waker because it's something I've wanted to play for a very long time, and despite owning a Wii, I never got around to getting a memory card and a copy of Wind Waker itself, and thus I never played it. It's between experiencing something completely new and exciting, or finally being able to experience an unplayed gem in a familiar franchise...



RQuinain commented on More Than 1500 Cheaters Took Part in Pokémon'...:

I wonder how they discovered whether people cheated or not. I thought there were ways to make your Pokemon look completely legit even if you created it, but I guess there's still something that tells whether or not it's hacked?



RQuinain commented on Global Link For Pokémon Black And White Title...:

I got bored of the Dream World after a few months using it with BW1, but what about those people that spent time on their dream houses? Do they just go poof? And the Pokedex, C-Gear, Musical skins... I'm assuming that once it goes offline, you're stuck with whatever you have on your game?



RQuinain commented on First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: The Wi...:

I'm excited for this too. I always made plans to buy the GCN version for my Wii, but they just fell through because I became pre-occupied with Wii games, handheld games, and school, of course. But this gives me an excuse to finally play Wind Waker!



RQuinain commented on Out Now: Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

I downloaded it at midnight EST! I say EST because I'm in the Central time zone, but it was available at 11PM CST. I love it, but since I was stuck at work until 3AM, there wasn't much to do in the game because it was so darn late! I woke up at around 11AM this morning and started playing and actually doing stuff though, so that was fun. :) Trying to pay off my house now!



RQuinain commented on Club Nintendo's June Rewards Bring Out More Re...:

I'll pass. Not really into VC games, and there's no room for anymore DSiWare games on my 3DS. I wish they would offer more 3DS Ware through Club Nintendo, especially because the capacity for DSiWare on the 3DS is so low, and the process of transferring between system memory and SD card is just a chore.



RQuinain commented on Wii U Kiosks Will Allow Gamers To Try Before T...:

Saw one at my local Target. The controller is fantastic. In person, it looks and feels great. I just don't understand why some of them don't let us play games. The Wii U at my Target only allowed video watching, which just seems kind of pointless.



RQuinain commented on Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL:

Would have bought it in a heartbeat if I didn't already have a 3DS. But yeah, size changes aren't enough of an upgrade to warrant buying new systems for me.