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Thu 11th Apr 2013

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Clockwerk commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (North America):

These sales are so pathetic Some of these games are already years old and their retail prices have not gone down at all and this sale isn't even tempting at all. Its great that there are even sales, but come on Nintendo, this is just really sad.



Clockwerk commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Third...:

I really dont like reading reviews or seeing "top _" lists on this website simply because its all biased towards Nintendo. If I had to make my top wiiu list, it would be
1. Bayonetta 1&2
2. Hyrule Warriors
3. Wind Waker HD
4. MH3U
5. Smash



Clockwerk commented on Rumour: Data Miners Reveal That The Legend of ...:

If its DLC that's already in the game, its stupid to have to ask for money for selling an incomplete game. Even if its going to be free, and its in the game already, its unfair to have to wait to play something you pay for



Clockwerk commented on Weirdness: First Zelda, Now Mario And Luigi Ma...:

This hardly looks like anything and the sword didn't resemble the Master Sword at all. This is getting ridiculous. I hate to be playing devil's advocate, but it seems like this is just some ploy to get N fanboys worked up against Sony's latest hit game.



Clockwerk commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd January (North America):

@Warruz I dont think it will ever even happen, Nintendo likes being ridiculous and never putting up their first party, retail titles on sale on any occasion. And knowing that really old first party DS games haven't received a retail price drop, I dont think first party retail titles (physical or digital) will go on sale anytime soon.



Clockwerk commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Animal Crossing New Leaf here and there, and after months and months, I'm finally gonna resume Ni No Kuni and work on finishing the game while trying to get 100% and all trophies, and finally start my birthday present which was the limited edition of Shin Megami Tensei IV



Clockwerk commented on Nintendo Open To Applying Zelda: Link Between ...:

I wouldn't really mind, it just seems incredibly lazy, and I actually found LBW to be such a disappointment. I get that they were going for nostalgic feeling, but there's really no point when the original is so easily and readily available for virtually anyone



Clockwerk commented on Nintendo Left Online Out Of Super Mario 3D Wor...:

This is total bs, once I graduated most of my friends and I went our own ways and so local co op with friends or even family is possible on a few occasions. I know not having online is not the end of the world, but the reason they gave us is complete garbage. This is as big as big as a disappointment as Starfox 64 3D's multiplayer. Why have the face cam for someone who's literally in the same room as you when I could just as easily look up at them? SMH Nintendo



Clockwerk commented on Talking Point: New Year Resolutions for Nintendo:

A good resolution would be if they treated their YouTube fans better and not keep trying to give strikes to free advertisement, also make a proper network system and stop trying to be everyone's parent taking any source of online communication everytime someone doesn't behave



Clockwerk commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

I managed to download PxZ for $15 before all this happen and I'm not really affected or bothered. Though I do feel bad for new owners who couldn't get their games. This makes Nintendo look really bad and incompetent with online features. Sure other platforms have these issues but they at least somewhat prepare and get working on the issue at hand, not to say Nintendo didnt, but they still made a very poor decision being unprepared and then launching PokeBank at the same time. Nintendo needs to get their online services under control, what with Swapnote being taken down and now their server issues. This is totally off topic, but I am no longer a fan of Nintendo, the only reason I keep up on their news is because I still love my 3DS but only for the gems that are 3rd party games released for it.



Clockwerk commented on There Sure Are A Lot Of Nintendo References In...:

You guys have to realize this is an Indie title and Sony recently decided to provide support for Indie developers. So unless Nintendo were to do the same, we could see it on a Nintendo Console, but it's highly unlikely