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Fri 27th December, 2013

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AmyGrrl commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

I'm really annoyed with Nintendo right now. I really think they are trying to make too many figures at once. They really need to stop and give people time to get the figures they want. It feels like a slap in the face the way they have gone with the amiibo. Nintendo has been struggling over the last year. I know I'm just one person. But I've been doing my best to show support for Nintendo. Have spent almost $1000 on Wii U software (Not counting what I spent on 3DS software) and earn $95 from the Digital Deluxe Promotion. Its very obvious people want the amiibo's and Nintendo seems to have stopped production on some models and it hasn't even been a month yet. Its really ridiculous. I think they should at least provide access to an amiibo for a few months before being discontinued and starting a new wave. As much as I love Nintendo. The amiibo launch could have been so much better than it is. Instead Nintendo fans are getting pissed off. I almost feel like selling the 10 amiibo's I already own and not giving a crap about them any more. If Nintendo doesn't want or need my money. Then so be it.



AmyGrrl commented on December's Club Nintendo Rewards Aim to Bring ...:

I think its time for Nintendo to shut down Club Nintendo since they don't want to offer physical rewards any more and the selection of virtual console games are always the same and often repeated. I would rather see Nintendo continue with the Digital Deluxe Promotion. I've earned $95 from the DDP so far and I can use it to buy newer games.



AmyGrrl commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I'm really disappointed in how hard it is to find some amiibo's. I understand they want to want to have some be more rare than others. But only having them available for a few weeks is a bit ridiculous. It feels like only those that were able to pre-order them will get them. Nintendo should at least make the more rare models available for a few months to give some people a chance to get them.



AmyGrrl commented on The November Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Up ...:

I'm really disappointed in what's being offered. Why are they still offering Wii games? Why do we have repeats? Why are the better more popular games never offered? I would really like to know how they pick the games each month. If they insist on offering Wii content they should have 4 Wii, 4 Wii U, 4 3DS. I know you can play Wii games on the Wii U, but I have no interest Wii crap.



AmyGrrl commented on Review: Ultimate NES Remix (3DS):

I've been wanting to pick up both games on the Wii U. However I still think they are overpriced to begin with. Retail releases seem like even more of a rip off. I refuse to pay the current price. So I've been waiting for them to go on sale. I think they may have been on sale already. But I missed it.



AmyGrrl commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

Bought this game from the eShop and got $10 from the Digital Deluxe Promotion. Used that to buy Castlevania - Aria Of Sorrow. Have all 3 GBA Castlevania games now. Really going to miss the Digital Deluxe Promotion. Earned $75 so far.



AmyGrrl commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

Wow! The eShop Servers are slow. Wonder what's going on. Maybe too many people trying to get the Hyrule Warriors DLC perhaps? I managed to buy Castlevania and its taking a really long time to download 85MB. Can't even get the eShop to load so I can queue up the Hyrule Warriors DLC.



AmyGrrl commented on Tetris Ultimate Dated for 3DS, Will Cost Less ...:

Been ages since I played Tetris. I loved Tetris/Tetris DX for the Gameboy/Gameboy Colour. I still think those are the best versions of Tetris ever made. Never liked the console versions of Tetris. Also didn't like the newer versions of Tetris that has been relased over the years so I hope they release a demo so I can try it first.



AmyGrrl commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

All I want is for Capcom to make HD versions of Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 and then finally make Mega Man Legends 3. If the don't want to put the money up for it. Then they should start a kickstarter campaign to see what kind of demand they get.



AmyGrrl commented on Nintendo Confirms Final Week Details For Its S...:

Awesome! I bought Hyrule Warriors and the DLC for it today. So that gave me $10 form the Deluxe Digital Promotion that I put towards Donkey Kong Country - Tropical Freeze. Love that I saved even more. Why does DKC have to be 11GB. That's a damn big game.



AmyGrrl commented on E3 2014: Wii U Legend Of Zelda Revealed, Confi...:

I have to say. I really wish Nintendo would stop using cel shading for zelda games. I want a more realistic looking zelda like twilight princess was. I'm still gong to play this game. I'm sure it will look great and I will have fun playing the game. I've just never been a fan of the cel shading/cartoon look.



AmyGrrl commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

Nintendo kind of ruined my holiday plans. I had 4 days off work for Christmas. So I stayed at my brothers for a few day and brought over my Wii U. Because of the network problems we couldn't download any of the digital games. So I had no games to play while I was at my brothers. I really wasn't happy about having my gaming plans ruined. I also think Nintendo was a bit stupid to start a new service on Christmas day. They should have started the new service a week before or after Christmas. They should offer better discounts/sales for all the trouble.