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Fri 27th December, 2013

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AmyGrrl commented on E3 2014: Wii U Legend Of Zelda Revealed, Confi...:

I have to say. I really wish Nintendo would stop using cel shading for zelda games. I want a more realistic looking zelda like twilight princess was. I'm still gong to play this game. I'm sure it will look great and I will have fun playing the game. I've just never been a fan of the cel shading/cartoon look.



AmyGrrl commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

Nintendo kind of ruined my holiday plans. I had 4 days off work for Christmas. So I stayed at my brothers for a few day and brought over my Wii U. Because of the network problems we couldn't download any of the digital games. So I had no games to play while I was at my brothers. I really wasn't happy about having my gaming plans ruined. I also think Nintendo was a bit stupid to start a new service on Christmas day. They should have started the new service a week before or after Christmas. They should offer better discounts/sales for all the trouble.