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EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U

Posted by Liam Doolan

No mention of 3DS or Wii, either

If relationship troubles between Nintendo and EA weren’t already dire enough, the circus continues with a recent survey from EA Germany, failing to make mention of Nintendo’s latest home console, the Wii U.

In the survey, the Wii U is not mentioned in any of the questions about current or next generation platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC). Also missing in action is the 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita, but given the publisher’s recent history with handheld gaming this comes as little surprise. The Wii is also not mentioned. Nintendo’s announcement of its discontinuation of the system may have encouraged this.

This survey follows EA’s decision to unofficially abandon Nintendo’s current generation home console, perhaps unsurprising when you consider its own most recent financial figures revealing just 1.3 percent of software revenue in the last quarter came from combined sales on Wii and Wii U, compared to a massive 54 percent from Xbox 360, and 42 percent of sales for PS3.

These developments first began during the Wii U launch period, with poor sales for the EA titles Mass Effect 3, FIFA 13, and the belated Need for Speed: Most Wanted; Nintendo gamers could argue that, for various reasons, these releases were undermined by their form or release date. The icing on the cake was the announcement of a port of FIFA 13 rebranded as FIFA 14 Legacy Edition for Wii and 3DS (continuing a trend from the Wii iterations in previous years), and this followed with the announcement that the latest entry in the series FIFA 14 would not be coming to the Wii U at all.

It’s been a bumpy twelve months for both publishers, and although EA hasn’t ruled out the Wii U – or any other Nintendo systems entirely — its inability to include or even make mention Nintendo’s existence on a form such as this are a possible indication of just how torn the relationship between the two industry giants is.

How do you feel about EA’s current attitude towards Nintendo systems — in particular its lack of support for the Wii U? Do EA’s actions make sense when taking into consideration financial figures, or do you think the company is not trying hard enough, as indicated by this survey? Also let us know if you think the squabbles between Nintendo and EA will be resolved anytime soon.


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Diz93 said:

I'd really like to hear what Nintendo has to say and their thoughts on why EA stopped development for Wii U, even when they basically shared the stage at the reveal at E3



taffy said:

There's a typo, you said that EA released FIFA 13 on the Wii U when it was actually FIFA 12, problem is no-one told EA of the mistake either. I'm no EA hater, have Need for speed on the U and will get Mass Effect 3 later now that it's at a decent price but EA can't act the victim in all this either. I really want EA back on the U only cause they have the license for Star Wars now



jrob23 said:

I can't think of one thing EA makes that I care about. I used to play NHL and Madden..way back in the day but they are just such lazy rehashes now so I don't bother. Mass Effect isn't my thing. I haven't played NFS so have very little feelings about that. I hear people always talking about the Star Wars games but to that I remind them...this is EA we are talking about. What makes you on one hand denounce their games, and weak donkey ports...and on the other...think a port of a Star Wars game to the Wii U would be any good? Really? That's why there are different consoles. Just get one of the others or play on PC.



MAB said:

EA should try developing a Nintendo style game... Battlefield X Duck Hunt




SneakyStyle said:

EA games needs to stop copy pasting so much game code then changing rosters and trying to tell us they made something new... So fail. I havn't seen anything original from these guys in almost a decade.



SanderEvers said:

Good EA.

WE here at Nintendolife should do the same. Stop mentioning EA. They don't care about Nintendo, why should we care about them?



AdanVC said:

EA continues doing an excellent job... on being the worst videogame company ever! Keep it up, EA, keep being arrogant and disrespectful to your costumers by bringing games unpolished and with tons of bugs and copy/pasting sports games.



SpookyMeths said:

EA needs to release Dragon Age: Inquisition so that I can stop caring about them forever.



PinkSpider said:

NFS Most Wanted was excellent and not just a copy and paste job. A lot of work went into that game, the only problem was it came out a year to late. But it didn't stop me buying it. It's a shame coz NFS Rivals would have been excellent on Wii U.



electrolite77 said:

Bit of a shame, in among the recycling they do produce some good games. A Wii U specific Tiger or FIFA could be great. But onwards and upwards.



DarkCoolEdge said:

"WiiU has our full support, that's why we're going to release and old FIFA labeled as it was the new one, a port of a game that already sold millions on other pkatforms and some other games, not many, following this patern. If they don't sell well we will abandon Nintendo because it is their fault that our games don't sell well."



datamonkey said:

EA are so classy!

I wouldn't be surprised if the intentionally left Nintendo's consoles off on purpose just to be spiteful...



marck13 said:

I WOULD care about EA if they would care more about their games.
Just buying the licenses and then delivering (or for all the Nintendo console owners: not even delivering) mediocre washed-up games is just bad for everyone.
Ps: I would buy their NHL and SimCity games, were they available. And I am thinking of getting Mass Effect 3.



Mooj738 said:

Well well well, EA news again. Its a shame really as I'm in the U.K and love Fifa, shame they screwed us so much I won't buy it again!

BTW Mass Effect is great on the Wii U only issue is that everyone already had it, need for speed great on Wii U but again everyone already bought it! I bought Fifa but wow that was a pile of ****** it was Fifa 12 with some Wii U support which was ok I did like a few points but it doesn't change the fact I played the game a year and a half before!

I think Nintendo fans just need to forget EA if they come back thats fine people will buy if the game is released at the same time as others!



eza said:

maybe they're leading up to a press release stating that: "In a recent survey, no one of the people polled owned a Nintendo console. Consequently, from now on, EA won't even bother rebadging old games as new."

what an unprecedented level of collaboration!



edhe said:

nintendolife wrote:

...unsurprising when you consider its own most recent financial figures revealing just 1.3 percent of software revenue in the last quarter came from combined sales on Wii and Wii U, compared to a massive 54 percent from Xbox 360, and 42 percent of sales for PS3.

When will people stop using this as a legitimate excuse. EA didn't sell any games on the WiiU in the last quarter because they didn't release any games.



PorllM said:

It's as simple as this. EA released a few games for Wii U to test the waters. Mass Effect 3 was late, lacking dlc, buggy and they didn't release 1&2. Fifa 13 was also late and was actually Fifa 12, and still missing features even by that standard. Need for Speed was great but ridiculously overpriced and not available in ANY retailers that I've seen. It was also late and lacking dlc. They then decided that the Wii U is not worth supporting due to their inability to sell these games.

On top of this EA has been voted the worst company in America 2 years in a row due to a ton of bugs, broken releases and complete rip offs over the last few years. Despite Battlefield being a pretty great game, in my opinion they haven't released an excellent must have since the first Dead Space.

This is no loss whatsoever for Nintendo gamers. Nintendo and a small amount of dedicated developers such as Shin'en are showing us what the Wii U can do and making incredible games that actually run like a dream. When/if the Wii U starts selling EA will be back, but I still won't buy any of their games so I couldn't care less. If they decide to test the waters and see how well they can sell on the console by actually releasing well tested games that are on par with what the Wii U is actually capable of, I might consider it. But they aren't going to do that so screw them!



PorllM said:

@edhe You're exactly right. The ones they released at launch are not visible in any game stores and are horrendously overpriced on the eShop. (I'm talking about NFS with the eShop, I don't even think the other two are on there!)

1% of their games were sold on Wii U because that's the percentage of Wii U games they shipped.



hendie001 said:

The nhl games were always a fav of mine when I was a kid but im not big on the new controls. NFS most wanted was very good on wii u but nobody bought it. I think ea has taken its fans for granted for too many years and its starting too catch up with them. I don t think im going too miss EA on my Wii U.



Macarony64 said:

It was a miracle that EA even had 1.3% of sales from both wii and wiiu since they have released 0.0% of their games on wiiu. Also this makes it official that something grave is happening behind closed doors in EA headquarters especially since this survey will give them incomplete data and will cost them millions because of it lol so nit everything is bad news.



Macarony64 said:

@jrob23 publishers should fallow us not we fallowing them. That's why third party's don't take us serius. Cut the game in half and tell em about it they buy it regardless -EA.



Macarony64 said:

@AdanVC Don't worry this survey will cost them millions lol. Incomplete surveys are the nightmare of adds company's and enterprises.



MrGawain said:

I wonder if EA doesn't like Nintendo because they can't use flashy graphics to hide the underlying issues of their recycled games. At this point in time I think Nintendolife should ignore EA. Warner, Activision and Ubisoft may be giving us a watered down product, but at least they're giving us something.



siavm said:

We need to stop acting like this is an EA and nintendo thing. This is a nintendo every major third party thing. You people talking are not buying third party games and neither is anyone else for the wii u. And this has been going on for years now. Sure they have not been good ports but they are the games nintendo let the third parties put out. And we need to stop acting like nintendo is competing with the other consoles. They have said they are not. And since they are not, especially with the hardware they have out what do you think third parties are going to do. Sure the wii u is closer than the wii was in specs to the systems it is up against but the sales are about to be eclipsed by the other two in a few months. So unless nintendo changes expect the worst third party support nintendo has ever seen. And that may lead to other things if nintendo does not get the support and fans don't buy the third party games.



Marshi said:

Ea really are acting like an emotional teenager who,12 month after being told they cant go to a party is still ignoring the parents and thinking it looks cool but in actual fact just makes them appear all the more pathetic



ikki5 said:


Pretty sure it is because they wanted origin on the Wii U so they pretty much controlled its market and Nintendo was like "Screw you"


People who own Nintendo consoles are buying 3rd party games. I have MH3, AC3, Scribblenaughts unlimited and sonic all start racing. I have Wonderful 101, AC IV and Watchdogs, Sonic, Scribblenaughs unmasked and Rayman on my list to buy as money comes in. And I have friends who have Zombie U, Rayman, Wonderful 101 and AC IV already. I don't know a single Wii u owner who has only first party games.



ricklongo said:

@siavm "You people talking are not buying third party games"

The last two games I bought were The Wonderful 101 and Sonic Lost World. One of my Christmas games is going to be Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. All third parties. True, I haven't bought an EA game in forever, but that is because they (or at least the Nintendo version of them) are awful.

The responsibility to care about third party games is not on the player. It's on the third party themselves to make good games people actually want to buy. EA's lazy ports for Nintendo systems haven't warranted purchases in a long time.



AJWolfTill said:

@edhe Exactly! This statistic infuriates me. Or do they think their annual franchises are evergreen enough to warrant continiuous sales? I guess this pretty much confirms that the next Mass Effect will not be coming our way : (



okamiki said:

Since game boy color harry potter I don´t play a decent game from them. And I just have fifa 13 on the U cause my girlfriend gave it to me saying "it was the only football game I found for your wii..."

So I really hope next year konami give a chance to U and reward us not just with PES but with mgs, castlevania etc.

But they also said that their games dont sell on nintendo systems.

Next year is the last chance for U and third party otherwise nintendo will pay to them for some games....



darkgamer001 said:

Give me a non-butchered 3rd party game were Nintendo fans are treated equally, and chances are I'll buy it and encourage others to do so. But I will boycott anything that comes with gimped features. If 3rd parties can't understand that people will be put off if you don't treat them equally....well, maybe we're just better off without most of them.

As for EA, Nintendo sites should learn from them and do the same. Not mention them. It's not Nintendo news anymore.



ajcismo said:

Nice to see the Most Hated Company in America is going global in its douchery.



hotlfusion said:

I like FIFA and may just have to buy another console because I have so much fun playing it with my friends.These fun moments are priceless in what is generally a short life.
Hopefully PES 2015 will make it to the wii u because football (soccer) is the only type of game I care about from EA.
Alas I doubt this will happen as with so many other games the wii u sales will be probably poor.



Ralizah said:

Life is short and there are a ton of games to play. i think I'll manage to get by without playing anything by EA!



gregrout said:

EA is pretty much dead to me. BF3 (PC) has never been stable enough for me to play through the campaign. Seems like BF4 has the same issues. The last EA purchase I made was the "deluxe" version of their SimCity remake. I'm done with them... hope they win "Worst Company of the Year" for 2013, that would make it 3 years in a row.



Chris720 said:

Who cares? EA are just being a bunch of snobs... They practically shared the reveal with Nintendo at E3 and I'm still waiting for this partnership to happen. Let EA be EA, they'll bring themselves down...



RoryLee said:

Really siavm? The majority of my WiiU games are nothing but third party games. The only reason a lot of people don't support third parties is because they give Nintendo fans the short end of the stick.



Zach said:

The Mass Effect series is incredible. Need for Speed Most Wanted U is fantastic. Less EA games fro Wii U is bad for Wii U owners, loyalty to Nintendo or not. The good news is that existing EA titles for Wii U can be picked up super cheap. But to ignore that EA does make great games just to have the satisfaction of flipping them the metaphorical finger is just self defeating. Though as a company, I don't care for EA's practices whatsoever, they do make very good games.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I really hope Nintendo can either survive the lack of EA support (they've managed before) or find other 3rd parties to make some sports sims. Konami's football games were always better on N64 than the pro evos that followed so maybe they should try to get them back on board.

I'm sure Nintendo will have the last laugh in all of this but I think I stand on my own in saying that EA make some of the better games on Nintendo systems. Tiger Woods, Godfather, Grand Slam Tennis, Freedom Fighters, Lord of the Rings were some great Wii and GC games. Even all their Wii U games are good. The bad reviews of FIFA and ME3 were so misleading.

Ok, since I started writing this, @Zach agreed with me



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Zach That's true the developers I like are a part of EA (DICE/Bioware) which sad but forced money out of me every step of the way anyways because of the games they have and going to continue in the future with titles like Star Wars Battlefront 3, Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Mirrors Edge 2 sad but true.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

EA: "We have a very strong friendship with Nintendo, so f**k them, they're not next-gen enough for us, but don't worry, they're our friends!"



MikeLove said:

All of the people here ripping EA would be frothing at the mouth if the new Star Wars: Battlefield game was announced for Wii-U.



Gerbwmu said:

There are EA franchises that would do well on Wii U and will be missed. Hopefully we can find sports games from another source. My favorite sports games of all time came from Tecmo, Konami, & Nintendo. Maybe I can get a Blades of Steel, Tecmo Basketball, & Ken Griffey baseball again.



GraveLordXD said:

Why are people saying EA makes great games giving them any credit for game like dragon age, mass effect, need for speed etc? They didn't develop those games just published them and help ruin most of them like Sim city and yes I blame them fully for ruining dragon age 2 by using the same dungeons over and over to save on cost and waves of mindless enimies
I will never support EA ever again they are one of if not the worst things to happen to gaming Microsoft is pretty much tied with them greedy @$@%&#$#&$%!!!



zeldagaymer93 said:

While I'm not a big fan of EA, from a pure business perspective it does make sense. The fact that their games were ports isn't why they didn't sell well. Look at Call of Duty Ghosts. That wasn't a port to Wii U and it had less than 1% of the market on Wii U... I think the sad fact is that nobody owns a Wii U except for the really loyal Nintendo fans for our favorite Nintendo games.

As much as I want to see 3rd party support I can see where EA is coming from. But not even mentioning Nintendo once in their survey is insulting.



sevex said:

The only time I ever buy EA games is by accident, so I'm not real upset by this. Nintendo does need all the 3rd party support it can get though.



TrueWiiMaster said:

It's unfortunate because EA's such a major developer, and the Wii U could use the support, but personally I couldn't care less about most of EA's franchises, or EA in general.



Gunorgunorg said:

The only EA Game I play alot is Time Splitters: Future Perfect, and they were just the publisher, but that survey is just unprofessional and dis-respective toward Nintendo; on the business side of things.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@LDXD No crap dude if you read some of these comments you would understand that I did say that "I like the other Developers titles from EA" not EA in stop putting your hate on others because of your opinions of something isn't desirable.



GraveLordXD said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 what are you talking about I'm not putting hate on anyone I simply said why are people giving EA credit for making great games when in fact they didnt if you are one of those people maybe you could explain that to me as for me putting my hate anywhere I have no idea what your going on about my hate is for EA and Microsoft not any person and I have absolutely good cause to loath them and free to speak how I do and will continue to do so every now and then when I feel like it



GraveLordXD said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 I'm strictly speaking about people who are giving them credit for games that I mentioned if you aren't one of those people feel free to disregard what I said because obviously it wasn't meant for you!



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

EA must be psyched!!! With all this "hard work" they have doing, EA is sure to win the Golden Poo award!!! Also being the first company to win it 3 years in a row!!! Good job EA, yall stank!!!



rjejr said:

I know Nintendo will be around loooong after EA has gone away, so that isn't worth talking about, but it would be cool if the Wii U could outlast EA.



Justaguest said:

I cant swear here:( you killed battlefield heroes - the only shooter I ever enjoyed and you are incredibly greedy (no wonder you are friends with aeria games) just die and never come back



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@LDXD I'm sorry just I don't blame the Developers that are taking "hostage" by EA just you and me know that EA is a scum of a company. I know from experience of hating a company I despise Crapcom as much you hate EA so I know where you come from. And I hated how EA sealed a deal with Microsoft and TitanFall now it can't even come to the PS4 until part 2 which is BS. But again between those lines Crapcom and EA I rather go with DICE/Bioware because they are the developers that give me what I want regardless of what console I play on.



marko said:

Yeah EA basically released old games for a brand new console and priced them as if they were brand new. No surprise that they didn't sell any games. I honestly wanted need for speed but was not going to pay 60 bucks for it when i can get it on my ps3 used for like 15 dollars.
They are a lazy company and lack creativity big time.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, it's official: EA just hates Nintendo, and they just don't want to admit it.

But then, who cares? We don't need any friggin' micro-transactions plaguing Wii U games anyway.



Artwark said:

The problem isn't with EA alone. Its the fact that third party devs are too lazy to make games for the console even. Its HD graphics isn't that enough to make a game for them? Even if they don't like the idea of the gamepad, they can use the pro controller as support. Really missed opportunity.

As for EA, I barely play their games with the exception of the Need for Speed and that's all.



GraveLordXD said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 I don't blame the talented developers I actually love bioware for the most part but to me EA is slowly ruining everything they seem to put their hands on because they are extremely greedy and what they did with Sim city I'll never get over and so much other stuff I really don't want to get into so I kinda have to turn my back on some probably great games thats why its personal for me because so many games that I used to love are getting ruined by them and I don't believe in giving a company like that anything not even a dime they'll just keep getting worse and worse and there's always other great games to play



tebunker said:

I think I am more disappointed that nintendo life keeps posting this non-news as news. Seriously do you guys just troll the neo-gaf forums so you can have something to post on the front page?



Megumi said:

I don't care, and chances are high that Nintendo doesn't care either. Only third parties I care about right now are Ubisoft (even if they made a crappy decision for Rayman), and Capcom....because of Monster Hunter, lol



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@LDXD Well that's your path fine then because I agree I bought BF4 for PS4 and the damn thing keep crashing and having online issues and guess what they blame for all this Sony for they PSN service not being perfect which was fixed for this week. Now that was a low blow even for EA now they come out and state they was on the "case" which in fact it was they sorry servers in the first place and now we have to wait until next freaking week to get a patch LOL BS just for me to play my favorite mode Conquest 64 Player Large so I agree with you again you don't have to buy from a sorry company like EA if you feel they deserve it like for me from Crapcom which needs The Worse Company in Japan rating lol.



Dpullam said:

These icky situations certainly aren't helping EA's reputation with Nintendo fans, that's for sure. I personally don't play very many of EA's games myself, but I still don't like missing out on the opportunity to try some of them out. Perhaps if the Wii U's sales improve they will change their mind.



santaglause said:

EA can go and suck a lemon, they only have sports to cling to and ruined all there good IP's dead space e.c Don't care one bit, plus, they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Sega and Nintendo!



Conocotarious said:

Crysis on the Wii U would be nice. Having a system utterly devoid of Madden or FIFA games is nicer.



robertman2 said:

I would protest EA, but Titanfall and Star Wars Battlefront III exist.
Edit: Mirror's Edge II looks fun also.



Morph said:

Couldnt care less about EA, id probably buy fifa if they did a proper version rather than a lazy cut down port but thats about it. I dont think EA had any intention of supporting wii u to any great degree from the start. If they had done the mass effect trilogy on wii u i'd have most definitely purchased that, but they just released an updated version of the 3rd, business wise what was the point of that when a good portion of nintendo gamers hadnt played the first 2. A cut down fifa followed which was inferior to rival consoles and then need for speed which while a good game was never going to do great numbers



hYdeks said:

EA has to be the worst company ever! They definitely deserve the title they got



Heiki said:

I couldn't care less about EA anyway. They won't be missed. There's really nothing I want from them.



LztheQuack said:

I have nothing to say in favor of EA. They caused their own mess and fail to see why it blew up on them. They released nothing new on Nintendo's systems and expected to be successful for some reason.



readyletsgo said:

All I want is all 3 dead space as a trilogy for the WiiU and the next dead space. Other than that I only really buy Ninty games for my Ninty system. Isn't that why most people by Ninty systems? For Ninty games mainly?



TechnoEA said:

Wow and even after all their talk of wanting to change they still pull crap like this.

Why am I not surprised ?



Macarony64 said:

But ghost s a port of current gen version and the wiiu could easily run the next gen one.



takyon98 said:

this is nintendo's fault just as much as it is EA's. Nintendo refuses to listen to developers and make better and stronger hardware so that developers WANT to program for it,while EA on the other hand just wants to make money and forces its highly talented developers to make sequels of games;not letting them branch out to new ideas or consoles.



HaastMK7 said:

EA are in their own world, who cares. They are nothing compared to the big hits



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Enough with EA! We all know they don't like Nintendo that much! I just hate all these negative articles such as "EA not making games for Wii U", or other EA poop. Just please!



BF-Medic said:

After the way they handled the BF4 release on PC, they need to do something quite special to make me buy another EA game.

There is more then enough games to choose from apart from EA games.



DarkJamD said:

Aren't those XBOX360's 54% and PS3'e 42% counting digital sales? I'm pretty sure that only PC share should be bigger than 2,7%.



Relias said:

Well this is not surprising I have seen commercials for games like Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, etc. and none of them even mention they have a Wii U version and considering EA's wonderful relationship with Nintendo. (Also I don't think EA is the only one doing this) Anyway at this point we might as well go E wha??



Kuksenkov said:

@PinkSpider - Pink Spaidah, nuh... Need for Speed was just published by EA, Criterion did the whole job, so it sucks for Criterion, because they made an effort to improve the game (which they did), but EA just blows. They've been called America's worst company, it is not "just because", they do tons of stupid things and their games are mostly just past entries with an updated roster and DAS IT!

They need to flop hard for them to actually care about their products.



Gso said:

I could care less. No wonder EA has such a bad image. But in the end they are in to make business and they see no profit in Nintendo, EA has some great franchises but no heart.



Squashy said:

Ha, EA are such twits! If only Hiroshi Yamauchi was still around to offer his thoughts on their behaviour, he would have said it like it is! Just like he told Microsoft to suck his (you know whats) when they tried to buy Nintendo. Hilarious!!!

@PinkSpider Yeah Most Wanted U is excellent but it's important to know that EA don't deserve any of the credit for that because it was developed by the brilliant Criterion who, even though they're owned by EA these days, are a completely seperate team and have always put a lot of effort into making their games really polished. In fact, when they made Burnout 2, the Gamecube version came out 8 months after the PS2 one because they took the time to take advantage of the Gamecube's extra power which meant better graphics and a smoother framerate, so as a result the Gamecube version was made to be the best it could be - exactly the same situation as with Most Wanted and I highly respect them for doing things that way.

@Gunorgunorg Yeah like you said EA was just the publisher for Timesplitters Future Perfect, it was made by the same people who created the legendary Goldeneye for the N64 after they left Rare to make their own company called Free Radical. Apparently when they were making Future Perfect EA made stupid demands which is why it's not as good as Timesplitters 2 (which was published by Eidos who left them alone and let them make it how they wanted).

@MrWalkieTalkie Yep that about sums it up nicely!

@Absolute_Zero [youtube:Ir9LhF01KtA]



Vincent294 said:

No surprises here. Wii U sales are bad to begin w/, how does EA address that? Crappy ports. Yeah, because that helped the sales a lot now, didn't it? And they complain. They could've gotten some sales had there been better ports & Battlefield 4. The only good port from them is NFS: Most Wanted.



derickw69 said:

Ever since this whole drama of EA and Nintendo started, I have yet to purchase another EA game, developed by them or published by them. It doesn't matter to a lot of my friends but I will not support a company like them that doesn't put at least some effort with their games. It does hurt a little that I won't get to finish my Dead Space franchise after owning the first two on PS3, or that I wont buy Plants vs, Zombies 2, or that i won't get to re-enlist in Battlefield 4, but just like EA gave us a nice big "you're #1" with that finger that is between the index and ring finger, they can get one right back from me, along with the knowledge that I am keeping my money away from them.

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