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derickw69 commented on Midora Developer Admits He Knew Kickstarter Fu...:

Am I the only one that feels like after watching the kickstarter video, that the visuals seem to feel like are copied/pasted straight from Nintendo's games? I get that the game was or is supposed to be "inspired" from the Zelda franchise, but I have an issue when it looks like the games background graphics are sprite for sprite copies of other Nintendo Zelda games.



derickw69 commented on Video: 90's Arcade Racer Is Still Alive, And H...:

ok after watching that video, I have to say, I'm impressed. For a one man dev team, he has pulled of some very nice effects, sounds, and graphics. The only thing I noticed that seemed to throw me off a little , was during the last part of the video when the sphinx was shown, I didn't like how when the car took that turn and the sphinx rotated it just seemed to be a little "flat" as opposed to the rest of the background objects, Other than that though I say good job and good luck sir!



derickw69 commented on Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewal Increases H...:

Dear Nintendo...
I personally would purchase a physical boxed deluxe "HD remake/remaster" of the original, especially if it was part of a combo package that included a sequel, as well as purchasing an E-shop download. My reasoning would be that the boxed version goes on shelf NEVER TO BE OPENED, E-shop version gets played until my Wii U dies from pure HD sanity effects. Make it happen. Now. Please.



derickw69 commented on Dolphin Up is Joining the Sea of Wii U eShop G...:

Surprisingly....I'm intrigued by this. Seriously, I was gonna leave after I read the article, but I watched the video, and it looks like something I could see myself playing for a couple minutes after a stressing day. Keep the price somewhere around the $2.99 - $4.99 range and you've got a sale from me.



derickw69 commented on Keep Up With The Latest Hylian Fashion Trends ...:

Why doesn't NOA release this or some kind of special edition of Hyrule Warriors for us? I for one think that the U.S. Wii U owners are so starved for quality games and products that we would gladly pay the extra bit of $$$ for something like this. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that we end up getting somerthing.



derickw69 commented on Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship E...:

I told someone on this very site a few months ago that this game was awesome when talking about it on the vita and I stand by my opinion. With that said I have already purchased the Wii U edition and will be buying it a third time when i get it for my PS4 sometime next week after I renew my PS+ simply is that good of a game



derickw69 commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

@Hy8ogen while you yourself may not spend your money on the Wii Shop, that doesn't mean everyone else doesn't. I've had my Wii U since August 2013 and my most recent purchase was Majora's Mask just last week. Might not be your cup of tea but that doesn't speak for everyone sir.



derickw69 commented on Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition i...:

the game is not bad by any means...maybe it wasn't to your liking or you just didn't care for it, but with all of the positive comments from not only this site, but from all of the ones on the PSN site as well, the game did pretty decent if you ask me. the fact of the matter is that the Wii U needs any kind of good game right now and i would at least be trying to tell people to just try it out for themselves instead of just bashing it because of one thing or another that got under your skin about it.



derickw69 commented on EA Germany Survey Fails To Acknowledge The Wii U:

Ever since this whole drama of EA and Nintendo started, I have yet to purchase another EA game, developed by them or published by them. It doesn't matter to a lot of my friends but I will not support a company like them that doesn't put at least some effort with their games. It does hurt a little that I won't get to finish my Dead Space franchise after owning the first two on PS3, or that I wont buy Plants vs, Zombies 2, or that i won't get to re-enlist in Battlefield 4, but just like EA gave us a nice big "you're #1" with that finger that is between the index and ring finger, they can get one right back from me, along with the knowledge that I am keeping my money away from them.



derickw69 commented on Nintendo Files New Eternal Darkness Trademark:

I want a digital re-release of the original, along with Shadows of the Eternals (as a sort of bridge the gap kind of thing) for, wait for it...Eternal Darkness II. Made and developed by Nintendo. Make that happen, along with GC VC, and I will be a very happy gamer.



derickw69 commented on The Elusive Kenji Eno Speaks!:

@Kafei2006 : I was not trying to be rude or anything, it was late where I live and I was trying to create links (not very well I can see) with Kenji Eno and the video game music composer that I think I know who you are talking about. I remember back in the SNES Final Fantasy days that there was someone with a similar name. But like I said, I tried to help but didn't really. Eno-san on the other hand had a visionary approach with his games. I kinda thought of him as an early Itagaki-san or Kojima-san at the time.



derickw69 commented on Wii Sports Resort Tropical Escape:

I did not know Cycling was part of the game. How does it work? Anyone know? And I would love to go to the Dallas one but Grapevine Mills Mall is too far for me to go to from Terrell. Oh well it's still cool that it is that close



derickw69 commented on New Pop+ Solo Detonate Bonus Round Video:

Dear God when is this game coming out? I have been dying to buy a new DsiWare game for months just because I want this game. And for all of the people saying that they don't get the point of popping bubbles, please go try the WiiWare version. It really is a great "come home from work and chill out" kind of feel to it. Hurry up Nnooo please.



derickw69 commented on Wii Is "Fool's Gold":

This is really starting to sound like a broken record. During the N64 and Gamecube days, 3rd party developers were saying that they couldn't sell games because of Nintendo's games. Now we are hearing it again. Please stop complaining about not selling your games and make better ones and advertise them more.



derickw69 commented on First Footage Of The Grinder Unleashed:

I want this game bad!!! Now this is want I want to see from my Wii. The game looks good even at this early in development and I can't wait to see what happens in the coming months before launch. If High Voltage Software can do this with the Wii, then why can't EA, Ubisoft, or Sega?



derickw69 commented on Nintendo Download: 26 May 2009 (Japan):

Tony United States 22 May 2009, 20:27 GMT
You mean Nintendo added a service where arcade games are brought to the Virtual Console? Are you serious or is that a joke?

Yes Nintendo did start an actual Virtual Console Arcade section sometime late last year way before the SD card storage update that we just recently got.