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Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses

Posted by Gaz Plant

Time to spread the word

While we await a potential increase in hardware sales, even Nintendo would admit that the Wii U has underperformed in its debut year. With poor sales to date and a year’s head start over its next-gen competition arguably squandered, the Wii U is in the unenviable position of heading into its first anniversary with yearly sales below that of the console it has succeeded. That’s not to say there haven’t been success stories; New Super Mario Bros U, LEGO City Undercover and Pikmin 3 all sold well to a small install base, but with Nintendo constantly downgrading its forecasts in the last financial year, the system’s not currently in a healthy position.

The biggest cause of all this? The games, or lack thereof. It’s no secret that the Wii U has had an absence of big hitting software since March, and has only recently started seeing some notable titles, with Pikmin 3 heralding what should be a great end of year for the console. Games sell games consoles, and that is an area where it’s been lacking. But marketing sells games, and if the Wii U has been short of games, it has also arguably been short of marketing that can overcome that issue.

Marketing can make or break any product, and while the Wii brand remains strong thanks to the last generation, people need to know that these new games exist, and for a brand new console. With a big autumn of games on the horizon, the marketing message needs to be strong, so what can Nintendo do to get the Wii U idea out to the masses?

With a price cut of $50 launching in North America on 20th September, and a similar drop in Europe following on 4th October, we consider some areas where that cut can align with positive messaging and, hopefully, deliver a strong close to 2013.

Get the name out there

It’s likely that half of you believe that Wii U is a terrible name, and half of you think its fine. Whatever your stance on the naming convention Nintendo adopted with the Wii U, one thing is set in stone – that’s what it’s called. And like the 3DS before it, Nintendo needs to ensure that the public are aware of the differences in hardware. Nintendo’s answer during the 3DS launch period was to run a campaign with the slogan “this is not Nintendo DS, this is Nintendo 3DS”; a blunt message to be sure, but an effective one nonetheless.

With Wii U, something similar needs to happen; there have been some attempts to emphasize the “new console” message, and Nintendo needs to establish a consistent, coherent strategy. Much of its early advertising was focused on the GamePad, and how Wii U could function as a 5 player console using Wii remotes. At no point, arguably, did it emphasise the new hardware to its full degree, leading to a lot of confusion as to whether the GamePad was in fact a peripheral for Wii.

To remove confusion, perhaps it’s time to show off the GamePad in isolation a little more (without distracting Wii Remotes in the shot) while emphasising that it is for a new console, and show it doing things no other platform can do. Of course, that requires software, but a campaign that uses material similar to the sizzle reel from E3 2012, where games such as Art Academy: SketchPad and GamePad-only mini-games from Wii Party U take centre stage, might not be such a bad idea. Show them what’s unique, and people will understand the Wii U difference.

Be creative, be memorable

When the Wii launched back in 2006, it proved to be very divisive. A motion controlled console was seen by some as ridiculous at the time, and the big hurdle Nintendo had to overcome was to show the average consumer just why it was worth investing in. Word of mouth, coupled with the instant accessibility of Wii Sports, proved to be the big system seller, but there was also a large amount of goodwill generated by an effective marketing campaign in the US.

Using the catchphrase “Wii Would Like To Play”, Nintendo created a memorable and brilliant marketing campaign which effectively conveyed the message of Wii. Featuring two Japanese salesmen, the adverts saw them travelling around the country and arriving at people’s homes with the system. The adverts would then show them playing whatever game it was being advertised in the house with the family, not only promoting a new game, but showing off the local multiplayer that became Wii’s hallmark. Everything from Wii Sports to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption got this treatment, and it surely helped to get the word out.

For the Wii U, it’s taken time to try and establish a similar message. Initial advertising in the UK was curtailed due to a misrepresentation of the off-screen TV functionality, while the US campaign was fairly ineffective at conveying what Wii U was, especially when showing New Super Mario Bros U, a game that from a distance looks very similar to its Wii predecessor. Recently there has been a renewed focus on Wii U software rather than hardware in advertising, much like the 3DS, and perhaps this is a good tactic alongside establishing the console’s brand as hardware. Show the games, and let them do the talking. Whatever it ultimately decides to it, Nintendo needs to create something memorable, and get the word out there.

What’s new, what’s coming soon?

One of the potential issues with Nintendo’s approach to consumer awareness over the years has been the concept of timescales. As we saw with the recent EarthBound release, Nintendo sometimes forgoes the traditional hype building period and goes instead for impact releases – EarthBound itself was released mere hours after a date was set for it, prompting many to question why a bigger promotional campaign wasn’t in place.

This is an area that is more of a tradition for Nintendo than an active ploy, and is arguably something to be reassessed. Nintendo’s policy has always been one of “when it’s ready, it’ll be shown”, and while that’s great for impact, the reveal of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and its subsequent release this year is good news that’s steadily grown; there’s an argument for getting people excited early, and building up over time. Take Super Smash Bros. for instance, a game we’ve known about since 2011. It’s still in progress, but does that make it any less exciting?

That sort of build-up also needs to be replicated to a wider audience. All too often, games will be released with very little fanfare, only for advertising to try and gain momentum post-launch. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team was particularly caught out by this, with little mainstream promotion pre-launch, and then a short burst in the following weeks. The general public need to know what’s coming soon, and for Wii U, advertising that showcases Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 could go a long way to convincing people they should invest in a new system. After all, those series are what kick-started the 3DS, so the audience is certainly there.

Nintendo Direct, and a wider audience

Of all Nintendo’s innovations this last generation, it’s widely accepted that Nintendo Direct is one of the best of the lot. Offering fans regular news and reveals, these spontaneous broadcasts have provided us with countless memorable moments, and even more big game reveals. But they’re by no means perfect, and are another area that Nintendo could use more efficiently to promote the Wii U message.

Firstly, the show itself. Every time a new Nintendo Direct is announced there is one common theme in the Nintendo Life comments – “why are we just hearing about this when it’s happening tomorrow?”. One of E3’s big strengths is its ability to gain excitement as the date approaches, and that’s something the sudden arrivals of Nintendo Direct simply cannot do at such short notice. The spontaneous appearance of a new Nintendo Direct, usually in just a day’s time, means that some fans either miss the show through other commitments, or simply never find out about it as the news passes them by. While the news is still broadcast through various outlets, a little more notice would provide Nintendo with a bigger event, even if it was just a week in advance. No-one likes to miss big gaming reveals, but that’s precisely what happens when Nintendo Direct is announced within 24 hours of its broadcast.

On the other side, Nintendo Direct is aimed at a core audience, and while Direct’s such as the Wonderful 101 showcase certainly drum up support for new releases, they remain inherently aimed at Wii U owners, and not prospective ones. If you’re watching Nintendo Direct you’re most likely a Nintendo fan, and if you’re a Nintendo fan you either already have a Wii U, or have a date in mind when you’ll possibly get one. Nintendo Direct gets the message out there, but it’s to an already attentive audience.

The solution to this isn’t straightforward. The internet does a good job of disseminating this information, but the impact of a live broadcast often has more effect than a news article – a picture says a thousand words after all, so a series of pictures must say millions. Perhaps Nintendo needs to find a way of getting the information to a wider audience by broadcasting it across more platforms – sites like GameTrailers and IGN were denied broadcasting rights to the E3 Nintendo Direct, potentially withholding key information from a certain percentage of the audience. It’s all about striking a balance between existing gamers and potential buyers, and it’s a balance that isn’t quite right just yet.

In the end though, the cure for Wii U’s woes are the games; without them, it’ll struggle. With a healthy roster of titles on the way, Wii U has something to sell itself with. But an equal part of that is in the promotion and marketing of those titles, and making the public aware of what is on the horizon. Wii U launched, arguably, with one of the strongest gaming line-ups for any Nintendo platform, but failed to gain any medium-term traction nevertheless.

Nintendo needs to get the Wii U out there, and it needs to make it a brand synonymous with new experiences, just like the Wii was. And no amount of good will from existing owners will achieve that – creating a brand is down to Nintendo. As we saw with the 3DS, anything is possible. With a big Christmas ahead, this could be the beginning of the turning point for Wii U, and perhaps this time next year we’ll all be singing its praises.

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Gioku said:

I had a friend last year who said his first Wii U game would be Mario Kart. I had to explain to him that there was no Mario Kart for Wii U yet, and he seemed disappointed. Maybe he'll pick one up with Mario Kart 8!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Many people I know still don't get what a WiiU is - they mostly think I'm talking about the Wii, despite me clearly saying WiiU.
It's an unfortunate decision to stay that close to the name of the previous generation product, but as you guys said: that's the name, that's the game.

What Nintendo needs the most is a defining game to go along with the GamePad - Iwata himself admitted that they still need a game to fully utilize the GamePad in a creative and intuitive way, so we'll have to wait for that to deliver the WiiU's strengths.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

They Need to sell the Wii U with NO gamepad... sell it with that wii u pro controller. I have to admit ... the novely of the gamepad wore off. it's great for miiverse and doodling but i got i didn't buy a Wii U for that .... I bought one for the GAMES. where oh where are the games. sigh....



Gioku said:

I like to consider myself an "innovative game designer"... but so far I really haven't been able to think of anything "innovative" that I could do with the gamepad... I've been stumped about what I could possibly do with it at all...



Blast said:

Yeah, I can agree that the Wii U needs more advertising. But until Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong U and Super Smash Bros U, and Legend of Zelda: U comes out... The Wii U will struggle even though its getting great games. It'll start doing better in the upcoming months.



Dr_Corndog said:

Being compatible with all your old Wii remotes ought to be a huge selling point for the Wii U. shame it causes such confusion.



Collinhall said:

Most of my friends had no clue what a Wii U was until I explained it to them...

"Wait, so it isn't just a new controller for the Wii?"



Magiick said:

I still think Mario Kart 8 should be released this year... at least for the fans like me who bought the Wii U day one. I wanted to see a game that would actually push the Wii U hardware. Showing that Zelda HD E3 demo is what had me sold last year. I'm still waiting for that true HD Nintendo experience. Am I wrong for this?



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Gioku What? That sounds completely arrogant and ignorant all in one. Other people and your products will decide if you are an "innovative game designer". I consider myself a super hero, but that doesn't mean that I am. Just Beiber considers himself a talent, but that doesn't mean that he is.

Furthermore, the GamePad is full of creative potential. If you say you are a "game designer" and can't think of anything to do with it I feel bad for the future of the game industry.

I'm not trying to be mean, but when game designers say things like that it grinds my gears. We are supposed to be artists. Real artists don't go around tooting their own horns, saying things like "hey, look at me! I'm innovative!" Don't start acting like a musician.



Buduski said:

I understand the gamepad should be the center of attention for the wii u but I honestly love playing with the pro controller more, to bad they didnt add a headset jack for those multiplayer games that have voice chat :/



gregrout said:

You really have to look at what's happening in the market. It's not just the Wii-U's lack of great games, it's also the fact that the PS3 and Xboxs360 are still getting great games. We're seeing it first hand. GTA V is out next week with a wave of massive hype and the Wii-U will be the excluded platform again. People are going to take notice of that. Why spend more money on a Wii-U with little software when I can pick up a PS3/Xbox 360 for less, play any game from their vast library and still get the latest releases?!



Gioku said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd That's not what I was going for at all!

At this point, I couldn't even make games for the Wii U if I wanted to, but that's not to say I haven't thought about what I might do with it if I was... and I just can't figure out anything new to do with the gamepad... it has me stumped for unique gameplay features that would "work well", rather than being "gimmicky"...



Peach64 said:

I honestly thought Pikmin 3 would be the start of an improvement. I would never expect a fairly niche game to be a massive boost, but Wii U sales for August were 30k again, the same as they were through all of Q2. After flopping in Japan and Europe, I'm not sure how much Wonderful 101 will sell either.

I'm also pretty sure that Wii Fit U is not going to be a big success. That crowd is gone. I can't think of many people I know that did not have a Wii, or did not have Wii Fit, but I don't know anyone that is still using that and eager to buy a new one. I've said it before, but I'm really concerned Nintendo is way too focused on that casual market. If you get them, you sell big, but... I just don't think they'll get them with Wii Fit or Wii Sports anymore.

I'm pretty sure Mario will sell though. Nintendo need to push it like crazy this Christmas. PS4 and Xbox One will sell out their allocation for the year, but they can't sell any more than that. Nintendo's potential isn't really limited at all. Make sure Mario is everywhere. TV ads, newspaper ads, internet ads, Youtube ads, billboards.



Boxmonkey said:

The next six months are huge for the wii u, if they can't sell it over the holiday period the system will struggle. I hope for loads of TV adds to drive up the awareness of the general public. Mario Kart not being or smash not being released before Christmas is a massive mistake in my book.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Gioku I hear ya, and honestly I wasn't trying to be mean. As I said, however, let your art speak for itself. It wasn't the lack of ideas for the GamePad that bothered me or any other self respecting game designer. Being a good game designer is hard. People think "Well, I play lots of games so I can be a game designer," and that's not true. There's so much more to it than that. There is no need to consider yourself anything other than what and who you are. "Innovative" is a word designers like to throw around like the government throws around "transparency" these days.



Gioku said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd I too consider video games to be art!

And I say "innovative" in quotes like that for a reason. I just like to try to do things (as far as making games goes) that have never been done before. And that's the mindset that I've tried applying to the Wii U and its gamepad, but I haven't been able to think of anything that someone else hasn't already done.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Gioku Very rarely is something truly innovative. Most of the time games people consider innovative is a combination of different genres, or taking a mechanic from one genre and adding it to another. A good example of a good game doing this is Borderlands adding action RPG mechanics to a FPS. It's nice to strive for unknown territory, but it's not nice to stress over such things and create a bad game because of it.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Gioku I'm not so sure you do Good luck with your career! I honestly wish you the best. It's a competitive industry, and everyone thinks they are better than they are lol.

I'm not into marketing, so I don't want to comment on how to fix this issue. However, I'll wait until Mario Kart 8 is released before considering the Wii U a "failure" like so many people and media outlets are doing. It took a few special games for the 3DS to pick up sales, and I figure the same for the Wii U.



Nintend0ro said:

Wii U price drop, Mario 3D world, Zelda WW HD, Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Country 2, Bayonetta 2... Those could be a start to massive sales. Though Nintendo needs to advertise the system. God knows there are more people in this world who do not know anything about Wii U than those who do..



MitchVogel said:

I guess we'll really know by this time next year. As much as I hate saying it, if the Wii U is still struggling at that point, it'll have failed.



starwolfX said:


Just because its been out longer, doesn't really mean they're more used to it. In order to get used to something, they would have to use it often and outside of Rayman legends, Lego city undercover, and a few others, Wii U versions have not happened 1st has not got first dibs on the development process. Most 3rd party Wii U games are ports of current gen versions, some of which are actually missing features that current gen has.



WinterWarm said:

I agree with most of it, BUT, about that Direct bit:

It's true some people will miss, but it is always on the eShops, waiting a day won't hurt.


How sad.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@DarkAngel_17 , I agree. It's september and a price drop is looming less than a week away with a Zelda game. I'm so happy a lot of the people posting here are nowhere near being involved with Nintendo sales and marketing because they would have jumped off a cliff by now. The fact is sales have been flat the past few weeks due to a price drop. The games are arriving. Rayman seems to utilize the Gamepad best so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see a special offer on the eshop pushing the game in the next month. And games sell during non holiday months to folks living in their parents basement or with no actual life anyway. I would expect a very healthy boost in the next 4 months especially in Japan. And at that point, Nintendo will begin gearing up some big guns for 2014.



Slapshot said:

Good piece Gaz.

I felt that you were really onto the key point that the Wii U is failing in at first - marketing - before the whole talk on the Nintendo Directs, which obviously aren't helping the system to sell.

The Wii U's marketing woes are in the actual console itself. Regardless of how many times Nintendo and its fans proclaim that it isn't a tablet, to the mainstream media, it's a tablet that plays Nintendo games and can do very little else that the tablets that they already own can. Furthermore, free and cheap-to-own titles fill the mobile marketplaces with games are are continually growing in value and console-like quality - not to mention sociability.

Those very same people that purchased the WIi by the millions are the same crowd that is now enjoying Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Candy Crush Saga on their mobile devices. If Nintendo wants to draw back this crowd, it has to completely change its marketing and advertising strategies for this console to give them a reason that they should spend $250 (plus games/accessories) for this console.

I don't see that happening though - it's too risky and by doing this it would alienate its core user base in the hopes to reclaim customers without loyalty.

Nintendo needs to market the Wii U for what it was intentionally designed to be: Wii You. A core gaming console that can offer fun for all ages, with its multiplayer offerings being primarily focused on online gameplay. It's just that simple, really. It can still offer local co-op/multiplayer, but one thing is for sure, keeping Super Mario Bros. 3D World offline is deal-breaker for me.



AyeHaley said:

"With poor sales to date and a year’s head start over its next-gen competition arguably squandered,"
This makes me so sad. In hindsight, waiting another year while improving the system and have more time to polish games might've been a better choice.
Though I'm not sure the same system in its current state launching with Pikmin, Rayman, MH3U, faster Lego City and The Wonderful 101 would've been any better with 2 other systems launching at the same time and a new GTA just released.



DualWielding said:

Advertising could be better but I don't think it would help the Wii U so much, yah some people are confused and don't know what the Wii U is, but I doubt the people that are confused are people that would be interested in buying one even if they knew about it



fortius54 said:

I completely agree. They have to have a National Ad Campaign starting last week. It needs to be along the same lines as their "Now Your Playing With Power!" Campaign. The deal is if they want the casual gamer to purchase, they need to step out of the normal places where you find gamers. I know a lot of people on here hated the " I am not a gamer" ads they did with the girl from Glee and Gabbie Douglas. However, the 3DS is killing it right now. It was not designed for you or me. The same thing needs to be done for the Wii U.



Caryslan said:

@JaredJ This right here is one of they key problems with the Wii U and Nintendo's marketing overall. The Directs are nice, but they are catered to Nintendo fans. Your average consumer will not watch these directs, so another methods of advertising needs to be used.

And the best method is still TV commercials. Last year during an average NFL game, I saw tons of Halo 4, Assassin's creed III, Black Ops II, PS Vita(with Black Ops Declassified), and Madden 13 ads. Not once did I see a Wii U or 3DS ad in the same timeframe.

Now, here's the issue. Why can't they put out an ad for a Mario or Pokemon game during an NFL game? If Dreamworks and Disney can sell their latest movies, then surely Nintendo with all the money they have in the bank can do the same thing.

Nintendo is getting blitzed by Sony and Microsoft's ads, and while the directs are nice they are aimed at people who already know about them and likely own either a 3DS or Wii U. Nintendo needs to get a larger prescense on TV. Granted, they may not want their brand advertised during a show like Law & Order: SVU or Family Guy, but why not NFL MLB, or NBA games? I barely see Nintendo ads during WWE shows nowadays, and that's PG! Back in 03, I used to see numerous Nintendo ads during Raw and Smackdown.

Nintendo needs to blitz with TV ads. That would be the best way to get their name and image out there. The directs are great, and they still need to happen. But old-fashioned ads might help them as well.



Zael said:

I agree on the lack of games, but we have to say that the lack of games is a consequence of the hardware and how third parties see the hardware.
About the gamepad I think that it is the most wrong peripheral of the last decade
Yesterday I was playing dungeons and dragons and, while I was online, the battery shut down and all the people had to wait for me because there was no way to continue
This happend also today. The battery is always low, and the pad functions are useless
I think the wii u sells bad because it is primarily an uncomfortable console.
And there is also a lack of support
When nintendo games will come out the sales will improve but nintendo has to change its hardware politc
I imagine myself while playing zelda hd and having to recharge the battery 2 times a day
its absurd
Yes nintendo always search new ways to play but this time is wrong
This is why the console sells bad



JaredJ said:

@Caryslan I could not have said it better myself. I would like to see just one commercial at least adverting Wind Waker HD.



pukka-pie said:

The Wii U will be defined by spikes in sales. When The Wind Waker comes out a ton of consoles will sell, same with an all new Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Metroid etc. But the Xbox and Sony fanbase is always going to be bigger, I don't want to brand a whole group of people but those consoles are aimed at shallow, idiots. Where a game like CoD can be re-released every year with pathetic DLC and millions lap it up. I know gaming is exclusively money driven unlike music and cinema but in our society the best things don't sell all too well, the best movie of last year wasn't Transformers, the best album wasn't a smash hit. I don't think Nintendo can be branded as failures based on sales alone anymore, they should be judged on the quality of their output and as the 3DS conclusively proves Nintendo are a million miles ahead of the competition in that regard. Give me 3D Land, Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion over boring ports of Assassins Creed and Need for Speed any day.



DualWielding said:


I find what you are saying about the fanbase of the other consoles totally offensive, yah call of duty sells million I don't like it, and i don't get why people like it, but that doesn't mean people who like it are shallow or idiot. Moreover, those consoles do well because they have variety of games, if all they have was first person shooters they won't be doing half as well... those consoles have lots of games for all tastes because of their wide third party support, unlike the Wii U where unless you are a hardcore nintendo fan that likes every single one of their first party titles you would have a hard time finding enough games to make the price of the console worth it



pukka-pie said:

@ferthepoet I didn't say they were idiots. I said they are aimed at idiots. For me most PS3 games are stunningly shallow, boring, and never ever break the mould. This is why i've ditched my PS3 after years 'away' from Nintendo, Nintendo have honed their craft to perfection and PC gaming is the cradle of creativity today. Consoles are getting more and more dumbed down, if you can't see that you need to look a bit harder. Look at the 'One' release date titles... shooter, shooter, shooter, sports, shooter, shooter, racing, shooter, sports, shooter, action rpg, action rpg, racing, shooter. Yawn! I got my lifetime fill of shooting virtual people in the face over the last decade, i've had enough of all that rubbish! No offence!



Tuturoopa said:

i've been seeing ads for the Wind Waker HD bundle recently on youtube so thats a start at least



Drobotic said:

I personally don't get why they kept the name of the system so close to it's predecessor.Not to mention how dumb I think it sounds at times.Why would they just add HD graphics,a cool controller,and a U to the name of the Wii and sell it?Some of my friends think it's stupid....but they're the same people who thought Blockland was a rip-off of Minecraft just for having blocks in it.They really need to reach out to consumers.



Snkfiend said:

@pukka-pie Dude ok but that's they opinion of what they play. You are calling people shallow idiots if they either like Sony or MS systems and "aimed" is simpler to state but alas I respect that you drop PS3 because you couldn't find whatever you wanted to play or you saw the system "shallow" FINE. But you cannot state that consoles are getting dumbed down because of Nintendo/PC is "the cradle of creativity today" and you just didn't see any taste from the rest. I have all the consoles/PC and I have plenty of variety of games and that's isn't just "shooters, racing titles, and action RPG" So I hope you can respect what people wants to play and not hate what they enjoy or what the systems has. As for the launch titles for the One/PS4 yes that is true but the future and beyond of gaming going to us bring more as well Nintendo and the PC.



Minny said:

The name of the console was bad. I simply say I play games on the "New Nintendo."

Their marketing has to change and become more mainstream. As others have alluded to, watching sports I constantly see ads for their competitors. During July, during every commercial break on the MLB network, there was a Playstation commercial. I have seen Xbox1 ads on those digital billboards around town. The new WWE video game from Take-2 is not coming to the Wii U, so no Nintendo commercials during WWE programming. This is not a presidential election year like last year, so you know Sony and Microsoft will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on television advertising, even though their core consumer knows the product is coming.

I know people do not see Nintendo and on-line play as synonymous, but when the games coming from Nintendo offer no on-line play, and all the big on-line games are coming, the vast majority of players will want the on-line experience. I just hope that Nintendo finally gets their Wii U games into Red Box here in the United States, since I see the icon, but no games. I would like to play some of the games coming, but to me many are not worth a $60 purchase but rather a weekend rent and beat.



Sceptic said:

There's not much to talk about. We should spread the word when there are words to spread. Right now we'd just embarass ourselves. Sort of like those Nintendo Directs do. Nintendo couldn't sell bread to a starving man.



PerezBro99 said:

I think that's never going to happen. The gamepad IS the Wii U like Mario is to Peach, they belong together. On the other hand, Microsoft should sell a Xbox one without Kinect. They even said the Xbox one could work without kinect. However, the Wii U gamepad came to stay.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Gioku And I say "innovative" in quotes like that for a reason. I just like to try to do things (as far as making games goes) that have never been done before. And that's the mindset that I've tried applying to the Wii U and its gamepad, but I haven't been able to think of anything that someone else hasn't already done.

Well, "innovative" doesn't neccessarily mean "new". The WiiMote and it's idea of motion-based controls weren't "new", either (think of Light Guns or PS2's EyeToy), but it was in a way which allowed for a lot of freedom in game design, resulting in innovative gameplay possibilities.

The problem with the GamePad is that it doesn't make anything new or even better. To put it simple, it's a touchscreen. We've had these for ages by now, so of course the best ideas have been taken for the most part. Coming up with an innovative idea for a creative, but not neccessarily innovative, device, is much harder.
I, for example, write gameplay and story concepts, and I can think of one or two unique ways to utilize the GamePad - the question is if that idea alone is enough to justify it...



Technosphile said:

I watch two things on TV: sports and wrestling. While watching, I see many, many ads for Playstation and Xbox games/consoles/general hype. You know how many Nintendo product "adverts" I have seen in the past year?


It is unfathomable to me that Nintendo could willfully ignore the key demographic for video game sales: men, aged 18 to 34. This is like, marketing at its most basic level.

How many of you saw that "Expect Greatness" ad for Playstation? Every single person reading this, I bet. And Sony achieved that through heavy TV rotation, and Internet buzz. Nintendo NEEDS something like that. Something catchy, something memorable. A bunch of awkward, smiling nuclear family types having a gay ol' time playing the Wii U is NOT AN EFFECTIVE AD.

You can have your echo chamber Nintendo Directs, you can rely on the Internet to spread the word of your product, and your product will fail. You cannot ignore traditional media and advertising channels. You will fail. Fail like the Wii U.



Turbo857 said:


Horrible idea. The Gamepad is what makes the Wii U unique. Without it, it loses its novelty and innovation. Despite the Wii U's troubles, the Gamepad's a wonderful controller tech-wise and there isn't a controller like it on the market.

And the novelty wearing off is ridiculous. The Wii U's in its first year: Do you really think developers have already exhausted all of the potential in that short amount of time?



Holly said:

I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan, and I've seen just about every ad/video/Nintendo Direct there is to see for Wii U. Nothing has been particularly memorable. Nintendo has to create some hype for the system! I'll always support the company, but even folks like me want to get pumped up for something once in a while!



BossBattles said:

I absolutely love the gamepad. it is ahead of its time and people are crazy to think the wii u should be sold without it. I love the wii u console and its only going to get better and better.

the "problem" with the system is in its marketing, but also the changing culture of gaming where you really don't have that many that actually love the hobby, but instead just play one or two games a year as war simulators or sports simulators or whatever is trending among their semi-brain dead friends.



Nintygek said:

People around me know about Wii U because of me. They think Wii U is just a new controller for the Wii. So lack of advertisement is (a big) part of the problem.
All they know (and want) is a boring playstation 3-4 with pretty graphics and no fun gameplay or replay value.
My forecast: After the Holiday season Wii U will have sold about 5-6 million units.
Only Nintendo gives me value for my money. Great games with awesome gameplay, Great replay value, colourful graphics and the best IP's in the gaming world!
PS. I have owned all 3 Playstations and Xbox360, so I know what I'm talking about Like this website: Nintendo4Life!!!!



Nintygek said:

@BossBattles You have a point. Most people lauch at me with my Nintendo (I'll be turning 33 by the end of this year)
But in the end, I have great value and gamefun for my 50-60€ per game.



DreamOn said:

I'm not sure what to say about Wii U anymore. Just quietly waiting for the few games I want these days.



Sir_JBizzle said:

I'm thinking they'll ramp up the ads this holiday. I actually think they are in a strong position if played right.

Their main problem was the lack of games, particularly on the first and second party front. Now they have what appears to be solid offerings from Mario, Zelda and DK they can show off. Take that and combine it with the few exclusives that were released this year, throw in games for the casuals, some of the strong multiplat titles (read: Ubi games, Arkham Origins and CoD) and an attractive price point, (which is definitely something they should put out there) they could do well for themselves, especially if supply doesn't meet demand for Sony and MS. Nintendo could at least be a viable (and cheaper) second option, if not the first.

P.S. It also wouldn't hurt them to finish what they started with TVii functions and bolster their VC collection to show off in adverts....

EDIT: The only thing I could see hurting them are the lack of sport games and maybe GTA... thought I would surmise most people already have a PS3 and/or 360 that they aren't getting rid of anytime soon. The effects of not having that may be a non-issue.



AyeHaley said:

Here in Belgium I sometimes see multiple ads a day. So I guess its more of an issue in the US. Maybe its because I'm home a lot but I see them practically every day.



MiNiStRy said:

Advertising in Australia is non existent. The only advertising I saw was last year was at the very beginning of launch and now the new consoles are nearly upon us you would think they would ramp it up!



Mahe said:

I can't full-heartedly recommend the Wii U to other people while it comes with the useless Gamepad and is lacking in games. The game selection is getting better this fall, but the Gamepad is still a stumbling block.



Nintygek said:

@AyeHaley I did see some advertising on TV here (mostly Pikmin 3). I also live in Belgium (Antwerpen). Nintendo Belgium does put in an effort



Gerbwmu said:

I love the gamepad. It is a great controller that holds well while playing despite its size. Battery is a non issue as I just plug it in on marathon use days if needed. The off tv play is a great feature and allows me to play games when I wouldn't have been able to before. Lack of games....yes, but what is the library of Xbox1 or PS4? It won't be much stronger really...Nintendo's biggest issue is the people what it is and what games they can get and it will sell.



Jazzer94 said:

"Wii would like to play with U" advertising campaign to show case the upcoming Autumn/Fall releases would be a great place to start.



JaxonH said:

Then buy and use a Pro Controller. The gamepad is part of the system. It would be like selling a Wii designed for use without a Wiimote. No. Not only would that be disastrous for developers, it would be disastrous for everyone who LIKES the gamepad, such as myself. Reason being, if consoles were sold without gamepad, developers would stop using the gamepad for their games, because they want to make games EVERYONE can play and everyone can buy. So no more gamepad integration. That would be GONE. And the Wii U would be reduced to nothing more than a PS3 that plays Nintendo games.

I have a better idea. Wii U stays how it is, and if you don't like the gamepad, don't use it. The console is compatible with the Pro Controller AND Wiimote/Nunchuk. Use them.



luke17 said:

Are there any excuses for not having classic Gamecube games on the VC? Any at all? I personally find it ridiculous they are missing such an opportunity to cash in. Sigh......



JaxonH said:

Really? Right now there's EVERYTHING to talk about! This isn't February, this is autumn 2013, the most congested release window of any Nintendo console in recent memory.

Why don't we talk about Pikmin 3 which just came out? Or that amazing limited edition New Super Luigi U physical release? Or Splinter Cell Blacklist, and how awesome the gamepad integration is? Or Rayman Legends and how it sets the bar for platformers and brings really unique ideas to fruition with the gamepad? Wonderful 101 is an amazing, REALLY amazing, brand new Nintendo-owned IP with gamechanging mechanics- that's nothing to talk about? Or how bout the impending price cut along with Zelda Windwaker HD, the limited edition console and the exclusive Ganondorf figure?

Sonic Lost World, and how it looks like the best Sonic game since the 16-bit era? How bout Batman Arkham Origins, and how exciting it is to get a sequel on Wii U less than a year after Arkham City, both with amazing gamepad integration? Assassin's Creed 4, and how great that will be on Wii U? Or maybe Watch Dogs, and how it looks like it was MADE for the Wii U and gamepad? Ok, how bout Deus Ex Human Revolution, and how awesome this revised version will be on the Wii U?

Hmm, how bout Super Mario 3D World, or is Mario too dull a subject to talk about? There's always Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, which perks the ears of just about anyone I utter the name to, how bout that one? No? Well, how bout we talk about the hyped releases set for next year, since this year's almost over already. Bayonetta 2? Mario Kart 8? Super Smash Bros 4? Monolith Soft's X? Oooh, I know, we could talk about that SMT x Fire Emblem crossover. After Fire Emblem Awakening and SMT 4, who WOULDN'T be hyped for this game?!! And Miiverse, following several recent updates, has evolved into something rather exciting- that's probably the number one thing I would talk about. It's like half Facebook, half Twitter, but for Wii U owners! That's not something to talk about? I always like telling people about the triple controller configuration- how most Wii U games can be played via gamepad, Pro Controller or Wiimote. 3 excellent options, user's choice. That's something you don't see on other systems! Backwards compatibility, free online, external HDD support, and VC are always welcome conversation starters too.

But I see your point. Nothing exciting to talk about. You're right, we should just shut up until we actually have something exciting to tell people.



Gerbwmu said:

@luke17 Luigi's Mansion & Mario Kart Double Dash would be a great place to start. Add in Eternal Darkness and Fire Emblem and you would add a level of depth to the system that would appeal to a broad range of gamers



ScorpionMG said:

@Stimpy i bought my wii u for the gamepad as well. IT would be pointless without it, if i just wanted a pro controller and no gamepad then i would go with ps4.



Senario said:

@Technosphile The Wii commercials were like that and tgey were clearly effective. Also, you are looking in the wrong place for Nintendo ads. On those sports channels they obviously will advertise to the whole "macho" subset of culture. Particularly in america. You would likely see more nintendo commercials around cartoon shows since kids which are the actual main demographic are watching. They then tell their parents and boom. Cash. While many gamers like myself are between 18-35, not everybody has the same tastes since I do enjoy colorful and unique games more than dark and gritty third or first person shooters. I would be more excited for MH4 than all of the games in the PS launch lineup. The game is colorful, unique, has great gameplay, and is endlessly fun. Tge only reason I am not as excited yer is that there is no western release date set



Williaint said:

@JaxonH Thanks for saving me a bit of time.
So, think the "Wii U" name stinks (N U Would have been better)? Just call it Nintendo; be generic. I've said that I was playing a GameBoy, so people will understand 3DS. I Almost always have my G-pad plugged in. That's never been a big problem.
Advertising... I can't recall the last advertisement I'd seen for just Wii U, on TV. I have seen some on the Internet. I enjoy the Nintendo Directs. They need to bring back the nerds (They must be about 50, by now). Instead of "your parents help you hook it up" "you help your parents hook it up".

Nintendo needs — I suppose they just "should"-- do an ad campaign where they mock people who don't know what the Wii U is (FACT: Mockery is the best way to get people to learn).



nathanjones007 said:

K. Nintendo i have to words of advice that i know for a fact will work!
1. Advertise,advertise, advertise! Please show tv commercials, internet, radio etc..! Exhaust all options! Also when you advertise please explain that the WII U is a NEW system not just a wii with a gamepad. Many people holds this false doctrine as truth. Airheads @ my local Gamestop who claim to be professional game advisers lol!!) and the general public.

2. Continue to release solid software! ( Pikimin was a great start!)



MaverickHunterX said:

What people keep forgetting is that Nintendo doesn't advertise unless there's a BIG upcoming title they want to promote, and they usually advertise it two weeks before and after the game's release.

The only 3DS commercials on TV(this year) were Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. And the only WiiU game they've advertised thus far has been Pikmin 3.

Give them another week or two and I guarantee you'll start seeing commercials for the Wind Waker HD deluxe bundle/price drop on Cartoon Network/Boomerrang, Nicktoons, and DisneyXD/HD/Jr.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@JaxonH : nice post. You forgot one huge game landing September 24th, Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure. I really feel this may attract a number of people. I'm picking it up day one.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I've read a lot of complaints about Mario Kart not being released this Christmas. Think about this, though:

Would you rather have them rush to finish the game and get a half-baked Mario Kart? Because as great as Mario Kart 7 was, it felt VERY rushed. Mario Kart 8 is on track to being a beautiful, wonderful game. I would rather have Nintendo take their time and COMPLETELY finish it rather than rush to get it out for Christmas.

But you guys seem to be forgetting a major title: Super Mario 3D World. 3D Mario's are a big deal. 3D Land was arguably the 3DS's saving grace, if the fact that it's the current best-selling 3DS game is any indicator. 3D World will play a MASSIVE role this holiday season. Nintendo is making a very smart move releasing it right before Black Friday, and the busy cover art will certainly draw eyes.

Yes, Mario Kart is a monster seller, but just because we won't have it for Christmas isn't the end of the world. We're still getting a 3D Mario, and if Nintendo markets 3D World (and the rest of 2013's games, for that matter), the Wii U will be well on its way to success, and Mario Kart, Smash, and Zelda will continue the success.

But if you want Nintendo to rush Mario Kart, by all means keep complaining. I would rather have a polished game than a game that feels rushed.



banacheck said:

Thats ironic, so Wii Uers must also be idiots as you put it, as Wii U also has CoD. Coming to think of it Mario is just as bad as COD but innovative to Wii Uers, what a joke. I don't know what your playing but it isn't what i'm playing, i just thank god your not into the other consoles, one less idiot fanboy to deal with.



thanos316 said:

the wii u name sucks.. nintendo should have went with the revolution for the name but they stuck with the wii for brand recognition. ok so thats settled. no big games in a long time. ok they've had some good games come out but people want big games to justify a purchase. they should have pushed the tablet accesory much harder, get games out on it much sooner. its not until recently that more and more games are coming out just for the tablet. push the eshop more.. integrate it with the 3ds eshop. get more devs on your side, and make sure that they don't make crappy ports for your system, cause no one wins that way. word of mouth is also a big thing too... you just can't talk a big game and have no action. you have to push you system and make sure people knows it. what sold well last gen is not always gonna sell well now, so you gotta keep pushing out something new and fresh. i love nintendo. nintendo has me sold on the 3ds, but the wii u i'm not sold on just yet..



Vee_Flames said:

Wow, OK. But there are Wii U games coming out soon, so there should be a big spike in sales. And it's name? Maybe they could have changed it for less confusion, but I like the name!
1. Actually, the Gamepad is a very nice controller. Yes, it's underused, but we're talking Ninty here, the guys who made 'shaking a Wiimote to do a spin' quite innovative and awesome. When sales arise(in fact maybe soon for that matter!), it's pretty obvious Ninty will announce games with their point of highlights being their GamePad integration.
2. Marketing the U is not a big deal for me, as I live in Nigeria. Yeah, people may see the ad and try it out, but will be disappointed when they see the price($766.67!!) for brand new, that is.
3. Yeah, I was disappointed when they announced the games at E3, with MK8 being a huge exception. But now I TOTALLY understand why these games are here. It's to help sales. 3D World may indeed be Wii U's bestseller throughout it's lifespan until they release some other game like that or something. Plus, who's to say these games won't be F-U-N?
So.. that's really that.



MAB said:

Another one of these weekly armchair business guru articles with the equally sad 'I know everything' comment sections. NLifers still fall for this same old site traffic stuff, boring!

I hope that MicroSonyNinty internet business degree pays your bills properly...

Goes back to a mountain of WiiU/3DS backloggery with plenty more games on the horizon to add to that mega list of awesome



element187 said:

Great article, but I take issue with this line:
"head start over its next-gen competition arguably squandered"

I don't believe for a second it was "squandered"... Nintendo systems are notorious for having a slow start software wise. By releasing a year early with little to no advertising, Nintendo will have all the terrible software drought and growing pains all ironed out by the time the other two are released..

By being the cheapest new system, with the biggest software library and the most exclusives,it will be the most attractive console when it comes to the biggest buying demographic aka Parents.



GiftedGimp said:

@Stimpy Well thats just stupid on so many levels, not least that WiiU is and has always been designed around the gamepad and if it wasn't then it would have nothing to seperate itself from being the same from any other system on the or coming to the market.
Nintendo has innovated (again) and Dual screen gaming, now Nintendo has shown other how to do it will be common what ever the platform but not done as well because it'll operate as an option extra via your home network rather than directly from the system, as standard.
If it really is such a bad Idea then why is it Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Microsoft (I'm sure there's a few others to add to that list) are designing games for 360, Xb1, Ps3 and Ps4 that will use your smart phone, Tablet, Smartglass device and Vita to operate as a second screen?



PerezBro99 said:

That's different. The 3d in the 3ds isnt necessary, however, the Wii U gamepad IS the Wii U. What you're saying is like a Wii U without HD, that can happen.



element187 said:

"They Need to sell the Wii U with NO gamepad"

@Stimpy that's the spirit, remove the only thing that differentiates Nintendo from the competition, that will certainly sell more systems "Buy our consoles, its exactly like the consoles from the other guys, but costs more to boot"

Nintendo has been successful to date when they do their own thing (DS, Wii, 3DS). When Nintendo makes a console just like the other guys (GameCube), it doesn't do very hot.... The Wii U only had a bad year because the absolute lack of any great games. Solve that problem, and communicate what makes their product different from the other guys, it will sell much much better......

And just to add, people need to drop this idea if a systems doesn't sell gangbusters in its first year doesn't mean the system is doomed. Systems that don't have any must have games fail. PS3, 3DS had rough starts because the lack of software, as soon as that software arrived, sales started move... Systems that have a rough start and still have no steady diet of great must have games continue to do poorly, cough cough Vita.



GamerZack87 said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'd rather wait until the white Wii U Premium becomes available here before I commit myself to buying one. Nintendo would be foolish to not see how many more units they could sell by expanding options for buying consoles, which is why the white Premium is already available in Japan.

Please, make it happen, Nintendo!



Will-75 said:

I purchased my Wii U day one and I've never regreted it , I still think it's the best console on the market there is so many untapped possibilitys to the Wii U, in concept none of the other consoles come close for me not PS4 or xbox1 can touch the design of Wii U the gamepad is genius. There are so many overlooked features of the Wii U thats it's really sad the online browser is great the video chat with the front facing camera is solid the TVii app is fun and very promising the off TV play for games genius there really is nothing else like it. I hope for all the success in the world for Wii U I so hope the system starts getting the software it deserves from Nintendo and 3RD Party it would be a shame to let such an AMAZING console by design - be wasted..



yojo said:

@Magiick Pikmin 3 kinda filled that need for me, but I do agree that Mario Kart 8 is the first game by Nintendo to REALLY push the Wii U. Wind Waker HD and 3D World look great, but they look like late life 1st party PS3 games. Mario Kart 8, X, and Bayonetta 2 really look next gen.



bigtig said:

they cant advertise during sports games because wii u isnt getting any sports games!!! love you nintendo... ea youre a dick



DanielRMuriel said:

I bought a Wii U and shortly afterward bought a Nintendo 3DS XL. I get far more enjoyment and entertainment from my 3DS. Sad story.



turtle69 said:

I would love to see luigis mansion u, starfox u(but an actual flying game), pikmin 4, super Mario bros 2nd u, metroid u, zombi u 2, and a new game like nothing we've seen before (plus all the games we do know of and another 3d Mario game). This be the list of new games for the wii u I can easily dream of and in my opinion no one could touch it.



turtle69 said:

They will never drop the gamepad for the wii u. That's what makes it what it is from afar. Everything is already there and ready to go. . . Some things just need tweeking through updates . . . My only complaint is the gamepads battery life through others cause it really hasn't effected my experience personally but I can see it has to others.



ex-sight said:

They need to focus on key futures :
1. Tablet controller - not the GamePad (touch interface, easy Internet on TV). That's not innovation - it's just a game controller
2. Off-tv play - one of my favorite things about Wii U
3. Wii U support Wii games library, but has it's own
4. Promoting Coming Wii u games with DEMO ( Mario kart 8, super smash bros wii u - before release like Rayman Chalenging app)
5. Support all style gaming in every title - wiimote and nunchak, wii u pro, wii u GamePad ( I like controling shooters with wiimote, but novadays it's not)
6. Games, and games, and games
7. Make bundles with wiimote and nunchak and GamePad



Zael said:

you can plug but when you play fzero in nintendo land or donkey with the gamepad plugged it is very uncomfortable, also when you have to use it as a viewfinder in zelda. So in 2013 you have to play plugged?
Many people find very uncomfortable to recharge the battery 2 times a day, you use a home console with all the problems of an handheld
Those problems will emerge exspecially on games like zelda where you have to play many hours
Many people will start to hate the hardware for this
Third parties will not support the game pad because they produce multi platform and have no reason to spend more money for wii u features, they will use it only for the off screen mode and for maps. It is useless
Only nintendo could support it but at the moment we can say that it is not supporting because
pikmin 3
zelda ww hd
mario 3d world
are all games that are similar to the wii version and can be played also without gamepad, the gamepad features are few (only the maps or the viewfinder that already exist with the wii mote)
You have to admit that the gamepad isn't innovative like the wii mote
It is useless. It only make the gaming much more uncomfortable
Also bayonetta 2 will not use the gamepad
It only raises the console price and the battery consumption
But i agree on the fact that it is impossible to remove it now, so they could produce a smaller version of the same to reduce the cost and the battery consumption.
A small scrren like the 3ds one
In this way you can use all the wii u function but you can reduce the problems
Considering it is useless at least you reduce the problem
Also it is useless to have two screens because you can use only one scrren a time (you have only 2 eyes, not 4), all the gamepad function can be reproduced with the pause button



The-Chosen-one said:

first the good quality games have to come out, or have to be shown, like smashbros, mario kart, and show a awesome trailer for the new ''epic'' zelda.
give more info about Xenoblade wiiU and a release date



MrGawain said:

I think emphasis on calling the console the 'U' colloquially would be a good, cheap way to differentiate between it and the Wii. People call the Xbox 360 a 360, so I don't see why this wouldn't work to sort out the name.

Personally I think the system is defined by the gamepad, and that is the selling point. It is what Nintendo has as an alternative to a processor for wonder graphics.

And as for advertising, I think Nintendo has to pick a time in October or November before Christmas, and drill the point home in TV ads about Wind Waker, Mario 3D, Donkey Kong, Wii Fit, Sonic, Pikmin 3, Lego City and 101 being exclusive titles.




Step One for pushing the Wii U: Look back at those "Wii would like to play" commercials, take notes, and do THAT again. A lot.

Make people understand that this isn't an add-on. It's a new console, it's cheaper than the PS4 and Xbox One. It's got great games on it already, and more to come, and they should buy it so they can play with U. Push this product like you did with the Wii. When those commercials were coming out, that was most motivated I've ever seen Nintendo's advertising.



jmularczyk said:

please make a game that utilizes the controls ofthe metriod game on Nintendo land. it will be a winner



Sceptic said:

@jmularczyk: Nintendoland has so many great ideas but you're stuck with mostly ultra-short games. Metroid Blast is one. That ghost hunter game is another. It's an asymmetric gameplay work of art, but only has IIRC three levels. I thought there would be a fully-featured standalone game coming, but nope.

@Zael: Spot on. Every game that supports both Wiimote and gamepad I prefer the Wiimote. Smaller kids can't even hold it up for long enough. As a controller it's a huge step back. I hate using it. Every time I get to use the Wiimote I think, "Man, they ditched this awesome and engaging gaming experience for that stupid slab?"

They should bundle two Wiimotes as well. The Gamepad is only good for off-TV play (and asymmetric gameplay, but nobody uses it. No, I'm not counting little gimmicks like in Rayman and Pikmin). I think people understand fully well that the WiiU is not the Wii, but there's no reason they should get it. They probably got the Wii because of the uniqueness of the Wiimotes, swinging swords and golf clubs. Now that whole aspect seems to be missing.



Mario-Man-Child said:

The problem I see is the gamepad, it's keeping production costs up, a lot of gamers don't want a touch screen (including myself) and lets get real it's not really that innovative.
Nintendo have always been innovators, but it feels like they are out of ideas and they had to come up with something and the Wii U pad is it.
It's distressing to see my favourite games company in such a mess. All the blame falls on Satoru Iwata shoulders. I know he has done some good but I wish he would retire and let someone rebuild the Nintendo of old.



BlockPunch said:

@Gaz Plant Top article! Games do indeed sell consoles, but I still feel that the Wii U needs a Wii Sports-style killer app. Wii Sports 2 HD Online. Do it, Nintendo!



Kirk said:

Yeah, Art Academy and that football mini-game from Wii Party U are great examples to show off the unique functionality and appeal of the Wii U GamePad.

How many games are there like this though; that genuinely show off the unique appeal of the GamePad and in a way that actually makes people want to play games with it as opposed to being cheap gimmicks that would work just as well, if not better, on a traditional controller anyway?

If Nintendo can find ten or so good examples of this and show them all off in one TV ad I think it would be a great idea.

That has to happen alongside a more traditional TV ad that shows off all the big first party games, the few AAA third party games and maybe even some of the better indie games coming to the console soon and in the future too.



withoutdk said:

advertising and advertising....

this evil circle of no buyers, no games, no dev... is just beginning to make me angry



GuruOfGreatness said:

First time I have ever posted in any game chat forum here, and to be honest, I have so many opinions on the Wii U and gamers in general, that I don't think I could possibly comment on everything.

Now, I just want to say to start with though, that I have owned a Wii U since day one, and have not regretted it for a single second. I love it, I think it's a great console, with great games, and plenty more on their way.

Now, Nintendo have been, and no doubt always will be my favourite brand in the gaming industry. However, I have still owned, and loved, every other single console, including hand helds, that have ever been available in the UK market. Favourite console of all time is the N64, closely followed by, IMO, the most underrated console of all time, the Dreamcast.

But that's just it, though Nintendo are my favourite company, I still love all the others, because they still supply me with a different gaming experience to their competitors. Now why can't it be like that for everyone? Why do we have to have "fanboys" that think their console/brand is the best just coz they say so? Why isn't there room in the market for people to enjoy a Wii U, alongside a PS4 and an Xbox One? I realise money comes into it for some, but if you really want something bad enough, you save for it or wait until you can receive it as a gift. Why does there have to be bad blood between gamers? We are all gamers here, because, oddly enough, we all play games and enjoy them. It's no different to someone liking one food over another, yet I never see full blown wars over whether Pizza is nicer than Shepherds Pie.

Nintendo will always be my favourite, and the big fan in me hopes they sell more units than Sony and Microsoft, but I like to be realistic, though I don't think the Wii U will fail at all, I don't think it will sell epic numbers like it's competitors either, which is fine with me, and TBH, I think Nintendo will probably be happy with a healthy 3rd place. As long as they make money from the console over time, what do they care about whether they're first, second or third? Shouldn't that be how the other two companies think as well?

I have recently just sold my 360 and PS3, because I realised that I have not played on them since January 2013 when I was off over Xmas. I realised I had not bought a game for either console since November 2012. Now, this is NOT an attack on any PS3/XBOX fans, but, the reason for this is because I had lost all interest in every single game that was being released, and I found so very little time to play on what I had as well. The PS3 was literally just used as a Blu ray for it's last 9/10 months that I had it. I realised that every single game I had any interest in, was for the Wii U, whether it has been released yet or not.

I feel I have come full circle in gaming TBH. Like many, I grew up in the NES generation, and so Nintendo games were my thing. Then as I got older and the Xbox and PS2/3 came out, I got into more adult games, especially FPS. Now though, I have no interest in these adult games that have 300 hours of gameplay and have the best graphics ever seen etc etc etc. Again, this is not an attack on those who still love their Halo's, GTA etc, it is just the way things have worked out for me. I found myself falling in love with truly original games again such as Pikmin, Wonderful 101, and all the other Nintendo franchises either out or on their way. Their colours, visuals, and originality are what brought me to love Nintendo back in 1990, and it's these things that are making me want no other console in my house but my Wii U. I even cancelled my PS4 pre-order last week, as, except for Killzone 4, there is not a single game that excites me for it. This is not a bash at the PS4 though. For loads out there, they must be angry that there is TOO much for them to choose from. For me though, the games that interested me, and I have subsequently purchased or pre-ordered are Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong, Zelda HD, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario 3D etc. I have also pre-ordered COD and am thinking about either Watchdogs or Assasins Creed, although those two are games I would rather wait until a price drop or sale. At the end of the day, I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. If by some chance I can also play a COD game on there or a Ninja Gaiden, then I've won twice over.

I think Nintendo's future is still strong, as is Sony's and Microsoft's. Why people have to hate on each other for liking one thing and not another is beyond me. As mentioned, though now cancelled, I preferred a PS4 over an XBOX, but, if you're deating which one to get but REALLY loved Kinect when you played it round your friends, then you would be daft NOT to go for the Xbox. If you LOVED Mario Kart and The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U round your friends house, and were thinking of selling your current console but weren't sure which one to get, why wouldn't you just go for a Wii U? Why should your judgement on which console is "best" be based on a "fanboys" opinion. It should be your call. I personally wouldn't trade my Wii U for anything, and quite frankly, the ONLY thing I would change about it would be the possibility to play DVD or Blu ray. I must admit, I was quite suprised when it was first announced that they wouldn't even throw in a DVD drive. But, no big deal, certainly not a deal breaker for me, and I would like to think for no none else as well.

It is a fantastic time to be a gamer IMO. Not only do you still have the original Wii still doing quite nicely, but you have the PS3 and 360 still doing their own thing, and doing it very well, but you also have the thriving 3DS and the steadily getting there at last PS Vita, as well as the Wii U already out, and two brand new consoles on their way. Gamers should not be complaining right now, as there is just so much choice out there, just.........enjoy it!!!



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah ppl still dont know what a wii u is or does .. needs more advertising and i agree we need commercials like the "wii would like to play" or what ever that was it was memorable come on dammit someone? anyone? --



GuruOfGreatness said:

To me, this is still Nintendo's biggest problem; advertising. I remember when I got my 3DS; I got it primarily because of Mario Kart 7. Now, I'm a sucker for ANY Mario Kart game, but this game was advertised on every bloomin channel and felt like it was every other advert too. I wasn't going to get it straight away, but lo and behold, the advertising finally got to me and I went out and got a 3DS with Mario Kart and love both. THAT'S what they need to do. Advertise it until it makes peoples eyes bleed, and when you have such a huge Nintendo exclusive console seller coming out, push, push, push and push some more and drum it into everyones head that you don't just want this game, you NEED this game. I do think they will get it right eventually though. Better late than never



SetupDisk said:

I love the gamepad, it's grown to be my favorite controller of all time. Every time I play my PS3 I wish those games were on Wii U. Especially Borderlands 2.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

Nintendo need make games like Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, halo, fable, GTA and so on if they wanna stay in the Bidness....them lil colorful games like Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong are starting to get old to Us....give us some dark twisted Hardcore doodoocacapoopiedoggieloviedoodles that'll blow our minds
Watch the profanity please — TBD



JtotheY said:

Nintendo needs to take a couple of steps. Afters Super Smash, Mario Kart and all that is released, the only big titles coming are the new Zelda, X, and probably some unnanounced titles as of yet. For future purposes they need to buy up as many studios as they can. Not just random studios, but studios who can really create games the way Nintendo creates or approves them. Studios like Platinum, Retro, SEGA (SEGA haven't done that much lately but if Mario & Sonic and Sonic: Lost World are immensely popular, they should consider it). Right now, Nintendo needs to market the poopiedoodledoggiepoosiedoos out of the Wii U. There are games coming, and there are holidays coming. Why did the Galaxy S3 beat the HTC One X? Marketing. Nintendo can sell a massive amount of Wii U's if they put enough effort (and cash, of course) into marketing it. If they get a steady stream of great, exclusive titles, and with advertisements everywhere, no one can ignore Wii U anymore.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



rjejr said:

The lack of advertising was a conscious decision on Nintendo's part to ignore the "casuals" and go after the "hard-core" who they felt they had lost with the Wii. The launch line-up for Wii U was Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, AC3 and Arkham City and they were promoting the Pro controller. They were trying to take advantage of the head start over the PS4 and X1. Nintendo Land was a thank you to Nintendo hardcore fans but wasn't anything like Wii Sports or Sports Resort or Fit. Nothing at all to get people to upgrade. Just Dance and Zumba are still coming out on the Wii. This was their decision, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Nintendo Direct is a waste as far as selling Wii Us. Better off just putting the trailers on Facebook and Youtube (in America, don't know the rest of the worlds equivalent social media addictions) Resources should be applied elsewhere.

"the concept of timescales." THIS. GTAV, Last of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, any new Halo - these games blitz the media months in advance, that helps them sell. Nintendo still doesn't have a price on the eShop for WW HD yet and it comes out in 5 days. They have no sense of anticipation and preparation. Nobody there was ever a boy scout.

New holiday shopping season and 2 new consoles stoking the shoppers. Advertise Wii U like the 3rd, better and cheaper alternative. Or just stop making it.



archlord said:

There's just so much emphasis on the tablet. Yes, that is the focus, but if one doesn't take a good, strong look at the advertisements, it could be easily mistaken that the tablet is merely sitting in front of a black Wii.

Show the console off in advertisments more, hell, show it side by side with the old Wii. Just stop focusing 100% of the attention on the tablet controller.



Doma said:

@XxGame_LoverXx As soon as i saw what Retro were working on, my interest in the console died.... It should've been a new IP directed at adults. Just how many samey platformers does the WiiU need anyway?

Nintendo can keep the WiiU, along with their same-old, factory made Mario ____. For now, i'll be focusing on 3DS/PS3 games. PS4 after, most likely.



hYdeks said:

I'm disappointed all around with my Wii U. It doesn't get played and has so much dust on it, people I live with have been writing "Play Me" and stuff on it I'll be trading it in this coming week for a PS4 pre-order. I give up on Nintendo products, they're just all around disappointing.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

@Doma Exactly man jus because a system has Nintendo branded on it dosen't mean we always have to have a Mario Game on there year after year or a donkey kong game or zelda etc.....Nintendo need to do something differently like they normally do....I thank they need to buy both Atlus and Sega or do some kinda partnership with em or something....that old magic has left nintendo ever since Gamecube/ N64 Era....Wii Was only lucky because the motion control brought a new level to gaming I thank nintendo shoulda kept going in that angle and made it better



kishimi8 said:

I just wish they'd put emerging markets in their agenda,, i hate importing games accross da Atlantic, life in africa sucks



Sceptic said:

@RandomNerds: Ashamed? In most of the rest of the world they'd be out of a job by now, busking on Taiko drums at the waterfront with Iwata.



zool said:

The WII u seems to be just a Wii with HD graphics and a gamepad. And I guess that is all it is. The gamepad I see as a third console. I will either play my 3ds the Wii u or the game pad. When I am playing the Wii u I don't want to be looking down at a second screen.

I transferred my Wii games to my Wii u, which included one of my best games Super Mario 64. But without a classic controller I can't play it.

I have the basic Wii U which I thought would have at least 3GB of memory spare. It only just had enough to download Trine 2, it is now full.

I think the whole thing is rather messy, a lack of memory and having to have a selection of separate controllers depending on the game being played. .... all that plus the cost of the Wii u, for what? HD graphics, which the Wii should have had anyway.



Sceptic said:

@zool: Exactly. Not only does the gamepad raise the cost of the WiiU console itself, the fact that you need to get a classic controller anyway adds to it even more. They're cheap bundled, but they're over $100 on their own where I live.

And add the fact that you're then sitting on this console that, like in the supposedly oh-so-fantastic Pikmin, is not even needed (!) to play. Their own big summer title doesn't need it. I mean what the hell?!

Nintendo themselves are not only not using it anywhere near its potential, they are literally saying "hey, that thing that pushed the price of yor console up another $100 and is scaring away developers because we told them at first that we expected them to do awesome stuff with it? We have great news: You don't really need it, it's actually better and more fun to play with Wiimotes!"

Really, I don't know what to say. Nintendo are like in this dream world where everything is great and nothing matters. Insanity.



Senario said:

@XxGame_LoverXx and when a different game comes out you wouldnt buy it like the wonderful 101. Stop acting like sequels are only a problem with nintendo. I feel that nintendo still has that magic with good games like fire emblem, animal crossing, zelda, and so on. If you disagree I point you to games like fire emblem awakening, new leaf, mario galaxy, and skyward sword.



Zael said:

What made nes and snes great consoles were games like super mario, metroid zelda and donkey, but also games like megaman, street fighter, castlevania, final fantasy, demon's crest, probotector, turtles, final fight, street gangs, duoble dragon, metal gear, breath of fire, terranigma, chrono trigger, secret of mana, demon's crest, mrtal kombat, ninja gaiden, bubble bobble, ducktales etc etc
and many of those games were from third parties
Probably metroid and zelda are the most beautiful, but third parties had an important rule
This because every one has own preferences and only with a big variety of games and developers you can reach everyone
Nintendo simply have to make new hardware which can support third parties and continue to make its game,
The innovation is in the games, not in the gamepad. But games can be innovative only when you have many producers
For example I rarely buy games from atlus but after I saw dragon's crown I decided to buy the game on day one.
I haven't bought games like tomb raider or the last of us, that are best sellers, because I don't like them.
This to say that if you have many producers you can find a game for you
In the past nintendo made only one or two mario for console ( snes n64 gamecube), now it is starting to inflationate mario and forget ip like kid icaris, f zero, starfox, or brand new ip.
It is ok to have a mario for each console but there are also other ip
The low sales of wii u are a consequence of this
And also of problems related to the game pad that is very uncomfortable to play with
Also, many people dislikes the double screen
The hd space is also small considering that they have made promotions like pikmin+ wonderfl 101 with 30% safe only via digital
First you produce a console with 8gb space, then you release a promotion on 2 games that exceed the space on hd
Another problem is the cost of the gamepad. If I broke my gamepad where I can buy another one? and how much it will cost? 100 euro for a replacement gamepad?
I can say that there are many problems related to this hardware
I thnk that nintendo also lost ground in the wii era. In fact many casual gamers have bought a wii but have discovered that it has lack of support and now want to play the multiplatform games they saw on the ps3 and xbox360. So they have chosen to to pass to the ps4.
So the wii sold well but this can mean also that many buyers could have changed their mind about the lack of support that an underpowered console brings
I hope that nintendo will listen to its fans and will change its absurd policies about hardware
i know that graphic isn't everything but if graphics can help the support then it is important
To have low sales means also to have a minor quantity of games in the future and of minor quality



N7Mudkip said:

I'm waiting for an F-zero game, a metroid game, and a star fox game. Where the fck!



Senario said:

@Zael They tried making third party attractive consoles like the Gamecube and got burned. Face it, third parties often have huge amounts of animosity towards nintendo for no reason and would not make a game for them regardless.
@zool Well first. Get an external HD if you are into download versions of games, it is a lot cheaper than adding more memory and charging you more than the memory I is worth. Second, HD TVs were not common when the wii launched although that didnt matter cause it was a huge success.

@Doma And why should there be a new franchise "aimed at adults" what do you define that as? Blood? Gore? Monochromatic? An M rating? Shooter? These things not only don't represent adulthood very well but often are closer to interactive movies instead of games. True maturity is not synonymous with Testosterone overdose in games.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

@Senario Dude wtf are u talking bout I jus bought Raymen Legends and Splinter cell blacklist last month and I preorder wonderful 101......I support nintedno in everythang they do I even got a 3ds and plan on purchasing a 2ds next month...but yea anyway back to the Wii U man Everythang I said earlier is true...the Wii U do need hardcore games and Mario, Donkey kong and Zelda not gonna get it......Man kids in 2day generation are hooked on FPS, RPG's, MMO, and Fighting games....Don't nobody wanna spend they whole life playing the same poopledoodiedingdongdoggiepoopsiepoo we use to see in the 80's and 90's it's time for something new and refreshing....Stop releasing the same poopledoodiedingdongdoggiepoopsiepoo over and over and everybody will be happy. I got a question for ya Why don't nintendo got games like Kill zone or Tiatans falls....huh oh I'll wait....
Watch the profanity please — TBD



Senario said:

@zool 1. Only if you want a ton of download games and don't buy hard copies. Also, seriously an external hard drive is very cheap and you can get 2TB ones for 70 usd. And you will likely need less than a fourth of that. After all, external HD compatibility is the reason the basic set existed. Besides those things are OPTIONAL so you don't have to buy it.
2. How did you play mario 64 on your wii if you transferred it over? You should still have the means to play the dang game. And if you don't then I call BS on you having the game in the first place.



rjejr said:

@hydeks - Shouldnt you wait 3 weeks until after Sonic Lost Worlds, it looks pretty good to me? Plus the PS4 isnt out until Nov., might as well wait for a good offer.

Just watched a COD Ghosts commercial during the Manning Bowl. OMG. I hate and dont play FPS but that was awesome. Glad the Wii U is getting it, but too bad no systems were mentioned. I think the Wii U version needs a pet simulator for the german shepards. Seriously though, all the people always talking garbage about FPS, watch that ad on a 52" tv w/ surround sound and tell me you dont understand why people want to buy that.



unrandomsam said:

@Sceptic Most of the world would fire the marketing team. But most of the world (wrongly) seems to think market share is more important than profit.



Emaan said:

It's just saddening that we went from the marketing brilliance that was the Wii to what we have now, the oh so trendy Wii U.



N64ever said:

Advertising needs to be quadrupled in the US. I see the UK ads for wind waker HD and think how awesome is that then I try to look for US ones and.....nothing. I saw a couple of Nintendo ads on nickelodeon, but we need to spread the word further than one channel.



zool said:

@Senario only $70. That is not the point. I can afford it so money is not the issue. Nintendo have messed up and the Wii u is not selling and they have had to abandon the basic unit.
I used the GameCube wavebird to play Mario 64, Which I can't use with the Wii u.



Senario said:

@zool well then invest in a pro controller. You should have been aware that you cannot use the wavebird on the wii u without the GC controller ports. And it was your own decision to transfer the data. So in the end there is only yourself to blame, pass it to Nintendo because you have 0 grounds for doing so.

Not only that you are complaining about the data yet money isn't an issue. Why did you not buy a deluxe? If money isn't an issue you should just get the dang external HD since you personally need it. They abandoned the basic unit because the deluxe sold better. Not because the wii u isn't selling in general. Stop ignoring what you can do with the system for your own convenience in hating on it. What is the point of sales? Do you so desperately want other peoples approval that you care about the sales? Play what you enjoy and be done with it. I will be playing Monster hunter 3 Ultimate and the Wonderful 101 for the forseeable future.



zool said:

@Senario my position and what I can afford is not the issue. The reason I have money is because I don't waste it, I look for value for money.
The basic unit does not do what it says on the box. 8gb should have been fine for the casual downloaded who buys most of their games on a card, but Nintendo got it very badly wrong when the system update turned out to be so big.
Nintendo could turn things round or they could go the way Sega went and we could be playing Mario on the PlayStation.
This thread is not about what I could do, it is about Nintendo. They got it so right with the Wii and so wrong with the Wii u. One year on and they still do not have that killer game that will sell a console, a game that should have been released a launch date.
Being a Nintendo fan does not mean agreeing with everything they do.



Urbanhispanic said:

I agree with the points made about their marketing attempts. No matter what or how good the games are, if people outside of the Nintendo community do not know that the Wii U is NOT the Wii, then even the best games released for the Wii U will not sell. Just look at Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101; two excellent games that should be selling way more copies.



jayclayx said:

Nintendo did pretty well back then advertising the wii U with all that tablet controller features, the problem is that Nintendo didnt invest enough in game development from its own studios so after a year they still dont get a game enough to make people get convinced why Wii U is a worth buy, so even with w101 and pkm 3 its really not enough compare whit what other consoles can offer you and with no games on the market also there is no advertising.



edcomics said:

@Dr_Corndog The problem is that every console is somebody's first video game console. The Wii U may be compatible with the Wii Remotes, but it doesn't come packaged with any at all. So the customer has to go out and buy not only a Wii Remote, but also a Wii Nunchuk if they want to use multiplayer... even though those aren't a featured part of the new system.

That's probably part of why some people still don't understand what the Wii U is. In the commercial, you see the family members using Wii Remotes, with only one person holding the Gamepad. It's just a bizarre setup

I recently started playing Rayman Legends with a friend, and I have to say the Gamepad features pretty much just get in the way of gameplay. I start a level using the standard controls, but at some point I have to stop and continue as Murphy on the touch screen. At that point, I'm pretty much controlling the entire game while my friend says "man, you're doing everything." It's just not balanced... and honestly, I'd rather be looking at my 55" TV to enjoy the HD graphics, rather than looking down at the Gamepad screen, having a kind of private type of game experience. While touch-screen controls are probably faster, there's little or nothing in Rayman Legends that couldn't have been achieved with a Wii Remote.

My other Wii U games really don't feature the Gamepad much at all, so there's nothing else to say. I think the biggest thing holding the Wii U back is... the Wii U. I'm ready for the next home console, Nintendo.



Senario said:

@zool let me laugh a bit lol..Nintendo on PS? Nintendo would rather have all of it's franchises go down with it rather than have it on the PS. This is completely about you and ignoring value for what you pay. You say you llookfor value but buy the deluxe that was 50 more but with a game and 4x the memory. The 8 GB was for those who do not buy downloaded new games like trine 2, wanted to hook up an external drive, or only had little to few VC games. Maybe you don't see a killer game but I see at least three. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Pikmin 3, the wonderful 101, and new super mario bros which I actually enjoyed a lot. In the end it sounds like you are a sony fanboy who likes nintendo games but refuses to buy the console for exclusives for whatever reason. As you said, money is not an issue and there is plenty of value. You still have nobody to blame but yourself for being unable to play mario 64, and the same story with refusing to buy an external HD for cheap when the option is available to you. Then complaining about the storage. It is like complaining that there is no whipped cream on your milkshake when there is a can of whipped cream on the table.



AdanVC said:

Wii U still has no big AAA games, fortunately, they're coming, started well with Pikmin 3 and now with The Wonderful 101 and in just a few more days, Wind Waker HD and the necessary price-drop, and it would continue that way through the end of 2013 thanks to games like Donkey Kong TF and the all-mighty Super Mario 3D World, that game would save Wii U, just like it did with the 3DS and Super Mario 3D Land. Let's not forget big 3rd Party games are coming as well, like Watch_Dogs and even CoD.

Everything is starting to come together nicely for Wii U this fall... the problem now is how Nintendo is going to advertise all of that cool stuff? That's the big problem, all of this cool stuff is going to be mostly unnoticed because Nintendo will keep just using those lame ads of people playing NSMBU while they show the Wii Remotes the 90% of the commercial! The Gamepad appears just for 2 seconds and the console itself doesn't appear at all! How do you want people to buy Wii U if you don't show the system properly? It's nice that you can use the controllers for Wii but that shouldn't be the main attraction now, especially while you announce a new product!

I hope Nintendo is busy right now in doing a better marketing because I don't want Wii U to fail, it's such a great console with tremendous potential.



rmeyer said:

Just make sure your commercials don't look like Microsoft commercials and you'll be fine



gatorboi352 said:

They need to take a page from their portable division and offer up a redesigned Gamepad soon. Something a little more slick and appealing looking. The first thing many people say when I show them the Gamepad is something along the lines of how ugly it is, and they instantly begin comparisons to tablets. Like it or not, that's the bed Nintendo has made for themselves this generation. So why not own it? Make a slick, thinner, better screened Gamepad.



gatorboi352 said:

I think the sad realization here (and everywhere) is that with out the Wii crowd, Nintendos are niche products. Especially their home consoles. Your typical home console gaming guy has moved on, or simply supplements their hobby with Nintendo. It is no longer the go to system for gaming. Sure, us Nintendo enthusiasts love our Nintendos, but so do BlackBerry fans love their BlackBerrys. The problem is, that number of enthusiasts is dropping every year. PlayStation and Xbox simply own right now. Xbox is the freaking "official gaming console of the NFL" for christs sake. WTF?



MAB said:

Only in America because the smoke and mirrors marketing tells you it is. In Australia they're giving away Xboxes for free if you buy fridges, microwaves and laptops... Microsoft products aren't very popular in other countries mate



zool said:

@Senario I would rather play Mario than not play it, regardless of the console. This thread is about marketing the Wii u which Nintendo has not done very well. The gamepad is not the thing that is or will sell the Wii u. Nintendo had to withdraw its advertising when it stated that games could be played on the gamepad instead of the tv. This was misleading as only a few games could be played this way. Again bad marketing. The Wonderfull 101and Pikmim are not games that will sell Wii u's, neither will an HD version of Windwaker. So is Nintendo thinking the next two Mario games will save the Wii u or have they got something else planned.



GamerJunkie said:

The sales for Wii U will be much worse next year.

WHY? PS4 and Xbox1.

This year that passed us just now, there was no new "next gen" console, Wii U had all console gamers to themselves. many bored gamers bought the Wii U hoping it could compete with the big boys this time since Nintendo promised us a console for "gamers and hardcore gamers" as well as casuals. However, they failed to give us the games we wanted or pretty much any games at all to show us this console is next gen or has a good future.

Now in the next year everyone that is out to get a new console for the most part will choose PS4 or Xbox1. For the price you get much more power, much more content, higher quality online experience, and a ton more games from every genre.

I am sorry, I just don't think Wii u will sell better this year than last.



rmeyer said:

Americans hate to get told what to do. Nintendo really blew it with "This is how u will play next". It's very ubrupt and has negative tones just so they could force in a U in the slogan. Nintendo has an opportunity to fix this, but sometimes they come off really out of touch.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Gioku really? I thought of a ton of ideas after years of the ds experience, its speakers could wisper secret information in while sneaking around, picking locks, or a game that combines a sidesrolling game on the pad while you protect or provide support on the big screen simultaneously which is in 3rd person, this could be done either coop or single player, then a shared first person mode for shooting, searching or linking targets from different angles.... Yea I think that sounds amazing, I need an indie developer to hear my idea..



StarDust4Ever said:

@BlackStar9000 No, you are wrong. It's freakking Strawberry Ice Cream. It came from a fanart somewhere on DeviantArt. The artist later created a thumbnail version of the sketch for use as an Avatar, and gave me permission to use it. ATM I can't find the original image, but it is Rosalina on the beach, wearing a bathing suit, and she is licking an Ice Cream Cone. Totally PG.



3MonthBeef said:

Nintendo will advertise (on t.v spots more) when there's a decent number of games out; can't really show your wares when there virtually aren't any.

The gamepad I think will be their white knight around this time next year because honestly the competitor's third-party support are using Vita, mobile phones and smartglass in obvious ways. Granted they have the better online infrastructure to be appealing. What secrets Nintendo has for ideas in how to use the gamepad in truly unique ways i think two things: 1) They may have already had some of their ideas laid out in Nintendo Land probably so subtle as to be overlooked, who knows, and 2) They don't want the competition getting any ideas from them; and really they've stated as such.

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