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Minny commented on 3DS Reigns in the U.S. for Another Month as Pi...:


You are a little off on your assessment of revenue generated per game sale. Google "Anatomy of a $60 Video Game." If a company sells 1 million copies, they make far less than $60 million. There is royalty fees, development costs, manufacturing, advertising, retailer cut, etc. A game like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 had $50 million in development, and $200 million in advertising, which they made back with their massive sale numbers. In fact, the average 3rd party developer nets a little over half the amount of the $60 on a new game. When games go on sale at retail, it is the retailer simply trying to move product because they bought too many of the game, and eat their own profit. Nintendo benefits from not having to pay a royalty fee to themselves (last gen is was around $7 per game per console). This also hurts Nintendo as the more people buy 3rd party games from Nintendo, Nintendo collects a royalty fee per game.

This is one reason for the digital push that will become more prevalent. You take out the manufacturing, shipping, and retailer's cut and put that back into the game developers pocket, which is why everyone wants to sell digitally. It is not a huge amount, but enough that it adds to the bottom line, which all these publicly traded companies want (more revenue and profit).



Minny commented on Talking Point: Marketing Wii U to the Masses:

The name of the console was bad. I simply say I play games on the "New Nintendo."

Their marketing has to change and become more mainstream. As others have alluded to, watching sports I constantly see ads for their competitors. During July, during every commercial break on the MLB network, there was a Playstation commercial. I have seen Xbox1 ads on those digital billboards around town. The new WWE video game from Take-2 is not coming to the Wii U, so no Nintendo commercials during WWE programming. This is not a presidential election year like last year, so you know Sony and Microsoft will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on television advertising, even though their core consumer knows the product is coming.

I know people do not see Nintendo and on-line play as synonymous, but when the games coming from Nintendo offer no on-line play, and all the big on-line games are coming, the vast majority of players will want the on-line experience. I just hope that Nintendo finally gets their Wii U games into Red Box here in the United States, since I see the icon, but no games. I would like to play some of the games coming, but to me many are not worth a $60 purchase but rather a weekend rent and beat.



Minny commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Like others have mentioned here, North America gets Wonderful 101 on Sunday. I did the Target pre-order, where you get a $5 gift card for buying the game. I realize the sales will be low, but I played Pikmin 3 for about 30 minutes and never went to grab the controller again. I will eventually get back to Pikmin, but I feel I need the insanity of W101 to get my back into playing games once again.

But I won't get much playing time on Sunday with the NFL and a lot of great games being televised.



Minny commented on Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Foll...:


I enjoyed most of that post, but one thing I will counter is that part of the issue in regarding NIntendo really stems from their internal decisions regarding the Gamecube. While the Gamecube was the strongest console, internal decisions made at the time is what hurt the company, and they are feeling that today. Here is a very thorough article that is quite long that describes it in more detail:

The last paragraph you write is spot-on and well said. The issue that most forget is that at the end of the day, all of these companies are in the entertainment industry wanting to make money. I feel that as someone who grew up with the NES as well as movie rental stores, the landscaped has changed drastically. When I was a kid, you could rent a game and have the opportunity to play the heck out of it. This allowed people to play many different genres. Today that is much more difficult without a Gamefly membership. I do feel sorry for younger gamers (under 18) because they don't have financial means to play many games from different genres like I had the opportunity to play. I guess I will always view digital games and digital content to going to an arcade and popping quarters into the machines.



Minny commented on Nintendo Misses Out on Nikkei 225 as Stock Slu...:

People forget that at the height of the Wii, Nintendo's stock in the US was valued in October 2007 at 78.50. It is now 13.80.

Many factors go into a stock's price, from Nintendo's conservative business approach to what investors feel the company is worth. This have nothing to do with the enjoyment one has while playing Nintendo hardware or software. However, these events are not particularly good for Nintendo.



Minny commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's eShop Policies Deser...:

I understand people's reservations since there is not an account system found on other consoles. However, as someone who keeps all their consoles and hand-helds, I personally do not have an issue. My Wii broke back in 2011 and I had purchased around 25 VC games. I got sent back a brand new Wii, and due to registering the games via Club Nintendo, I got them all back.

I guess as someone who spent a lot of time in arcades, I view many of the indy titles as simply like popping in quarters at the arcade. I will say the reviews on this site alone for all digital releases has been a superb. I have bought most of the titles with a rating of 8 or above and all have been great. I would have never bought them without this site.

We all know the magic of NIntendo. Yet, the small game developers have quality products as well and I can buy 5-8 of those games for the price of a retail game and get more enjoyment and longer play.

I have spoken to Nintendo of America employees in my area and the one thing they say is how hard it is to convince people about eShop. This is something Nintendo has begun to promote with free downloads, digital codes with new hardware, discounts, etc. Yes, the output of games from Nintendo is slow as molasses, but there is plenty to play if you are willing to buy the memory and the games (I got 50 eShop games on the 3DS).



Minny commented on StreetPass Relay Issues Reported in North America:

Heck in the latest Iwata Asks column, he says that streetpass hits happen 10x more in Japan than the rest of the world. Maybe these street pass relay stations shouldn't be kicking out 1 person, but rather say 5 from all over the country/world. I only go to get puzzle pieces and don't play any of the other Mii Plaza games. I have like 680 puzzle pieces. I just wish I could spend more coins to get pieces I want or better yet, have street pass data jump over from on-line play.



Minny commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May Be Playing Catch-...:

@AllCreation: I am very well aware of the EA/Nintendo saga. One thing you did not bring up was the abysmal sales of EA games on the Wii. Let's face it, because Nintendo choose to make the Wii an SD console (which I agree with fully because in 2006 HDTV's were not common, in fact it wasn't until 2010 that over 50% of homes in the US even had one), the lack of an on-line environment hurt Nintendo.

This is a business, and everyone is trying to make money. I love buying a retail game for a fraction of MSRP, which benefits me, but not the developers of the games. But the lack of on-line play is really what hurt them the most with the Wii, and that is something that Kyoto doesn't want to admit (as seen with no Nintendo games with on-line play for the Wii U). I guess I am simply different in that I think having a Nintendo on-line subscription to have access to their games as long as you have a subscription is better value than having to repurchase every single game when a new console comes out. Why would I buy any of the Wii U VC games when I got 20 for free by being a 3DS Ambassador. It doesn't make sense.

We all hope for a rebound with the games coming to the Wii U for the rest of 2013. We can hope for advertizing. I just saw several Xbox1 plugs watching the season opener of the NFL tonight, and it's the 2nd quarter. Nintendo has released their forecasts for the 3DS and Wii U and we will see how well their holiday quarter (Q3) ends up. I hope for the best, but I just think they will come up incredibly short of their forecasts because they are not pushing the needle with their software.



Minny commented on Over 61% of Q2 Game Sales in the U.S. Were Fro...:

People need to google anatomy of a $60 game. The cost of production, shipment, and retail cut of that $60 is not high. The games will never be substantially cheaper digitally than retail, because the video game companies need retail to sell the hardware and retail makes their money off software.

I will also point out that retailers do not like getting stuck with tons of software. They buy a game in bulk to distribute to their stores. If they game doesn't sell, they not only eat their profits, but will end up losing money when it is in their bargin bins. You will see less and less physical copies produced so retailers do not lose money on selling the game. If you enjoy physical games, you will have to have the mindset that pre-ordering the game if you want it since there will not be many physical copies available.

The recent rumors of Microsoft incorporating a buy-back system with digital games (you would sell your digital game back to Microsoft, who would then re-sell it) for the Xbox1 will only drive the digital side more, allowing for 3rd party developers to make money on a used digital sale.



Minny commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May Be Playing Catch-...:

Am I the only one hear that saw Nintendo's E3 presentation from 2011 and 2012 where they talked extensively about 3rd party support? That was a major selling point for me on the Wii U. Yet, here I am after purchasing 2 (yes, 2) Wii U's at launch without many games I have interest in playing, specifically from Nintendo (3rd party is very strong this year).

I understand developers issues with the Wii U. This is a cycle that dates back to the 1990s where Nintendo would have a game that sells well, 3rd parties don't want to bring games over because they won't sell, and the cycle continues. However, what I feel is different this time is Nintendo does not have the software to get people to buy the hardware.

Look, I understand many people love the Gamecube. But that was the when the issues really began for Nintendo as their software went into different directions, and the kids that grew up on Nintendo moved on or grew away from the brand. Those kids are now parents. It's pretty hard to sell a home console to the family when Dad does not have the option to play Fifa, Madden, or a gimped version of Call of Duty (Wii U lacks the pre-order DLC at Gamestop). As someone who has played every iteration of a Nintendo product the last 26 years, I hope they reach their holiday forecasts (Reggie said last week on CNBC that Nintendo of America does 55-60% of their sales from Oct-Dec.). I just think that Nintendo of America is told what to do by the big wigs in Kyoto, and the heads in Kyoto don't have any idea how to effectively market this console along with no title that everyone says they must have (Mario Kart 8 will come March 2014 and I bet Smash Brothers is Holiday 2014).



Minny commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:

Here is an article to read that somewhat highlights most of how I feel about Nintendo:

I love Nintendo, but the fact they are pushing Wind Waker HD, a game that is 10 years old as well as the lowest selling home console iteration of Zelda is not a good sign. There simply is not a lot that I see from Nintendo's titles for the rest of the year that I have not already experienced. Then there are those that are convinced that Zelda U will be out in 2014, when Nintendo has not said anything of that nature, are just fooling themselves.

Nintendo is no longer pushing the needle in regards to what they claim as "new experiences" with their software. They are conservative by releasing iterations of games where the fundamental gameplay has been experienced in the past. They still haven't shown a Nintendo title that shows why the gamepad is important (I love the gamepad, specifically for off-TV play). But the Wii U was in development for years, and not one title to show why it is fundamentally needed (I do not feel they should sell the Wii U without it, like some folks). They took the risk with the Wii U and gamepad, but its their conservative approach to software that isn't resonating with consumers, hence the poor sales of the console.

At some point, and I feel most would agree with me, that the decisions made in Kyoto pertaining to on-line play are no longer in sync with the European and North American markets. It doesn't have to be an either/or situation, and I do not expect certain games to have on-line, but that is simply the world we live in and the offerings from Nintendo do not address that. Like I stated previously, I hope Nintendo reaches their forecasts, I really do. But when I talk to Wii U owners (my in real life friends), there isn't a lot of software they are going to purchase.



Minny commented on We're Getting Digital Right On 3DS And Wii U, ...:


Reggie is not the issue. He is doing his job and following orders from Kyoto. That is the problem. The decisions made in Kyoto by a very conservative company is why Nintendo is in the conundrum they find themselves in today. Making a game like Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) and Mario Party (3DS) and not having on-line at this point is simply mind-boggling.

While the Wii sold well and made Nintendo a boat-load of money, players wanted more, and moved to another console and found on-line play. The Wii U still is simply not up to par with the current consoles, and it will get worse when the new consoles arrive in a few months.

I will hold out hope, but Nintendo really needs to take some of that war chest of money we all know they have and invest in on-line which is incredibly important in North America and Europe, but is not as important in Japan.



Minny commented on Wii U Name Isn't To Blame For Poor Sales, Says...:

I feel this all stems from the the faults of the Gamecube. I understand many people have fond memories of that console, but that was when many people that grew up on Nintendo felt Nintendo no longer appealed to them (whether it was the Gamecube's design, the fact the designers made noticeable changes to the first party games). Nintendo gambled and won early with the Wii and how insane things were the first 2 years of that console. However, as more people purchased HDTVs, along with software that didn't appeal to them, the choice became obvious that Nintendo did not resonate with consumers as they had years ago. The biggest issue now for the Wii U is not the name. It is the fact that Nintendo is 7 years behind creating HD software as well as lacking in on-line capabilities (from their handling of the eShop to multi-player games).



Minny commented on Ubisoft: Nintendo Has "Some Of The Best IP In ...:

I always love people who cry about Ubisoft delaying a game, when Nintendo themselves delay every single game they make. That first true software title that is a system seller is Mario Kart 8, which will be released in March 2014 to capitalize on the end of Nintendo's fiscal year.

I plan on purchasing the same amount of Ubisoft games (2) for the Wii U this year as Nintendo published titles (2). Without rehashing all the mistakes Nintendo has made in regards to the Wii U, the fact is it is the end of August, two new consoles are coming shortly, and the lead Nintendo had by releasing their console a year in advance is pretty much gone. They have to get out and promote the console via traditional avenues as most die-hard Nintendo fans either own the console or are contemplating buying it (Nintendo Directs and using social media only hit those they seek the information).

This new game every month will be very telling for Nintendo in regards to hardware and software sales. I hope it goes well, but if it doesn't, then Nintendo will have to re-evaluate its strategy and software going forward.



Minny commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

@element187 He starts out by saying people need to be rational. I enjoy my Wii U, but the fact of the matter is there is many different forms of entertainment available for the average consumer. Even more so than 2005/2006.

Pachter is right when he says Nintendo may have lost the home console wars by going with the Wii, when the on-line multi-player explosion occurred.

I am optimistic that Nintendo can continue to deliver good games. However, I am actually a bit worried because for the last 6 years, Nintendo has been working in SD. HD is a different ball game. They are also trying to figure out on-line. I personally felt it was a wasted opportunity not shipping both Nintendo Land and NSMBU with-out on-line. I played those games, beat them, and will never touch them again because I feel it would be fun to play Nintendo Land or NSMBU with friends that don't live close to me. That is what Nintendo's competition offers.

I really do not believe we will see a lot of software from Nintendo this year. I feel they are struggling with development of HD games, which is part of the reason they are releasing Windwaker: To learn how to make games in HD with a road map already there. . .



Minny commented on Latest U.S. Sales Show Decline in Video Game M...:

@Psylumin I agree with this being a larger problem than simply Nintendo (I too enjoy both the consoles mentioned). The issue is really two-fold. One, this archaic and insane desire for video game publishers to make playable demos for E3 in June (eating away resources in that they have to show polished game play, and not let the process unfold naturally) then releasing 80% of games in Sept-Dec for Holiday Shopping. Then when consumers choose which games to buy and which ones to pass on until there is a sale, they wonder why games sell poorly.

2) With the potential of another 2 new consoles this year, game publishers (read 3rd party) are not going to invest into 3 consoles with a limited user base over the older stuff that can reach hundreds of millions world-wide. It simply comes down to money, and game publishers will go where they can make the most money, which is usually where they can have the largest group of consumers.



Minny commented on Pachter Pours Scorn Over Wii U Sales Projections:

For every person that purchases 1-2 games, there is some spoiled child or insane adult who will get 7-9, so it evens out.

I personally have purchased 4 titles for the Wii U. I plan on purchasing several from the eShop. Once the first round of price cuts happens on the games ported (out on other consoles for more than 6 months) to the Wii U, I will pick up some of those. Lastly, after giving Rayman Legends a play today, that game made it back on my "to buy" list. . .



Minny commented on Nintendo Targets 5.5 Million Wii U Sales This ...:

The key in all of this is the 5.5 million consoles is their target number. There is no news on how many consoles they can produce in one day, one week, or one month. The pre-orders selling out is not a sign at all. There is not 1 retailer that has stated how many pre-orders they have taken. I believe this number is easily a minority of total consoles available.

Yes, the holiday season is the biggest for the video game industry, but there are some major titles arriving for other consoles prior to Wii U launch. The 4 titles per console is a good number, since most people will want new games for the new console.

I personally feel they will hit 5.5 million globally, and even if they surpass this number, it won't be much, and there the potential for shortages is still a distinct possibility.



Minny commented on Nintendo: Wii U Basic Bundle Designed To Attra...:

The Deluxe comes with a game that most will use in the same manner as wii sports. The Deluxe has more memory that a core person would need, and it comes with things like a gamepad stand that can be used for FPS games.

I feel as if Nintendo purposely underwhelmed with the white version to push people toward the black version. I honestly would not have bought NintendoLand separately, but will give it whirl now. The real question is a few years from now, how many white Wii U's will be sold and how many copies of NintendoLand will be sold. . .



Minny commented on Feature: Mii Plaza Puzzle Panels We Want to See:

The biggest problem is the fact that the street pass function simply is not a viable option in the US. The only time I get any hits is when I go to some Nintendo meet and greet for Spot Pass or to an event with lots of people that is geared toward "nerdy" things.

A lot of this could be rectified by encouraging on-line play, and if some random on-line dude gets in your Mii Plaza, you can exchange the puzzle pieces as well.



Minny commented on More Tantalising Wii U Pricing Rumours Emerge ...:

I will wait until Sept. 13. I already have enough money to buy 3 of these consoles without a problem, so I am more interested in what comes with said packages, as well as color of the console. I just find this tidbit highly unlikely as 11/11/12 is the day Nintendo is releasing Paper Mario in North America on the 3DS.

I still wouldn't mind this date being a week or two late. Would time nicely with the possible Game of the Year AC:III.



Minny commented on Those Wii U Launch Details Might be Coming in ...:

Nintendo always releases their products on Sunday in North America. They also cannot price it too high which would cause both a repeat of the 3DS and prevent impulse buys for holiday shoppers. They also will be competing with Halo 4, CoD, and a US Presidential Election on November 6th.

I originally thought the 18th at US $299.99. Today, however I think Nintendo will surprise us with a launch of 11/11/12, possibly even 10/28/12 to coincide with the 10/30 launch of AC: III and to avoid the nuttiness of the Presidential Election.

Releasing this system after 11/18 and for more than $299.99 (console/gamepad/possible game) is simply suicidal for the company.

Sept. 13 gives them 6-8 weeks of time to advertize effectively, but they also must realize people tune out because of the many political ads on TV in mid-Oct to early Nov.



Minny commented on Sumo Digital Declares Wii U Capabilities to be...:

People who think it will be "outdated" in a few years have no idea what they are talking about. Let's look at the hard facts of the 3 companies. Sony lost money on every PS3 it sold until the latter half of 2010. Sony as a company has lost money for 5 straight years, including losing US $5.8 Billion in 2011. They have sold around 2.8 million Vitas compared to over 18 million 3DS. Sony simply cannot continue to sell hardware, although powerful, for a loss. The company will simply sink.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is doing well. It is pushing its resources at Windows 8. However, all they have for a series is Halo, Fable, and Gears of War. They did not make any money on the original Xbox, and lost money for 4 years on the 360.

Simply said, it is not 2006 anymore. There was a massive recession in the US and things still are not great. Europe is in shambles with several countries bankrupt. There is no company that can afford to sell products for a loss.

If you want to know what Nintendo is up to, do a google search with "Nintendo and Blue Ocean Strategy." That will tell you everything you need to know.



Minny commented on 3DS Retail Codes Being Sold Through Online Ret...:

@komicturtle They will not be able to sell them for under $39.99 for a simple reason: Nintendo will charge Amazon $39.99 to sell such a product. This is why certain on-line retailers in Japan are selling the download codes for more than a physical copy of the game (to make money).



Minny commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 eShop Bonus Confirmed ...:

For people complaining about the price of digital vs. physical: The reason is very simple. If Nintendo were to charge less for the digital, people would buy digital, and not retail. The retailers would get angry as they are not selling the product, and could therefore stop selling Nintendo merchandise all together.

The fact is that when you pay 40, 50, or 60 dollars for a game, roughly 12% of that price is physically making the game, shipping said game, and then the dollar or two the retail store makes off the item. Going digital essentially gives an extra 3 or 4 dollars to Nintendo, which needs it after posting their first annual loss in revenue in their 126 history.



Minny commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

I believe the games should be condensed. One of the first games I beat as a kid was The Legend of Zelda (gold kart, holding reset then power and all). The last few Zelda games have simply been time fillers. Not hard, just extremely long. As the population of Zelda fans ages, it becomes too difficult to devote large chunks of time to playing through the game. SS being an example of needing to play for several hours to get anything accomplished.

I also agree with many outsiders (Non-Nintendo) in saying with the Wii U, it's time to drop the characters talking in text. Heck give everyone a voice but Link, but this is not 1986 anymore, Nintendo needs to get with the times to lure others in.



Minny commented on Feature: The Magic of Console Launches:

I am not too worried about sales of Nintendo's first HD system coming out this fall. In 2006, the amount of HD TVs in households was relatively small. Today, that is all they sell in stores, and most people have a HD TV in their home.

The key really comes down to Nintendo addressing the issues it has had in the past. Namely, on-line gaming, which is much more important outside of Japan due to the popularity of a genre like FPS. While the price will most likely not be released June 5, they need to be specific about the power under the hood, as many 3rd parties have offered differing views so far.



Minny commented on Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: ...:

I have called Nintendo of America on this one. I am left-handed, 10% of the world's population is left-handed as well. The option of using ABXY to move doesn't allow for the freedom an analog stick provides. I ended up criticizing this to people high up at Nintendo of America, bringing up the issue of the circle pad pro being sold out and only one location to purchase it. They sent me one in mail that day.

Some lefties say playing it with the stylus in the right hand is fine or using the ABXY is fine, but I needed the analog stick. The game became much more enjoyable once I had the circle pad pro.



Minny commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 to Kick Off Retail Dow...:

I think Nintendo moving into this area of digital down loads is a great step forward. This gives a platform for Miyamoto to release his smaller games he has spoken about recently. However, if the price structure is the same, it gives no incentive to purchase one format over the other. I also believe the 3DS has a large percentage of owners that are children, going digital would be a major problem, as they won't be able to purchase games as easily. Digital sales exclusively also tends to hurt those who play video games and do not have as much discretionary money and rely on trading games in to play new games.



Minny commented on Wii U Release Date and Price Announcements to ...:

I am going with the idea that the new system will be US $299.99. They may get away with US $349.99, but that is incredibly risky. They simply will not be able to make as much profit off their hardware anymore (The Wii at launch was netting Nintendo a substantial profit margin).

Release Date: November 18th, 2012. The Sunday prior to Thanksgiving in the US and the beginning of holiday shopping. The Wii launched the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving in 2006. They may go November 11th. However, going November 25th is suicidal, as most people spend big bucks during black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), and will not have anything left over.



Minny commented on 24-hour Game-A-Thon to Raise Money for Games Aid:

I have done the Nintendo 24 hour challenge. Six years ago, my room-mates bet me a case of beer I couldn't play for 24 hours. I had 2 15 minute breaks for food and 2 5 minute breaks for bathroom. I remember playing 4 different games, spending most of my time playing Tiger Woods. This is easy.



Minny commented on Iwata Hints at Upcoming Swapnote Update:

Swapnote is a great idea in theory. It allows me to drop a note to a friend after an on-line game of Mario Kart, saying good game. However, it is such a bare bones program. Getting stupid updates from that girl (can't that just make a tuturial/help section for that?), and the fact the notes are all strung along, without a way to delete them as a group. It would be nice to Nintendo to finally give us some options to customize things, and not just appearance, but having notes lined up similar to an e-mail, with the ability to erase the notes just like you can with e-mail.



Minny commented on Rumour: Nintendo Considering Alternative Names...:

My advice for everyone is to call or e-mail Nintendo and tell them that a name change is needed. We all care about the quality of the the games, we all enjoy their products.

However, one of the things that Nintendo did when transitioning from one generation to the next (be it home console or hand-held), was to differentiate the two systems. The systems had little resemblance to one another, the packaging for the hardware and software was different so uneducated consumers would know the difference. The problem Nintendo face this past year was the 3DS. The hardware and the software boxes (yes, I know it says 3D) look very similar. The casual or uneducated consumer will buy the new product not knowing they cannot use it.

I am 100% behind the idea of a completely new name, and have suggested this to the Big N. Will I buy it, yes, on launch, but Nintendo must make a concerted effort to differentiate from its predecessor.



Minny commented on Win "A History of Nintendo: Volume 1" (5 Copies):

This is a great book, I bought it several months ago. It gives a very detailed history of Nintendo. It has made me want to spend more money than I should on some of Nintendo's earlier products.

The second book, covering the Game & Watch series, is coming out in soon!



Minny commented on Guide: Mario Kart 7 Top Tips:

One thing I have noticed from getting the Lucky 7 item is that generally the item that is in front of Mario (his 12 O'Clock) is the one you use when you smash the item button.

This is a great game, and I love that Nintendo brought back coins, just wish the carts were a bit more customizable (wish we could choose from 10-15 sets of gliders, wheels, and karts).



Minny commented on Feature: The Revolution of the Wii:

I will say I was somewhat disappointed by the lack luster promotion of both the Virtual Console and WiiWare. Many people who bought the Wii were from the NES or SNES days. I know Nintendo had some difficulty with 3rd party support, which explains the VC being primarily Nintendo only. There were games from the NES and SNES I would have loved to play, but was stuck playing my favorites using an emulator on my computer.

To those who think the DS or 3DS is gimmicky with 2 screens, I introduce you to the Game & Watch series. You know, those devices Nintendo made prior to the NES. If you can get you hands on those, they are worth money, and many still work great 30 years later. Nintendo always uses ideas from their past and improves on them. The Wii U (a name I cannot stand) will make use of the 3DS as all of the software Nintendo will pump out in the next year will be for this system. Just waiting on release dates now for Kid Icarus and Luigi's Mansion 2.



Minny commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Regularly Offer...:

The difficulty I have with Nintendo is the fact they keep releasing games from previous platforms on their new ones. I have purchases some games 3 or 4 times across the many platforms, and simply have had enough. I also feel that the prices are relatively high. I have many games on my wish list, but cannot justify spend $8 on a game that should be less. It would be beneficial to both Nintendo and the 3rd party companies to offer sales on games, whether it is when the game is released or down the road. It is better to sell some of these games for a few dollars less and actually make more sales then for these games to not move.



Minny commented on Ubisoft: "Nobody Proved Wii Does FPS Controls ...:

As an avid player of Goldeneye, I would disagree completely. Using the Wii-mote and nunchuck is analogous to my first experience with Nintendo in 1986, Duck Hunt. I could never play a FPS without motion controls, pressing 10 buttons in dual-analogue chaos. Goldeneye's controls are so intuitive, anyone can pick it up and eliminate some one.



Minny commented on 3DS Price Cut Helps Machine to Huge Sales Hike...:

There are a lot of games I am interested in, but the problem becomes they are all released during the holiday season, when no one has any money. Luigi's Mansion 2 is listed as an early January release.

Nintendo would have been smart to move the release date of either MarioKart or Mario Land 3D to coincide with the price drop. The should really release one big name title per month, not flood the market as sales will not be as great when people have to choose from several.