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New Mewtwo Form Revealed For Pokémon X & Y

Posted by Andy Green

The Pokémon Company shows off a new trailer featuring the latest 'mon

Last week a teaser trailer was shown at the end of an episode of Pokémon Smash in Japan, which promised some more Pokémon X & Y news this weekend.

Well after a long week of waiting, the show has now revealed a new Pokémon with a more than familiar look. The new 'mon bears a striking resemblance to Mewtwo and although the Pokémon Company has not confirmed it, it has pointed out the fact the two look very similar.

It's not known how trainers will obtain this new Pokémon just yet, who knows it might be roaming around in the long grass just waiting to be caught.

The trailer featuring the new Pokémon is below. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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guywholikespie2 said:

i like it, though the toes are crap, and if i were in charge of making a mew3 i would give it 4 arms. assuming that it is mewthree. i expected more out of this update though, and to be honest im kind of dissapointed. i mean, i was hoping for the final starter evos. oh well



2Sang said:

Looks cool, but I'm afraid of mixing with such a perfect pokemon that mewtwo was.



MrMario02 said:

If you pay attention to the video, you see a white Genesect. Both regular and shiny forms of Genesect aren't white.This might mean TWO diferent shiny variants of Pokemon.



Yoshi3DS said:

hope its mewthree and not a different form of mewtwo, though ‘mewthree’ just sounds odd but the pokemon looks pretty cool



Emaan said:

At first I didn't like it when it was rumored via a magazine scan, but now it looks pretty cool with the official artwork shown. SO MUCH X AND Y HYPE!



Bucho said:

It looks way better in game and animated than in the picture, HYPE!



Gridatttack said:

Looks odd...
They seem they just moved his tail to the head...
(also why does it reminds me of a certain sonic character?)



Wonder_Ideal said:

Interesting. I wonder if his transformation will involve the Beserk Gene item from Crystal Version. That would be a cool call back.



Auracle said:

@Ideal_Hero - You do know that the Beserk Gene was only available in Crystal right?

Anyways, this looks pretty cool. I'm excited to hear another chapter in the story of Mewtwo.



DePapier said:

This is an outrage. You can't make a Mewtwo better than Mewtwo. Now, not only the first Pokémon movie doesn't make sense anymore, but even the first Pokémon games are lacking the respect they deserve.

This is wrong. This is just wrong.
(Folks, don't take my rant seriously, it's just my childhood that feels lied to.)



NintyMan said:

Interesting little reveal; I like the nods to the classic games. It looks different at first, but I actually like it.



Tysamu said:

so..... that's the big news? That was it? All hyped up just for one pokemon? I honestly thought they were gonna speak more on the content of the game, the gameplay, and etc...

I'm let down.



GamerZack87 said:

First a (potentially) Bug-type Eeveelution, and now this?! You really are spoiling us Gen I veterans, Game Freak!



CosmoXY said:

I think this guy looks cool. I don't know what more people were expecting, there's still six months to go before the game is released. Have to portion the news out.

@Ron1212 Seriously?



Trikeboy said:

Please be a reemergence of Team Rocket and they tried again to make a super powered Pokemon and called it Mewthree.



SheldonRandoms said:

Now that I look at it, this new Mewtwo resembles Majin Buu, which makes sense, since Mewtwo resembles Frieza.




HeatBombastic said:

I don't see why people are so angry about this, when they'll just get used to it as per usual. Besides, don't Pokemon, I don't know, evolve? I'm sure evolutions wouldn't look so pretty in real life.



Trikeboy said:

@DeviousSnorlax All we know are the three starters, a new Eeveelution, Pokemon that may reappear and three legendary Pokemon. It is a bit early to say that Pokemon is dead. We have a brand new looking battle system, which looks amazing and fully imagined 3D overworld. These are things people have wanted since Pokemon Red, Green and Blue were first released back in 1996. Going by the story in Black/2 and White/2 they are really focusing on delivering a great game experience. I can't wait for this game to arrive in five months.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Kind of got a The World Ends With You vibe with this design. It's probably due to some kind of mutation system they have in place for the new games.





Gate_Shikimuri said:

I'll call it Mewtwo (//enter something// Forme). If Mewtwo is the ultimate Pokémon, why are people saying it's an evo? Another forme, sure, but an evo? Really people? Why would they make a Mewthree either? Mewtwo is too perfect to perfect.

If TL:DR, this is most likely a Mewtwo forme.



TheRegginator said:

I've been done with Pokemon for a while now. I don't play the new games anymore. Why did they have to go back and ruin the first gen with that terrible thing?



CosmoXY said:

@DeviousSnorlax & @Strongo9 How is it possible to ruin your childhood or your nostalgia tinted memories by releasing new pokémon? You guys go so far overboard with your silly criticisms. They're not going to ruin anything by including this new form/evolution/whatever it turns out to be.



Trikeboy said:

@DeviousSnorlax What about Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Tyogre, Hitmontop, Munchlax, Pichu, Smoochum, Mime Jr., Magby, Magmortar, Elekid, Electivire, Magnezone, Rhyperior, Porygon 2, Porygon Z, Happiny, Blissey, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Crobat, Bellossom, Politoed, Slowking, Steelix, Lickilicky, Tangrowth, Kingdra and Scizor?

They are all pre-evolutions or evolutions of Gen 1 Pokemon. Did they ruin your childhood too? Did Pokemon die right there for you too?



edcomics said:

@SheldonRandoms I was going to point out the same thing. When I saw the thumbnail, I said "Oh, cool!" out loud. After seeing the full image, I'm not as enthusiastic. The Mewtwo design was so sleek. This is a little cluttered... but since I like the character, it's still good to see something new regarding it.

Design-wise... I'm just thinking out loud as an artist right now... With the head, it seems like it's just too much. You have the devil horns and angel halo rolled into one... and that's kind of clever.... but the head-tail is kind of distracting. Ah, look at this. There's already fan art. I like the way this person drew it:

I'll have to take a stab at this character sometime this week.



XeNoUsernameHere said:

@Cosmo810 Gen.1 Was the best generation and it had some Epic Legendaries and Epic Non Legendaries.
Need I remind you of the stupid Garbodor?
Pokemon is Crap nowadays,I mean Seriously.
When they have to ruin Gen. 1,It's gone TOO FAR!



gsnap said:

As long as at some point in the game, Mewtwo meets up with this piece of garbage and beats the crap out of it.

Mew and Mewtwo are the best. Quit ruining goods things.



Magikarp3 said:

@DeviousSnorlax I always wonder why the people who complain about Garbodor don't complain about Muk.

And the new mewtwo... I don't like it much, but maybe just because it doesn't look as evil/serious as the original design. I always thought it made a good foil to the more cute design of Mew.



scrubbyscum999 said:

This one actually slightly more sinister than Mewtwo in a strange way. At least this is more interesting than Muk or luvdisc lol.



Trikeboy said:

@DeviousSnorlax You forget that Mewtwo isn't a legendary Pokemon, it is a clone of a legendary Pokemon. Mewtwo was made in a lab from Mew DNA. If that DNA mutates inside Mewtwo, it's appearance would alter. This is either a Mewtwo with altered DNA or it is Mewthree, we fill find out the answer once this new reveal gets a localized name.



GreenDream said:

@Magikarp Grimer and Muk symbolized abominations of nature, pollution from factories, including oil spills, toxic waste, and deadly chemical solutions; all of which are dumped by chemical corporations and companies wantonly into fragile ecosystems, with reckless abandon, whenever they can do so- just to save money.

Garbador, on the other hand, is merely what it looks like- a bunch of trash. It could be said that it represents the enormous dumps in the Pacific Ocean, but it's not presented in an appropriate location, like Grimer and Muk were in the abandoned Cinnabar research facility.

Pokemon 1st gen had a hidden, yet strong environmentalist message!



MeWario said:

Hmmm It's very similar to the old Mewtwo. Actually if you look at its chest it has the hint of boobs. That plus its long hair makes me think that this is the girl version of Mewtwo. The game is called X & Y after all...



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@GreenDream The problem with that argument is that a lot of people most likely learned that about Muk back with the tv show, which at that time, a considerable number of kids were watching.

However, the newer games don't have that level of fanatism when associated with the show anymore. Most of the people that used to watch the show have grown up age-wise and don't watch it anymore compared to the number that still play the games. It's definitely a problem with nostalgia and fad mentality now. That's not to say the designs couldn't use a bit more work in some cases but I guarantee you that the problem is mostly from the previous areas mentioned.

@MeWario Mewtwo was always classified as Gender Unknown, same with Mew. It would be strange if they suddenly gave a gender where there was none before.



CosmoXY said:

@DeviousSnorlax I just have to disagree with you then. Gen 1 has a lot of great mons, but not all of them are gold. Seel? It's just a seal with a horn that evolves into a bigger seal with a horn. There are "lame" pokémon in every gen, but also awesome ones in every gen too. Gen 5 gave us cool guys like Zorua, Scolipede, cool new dragons and legends even if you don't like the "ice cream cone" and "trash" monsters.

And apparently you do "give a flying..." because it's ruining your childhood!



XeNoUsernameHere said:

@Cosmo810 But Gen. 1 had a Fire Breathing Dragon,Grass Dinosaur,Turtle with Cannons growing out of his back,Flaming Horses,Fighting Frog,Shadow Ghost,Muscular 'Mon with Four Arms,Rock Snakes,Rock Beasts with Horns,Sea Monsters,Ice Birds,Flaming Birds,Electric Birds,and Epic Cats.
How is that not epic?
And I feel sorry for those who don't like the awesome past 'Mons.



Shining-Void said:

@MeWario It doesn't have boobs, it's more of a spike in the middle of it's chest. That said it is very feminine. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they were aiming for. Though I must be the only person who thinks that regular mewtwo is ugly.



DarkNinja9 said:

hmm idk about anyone else but i rather think of it as a mewthree cuz of how cool it would be if the designed was based on all those rumors/ fake designs from the old games of having this mewthree

the only thing i would hate is his feet idk it seems weird but they did just basically take its tail and put it on his head oh well



CosmoXY said:

@DeviousSnorlax Yeah man I don't disagree about Gen 1 being awesome. I'm saying Gen 1 can be awesome not to the exclusion of later gens. With Gen 5 we got a fire/psychic little creature, samuri otter, elemental monkeys, electirc zebras, Gigalith, a giant mole drill, like I mentioned before Scolipede, a couple of great new fossils, Zoroark, two awesome new dragons, one with three heads, and the genie trio, even though I think their alternate forms are much better than the original forms. Plus Reshiram and Zekrom. In later gens, many of the great ideas that were already drawn upon for the earlier gens just aren't available anymore so they've had to come up with some creative new ones. Some are great, others not as much. But the point remains, if you don't like some of the new ones, don't let it ruin your childhood or your enthusiasm for the games, you know they're still going to be good!



Trikeboy said:

@DeviousSnorlax, you say they messed with a legendary. Shaymin, Giratina, the Kami trio, Kyurem and Keldeo all have alternate forms that didn't debut in the games they first appeared in. You are right, Gen 1 had great Pokemon, but they also had some stinkers, just like every generation of Pokemon. A ball that turns into a bigger ball, a pokemon with a massive tongue, a duck holding a leak. I'm not saying the Pokemon is bad, just the design.



Morpheel said:

Even though it's ugly, I am actually glad they created him... I remember watching the movie when I was a kid and saw Mewtwo all sad and worried about being a faulty clone and stuff. I guess now this means he can change (maybe even evolve) into a completely new pokemon, that's almost like character development for pokemon.

About it being stronger, don't worry... Alternate formes usually only shuffle stats and rarely over power the pokemon.



19Robb92 said:

I like it. Looks pretty cool. I love how fluid the animation on the long 'head-tail' is in the trailer. They've done a great job on the 3D models!



Arcamenel said:

I'm thinking this isn't a Mewtwo form and is actually a brand new Pokemon with some kind of link to Mewtwo. The way the site and facebook page keeps alluding to the fact that it looks like Mewtwo but calling it a new Pokemon, makes me think it's not a new form. I'm going to say possibly a Mewtwo clone. Yes a clone of a clone lol




@DeviousSnorlax I don't like the new form of mewtwo either, but that's it. Game freak hardly screws up old pokemon, coming to mind right now in the last two gens: togetic, more or less rhydon, porygon 2, managed to screw much more pokemon like tangela or lickitung, and now mewtwo, but that's it. Unova presented my new favorite pokemon of all time: Hydreigon, along with many awesome pokemon I love like Reshiram, Zekrom, Haxorus, Druddigon, Garchomp, Glaceon, and the list goes on. I admit my first pokemon game was pokemon yellow for the game boy color along with the awesome special limited edition pokemon game boy color many years ago, and I love gen 1 but saying that there aren't awesome in the recent gens is just being a plain fool, there were poopy pokemon even in gen 1: lickitung, muk, parasect, victreebel, exeggutor, seaking or even tangela. So, bottom line is every gen has poopy pokemon, and even my love for gen 1 doesn't blind me to see that fact.



Link-Hero said:

Guys, did you forget that Mewtwo is a failed clone of Mew, not it's actual 2nd evolution form? No, I'm not talking about the movie. In the games, there are hints in journals you can find in a building I can't remember where exactly pointing to this (same place where you can find the Master Ball I think). That Pokémon in the video could be Mew's true 2nd evolution form.



Melkaticox said:

@2Sang Then don't 'mix' with simple as that :B
@DeviousSnorlax Bla bla bla. Pokemon is forever crap cuz am nostalgia

I never cared much about Mewtwo's design, and I LOVE this new design! So I guess I'm saying bye bye to Mewtwo when I'm able to get this guy...
That is, implying this IS Mewtwo. The trailer says 'A NEW POKÉMON with a familiar look'...



Ralizah said:

Excited about Pokemon X and Y, but this isn't my favorite design in the world.

As to stupid Pokemon, the ship sailed on that long ago. The worst offender, of course, was that ice cream Pokemon from B&W



Clayfrd said:

"although the Pokémon Company has not confirmed it."

Welp. Glad I don't just read headlines.



C-Olimar said:

I love how people like to think Gen 1 had no bad Pokemon desings. It's amusing

Its not like its roster included a mime and a racist caricature or anything



Oscarsome said:

I think it's ridiculous when people claim that gen one was just pure amazingness and the top of creativity. People often say "Just look at Garbodor," well, look at Muk or Grimer? Or Ditto? Do we need three piles of goo? Zubat? Just a plain bat. Why do people not see this? I don't think no generation is ever perfect nor is it ever any less better than a previous generation. It's just a new one. If you hate this "Mewtwo-form" then cool. Just don't be so dramatic. Let's look at some real progressive things GameFreak is doing with X and Y.



Late said:

I don't have anything against this new Mewtwo.

And it's really funny reading all the comments how first generation was superior. Some of the designs are really weird but no one said it back then since there were no other Pokémon to compare to. And R/B/Y were kind of broken. Remember overpowered Psychic types, Wrap/Bind, how frozen Pokémon could only be healed by using Ice Heal or hitting them with Fire-type moves, etc.

I'm very glad that those aren't the only games. Since that we've gotten abilities, breeding, new regions, new types and many other things. One of the things is new Pokémon and some of them are really awesome. Surely there are some Pokémon that look a bit odd and aren't so useful but first generation had some really weird and useless Pokémon too.

I'm not saying that everyone should hate first generation but to just take a closer look at all the things it did wrong. I still play first generation games and enjoy them. They just couldn't get everything perfect on their first try and I like how they've evolved Pokémon series since then.



sinalefa said:

Some peoples reasoning is that if they dont like a pokemon, then it sucks. And if based on an old pokemon, they ruined it.

Well, there are pokemon for all tastes so of course you are gonna love some and hate others. Such is life.

I expected bigger news too. So for a bad pun i expected bigger newstwo



XeNoUsernameHere said:

@All-You-people I'm not trying to say bad things about the other gens...This new Mewtwo Form is just not Impressing me with the 6th Gen.
I like all gens,But This Mewtwo form is actually making me feel like Game Freak has ran out of good ideas.
Now a Lapras Evolution that didn't look ugly like this Mewtwo Form...That would be epic.



Trikeboy said:

< Take a look at my new avi picture. I made a 2D battle sprite for this new Pokemon. It is my first entry on Deviantart too.



Romeo said:

hmn... why?!
i always considered mewtwo (and mew) the -> perfect <- pokemon.... i really don't like the idea of mewtwo having a new and stronger form

well it isn't even confirmed it's a new form, could also just be a pokemon similar to mewtwo, but i'm not a fan of that as well

mewtwo + mew were always special and i guess you could say my 2 favorite pokemon

[x] not liking this



Trikeboy said:

@DeviousSnorlax If you don't like it, that is fine but to say that one Pokemon ruined your childhood and killed the franchise is overly dramatic. Pokemon has evolved both as a franchise in game, it will continue to evolve.



Jamouse said:

Mewtwo was artificially created right?

Maybe what we are looking at is like a failed attempt or something.

It would certainly explain it's...uhh...unique look.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Although I'm disappointed with the size of this reveal, I still love it! Ignore the grumpy old veterans crying out for nostalgia, I just want some amazing features announced and an awesome new pokedex!



EverythingAmiibo said:

Although I'm disappointed with the size of this reveal, I still love it! Ignore the grumpy old veterans crying out for nostalgia, I just want some amazing features announced and an awesome new pokedex!



LordJumpMad said:

@DeviousSnorlax I agree
I mean, just look at this girly thing.
They gave it bewbs
Made it shorter.
And weird purple hotdog fingers.

You might as well make a icecream cone head while your at it.
I'm never playing pokemon again!
meh...I'll get used to the new look, like we all have, with all the other bad pokemon changes, and lie to ourselfs that its good, while dying a little inside....



SilentHunter382 said:

@belmont I am liking the visuals. That way it can age way better. Lets not forget that the game is going to contain alot of data with 700+ pokemon. Better graphic mean more memory.



Geonjaha said:

A news post because one new creature has been announced in a game that features over 600? Only for Pokémon...only for Pokémon.



Highwinter said:

@Majin-Naruto It's a different form, not an evolution or new Pokemon.

Frankly, I think this new design is awful. But those of you complaining about how all new Pokemon are terrible or that only the original games were good, just sound like ignorant hipsters. Yeah, the original games were fantastic, but please take off your thick rimmed nostalgia glasses.




@PvtOttobot That's what I intend to do, although I really don't like the design of mewthree, mewtwo 2, mew 2 or wtv the hell it is, I'm really looking forward to play the game; we all know a certain person just keeps posting infinite comments contradicting himself and bashing other's people comments but still, even if this 1 pokemon dissapointed me I'm just dying of curiosity to see the new dragons of this generation. For every poopy pokemon game freak makes, they make 5 awesome ones, just do the math (jaguar reference not intended).



Tobias95 said:

@DePapier well, in the first movie we got the fast that the clons are not stronger than the originals. In Mewtwo returns we saw that Mewtwo can be beaten by humans machines. It should be possibil to make him stronger since he got more controll over his power like in Mewtwo returns he was stronger than in the first movie.



sillygostly said:

I just hope that this isn't an alternate Mewtwo form, but rather, an all new Pokemon based on Mew (i.e. Mewthree).



twistedbee said:

Couldn't it be possible that someone created this new Mew#? I would believe that given that MewTwo was the first attempt and he got away, so a 3rd one was made.



Linkuini said:

How to deal with people who don't like a new Pokémon

Claim that for every new Pokémon they have a problem with, you can name 5 from Generation I that are more ridiculous. When they choose one, recite the following list:

1. Jinx
2. Jinx
3. Jinx
4. Mr. Mime
5. JINX!!!

If they continue to argue, respond to each of their points by saying "Jinx!" in an exasperated tone. Repeat until they give up and decide not to bring up the subject with you ever again.



Raylax said:

@Linkuini Jynx*

But yeah. Every gen has about the same ratio of great to stupid/unimaginative Pokémon. It has not increased as years have gone by. Gen I has Jynx, Mr Mime, Grimer ("sewage Pokémon!"), Muk ("moar sewage Pokémon!"), Voltorb ("We gave a Pokéball eyes! LOL."), Electrode ("We turned it upside down! DESIGN LOL"), Magneton (it's 3 Magnemite in proximity. They're not even fused together. What happens with 4 of them? Or just 2? Or 1000?); whilst Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Chansey look like different drafts of the same design.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i`m not a big fan of it but they said it was a new pokemon with a familiar look on the pokemon facebook page. so it might be a new forme (but i doubt it) or an all new Pokemon. But I, for one, won`t be catching it in my game. I was hoping that they were announcing more than just this. I wanted to know what type Sylveon is.



Phle said:

Awesome. I like that they add new forms or evolutions rather than entirely new Pokémon. Lots of useless Pokémon could use another evolution or form. But perhaps Mewtwo 2.0 is not a new form of Mewtwo, but another clone of Mew? (^_^) Either way it's probably related to Mew or Mewtwo.



Skeet102 said:

This is what I waited 2 months for? 1 new pokemon that got leaked 2 days before its official reveal, which we still know nothing about except it looks similar to mewtwo!



nganlamsong said:

well, there are thousands and thousands of ideas about this pokemon! I think:

  • If it is m2's new form: Yes, I see it! M2 has changed his mind since he first met Ashy boy in the first movie, and he now he able (also) to change his appearance and about to protect people from these genesects!
  • If it is a new pokemon: It just good, too! We have a great m2, mew and now we have another awesome pokemon that are able to link to them!


SheldonRandoms said:

I don't understand how this is ruining childhoods, I like this new design, and that's my opinion, which we all can have, but some people don't like this because they are just blinded by their gen 1 nostalgia. "It's like they aren't even trying anymore, Pokemon and my childhood are dead!" how, just because there's a Pokemon you don't like, that doesn't mean the whole series should just stop. "Pokemon, what happened to you?" They added new things to the series............and what's wrong with that? would you rather play the same gen 1 Pokemon games over and over again, but this time, it's on the GBA (You can play gen 1 on GBA), DS and 3DS, there's people who are really like that. "Mewtwo can't evolve, he just can't" How would you know that, just because Mewtwo can't evolve in one game, doesn't mean he can't evolve in another, and if Mewtwo can turn into this, then here's something simple that you can do, don't evolve Mewtwo then, simple as that. Have you ever thought that there's some people who don't like Mewtwo, and after seeing this, they may be thinking "Wow, I actually like this new Mewtwo, I might just evolve my Mewtwo to get this form" and don't say this isn't true, because there's people who think that.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

That video is nice! It's so cool and really great that they are doing a simultaneous worldwide release. More game developers should strive for that. I feel awfully bad for my EU friends when they have to wait longer than even we in the US have to wait for some Eastern games. Worldwide release FTW! I hope other companies recognize that Game Freak is doing something great with their release plans.



gloom said:

Okay first off with all the rude comments against the "Ice cream Pokemon" or as I like to call it, Vanilluxe, it really isn't that bad come on give it a break.
Second, "Mewthree" isn't THAT bad and no your childhood isn't ruined. "Ruining your childhood" would be if they killed off Mewtwo or something.
Also another thing, if you don't think that Pokemon is doing it right then why don't you work there and make Pokemon the "right" way then? No takers? Okay then shhh



Knuckles said:

@DePapier (sub)Enter text here(/sub) You can also use sup, and you have to use [ ] instead of ( ).

Oh, and I renamed my Mewtwo, Mew V. 2.0



devout_heretic said:

Does anyone think this might be like Porygon? Its last evolution is PorygonZ instead of Porygon3. Maybe this is MewZ and now we have our mascot for Pokemon Z.



JulienIsTheMan said:

Personally, I really dislike the artwork, but ingame it looks pretty cool. I'm not too sure of what to think of this yet. It's certainly not too bad though.



Starwolf_UK said:

Apparently it is a speed forme (think Deoxys) judging by how it is alleged to tie in with the new movie (but as always with the Pokemon scans and info there is lots of misinformation and plain fake stuff).



DIALGA63 said:

I wonder who had the idea of the tail being connected to the head? that part looks terrible, but the rest looks pretty cool.



gsnap said:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, every gen has a mix of good and bad designs, but overall I do think the aesthetic of pokemon design in general has gone downhill (in general, there are exceptions). It used to be that stupid pokemon got stupid designs. Most of the pokemon with ugly designs weren't major pokemon. Jynx, Mr. Mime, nobody liked them, but they weren't legendaries. They weren't supposed to look good anyway.

Now a lot of pokemon that I would assume should look cool just look stupid. Like the legendaries. I mean look at this thing. It's got Vienna sausages for fingers, its toes look like Squidwards nose. It's got Super Buu's head tail. And it has a handle on its head.

Yes, gen 1 and 2 are my favorites in terms of design (with gen 5, despite its overwhelming unoriginality, coming in a close second), but there's a reason for that. The designs were overall simpler and (ironically) more realistic back then. The overall design aesthetic of pokemon has changed, and not for the better, in my opinion. You can tell me to take off my nostalgia glasses, but that's not the case. I don't like it when the otter pokemon looks like a clown, sorry.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

Maybe the ancestor of Pokemon can evolve, notice the fact that it hovers, and how it looks more like Mew in general.



randomlypikachu said:

well... im a little upset about this. oh and people put down your torches and pitchforks, because its not about how the new mewtwo form looks. i actualy happen to like how it looks, the way its feet are done is my only complaint. i cant really see it ever standing on those things but then again its a pyschic so i guess it doesnt really need to .-. but back to my point. im upset because i waited about a week i believe, just for this to be the only anouncement i end up hearing... gamefreak i love what you do, really, i do. with that said though... you dont make people wait about one week just to hear about whats most likely a new form of an old legendary and show them about 39 seconds of it in battle, and if your really gona do it you should at least give us a little more information on it. that be like ....a baker, a baker who bakes cookies. he teases us for like a week about this new thing hes gona be doing. we know hes planning renovations to his bakery so maby its about that? then at the end of the week he just shows us a picture of one of his new cookies, and a video of some workers eating it. he doesnt explain whats in it, how its made, how much it will cost to receive it, he doesnt even tell us what this cookie is called. ... he leaves us without a word and we're just stuck waiting for another piece of information that could come out at any random moment, because we're ....cookie enthusiasts i guess...? (yea this was clearly the worst example ive ever thought of in a long time ..... >.>) you get my point. i know that i shouldnt be too suprised that this news was a bit lackluster considering we still have a longish wait to go before x and y even release. still though i think its fair enough to say that i shouldve at least expected something a little more than a new form of mewtwo.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

To those who are upset that we didn't get a major reveal: Do you really want to ruin the game that much? I'd rather not know anything and play the game to be surprised than know everything. I'd like to be surprised when I see my starter evolve this time.



Royalblues said:

I like all 3 starter Pokemon so far!! I am leaning towards Froakie, since Pokemon games have a tradition of having (subjectively) better Water-type starters than the other types. I am also glad that there may not be a Fire/Fighting type Fennekin evolution, but I don't want to see Fighting relegated to the other Pokemon. If anything, just keep them their primary types only, but I would like to see Froakie evolve into a secondary Ghost-type or something!
As for Sylveon, I like it. It looks interesting. And Newtwoo looks cool so far as well.
And this is coming from someone who grew up on the first two generations of Pokemon games.



retro_player_22 said:

Hopefully it's either Mew's second evo or Mewtwo's first evo. I just don't like how the tail appear out of his head rather than his butt like the original.



Dpullam said:

This new generation of Pokemon is looking pretty darn epic so far. I am really eager to explore this new world filled with new pokemon and an incredible looking atmosphere. I have only played Pokemon SoulSilver so this will be my second entry in this series.



theblackdragon said:

hey guys, this argument ends now. if you don't like someone's opinion here, just ignore them, please and thank you!



gonctorn said:

Well, i think a lot and i come to something.There are games like dragon quest and other ones,and in these games exist monsters not very well made, so pokemon is not ruined.
Also i think this is going to be the most serious generation of pokémon, just think, New Mewtwo, epic eevee and his evolutions return,Legendarys Xerneas and Yveital look damn interesting and they may have some unusual powers, and the starters look different from other generations(and much stuff) and there is more coming.
Also im very interested in the story of this game, and something tells me that very special trainer N from black and white il return in the games Pokemon X and Y (his name is a letter N) understand?
And if some trainer in the pokemon X and Y games has the name for example Z there could be something here and the trainer N must have some thing related with this.



gundam00 said:

I was really looking forward to X and Y, but the graphics and art-style look like more suited for the DS. I would like to see a Pokemon game look and play like Monster Hunter. I think that would be an evolution in the series and shed it's "kiddie" reputation by appealing to the generation of grown-up gamers who played the original RED/BLUE when they were released.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@gundam00 Can't we just leave some things innocent? I mean seriously, why make everything dark and gloomy?
If you want to play something like Red/Blue, go play Red/Blue.



xinoeph said:

@theblackdragon pokemon fans argue a huge amount its just a known fact. I expect to see an argument in the comments everytime i see a pokemon related article. I guess we're just too passionate



theblackdragon said:

@xinoeph: I understand that much — that comment was more directed toward the people whose comments I've had to modify or delete so far. Direct insults are not necessary and will not be tolerated. :3

anyway, i think it's cute. the head-tail doesn't bother me, kinda reminds me of a Twi'lek, only with one tail instead of two. and the feets are adorable~ :3



GamerZack87 said:

@magicsnake So there could be a Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y?!

@mumof2kids82 (OFF-TOPIC) Based on its long, thin legs, big blue eyes and butterfly-shaped appendages, not to mention its name translating as "Eon of the forest", I'm guessing Sylveon might be Bug-type.



Solatorobo said:

Now instead of this SO TOTALLY rubbish Majin Mew, let's look at the top 10 awesome gen 1 Pokémon!

10. Magnemite (A magnet)
9. Dugtrio (3 ovals with noses sticking out of the ground)
8. Barney th- I mean Dragonite (Way better than that pussy Hydreigon)
7. Cloyster (I think NL will do without a description)
6. Geodude (A rock with arms)
5. Pidgey (A bird)
4. Jynx (Niki Minaj)
3. Mr. Mime (A mime)
2. Eggsecute (Eggs)
1. CHARIZARD!!!!11!!1! (A very generic dragon unlike most later ones such as Garchomp and the previously mentioned Hydreigon, Charizard also doesn't even have the proper typing!)

And who could forget the amazing battling where everything good was either psychic, water, ground or normal, attack and defence were separate stats but special attack and special defence weren't, hyper beam was glitched beyond belief and most battles boiled down to luck. SO MUCH FUN, ISN'T IT?

TL:DR RBY have aged like rotten milk. Pokémon B/W for all it's iffy decisions (team preview? Giving normal pokemon drizzle/drought?) is still far more entertaining than RBY, and X/Y will most likely be the same.



Araknie said:

Nodoby said that this is a new Mewtwo form.
Since Mewtwo is genetic so could not be so, it's a new Mew form since Mewtwo it's already a secondary human made Mew form.



NintenBo said:

I do admit, I think that Generation 1 was the best. But that doesn't mean I think the others suck. Each one has bad ones. I mean, Generation 1 has eggs as a Pokémon. Eggs. While other Generations such as 5 has an Ice Cream Cone. Both seem pretty ridiculous.

I personally am liking Generation 6's Pokémon designs.



Auracle said:

Hey, this mystery Mew has toes like the Imprisoned from Skyward Sword! Funky.

Anyways, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I think it's exciting that Mewtwo's story will be further expanded. I found it really interesting how Mewtwo was foreshadowed at the Pokemon Mansion in the first game through the Apocalyptic Log. There were also subtle hints tying the likes of Dr. (we know him as Mr.) Fuji and Blaine into Mewtwo's creation. The whole concept behind Mewtwo is very cool. So instead of bitterly complaining how Game Freak ruined it all, I'm excited to take another look at Mewtwo's story and see how it progresses.



LtAldoRaine said:

I like it,but what's with all the secrecy? We only know 5 new pokémon so far,one that we don't know the type and one that the only thing we know is that it resembles another pokémon. That's way too much tease,Nintendo.



LtAldoRaine said:

Also,complaining that the new pokémon suck is still a thing? I just wonder what would they say if Jynx was a later pokémon rather than an 1st gen one.



DarkKirby said:

It's actually not confirmed as a new form of Mewtwo, it's quoted as a "new Pokemon with a familiar look". For all we know it could be a look alike Pokemon rather then a new form.

That said I was far more impressed with the battle animations and attack animations than I was with "Newtwo". Here's hoping they put that much work into animating non legendaries and fix the "get attacked --> get up and is ready for battle --> pause --> screen cut to standard fainting animation" from Stadium and Colosseum.



Gregor said:

@DeviousSnorlax no, the autopsy I made through careful examination of the corpse states that the cause of death is the gen 1 lovers who are becoming as unpleasable as the sonic fanbase. Anyone else agree?



Gregor said:

@Link-Hero damn sir, you could really be on to something. I support this theory of yours, this must be the perfected experiment that Blaine and Mr. Fugi might have been working on in secret!



YoshiStar said:

Why all the negativity towards the new Pkemon that just so happens to look like Mew? EVERY generation has Pokemon that resemble another, earlier Pokemon. Tepig and Quilava have the same color pallette, same looks, and I don't think anyone's complained about it.



Gregor said:

@YoshiStar this is an actual new form of Mew-two. Just to catch you up with the program. Also, quilava and tepig look very, very, different. When is the last time you even played pokemon? Either that or you are crosseyed



Onett said:

This raises some red flags. The guys at GameFreak had to reach as far back as Gen 1 and mess with Mewtwo just to make something new? It makes me wonder what other bold changes they've made. At some point they have to realize that 'more' Pokemon can be a bad thing since many of them never get used for various reasons. Take a moment to think about that.

Wake up GameFreak. Pokemon needs to 'evolve' in more ways than just one. Here is an idea, make it an action RPG and reboot the series starting from Red and Blue versions and release it on the 3DS/Wii U. Profit. Point is, Pokemon needs to break new ground like the Mario series did with Mario Galaxy. I'm pleased that X&Y are in 3D, but I'm afraid it won't be enough to win me over if there aren't major stat balances made.



YoshiStar said:

Actually, I was pointing out that all the fire types have the same color pallette, and nobody complains. Oh and I've played through most of Crystal, so I know Quilava, and I have the Pokedex 3D, so I know Tepig. And no, I am not crosseyed.



PokeNerd said:

@YoshiStar All fire types DO NOT use the same color pallet, they come close, but do not. Ninetales is gold,and Vulpix is a Dark orange or reeddish brown, Cyndaquil, Typholosion and Quilava are dominantly black and tan and no orange except for the fire, Houndour or houndoom are black, Reshiram is white. Litwick, lampent and Chandelure are black and ghost/fire type. Point is, they don't, close, but no.



PokeNerd said:

Several things crossed my mind about the possible origins of this pokemon. One was what if it's a second clone, like Team Rocket had tried to clone Mew again or had originally made 2 clones and owe only knew of 1 and only 1 was free.



Gregor said:

@PokeNerd dude you need to trash those silver/gold/crystal cartridges of yours and play HS/SS instead. Everyone knows that the cyndaquil line is blue.



Gregor said:

To clear up whether this pokemon is a new form or not lets look at the title of the movie it will debut in. This is the 16th movie and deals with a shiny genesect that knows extremespeed (yah i dont see the point in the movie either) with mewtwo battling against it for whatever reason. The movie is called Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. The fact that the movie stars mewtwo and that the title of the movie is Mewtwo Awakens, this suggests that this is a new form, and not a new pokemon.



Nicholas3652 said:

My theory is that the scientist that creates the 5 Genesect gets beaten by Mewtwo. Then as a reaction, becomes ubsessed. Because he notices Mewtwo is perfect, he clones Mewtwo. This then is like Mewtwo's story all over again.
This would then suggest the Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens will become a two parter. Movie 16 is still only featuring Unova Pokémon. So there may be a cliff hanger, plus a bonus feature at the end.
This is the only explanation I feel comfortable with.

I will be adding to this later on.



AMakS said:

@Nicholas3652 I really hope you're speculations are correct. I'll be rather disappointed if this is indeed a new form, unless in the story a second Mewtwo was created and he turned out like this for some reason (although they would probably call him Mewthree if that were the case) and they just have different apperances. I like the idea of some Pokemon having multiple forms... but that should be something that is built upon as they progress in my opinion. By that i mean they shouldn't back track and apply to the older Pokemon. They were successful as they were, there is no need to change them.



PokeNerd said:

@Fusion14 Lol, dude you're right. I hadn't looked at Cyndaquil or it's evolved forms for quiet awhile I forgot it was blue not black. But my cartridges are fine. I didn't reference them when I wrote that and should've. That was my bad, thanks for the correction. Also, I do have HG and SS, I have every single Pokemon game like SS and GS since the very beginning and I still have red, blue and yellow in working condition, just can't play them. If you love Pokemon, you don't trash them simply because you can no longer play it or you beat it. They work, I keep them. I sometimes wish I could play Yellow again as well as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.



Nicholas3652 said:

Of course there is only two possibilities for the Pokémon. Mewtwo's second forme or a totally new Pokémon. Here is one of my theories

I watched Pokémon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. And there is a lot of information in there. For example, after Mewtwo first awoke after being cloned, he destroyed the science lab, including the scientists. He then recreated it to show the trainers his master plan. But, he then destroyed it again while wiping the trainers memory of the whole event. Also, in Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns, Giovanni got his mind wiped after those events. So in conclusion, nobody knows of Mewtwo's existence other than Ash, Brock and Misty. So, Giovanni couldn't know of this "Newtwo" and Mewtwo is done being crazy, meaning he's done cloning Pokémon.

There is one more piece of evidence nobody has mentioned yet and that is this Newtwo's true first release. On the original poster for Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens, there is of course Mewtwo's original appearence. But before Poké's release, that poster was changed with Newtwo labeled "Eclair Forme." This is could be correct because nobody believed this until the official release. This has to be the Eclair Forme of Mewtwo.

And before I meant to say I could be comfortable with this theory.

All of everbodies reactions really boils down to is; if we're going to like this, it better be good. Meaning the story shouldn't affend Mewtwo's story and it shouldn't be any better than Mewtwo. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokémon in the world after all.



Gregor said:

@PokeNerd well, by trash i meant stuff them away. I have an old Blue cart I found somewhere and i play it every now and then for kicks and giggles. The only merit I can see to the 1st gen games is that you can use any pokemon you want, no randomized stats no overwhelming assortment of moves no breeding. But thats what cements the gen 1 games and even gen 2 as casual games. I didn't spend hours rummaging through an abandonty electrical plant looking for a Magnemite with the calm nature and the ability magnet pull, i just caught somethin and forgot about it. This is what makes first gen so barely decent by todays standards. Plus there isnt even a point in playing first and second gen anymore. You can't transfer your pokemon over and the games are seriously outdated. If you want to take a trek through Kanto again I suggest you play FireRed or LeafGreen. If you do something in those games it actually matters since you can migrate (if your normal DS hasn't broken yet) your pokemon over to your current gen games. So just don't act like the originals are golden because they arn't. There is NO reason to play them anymore. They have exceedingly better remakes. Any true pokemon pro who plays the game the way the gearhead devs planned for it to play (they made it to where it appeals to the hardcore players and the mindless children that play it) will tell you that Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/Silver/Gold/Crystal cartridges are USELESS. Gen 3 added natures and abilities which became staples of the game ever since. Gen 4 added the logical moveset which pinned wheather a move was special or phisical based on logic. All of the advancements have kept delicate balence with the game since 3rd gen. You can count 1st and 2nd gen as gamefreak's screwups before the genius gearheads took over. Everyone was mad they couldn't transfer their pokemon over the the 3rd gen games. This was the old gamefreak's fault; they screwed up the IV spread from the first game and ran with it to the second. We should be thankful that the new gamefreak fixed this major failure before we lost a lot more pokemon.



Gregor said:




PokeNerd said:

@Fusion14 I do agree with you that it is pretty pointless to play the older versions. Honestly the only old one I really wanna play is Yellow but I can't. I don't care if I can't transfer the pokemon from it. If I could play them it would be purely for fun and me being nostalgic. But when I play the new ones I play hardcore.



Gregor said:

@PokeNerd S-sure it is. I mean look it say pikachu and everything watch. faces pikachu and presses A Pikachu: ¥&8%{?>=! Me: ........



PokeNerd said:

@Fusion14 ROFLMFAO, No I mean like Pikachu isn't your starter in it. Team rocket doesn't try to steal him and you can't get all 3 Pokemon like you could in yellow unless you trade them over.



TeamPlasmaGrunt said:

OFF TOPIC: I'm wondering if the new Eeveelution, Sylveon, is a new type, like Light type or Fairy type.
Fairy type would be kind of stupid though. Maybe they would make the Cleffa evolutionary line be Fairy type. Maybe Bellossom could be dual Grass-Light type Pokémon.
What do you think?



Skeet102 said:

Here is the list of legendary pokemon with forms
Gen 1: none/ Mewtwo with Gen 6
Gen 2: Unknown
Gen 3: Deoxys
Gen 4: Rotom, Giratina, and Shaymin
Gen 5: Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Kyruem, Meloetta, and Keldeo



Egirl said:

Mewtwo really is not the clone of Mew because Mew does not have a form and don't get me wrong the Pokémon games are fun but this "Awaken Form" is not anything new lot's of the so called legendary Pokémon have forms and there so lame Thundurus what is he suppose to be. The Pokémon I respect with a form is Deoxys that was cool but now. The first gen is ruined for the legendries Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres don't matter anymore. I remember the day when finding a legendary ment something because there was only five but now there are like 40 of them so now it's nothing. After Sinnoh I was done, I beat Pokémon Pearl, Diamond and Platinum in less then one week the only thing good about it was you could still tell what some of the Pokémon are like Buneary you could probably tell what Buneary is just by the name it's a rabbit! All the Pokémon are over powered including the cards. I miss Pokémon.

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