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lady luck be kind!

Male, 27, United States

Mother, Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Fire Emblem are the Nintendo franchises I enjoy the most.

Sun 13th Jan 2013

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lightbringer commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

I've always gone Classic. I mean, FE9 is when they added the option, no?

As for FE13, the game was way too easy that it forced me to eventually choose Lunatic/Casual. Wasn't till playing on that difficulty that I actually was challenged.



lightbringer commented on Tales Of Symphonia Is The Most "Successful" Se...:

Xillia will surpass it in a couple months. ;D

Not a surprise though. ToS is what introduced many people to the Tales series. A fun game no doubt, but the sequel was absolute garbage.

I've given all the mothership games a try aside from the two Xillia games, and Vesperia was easily my most fun and satisfying experience with any of the games from this series.



lightbringer commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

After playing FE Awakening, I decided to finally get through FE Gaiden, which I did. So now I went back and started a second playthrough of FE6. Been a long time since I've played it so a lot of it feels new once again.

After that, I probably replay FE9/FE10 for the hell of it.