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Mon 26th Apr 2010

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jenisnape commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I am so behind in my gaming. I hope to finish Pokemon X today or continue in Luigi's Mansion...then I may buy ALBW or SM3DW. Also just because it was mentioned: Papers, Please is an amazing game! I've only tried the demo on their site, but I plan on picking it up asap!



jenisnape commented on Nicalis Would Like To Bring Monaco or Spelunky...:

@JMDS I think that how companies and their employees act does affect if the consumer purchases from them or not. I no longer will support Rogers in Canada because they are a bunch of jerks (who basically have a monopoly). I choose to get my internet from a smaller company that doesn't leach off of a Rogers line because I don't like them as a company. I also will not buy Fez because Fish is a jerk.

So to stay on topic and TL;DR, no I would not buy fez. Even though I think it looks like a cool game. And I had already come to that conclusion before he started bashing on no self-validating here.



jenisnape commented on Review: ZombiU (Wii U):

Great review! Much better then the others I've read so far. I have to agree with most of the comments! This game is great, but still leaves room for improvement; I do hope they come out with a second game!



jenisnape commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

I mainly bought this as it was on sale and came with the pro controller. I'm a long term gamer, but usually play casually. I was a little disappointed with the graphics, as the promo's I saw made it seem like the scenery and monsters would be bigger and more detailed. I'm also new to the MH series so I didn't know what to expect. I've only played a few hours into it, but I'll have to play more when I get in the mood for this type of game (Right now plowing through Skyword Sword). Overall it was worth the purchase, but I probably won't be playing it as much as other games I own. (Unless I suddenly become addicted to online playing).



jenisnape commented on Crystal Monsters:

Pokemon called...they want their game
But if this gets a good review I'll probably get it anyway



jenisnape commented on Review: Looksley's Line Up (DSiWare):

I agree. Having to find a spot where the camera will work is a huge pain. But, once you do it's a really fun game and great to show to friends. Hope they fix the camera problem and make a full retail version.



jenisnape commented on Looksley's Line Up:

It's pretty cool, but I am also have camera troubles...I had to go outside for it to work (where I then had glare issues). Hopefully I can find a better place for this to work.



jenisnape commented on This is Hero of Sparta!!:

Looks pretty cool to me (at least by the screen shots). I'll probably get it if it 500 pts...if it's 800pts..maybe not...



jenisnape commented on Review: DodoGo! (DSiWare):

I'm loving this game so far I tend to be a casual gamer so I like games that I can start and stop and not have to start from the beginning again because I forgot where I was I agree with the graphics and music; they really fit the game. But yeah, the same music over and over can get a bit annoying. I think this score is fair, as 800 pts is a little steep.



jenisnape commented on DodoGo!:

Just bought this. It is 800 pts. And it is super fun! So far I'm loving it