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I. Like. Pie. (and metaphor cheese)

Male, United States

look at my profile and tell me that yveltal is not a ghost type. i like dreamworks, pie, httyd, skrills in httyd, cheese, skrillex, phineas & ferb, spore, pokemon, minecraft, d&d, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff that no one with any form of ego is remotely interested in.

Sat 6th Apr 2013

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guywholikespie2 commented on New Mewtwo Form Revealed For Pokémon X & Y:

i like it, though the toes are crap, and if i were in charge of making a mew3 i would give it 4 arms. assuming that it is mewthree. i expected more out of this update though, and to be honest im kind of dissapointed. i mean, i was hoping for the final starter evos. oh well



guywholikespie2 commented on Expect Some Fresh Pokémon X & Y Information N...:

ok the thing is awesome but just one pokemon in the "big" update?, srsly? i was expecting like the final evos for the starters or somthing like that.
still, mewthree is pretty cool, and i read somewhere that the series is gong to be dna themed so that would work pretty well