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Rumour: Nintendo Readying Big Announcement Next Month

Posted by James Newton

What could it be?

According to a collection of rumours rounded-up by Andriasang, Nintendo will make a big announcement on 13th September.

A Japanese analyst told Bloomberg that Nintendo share prices had increased on the back of reports of a 3DS-related event to take place on 13th September, two days before the Tokyo Games Show where Nintendo once again will have no major presence.

There's no real clue as to what the announcement could be, but as always rumours suggest an 'extremely big' game will be revealed for the first time.

The rumour mirrors last year's excitement around the 29th September reveal of the 3DS price and release date.

Nintendo has not announced any press conference or media event for this date but we'll keep you informed.


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Aviator said:

I think it will be heavily Wii U based. Something hardware for the 3DS would be a stupid move.



James said:

@Aviator Nintendo said it would announce Wii U pricing and release information next year, so perhaps this is just a better look at software? Here's hoping.



Cipher said:

This is probably their annual Nintendo Conference, right? So if that's the case, we can expect some new games to be revealed for Wii, 3DS and possibly even DS. I'd question how big a presence Wii U would have, though if we saw some more tech demos and learnt a few more tech specs, I'd be good with that.

Just as long as Nintendo doesn't reveal a revamped 3DS, it's all going to be fine. crosses fingers



Bankai said:

@6 Yes. A Nintendo/ Apple tag team would be a match made in heaven. Unlikely to happen though. Nintendo is pretty stubborn.



Yasume said:

There are rumors circulating around the web about a 3DS redesign. They better be not true.



Rensch said:

Perhaps a 3DS Pokémon game. Or something Zelda-related. And the Wii U is off course likely.



Corbs said:

Gonna be the 4DS! Four analog sticks, twice as powerful as Playstation 3, and 50 hour battery life! Mark it down!



V8_Ninja said:

@WaltzElf Make me laugh some more. At least Nintendo has the decency to make more than two products and not make slightly enhanced versions of said products every 3-6 months.



Pokefanmum82 said:

i hope it's just announcements for games and dates of games that are coming out this year, like kid icarus, mario kart 7 (an exact date) and super mario 3D land (an exact date). Maybe a Pokemon announcement would be great too



Link79 said:

What is this E3 all over again?
Trying to get everybody fired up with Rumors are we?
Hmm maybe it's a new Metroid for 3DS. Here's hoping anyway.



Aviator said:

This is Nintendo's big conference isn't it. This time last year it was all the 3DS rumors.



ToneDeath said:

Pokemon? If that doesn't get people to buy a 3DS, nothing will...though to be honest the only Pokemon game I'd likely buy now would be the Blue version on the Virtual Console, from the good old days.



Justaguest said:

Metroid please! in 2d with amazing graphics. Make hunters from metroid prime hunters reappear and playable through whole game. Of course once you beat it with Samus. I think that would be awesome:)



C-Olimar said:

I don't think it will be about the Wii U, since the rumours suggest it will be 3DS rekated. Oddly, when I first read the title of this article my thoughts were turned to a new Metroid game. Even weirder, I'm not a big metroid fan, I've only played the first Prime and Hunters...



NintyMan said:

Now this rumor sounds more plausible than the dual-analog sticks, and it might just be Nintendo's usual Fall conference where they reveal new details. Exact release dates and maybe a game or two would be announced.



Wheels2050 said:

@WaltzElf: The thought of Apple spreading out makes me cringe. I avoid their stuff wherever I can - far too overpriced for what you get!

Having said that, if I ran a company I'd love to have the level of consumer loyalty that they get, although it completely escapes me why people like them so much.



littlebigplanet said:

It better be a new Metroid, AirRide 2, Pokemon Colloseum 3, or deep-fryer attachment for my 3DS. I want to be able to fry salami while I Play Zelda



alLabouTandroiD said:

So we'll finally get a release date for that second original Halo game on the 3DS ? Never had a doubt it would happen but it's still nice to see. And i'm still curious how they will be able to top this #1 best game ever.



TwillightPrince said:

Isn't this crazy japanese Pokemon tv channel always revealing the new Pokemon games? I guess it'll be something different.



Mandoble said:

Yep, Peach poisoned Luiggi and Mario and then commited suicide and now Nintendo is ruled by Bowser (and Bowser doesnt like platforms ...)



Kifa said:

@WaltzElf - Youre funny to the point of being silly, as all the Apple fans are. Not intending to start a war here, but really - Apple's products are neither innovative nor competetive in terms of performance and build quality, while functionality often suffers. And while some of these are also true for Nintendo, this company also tends to really innovate the industry, not only claim to do so. And their products are also not overpriced as much as Apple's are. So duh.

As for the possible announcement - I'd place my bet on Metroid 3DS. It's been quite some time since the last portable installment of the series and also, because Hunters is so overrated and "un-metroidish" (for me it seems a generic sc-fi shooter with metroidesque assets slapped over it for better sales), I feel that there is a need for the series to get back to the 2D formula (no hate towards Prime Trilogy intended), or maybe some 2D/3D hybrid as Other M did. I think we could finally see Metroid Dread shaping up and picking up the story after Fusion. Time will tell if I was right.



taffy said:

Is this is global press conference or just to a specific territory? If there's one in the states they might be announcing Xenoblade Chronicles for there. That is IF this is a global conference.



Bankai said:

@36 the iPad is the most innovative device in the past 10 years, and Apple is the biggest company in the world now for a good reason.

I am no more an Apple fan than any other company, but Nintendo could use Apple's vastly superior resources, and Apple could use the boost to its gaming capabilities.

It's not about being a fan of any company, it's good business.



thanos316 said:

if they went and redesign the 3ds this will be a total failure. they said couple of months ago how they wont change the 3ds, and now if they do, its looking like i might move over to pc gaming. ninty your messing with a good thing. lets hope this is about the wiiu. better name and software to match



Samholy said:

please make it dragon quest 10 or super smash bros 3d !

but i storngly think it will be wiiu related more than anything



Gavin_Rozee said:

It'll be Pokemon Chalk and Cheese versions for 3DS, out in Japan March 2012, and Europe and the US November 2014.



Highwinter said:

I can't believe for a second it could be the 3DS redesign. After going to the trouble of making the ambassador program so early adopters don't feel too sore, this would just be kicking them while they're down and announcing the 3DS was an utter failure out of the gate.

If it's true, they've definitely lost my support for the Wii U and any future handhelds.

Partnering with Apple (who are in no way innovative) would be the only thing that would make me hate them more after that.



shoopdawoop70 said:

It probably wont be the Wii U launch date or price. Nintendo said they wouldn't unveil that this year.



Blaze said:

@Highwinter I agree with you completely. As with the big announcement, I think it's probably Metroid for the 3DS, but I think it will definitely be 3DS related. I hope they announce some great new games for 2012 and 2013 seeing as later this year we have Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, Early next year Kid Icarus Uprising, and then throughout 2012 Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing, (I'm no fan of Animal Crossing, but I suppose it's a big game) as well as quite a few 3rd party games like Cave Story 3D, Crush 3D, Bit Trip whatever it is, That weirdly named FF Rhythm game, Metal Gear, Sonic Generations, Resi Evil Revelations and any more that I've missed. But as yet there's nothing for 2013 and beyond, and the 3DS will probably be the current handheld until 2016.



IanUniacke said:

I doubt they'd do a drastic redesign of the console that requires users to get an add on. That being said I doubt it's new versions of old software...that just doesn't seem to carry the weight that it sounds like. Could be a 3ds XL...that would definitely boost sales imo. Although I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's a completely new and mind blowing franchise. Either a new Miyamoto franchise or a new wacky franchise such as WiiSports was at the time.



Burny said:

@WaltzElf Stop getting all dreamy-eyed about how Nintendo being acquired by another western company - no matter which (because you're not an Apple fan, right? Maybe google wants a piece of the gaming pie, too?) - would somehow magically solve Nintendo's problems and result in a cure for cancer in the process.

Half of Nintendo's success can probably be attributed to the way they stubbornly do their own thing - as well as half of their problems. Why would Apple grant an acquired Nintendo access to their resources, so Nintendo can try to create something unique and possibly risky? What's Apple's motivation to grant Nintendo's devs the budget they need when creating a big title over a 5-year-span? Why wouldn't Apple just mandate Nintendo to churn out yearly Mario and Zelda games for some of Apple's devices that weren't conceived to support those games instead? Why would Apple even have any tangible interest in continuing some of Nintendo's lesser series?

What indicates that Apple and Nintendo would even be able to work together well? Microsoft certainly wasn't able to hold some of their studios together, although they're a Western company themselves.

The answer is: We don't know. You certainly no more than anyone else.



NapalmHornet said:

Hopefully its something to do with that nintendo+rockstar games rumour that was mentioned when the wiiu was still called project cafe.



littlebigplanet said:

@waltzelf HOW IS THE iPAD INNOVATIVE?! It's just an iPod touch for idiots who cant figure out how to use a laptop! iPad is a piece of s**t, like mlost of apples generation 3+ products. Nintendo makes a qualiity piece of hardware. I still have a gameboy that hasnt had a single problem in over 20 years, same with ALL of the Nintendo consoles I own.. and I own 'em all. Everything from their Pong consoles, to the 3DS. I still have one of the 'Love Testers' that came out in 1969. It works perfectly! It's 40 years old, and works like new! If apple took over Nintendo, that's the end of quality gaming hardware. I dont wanna have apple go on at e3 saying, "You bought the 3DS, and now heres a $600 3DS with retina display. No new features... BUY IT!"
Apple sucks. good day sir.



V8_Ninja said:


"the iPad is the most innovative device in the past 10 years"

Mind reminding me how porting the same OS from a smaller device onto a bigger one is "Innovative" again?



Arcanum said:

The iPad is kinda weird actually.....for one thing why the f*** didn't the first iPad have a camera? It was just to take advantage of their obedient fans and leech out extra money from them.
And another thing about it just kinda feels even stranger. It costs like $600 And I can get a laptop that does a whole lot more than the iPad for about the same price. It boggles my mind.



LztheQuack said:

Actually to be fair, a lot of companies are making tablets now. And who started this trend?

I also love the fanboy ignorance here. If Apple and Nintendo teamed up, then Sony and Microsoft should throw in the white flag. They'll be an unstoppable force. Also, Apple has a huge market right now and they are quite successful. Sorry, I'm not buying into this fanboy hype about Nintendo being perfect.



JayArr said:

"A Japanese analyst told Bloomberg that Nintendo share prices had increased on the back of reports of a 3DS-related event to take place on 13th September..."

You should all be ashamed of yourselves for biting so hard on a sorry trolling highly unlikely merger comment. Pathetic. smh



Jr-Joe said:

smash bros 4 dojo website?
shenmue 3 for wii u?
half life 3 for wii u?
wii u will release before april 2012?
wii u will get a new name?

...what could be bigger than any of these?!



Bankai said:

Dear @56 I am so sorry there are so many "stupid" people in the world then, since Apple is roughly ten times the size of Nintendo, that must just eat you up.

The iPad is innovative because it took a technology idea that had existed for some 15 years before it (tablet computing) and turned it into something that, for the first time in 15 years, people wanted. Apple's product design, interface, and app store are all second to none. That's why it's the biggest company in the world. It wasn't luck, any more than any other intelligent business is 'lucky'.

You'd have to be an irrational fanboy not to see why it would be a good thing for both Apple and Nintendo to merge, or one acquire the other. Apple nneds a boost in its gaming capabilities. It would spend some $20+ billion to acquire Nintendo. Of COURSE it's going to run things with a light touch. There would be greater integration between Apple and Nintendo products, but at $20 billion, Apple would largely leave Nintendo to it's own devices.

And of COURSE Nintendo would have access to Apple's resources. It would be in Apple's best interest to see Nintendo successful.

Steve Jobs is a risk taker, Apple is a risk taking business. And acquisition is a good thing for both parties in most cases.

If you want to debate the merits of an Apple/ Nintendo merger, then great, but come to the table with something other than an irrational fanboy rant.

Hint: there are counter arguments to such an acquisition, but no one has mentioned those yet.

@61 not trolling at all. I am looking forward to the day Apple announces a takeover of Nintendo, because that will be the day that Nintendo's fortunes into the future are as secure as business gets.

It's only a lack of understanding about acquisitions that could possibly turn what I said into a trolling comment.



Bankai said:

@65 technically 3DSWare has already launched with Let's Golf 3D. Nintendo has already said that the 'brand' for 3DSWare will simply be eShop.



littlebigplanet said:

@65 That'd be nice. The Rolling Western looks like so much fun. Now that there's no size limit, we can finally get more largescale titles. WayForward is CONSIDERING a Shantae 3. I emailed them a while back and asked (they have amazing customer service). I cant wait to see what Wayforward has up their sleeves for 3DSware. Mighty Switch force looks awesome



LztheQuack said:

@Dragoon: There is no 3DSware. That golf game was the first eShop game

I have to go with Waltz on this one. It would be scary (imo) to see an Apple and Nintendo merger because of the invincible juggernaut company that would create



Supremeist said:

Might be something Wii U related..About the 3DS Design rumor.. It better not be true.



Bankai said:

If it's just a game announcement, I've got m fingers crossed for Fire Emblem. About time for a new game there.



ThumperUK said:

The IPad is not innovative, its an overpriced toy for people who want to pay over the odds for an underpowered laptop with no keyboard or even USB sockets. To add to the insult to buyers it is made by underpaying Chinese labour in factories with incidents of suicide.

WIth regard to Nintendo's big announcement, why has no-one mentioned launching 3D movies on the 3DS?



lord_hades said:

if this is true i want the offical release dates for super mario 3D land, mario kart 7, paper mario 3D, and animal crossing 3D to be aunoused i want the offical names for paper mario 3D, and animal crossing 3D to be aunoused the aunousment and reveling of flipnote memo other 3DSware and the and more WiiU info and finally i want they to aunouse that the will be adding a 3DS chat thing through an update and maybe video chat using the cameras thats all i want oh and comfirming that majoras mask 3D is in the works



Gate_Shikimuri said:

It IS a rumour. You guys keep spewing idea, forgetting the possibility that this is false. It even has the word 'rumour' in the title.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@56: How is the iPad not innovative? Every time I turn on the TV I see iPad ads followed by the competitions lame knockoffs. The same thing happened after the iPhone was introduced. Maybe people don't want to carry around a clunky laptop. I's hardly call most of them portable.

@58: You can get a desktop that does whole lot more than your laptop for that same price. It boggles my mind that people even bother buying laptops.



daznsaz said:

oh yea 3d movies with disney etc hope so because nintendo video uk is a bit lame.i like it but proper films will be cool



Gate_Shikimuri said:

I guess no point in reasoning with people with their hopes too high to see the truth. Y'all too busy thinking about what it might be, you don't realize it might not even happen. And yet, you don't believe rumours on the internet...



Gate_Shikimuri said:

Fine. You wanna here what I think?

I think it's the new Super Smash Bros.
I think it's an update for the 3DS for the System Transfer between 3DS's.
I think it's release dates.

You wanna here what I don't think?

I don't think Nintendo would 'shake hands' with Apple.
I don't think it's a new 3DS (revamp).
I don't think it's WiiU stuff.



Meta-Rift said:

@YelloWishua: What's your point? It's a rumor. It might be true, and it might not. This rumor doesn't sound very far-fetched, either. Nintendo has made big announcements in the past, you know.



RedBlueSpot said:

@powderedtoast The iPad is not a pice of rubbish. No tablets are. They are pretty good for many people actually, but maybe not for us who are more advanced. Apple/Google are targeting simple people. Nintendo make REAL games.



RYBlast said:

While Metroid and F-Zero would be REALLY awesome on the 3DS, I'm expecting something like Pokemon or Smash Bros. But Hey I'm not complaining



AVahne said:

New Fire Emblem on 3DS and Wii U?

And two new Monster Hunter on 3DS and Wii U which will be completely different games but will have some connectivity? Like the 3DS and Wii U will each have exclusive monsters and when played together, you'll be able to play said exclusives on both the 3DS version and the Wii U version?



Savino said:

Nintendo will abandon the current/next gen and will re-release the SNES with a new library of games and retrocompatibility!!!!!!!

Mark My Words!




Hokori said:

Man I hate this whole apple hate, but I hate this whole ninty being bought out by apple crap as well
I wouldnt mind a Ninty/apple team up, as long as ninty has a TON OF SAY IN WHAT THEY WANT TO DO. Maybe if Ninty and Apple joined I could be like Retro or Monster Games, where Apple is the 2nd Party



zionich said:

Just because Apple can offer resources, doesnt make it a good move. You risk loosing what makes Nintendo, Nintendo.

And Monster Hunter or meh



ThumperUK said:

@85 RedBlueSpot - I'd really love to see Apple advertise with the slogan "We are targeting simple people"



Burny said:

@WaltzElf You're nicely ignoring my post, whatever.

You're blind if you believe Apple would acquire Nintendo, open their treasure vaults for them and otherwise leave them to develop games or even consoles at their own pleasure. Apple wants to push their own products and that would automatically mean they'd mandate Nintendo to develop for platforms Nintendo wouldn't otherwise and under constraints Nintendo wouldn't have otherwise. And as Nintendo mainly develops their software in Japan, Apple would have to coordinate all that across the globe on top of that. Doesn't sound like something the people at Nintendo Japan, who like to take years for a single game until it's done, would enjoy. Sounds much more like an environment were the important people would leave.

So, it's the rumor of a big game announcement and you're hoping for Fire Emblem? Well, if you interpret "big" as "most niche", you're probably spot on.



theshahrkie said:

a gigantic software update that will give alot more features that r really possible...we cud get a messaging system so u cud message each other...and i personally wish they cud change the ui...I JUST HATE ITS SIMPLICITY....and maybe they cud get more better at least 3 kind of apps running at once...and get better notifications kind of thingy....a email app...reggie said it himself that the 3ds is a ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE...NOT JUST A GAMING the gameboy...AND YOUTUBE IS NEEEEEDDDDEEEEEDDDDDD FOR THE 3DS TO GO ON PAR WITH THE VITA....and skype and fb wudnt be that bad toooooooo0000ooo



komicturtle said:

If Apple does acquire Nintendo I'll be disappointed about Apple's products being too overpriced and kinda.. fragile. Well, iPods are sturdy. Not so much the others.

Even then, Nintendo would never allow Apple even if they could afford Nintendo- Microsoft couldn't, neither can Apple. And with the way Apple's products work with revision after revision and how these revisions add "more power" which affects apps, sometimes most, I wouldn't be happy.

Anyhow, can't wait for this announcement. Anyone heard about the two new Fire Emblem games- two versions? That's exciting. Rumor, but exciting and plausible.



Doma said:

..I'd hope it was about the 3DS redesign but, it obviously won't be. It may be stupid to do so before the holidays, so i'm expecting an early next-year announcement for that news, lol. Either way, i might have to hold out on purchasing one for a while. Forget buying an attachment.



gambitttt said:

A NEW ZELDA GAME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Maybe if i add more then they'll do it)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



MasterGraveheart said:

@WaltzElf: The iPad is just a giant-sized iPod Touch. That's not innovation, that's just going to a fast food resteraunt for a day. drum rif

But, seriously, sure, the size gives you some options, but if people are really thinking it's the biggest thing ot ever happen, then I have to say, people's standards are rediculously low.

If Nintendo were acquired by Apple, there would be some good, but also a lot of bad. You're right on one point. Nintendo, if they were still in control of themselves, WOULD have access to Apple's resources and technologies. Not to mention it owuld probably get a boom of content thanks to syncing with iTunes and the app store. However, and this is the big however, prices for hardware to play Nintendo games would skyrocket. In this industry, the Cost-Value scale of most friendly to least friendly goes Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft-Apple. Nintendo gives you the most bang for your buck, in my honest opinion, Sony's second with decent titles at more costly hardware, Microsoft with fewer quality titles then Sony (my opinion, which is why I put them #3), and finally Apple with the most expensive devices with fewer must-have games. And no, I don't care how many billions of downloads Angry Birds and their interations have made. Have you played Angry Birds? Yes, it's fun, but it's the very definition of a toilet game, a game made to be played on the can. Again, I enjoy playing Angry Birds, even if I think Rovio is a bunch of self-absorbed tools, but if I want a deep experience, I turn to consoles and handhelds. Thus why the other three have a higher value for me as a gamer.

I get that the iTouches have more functionalities, but please remember I'm talking strictly gaming here.

I'm not saying I can't see it happening given the right (or from my perspective, unfortunate) circumstances, but at this stage in the game, and given what purchase usually means (i.e. tearing apart the purchased company into an unrecognizable mess, see WCW when purchased by WWE), Nintendo being purchased would not only be bad for the consumer, but also bad for the industry as a whole as it would spell disaster for dedicated/deeper gaming platforms.



dimi said:

Nintendo bought Square-Enix? A Pokemon MMORPG in Wii u? A version of Unreal Engine 3 mobile running on 3ds or a new graphic engine for Wii U? One can only hope.

P.S: I love my ipad 1. With a keyboard it can be near as good as a netbook/laptop on many levels. On other levels its much better (with far more restrictions ofc). But in general a really expensive nice multimedia device with affordable software.



shinobi88 said:

by EXTREMELY BIG GAME do they mean another N64 port? B/c the thought almost makes me pass out from boredom. You know Nintendo, there are these things called 1st person shooters and people really like em. You wanna go EXTREMELY BIG, go Metroid Prime Hunters 3DS or Halo 3DS



MasterGraveheart said:

My prediction is that they're going to announce EarthBound 3DS, either an unlikely fourth game or a more likely 3D collection.

Or... it could be Final Fantasy VII for 3DS!

Or maybe... Monster Hunter or Banjo-Kazooie 3 (Banjo-Threeie anybody?).

Or, OOH, how about... a 2D platforming Metroid?!

Or perhaps... I'll just wait for for the announcement.



shinobi88 said:

Please dont mention Iphones, Ipads, and Ipods when we're talking about gaming. You need buttons and sticks to play a REAL game. Ipad games are slide and tap fests. Yay, of. Actually it sounds like an incredible waste of time. Resident Evil Revelations will be a life changer. Angry Birds 3 will be a life waster.



Sockymon said:

If Nintendo are bringing out a new price of hardware, something that's more focussed on pure gaming (two sticks) and might not even have 3D, could they be resurrecting the Gameboy line? Isn't this the second of their 3 pillars that they used to talk about?



FluttershyGuy said:

New Super Mario Bros. 3DS, Metroid Dread or a traditional overhead Legend of Zelda, PLEASE NINTENDO! If we're talking 3rd party, Final Fantasy V and/or VI 3DS remake, please!
Couldn't agree more about needing buttons and sticks. The touch screen is too imprecise to tolerate. I don't see how so many people can use it for games. RPGs on it like the early Final Fantasy games are tedious to control. Action games are COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE. Until such a time as there is some kind of dedicated controller, Apple touch devices will never qualify as a decent gaming apparatus to me.



OldBoy said:

And yet another article/comments section turns into an ipad discussion thanks to @waltzelf.You are the biggest troll on this site.Yeah we get you love Apple ,FFS give it a rest ,its getting boring.
Anyway.....if this is a redesigned 3DS Ninty can go f*** themselves quite frankly and no way am I sticking some flimsy add on circle pad on to the side either.This announcement better be something BIG!! Fallout 3DS please!!!



Beechbone said:

Big announcement: end of production of 3DS... just kidding
I think it will be 3DS related not Wii U. Next home console is all about 2012, now's the time to boost 3DS sales and help this handheld fighting PS Vita. I wish Nintendo the very best



Beechbone said:

As for games, hmm. Pokemon 3DS? Monster Hunter 3DS? Metroid 3DS - hello, it's 25th anniversary!



shinobi88 said:

I see 1 major problems with these rumors: Nintendo taking focus away from the 3D effect. That is really the only thing that separated the 3DS from the Vita. If they take away the 3D and add another stick, it's just a less powerful vita w/out the killer apps like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed. The 3D effect would be a big draw if they made BIGGER SCREENS so it was actually noticeable. Or, at the very least, developers make games designed around 3D (like the Metal Gear 3DS demo) as opposed to making games that just add on 3D (like the actual Metal Gear 3DS). You really need to go back and look at how awesome that Metal Gear E3 demo was.



PiribroH said:

I really miss the old days when comments were actually good.

As on the rumor I hope it is a new Fire Emblem or a totally new series. It probably won't be anything else than something about Wii U.



grumblebuzzz said:

My guess (and hope) is that it's a universal software decrease to a starting price of $29.99. There are several 3DS games I wanna play but I just can't justify paying 40 bucks for a handheld game when console games (which tend to be much bigger in size and with just more of everything) are usually only 10 bucks more expensive when they launch.



JimmyWhale said:

I'm putting my money on localized Xenoblade and Last Story being the announcement, but I think there will be more to it, too...



shinobi88 said:

Do you REALLY think localizing Last Story would cause an 8.4 rise in stock value? This has to be something in NEW. Like Halo on 3DS. Or a new version of the system. The list of things that would UNIVERSALLY be considered BIG behind those announcements is pretty small.



Henmii said:

I know what it will be: America also gets the "new" Wii model!! Lol!

But seriously, I have no idea what will happen. A release-date and price of Wii u ?, Wii u Mario ?, New Zelda for 3DS (nah, I think that's to early) ?, Pikmin 3 ? Everything is possible. It's even possible that nothing happens.



timp29 said:

Wow, I can't believe the Apple bashers. Don't get me wrong, I am not a massive Apple fan, but they pretty much invented portable music (sorry, the discman and walkman weren't really portable because you needed to carry around discs etc). Then, they've temporarily secured the tablet computing market (even though it had been around for a while) and the iPhone is pretty innovative. Oh yeah, that program you use, windows... they pretty much invented that too before Bill Gates ripped it off. So yeah, as a company Apple has been quite innovative, and has the success to show for it. Personally, as good as the iPad and their laptops are, PC tablets are the way to go... if only I could afford one



theblackdragon said:

@timp29: no offense (and not to harsh your pro-Apple buzz or anything), but Apple wasn't the first to have an MP3 player on the market — i had me a Rio PMP300 back in '99-ish, and the iPod didn't hit 'til what, '01 or so?
lol, those were the days... that thing was not cheap, either :/



shinobi88 said:

I won't bash Apple itself. But for gaming? C'mon. I had an Ipod Touch. It was interesting for about 2 days. EVERY single game is a shallow touch, tap, or slide fest. I was kinda xcited when they announced Metal Gear Solid was coming to the Ipod Touch. Guess what? It was a shallow tap fest. Life is too short my friends. Sell your Ipads. Invest in a REAL gaming machine like the 3DS or PS Vita



LordTendoboy said:


The Sony Walkman didn't invent portable music? Are you serious? Ever heard of cassette tapes? They came out in the late 1970's (before CDs) and they were the format that the Walkman used. The Discman is just a portable CD player, emphasis on the word portable.



MetroidMasher17 said:

If it isn't a new Metroid game, I will personally Shinespark over to Nintendo HQ, barge into Reggie's office, and threaten to lay a power bomb.

...well, not really. Oh, well. One can hope.

@WumboXpert Ugh. Hope that NEVER happens, even as a joke!



Squiggle55 said:

the guess that makes the most sense to me is 3D Movies being announced. it seems like the type of fundamental big change for the 3DS that merits a secret month early rumor of a BIG announcement. Of course the only thing I would actually care about after a month long wait for a secret announcement is a new Earthbound...



Crystalking18 said:

Is it weird that almost an eighth of the 147 comments below are all relating to apple or apple hate? Can this apple debate just end and we can start speculating what will actually happen instead of having a flame war that will most likely piss people off?



timp29 said:

@141 yeah sorry I got a little carried away there (I canned their portability based on having to carry around tapes and stuff). I guess the first portable music was the old ghetto blaster on batteries then.

Anyway, just saying apple has had a buttload of success, which probably contradicts those who say apple isn't innovative. That was the only point I wished to make. Yes, the walkman was around earlier, I had one, and a discman and a minidisc player, but I hated carrying around tapes and making mix tapes etc and then there is the advantage of shuffle, track skip and all that.

Perhaps I should change my tune a little bit in hindsight. Where Apple wasn't the first off the band wagon (portable music players with memory) they were the first to make the technology affordable and market it to their success. If it makes everyone all warm and gooey on the inside, I still like Nintendo more...



shinobi88 said:

How frustrating is it as a Nintendo fan, when you wait all week, xcited about what games are coming through the download service and we get...Urban Champion, unanimously considered the worst Nintendo game ever. When it comes to online, Nintendo has made slight improvements with 3DS, but they're still in the dark ages compared to the rest of the gaming world in 2011. How can we be this far into the 3DS store and they've only released 1 3DSware game?? Nintendo needs to LIGHTEN UP. Release more games per week and give us release dates so we have some kind of idea what to get xcited about and when.



C-Olimar said:

@timp29 apple didn't invent the ipod (AKA the IXI) :/
I like apple, but I think the quality of nintendo software would probably decrease if they bought nintendo out.



shinobi88 said:

This is a WEIRD time in gaming history. It may never happen again. We don't know what's gonna happen in a year. Or two. Will the hideously stupid Ipods and their 5 cent worthless games make handhelds by Sony and Nintendo obsolete? Fate is truly cruel if that happens.

I know in the long run, it's very bad if the 3DS doesn't sell well. But in the short term, it ROCKS for us gamers. Nintendo freaks out and so a couple months after release we get a price drop AND a major announcement about Game Boy Advance games coming the future, and THEN, just a couple weeks after that, we get ANOTHER major announcement. Yeeha!



timp29 said:

@154 I couldn't agree with you more. In 10 years we will probably look back at this period of gaming history and see a major shift in the industry. What will happen? Who knows.

Physical media seems to be on the out... Nintendo are really pushing the boundaries technologically (3D gaming, motion gaming) and practicality (TV free console gaming)... Please, please don't let anything involving iTunes be the way of the future. I will give myself an uppercut if it is.



Peznaze said:

Probably just 3DS hype. Sales figures, upcoming releases we already know about. They still are trying to figure out how to sell 3DS when you can't show the 3D on 2D media.



Pj1 said:

I agree wuth Crysalking, there is no real substance in the stories of Apple buying Nintendo, but blimey, what if they did? but the announcement is meant to be big.... Let's wait and see, patience is a virtue,

I've just had a thought though, what if Nintendo allow Apple to sell games through the App store?



timp29 said:

Hopefully Nintendo is going to have a cloud like system/improved eShop account so that games bought by users are accessible across all systems. (grumble grumble bought LoZ:OoT 3 times now)



dimi said:

Rumor and speculation: Dragon Quest X is moving to 3ds (from Wii). Expect world first screenshots and video game footage.



Emborges said:

If there's a big game to be announced, I hope it is a new Metroid, platformer (with 3D graphics) or gameplay similar to Other M..not fps

I'm pretty excited to get a 3DS, but the main reason for me to buy one would be a good Metroid, if they can't give me that...then I'll only save my money for a Wii U :/...



XCWarrior said:

They are going to symbolically stab the RPG genre in the heart to kill it. Then dance around in praise of their sacrifice so they can make more casual games we don't want.

Don't get your hopes up, you'll just be disappointed in the end.



NintyMan said:

Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System was released on September 13, 1985. Hmmm, interesting.



shinobi88 said:

Oh, how I loathe Iphones and Androids. It isn't blind hatred mind you. I once had an Ipod Touch. And I even found a game I really enjoyed: Hero of Sparta. But I soon came to realize that there was a common theme to all the games: they were short, they were simple, and they had bad controls.

Iphones and Androids don't have buttons, d-pads, or control sticks, which are CRUCIAL for gaming. There are several ways they try to make up for this deficiency. One, they make games that are completely controlled by touch. The problem with this are many, including: touch is not as accurate or consistent as a button press and never will be and there are only so many ways you can touch a screen meaning you have limited control of the game. Another way they counter this is by using gyro controls, aka moving the system around. Ever tried that? It would be easier to steer a car after drinking 50 vodka shots. Lastly, they try to use virtual buttons, aka pretend buttons on the touch screen. But like I said earlier, touch controls aren't as accurate as buttons so it won't register what you press 50% of the time.



shinobi88 said:

Iphones and Androids try to seduce people into thinking they have quality games because they have quality graphics. And since we as humans only use a small portion of our brains, many of us fall for that trick. Thousands, nay, millions have fallen. The problem w/ the games on Iphone and Android is that they are too simple, short, and don't have sophisticated controls. Which means every single game is a casual game. A system that only has casual games should appeal to 2 audiences: girls w/out gaming experience and young children. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a simple game every now and then but I live for the deeper full game xperiences.

I saw a preview for an Android game called Shadowgun. It is a beautiful game, a clone of Gears of War. I was impressed, BUT, knowing the deficiencies of Iphone and Android games, I was skeptical. So I checked out vid of someone playing it. And, just as I suspected, it had lousy controls. You see, you control the camera by moving your finger around the touch screen. Oh boy. Many problems. Dead spots on the touch screen, Touch screens never register 100% of touches, and you have shaky fingers, which means 99 times out of 100 the camera won't move exactly where you want it, AND since its not controlled by a circle or d-pad, the camera moves blocky and shaky instead of smooth movements. The character is moved by a virtual control stick. Oh, boy again. BIG PROBLEM: ever tried to use virtual buttons? You have to constantly be looking where the buttons are or your fingers will miss, rendering the games virtually unplayable. That doesnt happen w/ d-pads and sticks b/c you can feel them.

Are Iphones and Androids going to kill quality gaming machines like 3DS and Playstation Vita? We can only pray that doesn't happen.



Blue_Yoshi said:

There definitely gonna announce a bunch of Wii U content including actual Nintendo games. Like Ive said before they could have a simple Smash Bros. out for launch really cheap and improve on it with DLC in the coming months.



MeloMan said:

Let's see:
-Probably Smash Bros.
-Announcement of 3D movies from Netflix for 3DS
-GBA titles available for EVERYone
-Official WiiU release date
Xenoblade Chronicles announced for NA and maybe the fate of Last Story and Pandora's Tower < This is what I'm hoping for, but believe me, my hopes are NOT up...



nano43 said:

I don't think it'll be about smash bros. cuz they have hardly even worked on it. But i'm looking forward to it!



Kyloctopus said:

It is IMPOSSIBLE that at this point Nintendo will be a third party, because Nintendo has the top sales for their game, and if they went on iphone the tables would turn.
I DON'T SEE Nintendo 3DS have a new model even though the source is the people who found out about Wii u first.
It WILL NOT be Super Smash Bros. because, they haven't even started on the project, and will only start after Kid Icarus: Uprising.
It CANNOT be anything related to Wii u because all the announcements will be in 2012
I WOULDN'T put my bets on Metroid because it's not big enough (No offence to Metroid fans even though I am one of them) but there is always the chance.
A new Zelda is NOT LIKELY because there would have been some announcement at E3 when it was Zelda crazy.
It MIGHT NOT be localization for anything because Europe didn't get big announcement when they announced it.
It COULD be Super Mario Bros. 3DS because Nintendo did say they are making a Super Mario Bros. for 3DS.
I PUT MY BETS on the massively single playing online game. Sorta like Farmville or Sims Social, or an online version of Animal Crossing.



Bassman_Q said:

@WaltzElf (6) - I agree. Apple + Nintendo would pretty much rule the entire electronic entertainment business as a monopoly. But they'd make amazing stuff, so it won't matter that they monopolize.

But anyway, hope its the announcement of... XENOBLADE CHRONICLES for NA!



shinobi88 said:

@179. I cant dig that deep. I want GAMES! Full games. Not just lil puzzles or tech demos. Smartphones don't have games like Mario. They don't have games like Metal Gear Solid. They don't have games like Metroid. They don't have games like Uncharted. And even if they tried, the only way they could do it are with tilt and touch controls or virtual buttons, which are about as enjoyable as being in a prison camp. Why don't you dig through these comments to find my other posts on the subject.



shinobi88 said:

Maybe I can illustrate this to you guys a little clearer. Smartphone games are deceiving people into thinking they're next gen quality games b/c they have next gen caliber graphics. But due to the extreme control limitations of smartphones w/out buttons and sticks, all the games have the depth of a flash game. I'll be a little more generous. The depth of an original NES game.

Example, I played Hero of Sparta on an Ipod Touch. I really liked it. The graphics and sound helped. But at the end of the day, it was a shallow experience. With smartphone games you're getting games of the same quality as DSiWare or PSP Minis. Those are cute. And fun for a distraction. But NOTHING to get excited about. With the full retail releases that 3DS and Vita offer you can look to the future with anticipation b/c you know it'll be a deep, fulfilling experience. And hopefully...a life changer.



Hokori said:

@shinobi I agree another reason 3DS/Vita > iPhone is the buttons thing I want real button gaming thats why ill always choose ninty over apple for gaming, imagine SMB with touch only or zelda (PH or ST, sorta) or Metroid (Prime Hunters without the buttons to shoot) im saying its a bad idea



Sam_Loser2 said:

FIRE EMBLEM 3D!!! I know the series isn't popular enough for that to be the big announcment, but I can dream, right? Other than that, a 3D pokemon (a REAL pokemon game) or the date for Kingdom Hearts 3D would be nice.

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