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Mon 28th Jun 2010

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Sakeraf commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

I've never been big on graphics, only reason i want HD is so the sony-fans will stop complaining!
I do want improved online capabilitys. (no lag)
Also im hoping for multitasking, (i wanna play one game while waiting for another to download, ect)



Sakeraf commented on Aonuma Confirms Zelda is Not the Skyward Sword:

I think its a brand new character that will be the skyward-sword but turn into the master-sword near the end of the game. remember its the "sword of evil's bane". so how can it be a character from later Zelda games if it IS the sword.



Sakeraf commented on Yes, There Really Is a Zelda Master Timeline D...:

@34 Aw man... skyward sword will suck with no Ganon!
But its probably true, my theory is that the final boss will somehow be linked to the fierce deity and why he was trapped in the mask. Majoras mask really confused me...



Sakeraf commented on 3DS Form is Final Shape, says Hideki Konno:

@44 your basically you want Nintendo to make psp... try to think outside the box. I agree that it could use some changes, but the 3ds is still gonna be awesome!
@47 your an inspiration to all of us!