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If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up

Posted by James Newton

You never know, it might work

With the news that 3DS will offer downloads of GameBoy and GameBoy Color titles came the inevitable question: "would Nintendo also offer Virtual Boy games to download?" First, you have to convince Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's president.

Speaking to Kotaku, Fils-Aime said

As a consumer, I have experience with every Nintendo platform and, I think every accessory, including the Superscope, with the exception of the Virtual Boy... so it's difficult for me to articulate a point of view back to our parent company why we absolutely have to have a Virtual Boy store.

Perhaps what Reggie needs is some Virtual Boy experts to speak up about why resurrecting Nintendo's biggest flop would be a smart business move. Take it away in the comments, everybody!


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warioswoods said:

There are few enough good VB games that it needn't be a whole section of the store; they could throw them together on a single cart for retail and I'd be satisfied. Or, just make the VB Wario Land unlockable on the first new Wario Land game for the 3DS and I'll be happy.



skywake said:

as long as you are given the option to view it in black and white instead of red and black i'd be more than willing to buy some VB games. There was a Wario Land game on there that I wouldn't mind playing. Look it up on youtube, you can view it in 3D on there if you have some of those crappy tinted glasses.........



Mockingbird said:

"As a consumer, I have experience with every Nintendo platform and, I think every accessory, including the Superscope, with the exception of the Virtual Boy..."

Reggie! This is THE best reason why you should put it on the VC!



Link79 said:

Wouldn't be worth it really. The Wario Land game was about the only good thing on the system. Wasn't there like less than 20 games even made for this thing? How about GBA games instead?



WaveGhoul said:

It defiinitly wouldn't be worth, aside from Wario Land. And I have Wario Land for the VB, but you can't get me to play more than 20 minutes of the game due to the VB really bugging my eyes. I remember being wow'd by the 3D effects in the opening intro cut scene, as well as the first Boss battle. Pretty cool stuff!



SuperPeach said:

It would be good since many people didn't get to play virtual boy and because now with the new kind of 3D you wouldn't get those head aches you get from VB meaning people could enjoy the games more than before.



Eliasson said:

I happily buy Wario Land, Vtetris, Mario Clash and Teleroboxer.
Maybe Mario Tennis, Galactic Pinball and Jack Bros.
Sweet memories of 95/96.



Shugo said:

3DS would be the perfect system for it since 3DS can actually do 3D that doesn't hurt your eyes (supposedly). Perfect platform for emulating some true 3D Virtual Boy. I know it only had a few decent games, but I'd really like to get to play those since I missed them!



Hedgetrimmer said:

Yes, deffinately needed.
No arguments the VB works, it HAS to be set up right and then you can play for hours without problems, FACT.
Even if you don't agree, and there will be many, why not have the games, surley more games the better and some are great.
There could also be chance of getting the unreleased games out, Dragon Hopper, Zero Racers, Bound High (although most of us have already got & played it) and when you check lists there could be many others that might have been finished but not released.
So please Reggie, push the case for us freaks.



James said:

Welcome, hedgetrimmer! Let's hope Reggie reads your comments and takes them to Mr Iwata himself.



Sabrewing said:

The Wii's VC is barely supported anymore as it is. They could easily say that they plan on supporting the Virtual Boy's library and then never follow up on it.



WaveGhoul said:

Woa, Corbie and James have been sprite-atized, vedy' nice!
Anyways, I just can't see Nintendo resurrecting the VB through the 3DS. Why would they wan't to reintroduce a massive failure? Their only Failure to be exact. But who knows, we'll just have to wait and see. But the VB Catalogue is so insanely small to begin with, so there won't be much to look forward to, let alone there are only a few decent games on the system.

and MasterGraveheart , Jack Bros isn't even that great, I found it to be decent at best. I finally sold my copy and based on what I played it was pretty mediocre. But I love the whole Halloweenish vibe it has going on and the Characters. But yikes was the 3D in that game weak, and completely underutilized.



theblackdragon said:

if it's gonna be the same monotonous red-on-black that gave me headaches back in the day. not interested. remake some of the more acclaimed games, sure, but otherwise, let it die for all i care.



iphys said:

They could probably only release a few games, but why not? Or make them Club Nintendo exclusive downloads if they're worried the VirtualBoy selection would look embarrassingly sparse.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Of course! I mean, Nintendo already mentioned the VirtualBoy several times (WarioWare; Super Smash Bros.), and I would support their uploads, especially for historical reasons. Also, considering that VirtualBoy was supposed to be a 3D console, the release of their games on the 3DS just makes them more fitting.

Also, Bass X20-san just gave me another reason.

(...sorry for not logging in for a long time; what was supposed to be a leave ended up being a semi-quit...)



weirdproq said:

I would love to have Virtual Boy games on the 3DS! Such as:

3D Tetris
Galactic Pinball
Jack Bros.
Mario Clash
Mario's Tennis
Nester's Funky Bowling
Panic Bomber
Vertical Force
and especially Virtual Boy Wario Land



jangonov said:

I would love to play the virtual boy! While I know licencing might be hard on a title like "water world" I would love to play some of the gems of the system without the headaches and clunky hardware.



Robo-goose said:

@WaveBoy "And I have Wario Land for the VB, but you can't get me to play more than 20 minutes of the game due to the VB really bugging my eyes."
Remember, this is going to be on the 3DS, so the 3D will have greatly improved (then again, 3D images may naturally bug you).

As for bringing VB to the VH, Yes. The Virtual Boy is something that I (and many of you) never played, and considering that almost all of the bad issues with the VB are not going to apply to the 3DS (excluding bad battery life) this will be an excellent idea.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Long as they're priced right. Remember, Europe never saw the abomination so it would likely make more money over here. Better then blowing hundreds on the console and games...



Kirk said:

Surely we shouldn't even have to speak up.

Surely these things should be frikin obvious to whoever it is at Nintendo by now.

It's a joke that Nintendo as a company just doesn't get this stuff.

I seems completely f'n obvious to everyone else it seems.



motang said:

I have never owned a Virtualboy (and I know I am with the majority on this one), were there any memorable games on this system?



V8_Ninja said:

Basically what Bass X0 said. The hardware itself was the major issue with the virtual boy, not the games. It'd be nice to experience those games without getting a headache from the red/black color scheme.



Iggy said:

I never played a virtual boy or even seen one in person so i would be happy to play a new system aslong as it has good games.



WWammy said:

I'm not entirely sure since I heard the Virtual boy at the time caused some serious health issues.
If they can get rid of those problems then why not =)



Stuffgamer1 said:

@MarkyVigoroth: Heeeeey, welcome back!

@Kirk: I agree completely. Nintendo excels at being pathetically thick like no other company I can think of.

I'm all for this idea. I've wanted to play VB Wario Land for years, and the VB version of Panic Bomber was bizarrely the ONLY version to ever release in North America (even though it's been on SNES, PC Engine, and even PSP in Japan), so I'd gladly take that, too. Make it happen, Nintendo!



LuWiiGi said:

Yeah, do it! I never played VB (or any Nintendo console before the GBA for that matter).



Dorkvader said:

I never got to plsy on i aways wanted to play the games on there so Nintendo plaese put those games on there



FonistofCruxis said:

Please do this nintend! VB wario land is the only game I would get but it i really want t play that game, it looks great.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

well duh. I can't think of a reason not to.
Hopefully they're not too expensive.
EDIT: Perhaps they could also have a thing in-game where you can switch between red-and-black and color. That way both traditionalists and people who care about their health can be pleased. I'd be willing to pay a little extra for that.



MeloMan said:

I will say this: I never got a chance to own one of these, though I remember playing the demo setups. I wanted to play Mario Clash bad, and at that time, WarioLand. Probably wouldn't mind Hotel Mario for kicks, lol
But most of all, as long as I don't have to force the red and black 3D upon my eyes at point blank range (read: hold it some space away from my pupils), then I think I can tolerate the VB games in their original integrity of red and black, or... if they want to update them to color, that's fine to (or give an option for both). It's just like with every new console that comes out, Nintendo always gives a nod to the predecessor-- I think it's only right to give a nod to the first and inferior 3D machine with a superior and current 3D machine. That, and it's not like there's a million VB games to bring over to begin with...



Junior117 said:

Well bring it on! Virtual Boy may not be the best console from Nintendo... but please Nintendo... please be generous enough to give us at LEAST a small store comprised with the best games for it (it may not be a lot... but still). Or at least throw in some other portables in there (like Game Gear... if it was almost just as under appreciated) and just create a small section of the store called "Virtual Console Extras" or something like that. Either way, as long as they are there, I'll be happy.



PanbanRichard said:

The first poster got the hammer on the nail on this notion; the games aren't bad, but the console itself was.

A Virtual Boy Owner



kurtasbestos said:

I never owned a Virtual Boy, but I do have vague memories of playing a few demos in a game store and being impressed, as crappy and awkward as the hardware (and redness) were. I've heard plenty of what the actual factual fans of the system have to say about it over the years, and I always wanted to give it another chance, so I would definitely download Virtual Boy games on my 3DS.



koops330 said:

I nevered play a virtual boy although I hear it is really crappy whos to say that the games are I would like it see it




Absolutely. On my own, months ago, I thought it was inevitable that Nintendo would release a Virtual Boy compilation for 3DS, with original red mode graphics, and enhanced mode with up-to-date graphics. I'd still buy some on 3DS VC instead of a cartridge compilation. If possible, they should also release the in-development and half-finished games that were never released. Also, with VB re-release, the rest of the world would be getting Japan-only VB titles.



ueI said:

Virtual Boy should be on virtual console. More games are always better, and you don't have to buy the ones you don't want.



Punny said:

I'm cool with playing Virtual Boy games without those dorky goggles on! As long as I don't get headaches or my eyes don't melt off, I'm all set!



SwerdMurd said:

Why? Because you have a scenario with a good 20-50 already-developed games you could sell for money.

Your new handheld is gonna be able to display in 3D, and to my knowledge, outside a handful of random assorted games, this is the only legacy content available that makes any attempt to make use of the 3rd dimension in terms of display.

This would also be the only way to experience this content as intended, short of using an emulator and 3D glasses. Assuming the price was right (remember--these games were cheap when they came out--price accordingly) I think it'd give people a chance to play the best Wario game available, a great Star Soldier game, etc.

From a business standpoint, I see it costing very little and providing a constant 100% profit revenue source.



Caliko said:

YES!! I've been hoping for this since the 3DS was announced.

It's just too inconvenient to find a Virtual Boy to play such games as Mario Clash and Wario Land 3D.

PLEASE Remake the games and add COLOR!!!



Tasuki said:

The only good games on the VB was Mario Clash and Wario Land. Red ALarm wasnt too bad either. I would love to see some of these games come to the 3DS VC than I can finally put my Virtual Boy in storage.



cheapogamer4life said:

I vote ya....

No!! Don't believe anything user 54 said. He not one of us! Just by looking at the way he spelled "color" you can easily tell that he's not to be trusted.



NintyMan said:

Fine with me. Mario Clash and Wario Land would be the only games I would get, but I see no harm in putting them on the 3DS VC. Who knows, maybe it would redeem the VB a bit?



Pastry said:

I think that releasing the games would help everybody become acquainted with the Virtual Boy. Most of the reason that nobody ever bought or heard of the console was probably because it didn't have very many games.

I have played the console at a friends house while waiting for him to do something and I thought that Mario Clash and Wario Land were superb games, even for today. I would definitely buy them if they were released on the Virtual Handheld.



RionaaM said:

Hotel Mario isn't a Virtual Boy game, it came out for the CD-i. I really hoped to see it in the Mario anniversary pack, but now I guess I'll never get to play it, unless Nintendo decides to make a VC Extras section like Junior117 said, and puts it there, right with the VB and the Zelda CD-i games.



adamantwolf said:

yes lets get vitural games on 3ds that will make it way better than the dsi because you cant get them on the dsi which is horrible



Knux said:

I would certainly buy at least Mario Clash and VB Wario Land if they were on the 3DS's Virtual Hanheld. [Recolors would be nice though.]



Pj1 said:

Hidden away at the HQ of Nintendo are the V.B games and they have a good library, V.B deserves a second chance as long as we don't have look into it!! I've heard about the headaches and they sound nasty. The 3DS will have a game boy VC and that's a selling point for me, so I'll buy the Mario and tetirs games. Other than I'm not sure. I think Nintendo could do anything right now and that include sre- releasing old games consoles!!



Advancedcaveman said:

Just make a port of the virtual boy Warioland game (in color in everything) and call it a day. Don't emulate anything, don't sell the games, just make a 3DS specific port of that one game. Done.



DarkEdi said:

Im the owner of a Virtual Boy (and like 10 games) and i think it´ll be perfect to replay Galactic Pinball, Panic Bomber and Vertical Force without headache. I loved that games. It´ll be perfect at 1000 pts.



DrDaisy said:

Well, I would like to play Galactic Pinball in 3D in full color. I'm not so sure about the other games though. When I rented the Virtual Boy all those years ago, the games I rented with it were Telero Boxer and the above-mentioned Galactic Pinball. I wasn't crazy about Telero Boxer and what little I did play of the Wario game in stores didn't interest me much.



Capt_N said:

This (system) gen(eration) has given N huge amounts of money, that they have enough to throw around. They should do some market research, to see where to do fan service, & where not to.

For the ppl who never actually owned a VB, I see them either not caring for the d/ls entirely, or only d/ling what they see in reviews, & read that critics, & such consider popular. The ppl who actually owned a VB, &/or @ least rented/borrowed it long enough to get a good feel of which games they liked, will probably/only d/l what games they know they liked, that they have actually played.

I see this going both ways, but particularly like this, or similar to:
1. Nintendo sees this as a risky move, due to fear of financial loss of emulating many games that they feel may/will not generate enough profit returns to justify them doing this. Or possibly not wanting newer gamers to know that N had a flop, that was well known as a flop.

2. Them doing this as a "statement" that they've always tried "innovating", as fan service, or assuming that there are only so few games for it that ppl want, that it won't be financially taxing to emulate the games.

Recoloring, &/or remaking, or porting the games straight to carts is also an option I feel N would consider, as they would stand to make more profit from a newer title, than a d/l-able one. Or @ least they might see it that way.

I won't be surprised either way. My choice on the issue: I would probably take either remakes of a certain few games, or the originals on a VC VB.

Edit: I'm of the crowd that never owned a VB, but have played a demo of it in a store.



BooJoh said:

I loved my Virtual Boy, and though it was a flop, I think most people can agree the problems were with the hardware more than the software. I for one would LOVE to be able to play Wario Land VB, Mario Clash, Red Alarm, Galactic Pinball, and Teleroboxer (among other titles) again without having to dig out my VB and deal with the hardware issues.

Without a lot of games I don't see the need for a special shop section, but maybe themed releases like the Game & Watch games on DSiWare.

I think it would be a fitting tribute to Gunpei Yokoi for part of his vision for 3d gaming to be brought new life now that the technology can better support it.



Hedgetrimmer said:

Thanks for the welcome James, I had to register & post as this is to do with something i hold dear being a VB owner.
IMO it would would almost be blasphemous not to let the new 3D console play the original 3D consoles games.
Sure not all of them used the 3D well, some not even at all, and some just as backgrounds & gimmicks, but they are out there and even though i own a few carts (& can, if i desired, play any game on the Flashboy) i would still make the purchase to be able to play them on the 3DS, in red & black.



jaguarman said:

I love my virtual boy console,and for me its the most revolutionary nintendo's machine ever



mushroomer said:

I mentioned this when they first announced the 3DS. I also think that an online 3D photo sharing community would be cool. You take a picture with the 3D picture and then upload it to something like and then people can download them on their 3ds to view them. or maybe they can work out a deal with facebook upload or even picasa or flickr. the picture will only display 1 eye view for online jpg or png view but when you opt to view that image through the 3ds, it appears in 3d whether it be through the opera browser. also having the ability to view your 3d images on 3d hdtv's would be a plus!..



sam322 said:

sorry, but after watching an angry video game nerd video about virtual boy
i would say that it won't be worth buying or even releasing it on 3ds
what would be good is that if they release nes titles or snes titles like super mario bros,world you know what i'm talking about...........



cecesigue said:

The problem is that is not a regular convertion so the VB game would work on the 3DS, they were both 3d but two different techs; so, the VB was the problem not the games. and nobody played VB so, they should do it; I HAVE ONE AND IT ROCKS! was no easy to use, but it worked! and was very fun to play...



starcrunch061 said:

I can't understand why so many people are vehemently saying "NO!". I would surmise they've never actually played the Virtual Boy, and only "remember" it because they read about it on some "Worst Things EVAH!" list.

As one who did play (and own) the virtual boy, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the games make it to DLC. Yes, I would also like to see GBA games, but there's no reason we can't have both.



Fwow13 said:

This is a definite must for the 3DS, I would hate to see Nintendo continue to ignore that this system existed. I don't really care how they approach it (whether it's a retail compilation or VC downloadable), as long as it happens.

@Hedgetrimmer You look familiar....



Metal_Slime said:

As an owner of almost all the VB games, I can say that there really isn't a game concept in there that you haven't already played (in color). Virtual Tennis was the best game, and it came with the system, and it was only cool because ball would literally go over your shoulder when you were in the front row (and come back when your ai teammate hit it behind you!). If you want these games, you want an updated release, not a red and black port... and there isn't anything in there so good you're missing out. The VB was more about submersion than 3D, imho.



Skrubber said:

I really hope they do it. It's almost free money. But then again it's Nintendo we're talking about.

I hope that if it ever gets released they add an option to change the red color to whatever color you prefer. Would rather play the games in black & white.



DrCruse said:

A very high percentage of Virtual Boy games were great. It flopped because of its hardware, not it's game library.



shadowude1293 said:

yeah I agree they should, but this idea could go both ways.Also i would like to see some GBA games as well



Hedgetrimmer said:

@Fwow13, howdy fella, we will infiltrate and succeed, VB lives.

I think without doubt GBA games will filter through in time, so will NES & SNES and probably N64, but not Cube due to file size.



shinobi88 said:

I've watched a couple virtual boy games on Youtube, and they look pretty cool. The all red color actually draws you more into the game. I'm not really interested in Wario games, but the one for virtual boy looks xcellent, and I'd give it a download. So ya, put em on there. Couldn't hurt.



TheLonelyGamer said:

I want to play Virtual Boy games, they look just fine, people just say Virtual Boy sucks just because of all the red there is, and really isn't virtual reality.



vio said:

I agree with Reggie here. No thanks. The only decent game I can even think of on the system is that Wario game. Besides, wouldn't it still have that awful red and black color sceheme on the DS?



pseudoN said:

a colourized Wario Land would be great. just played thru it last week (dispite the inherent eye-strain). Galactic Pinball is also an excellent VB title.



JustanotherGamer said:

Virtual boy games? I guess if you could get them to work in 3D now without causing headaches. There were only 22 games so re-release them on one disc? or Memory stick/card whatever the 3DS will use.



HapsNinFan said:

Hah That Would Be Funny, I Never Got To Play The VB (Cuz I Was In My Mams Tummy) But I Would Get Wario Land And Mario Tennis Probably. Ive Seen How Crappy It Was On Youtube. It'll Be Funny To See How BAD Things Were Back In The 90's So Yea

P.S I Wouldnt Play It Too Much....(Dont Want A Headache)



HapsNinFan said:

Though There Is No Point Because A Big Point Of Making The VB Was To Actually See It There! Without Seeing The Controller. They Could Make An Add On Like The Wii Wheel.. But I Dunno



HapsNinFan said:

Too Many Comments Im Sending :!
BUT!! They Should DEFINETLY Put It On! With The Original VB Goggles That Yu Can Insert Into The 3DS ! It Would Be A Laugh! Its Different To All The Other Consoles Cause Yur Actually Seeing It! :}



HapsNinFan said:

This Has Gotta Be Last One..

Eem! I CANT BELIEVE IT! On They Havent Put The VB In The Nintendo Consoles History And They Put All The Others.
My Opinion Is That It Was Actually Quite A Big Bit In Gaming



Boman said:

These especially :

  • Galactic Pinball
  • Mario Clash
  • Wario Land
  • Mario Tennis


Wolfenstein83 said:

Wow, I think I would play them again if they were in color and didn't cause me to go cross-eyed.
It was good fun until the headaches began.



Cats said:

I still have my old VB system and if it wasn't so HUGE/heavy/awkward I'd still play it. Why wouldn't you release these classics that were designed for a 3d system? Honestly, I'd buy all of them again just so I never have to bring that clunky HUGE VB system out again.

They should also consider bringing something like that old arcade game "hard drivin'" out for the 3ds as it probably won't be as difficult to make into a 3d port as some other things.

Seriously Nintendo, VB games are a perfect fit for the 3ds. Although there weren't many, it'll be a nice trip down memory lane. Furthermore, it'll give us something to do while waiting for the more ambitious 3ds titles to come out.



Cats said:

@ HapsNinFan "I Never Got To Play The VB"
How can you judge a game you've never played?
Some things have to be experienced in order to be appreciated.
i.e. - You can't fully grasp the experience of skydiving by watching a video of it.

I never got a headache from playing the VB, but I'm sure there will be a number of people that get them from the 3ds as well. That's one of the reasons they say that children 7 and under shouldn't look at 3d images. Also, you probably shouldn't play it for 10 hours straight, but some people probably will.



Altkey said:

I thought it was the hardware that was the flop, not the games. So, why not.



Joe_Crackerr said:

If they can just go back and make full color versions of those games, then I'll take a look at there all red and black versions too. If a game is to be released on the 3DS, you should be able to use the touch screen to switch between color and original red and black.



TheIndigoEffect said:

If it makes you guys feel any better, the Virtual Boy's game library has a much better chance of being released than the Mother series.

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