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Tue 27th Oct 2009

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Mockingbird commented on Review: 3D Classics: Urban Champion (3DSWare):

The reviewer is actually wrong about the grading feature. Once you get to a rank, you'll continue to work on it even on the next playthough. I think there are nine or ten ranks in all — with the highest ranking being: Urban Champion. I think in total, you need at least 200 matches to become the Urban Champion. In addition, the game saves the highest amount of wins you manage to obtain. Every opponent beaten (which requires you to beat him for three rounds) nets you a stamp — which changes after every five stamps. The highest I've managed to get is four silver crowns — 59 rounds. The opponents start to get tough around round 40-ish, where they'll constantly be dodging your punches and meeting your hard punches. It's more of a glorified Game & Watch than an NES game, but I don't think the game is by any means terrible. I thought it was worth $4.99, which is a dollar cheaper than other 3D Classics game. It's good for short bursts of play and has an interrupt save feature too.



Mockingbird commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

"As a consumer, I have experience with every Nintendo platform and, I think every accessory, including the Superscope, with the exception of the Virtual Boy..."

Reggie! This is THE best reason why you should put it on the VC!