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Tue 10th August, 2010

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PORYGON commented on Miyamoto: Virtual Boy Games on 3DS Could Happen:

Virtual Boy compilation for 3DS, or perhaps eShop releases. Featuring
-Original red mode graphics
-Enhanced mode with up-to-date graphics.

In-development, unreleased VB games should also be released. Also, with VB re-releases, the rest of the world would be getting previously Japan-only VB titles.



PORYGON commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

Absolutely. On my own, months ago, I thought it was inevitable that Nintendo would release a Virtual Boy compilation for 3DS, with original red mode graphics, and enhanced mode with up-to-date graphics. I'd still buy some on 3DS VC instead of a cartridge compilation. If possible, they should also release the in-development and half-finished games that were never released. Also, with VB re-release, the rest of the world would be getting Japan-only VB titles.