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Tue 10th Aug 2010

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PORYGON commented on Weirdness: Fan Turns Pokémon Blue into a SNES...:

"… it became uncomfortable holding a heavy controller in a steady state to avoid the Transfer Pak becoming loose during long play sessions. Frequent encounters of slow game loading times when travelling from area to area also occurred, and in the end many opted to revert back to playing their monster catching adventures on a handheld device."

As a big Pokémon fan who played Stadium/2 extensively upon release, along with my friends, this sounded so inaccurate to me.

-Heavy controller? Even with Transfer Pak + Game, it's not heavy.
-Coming loose? Literally never happened to me or my friends.
-Slow loading times? Only if you boot it in the slow-load-time mode, which is only useful for short play sessions. There's the second mode which loads a lot of the game, thus decreasing the frequency of loading screens.
-If we were at home, we always preferred to play RBY on Stadium/2 because of the Dodrio GB Tower, allowing you to play at 3x speed.



PORYGON commented on Miyamoto: Virtual Boy Games on 3DS Could Happen:

Virtual Boy compilation for 3DS, or perhaps eShop releases. Featuring
-Original red mode graphics
-Enhanced mode with up-to-date graphics.

In-development, unreleased VB games should also be released. Also, with VB re-releases, the rest of the world would be getting previously Japan-only VB titles.



PORYGON commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

Absolutely. On my own, months ago, I thought it was inevitable that Nintendo would release a Virtual Boy compilation for 3DS, with original red mode graphics, and enhanced mode with up-to-date graphics. I'd still buy some on 3DS VC instead of a cartridge compilation. If possible, they should also release the in-development and half-finished games that were never released. Also, with VB re-release, the rest of the world would be getting Japan-only VB titles.