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Sun 18th Jan 2009

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Junior117 commented on Video: Nintendo Kindly Reminds Us That amiibo ...:

I'm really hoping that Nintendo can figure out those supply chain issues and get more amiibo out in stores. Then again, Play-asia is the only store that actually seems to always have their stock filled with rare ones...



Junior117 commented on Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and ...:

@Windy In order to do this, Nintendo will have to make it easier to get developers in the platform. As an iOS/Android developer myself, me and my company want to expand into games by next year. We have lots of developed game ideas that we want to make and we think that putting some of them to the Nintendo eShop would be awesome, as we are Nintendo fans ourselves. They shouldn't have a requirement that you need game development experience in order to be a licensed game developer from Nintendo. One thing that developers like from Apple and Google is that anyone can be a developer and create games for their platforms. Yes, bad games have popped up in the App Store and Google Play, but that's no excuse for Nintendo to not remove that restriction. I hear that they have a strict standard and they vigorously test the games that are submitted to the eShop. This is good and it will help to get more good developers to shine more brightly and, ultimately, show that there is more of a reason to develop for the eShop. They should also make the SDK cheaper. According to a interview with Nintendo's Developer Relations Manager, the cost of these tools is the same as a high-end PC. So I would assume that it's $1,500-2,000 on the best-case scenario. Honestly, I find that to be too expensive. Dropping the price a little bit should get more devs to consider the platform. $400-500 would be a better in my opinion. I realize that Nintendo has high standards (which is good, because I prefer that) and they charge it really high to defer the bad developers, but they would have to take that risk, because Sony and Microsoft are already trying their hardest to make the eShop go in the back of the devs minds. I see that they have relaxed a huge amount of the previous requirements. There are a lot of things that I have heard that developers find frustrating, but I don't want to make this any longer than it already is. It may sound like I'm asking for too much, but I believe that if Nintendo wants more devs into the platform, then some of these issues should be addressed. If they do, I bet you that it will all be worth it in the end, but you, the customer, will benefit with better games.



Junior117 commented on No, You Cannot Fight as Samus in Dead or Alive...:

@51 Agreed. If there's one thing I hate, it's this stupid arguing over the quality over Metroid: Other M. We don't need more than half of the Nintendo Life articles of argument after argument... ESPECIALLY concerning Other M



Junior117 commented on 3DS Battery Life Revealed:

@43 Actually, iPads can go up to 10 hours. Back to the 3DS, that amount of battery life doesn't worry me. Actually, it's what I expected. I don't expect a powerhouse device like the 3DS to be $300, AND have more than 14 hours of battery life. I can also estimate how long the battery life of the PSP2 would last (30 minutes, highest brightness).



Junior117 commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

Well bring it on! Virtual Boy may not be the best console from Nintendo... but please Nintendo... please be generous enough to give us at LEAST a small store comprised with the best games for it (it may not be a lot... but still). Or at least throw in some other portables in there (like Game Gear... if it was almost just as under appreciated) and just create a small section of the store called "Virtual Console Extras" or something like that. Either way, as long as they are there, I'll be happy.



Junior117 commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Here's a reason: because SO many people expect Samus to be some fearless selfish robot like Master Chief. Those people are idiots. And for the people who think that the Wii core audience has... say... 25,000 people... you'd be surprised. Look at the population of Nintendo Life users. NintendoWorldReport? Aussie-Nintendo? One-Click Wi-Fi? Most people are not casual, 5-12 year-olds or soccer moms, or even old people.



Junior117 commented on DS to Have Life After 3DS, says Nintendo:

@39 : Concerning MOTHER 3.
You know that there is a possibility that Nintendo can do two things: either a) Release MOTHER 3 in Virtual Console for the 3DS (they do imports for Wii Virtual Console... why won't they do it for the 3DS?) or b) Release a 3DSWare version of it (IF of course 3DSWare does exist... because I don't know if they announced it yet).



Junior117 commented on Netflix Channel Now Available From Wii Shop:

@54 and @36 Oh.

I believe it's three.

Ya, I gotta admit... the rewards aren't on par with it's japanese counterparts. However, it looks like some are selling well (Most of the folding fans are sold out).



Junior117 commented on Netflix Channel Now Available From Wii Shop:

@36 This means you will no longer get the Netflix streaming disc. However, Nintendo may still allow you to get 20 Nintendo coins when you download the Netflix app (Otherwise, it's going to be 10).

Bookmarks? Do you mean the instant queue? As many as Netflix allows you to (it's limited by your Netflix account, not from your Wii).



Junior117 commented on Live Video Chat Could Come to Pokemon Black & ...:

Basically, I see this whole "Nintendo ownership" like this:

As long as the Executive Producer is Satoru Iwata AND that company is allowed to go to the very privite places that Nintendo EAD and other first-parties (ex. Retro Studios, etc.) since Nintendo is a very private company, than 2nd parties are owned by Nintendo to a certain extent.

There. Glad I got that out of my head.



Junior117 commented on Don't Worry, You May Get More 2D Metroids:

I wish Metroid Dread was real... because if it was, it could be awesome! It could be a 3DS game with all the multiplayer modes of Metroid Prime Hunters + more! But... I'm just stating my opinion.



Junior117 commented on E3 2010: Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox ...:

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Kinect is my kind of game... if it can check your weight and make me reassured that the game won't screw up if someone happens to pass by. Sorry Microsoft... I'll just sick with Wii Fit (not paying $450+ for something that Wii Fit can pretty much do too). As for the rest... there just Wii knock-offs.



Junior117 commented on 3DS Could Turn Pages as Well as Heads:

If they are going to put in eBook capibilities (meaning holding the 3DS sideways--book mode), than they very well make the touch screen the same 3.5 widescreen. I mean really... reading an eBook on a 3.5 widescreen on the left and a 3.01 non-widescreen on the right?

Well, as of me, I don't care. I'm buying 3DS on day 1! _



Junior117 commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Game Boy:

The Game Boy was one of the best handhelds that I have ever played (and owned). Now I own a Nintendo DSi, another great handheld. I just hope that they release a Virtual Handheld for the DSi. Then I'll REALLY be happy



Junior117 commented on Nintendo Chief Doesn't Care for the iPad:

Wow... this has got me thinking...

Iwata, he is right... and wrong

Right because... well... mainly Nintendo doesn't want to go back to the good, but dangerous Virtual Boy.

But, wrong (sorta) because... well 3D was supposed to be just for movie theatres but now there ending up in TVs, non-theatres, and even on all 3 home consoles (the Wii actually has one 3D game... which name escapes me.

But... what if 3D flops for gaming... just like the Virtual Boy? It may be successful for a while... but soon it may get major problems in people's health... boy I don't to be one of those people :/

Now with the iPad... I'm impressed and unimpressed at the same time. Impressed because of the screen, the fact that they re-wrote some apps to take advantage of the device, and the iBook and iWork app. Unimpressed at the design, the fact that it's using the same iPhone OS, and... well it's pretty much a big iPod Touch :/ I don't see why we SHOULD be exicted about this. As a Apple fan (along with a Nintendo and Google fan)... I'm not entirely happy about the device. Put in a modified Mac OS X Snow Leopard, built-in SD Card, USB ports, and an iSight camera and I'm sold... but I'll skip this... for now.



Junior117 commented on Guides: How to Get Your Wii Online:

In case of the heat build-up, Nintendo should update the Wii so that whenever the Wii starts to heat up, the fans will start running, so that the GPU doesn't get killed by the heat.


Update it so that the fans would still be running on stand-by mode, but it would be on low power, or powerful enough to keep the GPU from dying.



Junior117 commented on Even More Nintendo Titles Get The Axe:

Oh c'mon!

I can understand Nintendo axing Metroid Prime Trilogy but Mario Strikers Charged? Wario Land: Shake It!? Battalion Wars 2? Come on Nintendo!

I need to buy these games quickly before they die out.



Junior117 commented on Nintendo No Longer Publishing Metroid Prime Tr...:

For the people who are questioning Nintendo for this



It's supposed to be available on a limited basis. Every collector's edition, limited edition, and game-of-the-year edition is supposed to have a VERY limited number of games. IF it was supposed to be a regular game, than the game wouldn't say on the cover: Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collectors Edition; It would simply say: Metroid Prime Trilogy.

For example, and i'm going to examples of PS3/360 (don't attack me on this), Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition and Presiged Edition have a limited stock and will discontinue anytime soon. LittleBigPlanet and another game that I can't remember right now Game-of-the-Year Edition are also going to discontinue in a matter of time (if they haven't already)... and those two plus MPT and MW2 are all AAA tiles.

So don't think that Nintendo WILL keep on selling Metroid Prime Trilogy forever or any company for that matter to sell anything that is SUPPOSED to be rare.

EDIT: btw: I got my copy at launch, played it for hours and STILL have the disc in my Wii right now. If you look at the Nintendo Channel right now on my Wii, you can see that Metroid Prime Trilogy is just 3 minutes more than Super Smash Bros. Brawl despite I bought Brawl at launch as well AND played it for an avarage of 4 hours/day almost every day.



Junior117 commented on Rare May Return to Nintendo Consoles:

You know that they can just buy out Rare from Microsoft and either become a independant third-party developer or sell it to Nintendo.

If they decide to do the latter, Nintendo better accept the purchase.

Oh, and Rare also developed Diddy Kong Racing DS.