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Thu 2nd Dec 2010

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Dr_Salvador commented on Review: Final Fight 3 (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

Second best Final Fight imo. It's much better than the second game!
It's cool with all the new moves, but like Damien, I like the original Haggar outfit better than this one
Why not make a new Final Fight as a Wiiu eshop title? I think the time is right for a new entry in the troubled series!



Dr_Salvador commented on Mario Kart Wii U Driving Into E3 This Year:

Bring back specials for the different characters like in Double Dash!
Also, why not call it: Mario Kart (U)ltimate and include every level from the franchise up until Mario Kart 7? Of course there should also be at least 16 new levels!
I like the idea about playing 4-player with two on the tv and two on each of there gamepad! Could be nice!



Dr_Salvador commented on Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS):

@GazPlant 15 - I'm also with you on that one!
The Thousand Year Door was awesome, please make a true sequel to that game without removing the partners and the level-up system! Still looking forward to it but it´s a shame that these features has been left out!
@Reala 17 - Yeah, that's true!



Dr_Salvador commented on Review: Super Paper Mario (Wii):

Let me start by saying that I loved TTYD, and I was really looking forward to this kind of sequel but It never got me hooked even though I have tried to get into it 3 times... But that's just my opinion!
Looking forward to the new Paper Mario for 3DS, as it seems to be more like first 2 games in the series!



Dr_Salvador commented on First Impressions: Paper Mario Sticker Star:

@ljinkakidd - 15: You are so right!
Can't wait to play this! Just too bad that it's released the 7th of december where I have little to no time to play it...
Hope it's as good as TTYD, that game was Epic! Love it!
(I'm also one of those who bought a 3DS for this game!)



Dr_Salvador commented on Castlevania: Circle of the Moon:

SotN is the only Metroidvania I completed, and as Circle of the Moon is the next in line it would be nice with a review to find out if it´s any good! NL, wouldn't you help the three of us out?



Dr_Salvador commented on Feature: Our Favourite Super Mario Games:

Happy_Mask 24@ - I totally agree! That Power-Up is so great!
Will it ever return? (Also, bring the big green shoe back!

My list goes like this:
1. Super Mario Bros. 3
2. Super Mario World
3. New Super Mario Bros.
4. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
5. Super Mario Bros.
6. Super Mario Land
7. Super Mario 3D Land
8. Super Mario Galaxy
9. Super Mario: The Lost Levels
10. Super Mairo: 6 Golden Coins

As you can see I prefer Mario in 2D form as I have never really been hooked on any of the 3D ones...!

I really loved Super Mario World when I first played it and thought it was better than Super Mario Bros. 3 for a long time! But then over the years I played SMB3 and found so many great things that SMW didn't have:
Power-Ups: SMW only had 5 including Yoshi, SMB3 had SO many more + items!
I liked the way you could stock up your power-ups and items and it was nice with the mini games too!
Also, I love Giant World from SMB3!
SMW is close though, since it has a lot of other strengths!

NSMB was the comeback for 2D Mario's and therefor has a high ranking for me, even though it was a bit too easy! (It was the reason I bought a DSLite back in the day!)

I have never played SMG2 since I never got to the end of the first Galaxy and maybe "Super Mairo: 6 Golden Coins" would have been higher on my list if I had played it more than the 10 minutes I did...



Dr_Salvador commented on 3DS XL Comparison Gallery:

Great thing that they have changed the stylus dock back to the side as it where with the Lite and i versions! It's just much easier to pick-up while you are gaming, rather than searching after it with your fingers behind the upper screen...! It bothered me a lot! Looking forward to your review, to find out if I should swap my 3DS to this instead!



Dr_Salvador commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Awesomenauts on PS3
Advanced Wars on GBA (Just got it, again, and I'm never letting go of it!
How can you play Paper Mario: TTYD on your Wii? I have tried to play my version but it never worked! (That's the main reason why I still have my GamCube, such a great game! Can't wait for Paper Mario 3DS!!!)



Dr_Salvador commented on Feature: Resident Evil's Most Nightmare-Induci...:

@3 - I feel the same way with the zombie arms and loud noise, also gets me every time!
There is a place in the remake where you have to get past a narrow corridor with a window on the one side. You can´t actually see the window but you see a zombie's shadow because of the moonlight! I really didn't wanted to go past that shadow but I knew had to... I knew that something would happen but I didn't knew when, and when it did happen, BAM it surely got me!



Dr_Salvador commented on Talking Point: The Five Remaining GBA Ambassad...:

If I could choose, this would be the last 5:
Advanced Wars
Wario Land 4
Metroid: Zero Mission
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (IF you can change your buttons to Y = Run/shoot, B = Jump. Just like the Mario Games is played on the SNES and New Super Mario Bros. on DS...!)



Dr_Salvador commented on Review: Super Castlevania IV (SNES):

Best Classic Castlevania imo!
I played Rondo of Blood afterwards and it was so disappointing! Yeah maybe it looked a little better but going back to just whip straight forward, not using R-button for sub-weapons... Why?
I like classic Castlevania games but nothing compares 2 SCIV!



Dr_Salvador commented on Feature: 20 Years of the Super NES:

It has to be my favorite console too, just like a hole lot of you Snes nerds!
I played Super Mario World and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 like a crazy! Also Zombies, Super Mario: All-Stars, Final Fight, Super Castlevania, Super Ghouls N Ghost and Megaman X were great and I played them for a loong time!
But why haven't we seen Rock N Roll Racing for so long? Could be so cool if it was rereleased for the wii shop or maybe the 3DS, I miss it a lot Also miss Gooftroop!



Dr_Salvador commented on Review: Super Mario Land (Game Boy):

I'm really in doubt if I should buy it or not, cause I already own the original gameboy game...
Can anyone tell me if the buttons are customizable? I really hate the B/A combo, which is the case when playing GBA Mario's, on DS...
Anyway, great game at it's time!



Dr_Salvador commented on Nintendo Expected Higher 3DS Sales:

I bought a 3DS at launch, and I was so exited to finally get it! But I haven´t played more that half an hour... The reason is like many have already said: there is no great games out yet!
I´m waiting for Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Paper Mario and more... But until then my 3DS will be covered in dust...
Games sells consoles!



Dr_Salvador commented on Brawl Brothers:

@3 &@4 - I played this a lot when I was young, It´s really fun I think!
I only played Rival Turf once, after I got it for VC, but imo its not nearly as good as Brawl Brothers or Rushing Beat Ran, as it was the Japanese version I played back then!
In short if you like brawlers like Final Fight, you should not miss out on this one!