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Mon 1st Nov 2010

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PanbanRichard commented on Video: This Player Has A Great Chance If They ...:

... Huh, didn't expect my Youtube video to be featured on Nintendo Life. Thanks for the shoutout, Thomas (and Reddit too I guess.).

Yeah, on the official rules Nintendo laid out, it stated that it's open for legal U.S. residents only. Otherwise, I would've considered flying to the closest location to give it a shot. Oh well, hope people learned from the video nonetheless.



PanbanRichard commented on Video: Atlus Releases New Persona Q Character ...:

@Squid Actually, Troy stopped voicing Kanji at the first half of the P4 Animation and P4A. Ever since Golden, it's been Matthew Mercer.

Can't blame you though, a lot of people have said that Matthew is basically Troy 2.0. It's hard to tell the difference unless you really listen.



PanbanRichard commented on Nintendo Download: 16th May (North America):

I'd like to hope that getting SMB 2 at its discount price now would prove beneficial with regard to any potential deals similar to this one down the road.

ie: Own SMB 2? Get SMB 3 half price. Own SMB 3? Get SMB half price. etc. etc.



PanbanRichard commented on Japan Getting Online Multiplayer for a Virtual...:

...Er, I don't see why people would go back to Puyo Puyo for online because the online capabilities were already covered in Puyo 7 & 15th. I guess it's for the super die-hard fans who don't want offsetting (which I don't understand kinda.).

Well, it's a step at least. Here's hoping to more in the future.