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Tue 10th Jun 2008

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JDesensitized commented on Sonic Generations 3DS Rumours Gain Speed:

In Sonic Colors you are graded for exploring the stage and gaining points, not running through like a madman. There are usually multiple routes through a stage, too.

It rewards exploration and platforming. Like every good Sonic game should.



JDesensitized commented on 3DS Virtual Console's First Third Party Games ...:

Oh good, we're back to mocking games we've never played. VC part 2.

Reminds me of the week Streets Of Rage 2, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Blazing Lazers came out while people whined for the lousy Yoshi Story.

You guys are going to be disappointed in retro releases unless you broaden your tastes beyond "games Nintendo makes" as they simply didn't make enough games to fill out every freaking release week.

Shocker: These are actually good games. How about looking them up?



JDesensitized commented on Monster Tale:

I hope this isn't overlooked like Henry Hatsworth was. These guys make great platformers.



JDesensitized commented on Features: Games That Should Already Be on Virt...:

Also, where are the rest of the Double Dragon games? Import PC-Engine version of Double Dragon 2 would be great as well.

Why we only have the NES port of 1, I have no idea. (At least give us the NES version of 2, that game's a classic)



JDesensitized commented on Konami to Take Over Hudson in April:

Konami didn't make Contra 4, Suikoden's dead, Castlevania is practically dead, Silent Hill is a jumbled mess that keeps getting outsourced, DDR's the same thing repeatedly with different songs, Gradius is dead, and Metal Gear is milked to hell and back. You also forgot a few other franchises that Konami used to do, but since Konami doesn't even remember they exist, I doubt most gamers do.

So yeah, I agree with him. Konami sucks and has sucked for a long time. They're basically clinging to Kojima and offering nothing else to the gaming industry.

Unless you don't believe the producer of Rocket Knight (and the man responsible for Contra 4 existing at all) had to beg and plead for years for the game to get made only to get it outsourced and killed with a $15 price point.

Konami sucks.



JDesensitized commented on Review: Sonic Colours (Wii):

Best Sonic game since 3 & Knuckles. I cannot state my love of this game more than saying that.

Also, what's wrong with the music? This is the best soundtrack in the series since the Genesis games. WAY better than any of the others.



JDesensitized commented on NBA Jam Man Disappointed by Gamers' Negative A...:

Hard to believe their crack team of 3 people couldn't figure out how to do online on the Wii.

Maybe they should have walked down the hall and asked the Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 team how they did it. It must be a total mystery. They must have cast a spell to get it to work.



JDesensitized commented on Even More Virtual Console Titles on the Way:

^Both of those are masterpieces. I would also like the Turbografx version of Double Dragon II. What is the hold up on that series?

There is STILL no excuse for the lack of NES Contra, though. Not to mention Jackal, Contra Hard Corps, Soul Blazer, Rygar NES, Ys III, Rockin' Kats, Gun Nac, Illusion Of Gaia, Legendary Axe, Ranger X, Rocket Knight Adventures, Terranigma, and many others. We could also do with some more imports.

Luckily Sunsoft is aboard, so I'm looking forward to Gimmick! and Journey To Silius. Not to mention those Nihon Telenet games.



JDesensitized commented on Plok:

The music for this game is great. It's a pretty solid platformer, too.

I hope it ends up on the VC sooner or later.



JDesensitized commented on Three More Virtual Console Titles Incoming:

Now that we have the return of Hudson produced Falcom games, can we get Ys III now? At this point I don't even really care which version, I just want it.

Oh yeah, I also second Adventure Island 2 and 3, and heck, the rest of the AI games. What's the hold up there?



JDesensitized commented on New Trailer for NBA Jam Remix Modes is Nothing...:

They should release this at budget price since they've already devalued it so much themselves.

By the way has it been confirmed that the Elite extra is a download or not? Because if it's on the disc as an unlock code... Well, a lot of people are not going to find their buy and trade strategy very effective...