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Tue 12th Jan 2010

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Phobos commented on 3DS Vision Lens to Change the Way You View 3D:

'...beaming light into your eyeballs...' O.O
Is this really an April Fools' joke? I don't see anything that points us in that direction... But on the plus side, at least I realise it's that time of year again.



Phobos commented on Review: Steel Diver (3DS):

6/10. Yikes. When I saw the review, my attention perked a bit, regardless of the fact I was never interested in Steel Diver. Oh, well. Plenty more better games to come. Nice one, Corbs.



Phobos commented on Review: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (3DS):

Never played a Lego game, so I wouldn't know how to judge this one. Seems it will stay that way, until I catch a bit of Pirates of the Carribean.

How ironic, I've never watched any of these films which have Lego games... Or at least, fully. xD



Phobos commented on Angry Birds Dev Calls Nintendo Games "$49 Piec...:

Please, Rovio. You just release one game that has a decent purchase rate, then you rookies start flabbing your gums on Nintendo? Pfft.

I've actually been downloading a lot of mobile phone games lately - it's no match or even comparable to Nintendo. Their 'Ware' series, I guess you can compare it too. But anything else, VOID.



Phobos commented on Nintendo Uncertain Whether 3DS Demos will be W...:

Demos? To the Underworld with demos. Check the pics, the title and the brief description, use your common sense, boom. You now know whether or not to buy the game. I get what this guy is saying. I downloaded a demo of a phone game today, and I was just too unbothered to go for the full one.

Demos practically give the game away, if you really are money-conscious, try a video or a review. Demos = loss of sales. I guess for a really hefty game with costs quite the quid, you could have a demo. That would be worth it. But anything else, just a waste of resources.



Phobos commented on 3DS eShop's May Launch to Ensure it Beats Wii ...:

Okay Nintendo, you are forgiven. Now get your behinds in gear.
On a serious note, I prefer this approach. At least we won't need countless polishing updates in future. And we'll get the full experience from day one.



Phobos commented on Review: Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS):

I've never played Super Monkey Ball before, so this should be enjoyable! Great review, Corbs; it actually changed my mind - now I might pick this up at launch.



Phobos commented on Hands On: Nintendo 3DS:

Didn't pre-order mine. I am in a heck-load of trouble? ...To heck with all this, the night before the release, I'm sleeping outside VMH. Shiny black 3DS, it'll be just me and you.

Nice article, by the way - it answered a few lingering questions.



Phobos commented on EA Weed-Whacks Gardens from Production:

@Mowzle - Chevre!
Anyway, I'm not too happy/sad about it being cancelled. Sure, it's a bit of a loss. Sure, it was lookin' pretty. Sure, it was shovelware. Sure, it was EA. But, oh well, it's not the apocalypse.



Phobos commented on Review: MySims (DS):

I got this game about 2 years ago. Terribly disappointed. Animal Crossing remains the best.