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Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!

Posted by Damien McFerran

Times they are a-changin'

In the history of mankind there have been many great moments. The discovery of fire. The invention of the wheel. The harnessing of electricity. Now we can add yet another achievement to that list - the creation of the new-look Nintendo Life!

Yes indeed, what you now gaze upon is the culmination of months of hard work and torment. The old order has been swept away; Virtual Console Reviews and WiiWare World are no more. They have fused with Nintendo Life to create an unstoppable monster of a website that will consume all in its path, and then politely request seconds afterwards.

However, we're well aware that many of you fear change, so we've compiled this handy FAQ which should hopefully answer all your most pressing questions.

Q: WTF? What have you done with my beloved WiiWare World and Virtual Console Reviews?

A: Don’t panic. The sites have simply been merged under the Nintendo Life banner, creating the ultimate one-stop resource for all things Nintendo. All of the content, reviews and news have been moved across, and as you can see at the top of the screen, everything is nearly divided up into different sections.

Q: Why in the name of Mario's underpants has this been done?

A: This move will ultimately make the combined sites stronger, better and easier to navigate. We found that it was getting to the point where it didn’t make sense to have three different sites – all focusing on Nintendo – running separately. By fusing them together we will create a strong base from which to expand even further. It will also help us when it comes to scoring exclusive interviews and obtaining early reviews, all of which benefits you, the reader.

Q: Will I have to re-register to join the Nintendo Life community?

A: Nope! Your log-in details from WWW/VCR will work here too! Great, eh?

Q: What happens to the staff of WiiWare World and VC Reviews? Will they be retired?

A: Not at all. All of our staff have been retained and we’ve even added new, talented writers to the mix. Again, all of this means you’ll be getting even better Nintendo coverage.

Q: I'm not interested in all things Nintendo and just want WiiWare / Virtual Console news. How do I get that?

A: Simple! Just click the relevant tab at the top of the screen and you'll be presented with information that relates solely to that section. However, the main Nintendo Life page will stream news from ALL sections, so we'd advise you bookmark that; you might miss out on something of interest otherwise.

Q: I hate this change! Why have you ruined my favourite site?

A: Sorry you feel that way, but sometimes change has to happen for things to get better. Stick with us and we’re sure you’ll change your mind over time!

Q: Can I curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb until I awaken from this bad dream?

A: Feel free to, but think of all the wonderful new features you'll be missing out on. Not to mention the fact that there's no telling where that thumb of yours has been.

Q: What happens to my subscribed RSS feeds?

A: Fear not! You should be redirected to the appropriate channel on Nintendo Life. For example, if you previously subscribed to the Virtual Console Reviews feed, you will be directed to that part of the new site.

Q: Can you change something?

A: Yes, give us your feedback in our support forum and it will all help us improve the site, we're open to your ideas and we'll build new exciting features over time.

Q: I've spotted a bug!

Nasty! Head over to our help forum and report it, if you please!

Q: Speaking of forums, what has happened to the old one? Have you deleted all of the posts, you heartless monsters?

A: Nope. VC-Forums still exists and all of the posts are still there. VC-Forums was never actually 'part' of Virtual Console Reviews - it was established by a fan and we merely linked to it because we lacked our own dedicated forum. However, now the sites are fused we no longer link to VC-Forums.

Q: OK guys, very funny. This is an April Fool's joke, right?

You wish!

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KeeperBvK said:

"Q: I hate this change! Why have you ruined my favourite site?"

Taken the words right out of my mouth.



Damo said:

KeeperBvK - sorry you feel that way, but if you look under the surface you'll see that this is essentially the same site as WWW/VCR, just with a slightly different interface and even more content.

Stick with us - you won't be disappointed.



Wiiloveit said:

I hate this change! Why have you ruined my favourite site?

Oh, right. You already said why.
The 'site looks pretty snazzy, but it'll just take some getting used to.
RIP WiiWareWorld

One more question: what does this mean for the YouTube channels? Is WiiWareWorld officially dead?



Corbs said:

RIP WiiWareWorld

I second that. Oh and RIP VC-Reviews as well.



Vertigo said:

Oh well, that's a shame, another decent site (www) merged and turned into the corporate ugly, rounded-edges blog look. Was hoping the date is relevant to this article but somehow doubt it.



Corbs said:

Oh well, that's a shame, another decent site (www) merged and turned into the corporate ugly, rounded-edges blog look.

We've got to pay for our Ferraris and Penthouse apartments, now don't we?



Eva said:

Not sure about the design but I never liked when Wii-ware split off from VC reviews, so sticking everything back together is a good idea.



timp29 said:

Nice work guys! It really makes so much more sense to do it this way. Looking forward to being able to waste my time better with more content



Wiiloveit said:

The one thing I don't like is the coming soon and out now lists, which take up a lot more space than before.

One question though guys: what is the exact difference between the Retro and Virtual Console sections?



Corbs said:

Retro will include all classic Nintendo systems and games, regardless of whether or not they've been released on the Virtual Console or not. You might have noticed that the Banjo Kazooie review just went live a short while ago.

Plus we have some other retro goodies coming soon as well.



Wiiloveit said:

@Corbie: I did notice it, but I thought I'd better check. Is the retro page the new space for your own Retro Rated 'site, or is it something completely different? Also: the Banjo review is also posted in the Virtual Console section, despite not being out yet on the system. Silly you.

@Chicken Brutus: Don't you work for these guys xD - anyways: try looking here.



Bendover83 said:

VC/WWW mesh into this NL is a nice combo. A little fancy lookin but not bad. O, in coming soon and out now list doesn't have a filter for US/EU. Unless I overlooked it. I like to see what we don't have and EU does and vica versa.



Corbs said:

Well for the time being, Retro is as close as we'll get to Retro-Rated. That's been put on hold as we've been working on this new site fusion. Who knows what will become of it someday. But don't you worry, we'll be putting plenty of new content up in the Retro section that should keep you plenty busy in the meantime.



PALgamer said:

I don't like the name of the site much, but I come here for the content so having it all merged up is great! Designs are bigger and fill my screen more. Although I miss the blue, white from WWW, change is always healthy.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

In general, I don´t mind the new design.

But Banjo Kazooie had me confused. Why is the review posted in the Virtuual Console section when the game has not been released (and probably never will be) on VC? I suppose it should belong to the retro- part of the site instead.

As long as you don´t lose focus on the VC / WiiWare coverage I´m pleased with the redesign



Draygone said:

Q: OK guys, very funny. This is an April Fool's joke, right?

You wish!

If it were, it'd be the most elaborate AF joke I've ever seen.



Objection said:

Q: OK guys, very funny. This is an April Fool's joke, right?

You wish!
I was actualy going to ask this. WHy did you choose to do it today of all days then? I thought it was gonna go up when the DSi cam out in Europe? Or is that today? (Or IS IT? The most elaborate AF joke ever-Europe doesn't really get the DSi before the US!)



Mayhem said:

Yeah, was gonna ask exactly the same thing OB... people might think it was a joke heh...



Chipmunk777 said:

what a poor choice of days to unveil the new design though!

I thought at first that it had to be an april fool's joke, but clicking around the site with the new layout and everything, there's no way you guys made all that new content and stuff just for an april fool's joke but if you did, you certainly will have tricked us all.

but anyway, I rather like the new layout. although I will miss the old vc reviews layout :[



mrPlow said:

Nice layout, also that search bar at the top of the page is excellent with suggests and mini-images (Is that some kind of AJAX technology or perhaps magic ) Anyway it works great. Keep up the good work!



Dazza said:

@Objection_Blaster WHy did you choose to do it today of all days then?

Well the DSi launches in Australia tomorrow. We didn't want WiiWare World to get too swamped with DSiWare reviews. The timing just goes to show our warped sense of humour here! lol

Also it is my baby girls birthday- 1 year old today!



Wiiloveit said:

@mrPlow: I believe they call it the ancient art of wizardry - not "magic". And that was featured on all three of the sites before anyway.

@Dazza: Good thinking - if you'd have put the new site up tomorrow, people would've been too busy fretting over the fact that everything's different instead of looking at the new reviews. Will there even be any new games for Australia tomorrow anyway? I'd have thought that games would still get released on the Friday, like the rest of Europe, but I suppose that it's anyones guess really.
Also, your baby is a joke... right?

@Toddr: Yarp.



Toddr said:

@ BahamutZERO

So, I guess you were wrong about how they were going to do this.



reekon said:

I guess I'm the conservative type, as I'm also "shocked" by the changes. I hate change when the old ways were so good and happy.
But let me give it to you guys, it makes total sense for this to happen, and in the end, it does make everything easier and better.
Give me a few days, and I should be fine too.



Nanaki said:

Great work on the new site Bossman! Give yourself a biscuit, or two!

@reekon Yeah, all new interfaces will take a little while to get used to, but NL has been evolving for over 3 years now and it's a format that works well IMHO.

Also, don't forget to hook up the old RSS so the news and reviews come to you... although the comment RSS will have gone crazy when I am home tomorrow!



Vertigo said:

Corbie: "We've got to pay for our Ferraris and Penthouse apartments, now don't we?"
True, true, I mean whatever works really, I'm just not a fan of that whole Windows XP rounded edges look really. Still the same content, perhaps even better, so whatever. And tbh I wasn't even aware there was a sister DS site anyway, so that's good, although I have zero interest in DSi but the VC bit interests me.



Jockolantern said:

Provided a portion of this whole redesign doesn't turn into some elaborate April Fool's Joke (I trust not a single website on this day for anything, albeit this update would turn out to be quite the extravagant joke)... I like it. It's a solid redesign and the tab system works very nicely. Well done. _



Wesker said:

It all looks too generic for my liking and for that reason alone I think you'll turn off future internet surfers. To be honest I'd might as well just go to ign or one of the countless others now. You've lost the simple charm that you had before.



thewiirocks said:

WTF? What have you done with my beloved WiiWare World and Virtual Console Reviews?!?

Don’t panic.

Don't tell me not to panic! I'm panicking! I'm panicking! huff huff wheeze I hate this change! Why have you ruined my favourite site?

Sorry you feel that way, but sometimes change has to happen for things to get better.

Stop reading my mind! I don'ts likes it! I don'ts likes it! I'm going to curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb until I awaken from this bad dream!

There's no telling where that thumb of yours has been.

Stop it!

/me runs off screaming...

(Congrats on the upgrade! Jerks. You've had your fun. Now change it back! Change it back! Arrrggghhh!! )



Nanaki said:

@Luigi La Bouncy, Well, we've still got the by the gamers for the gamers vibe that IGN don't have, and the sites a lot clearer than the IGN mess. I love the integration; it means more opportunity to natter on about geeky things!



jangonov said:

I actually like the change. I've been visiting nintendo life for a while now. I dont see what the problem is



jangonov said:

EXCEPT for the annoying ads "her IQ is 105 can you beat that?"
.......who cares?!?!? I understand that advertising on websites is important, but please have some intelligent ads. Ads for more games or something relevant to the site. I don't think many gamers care if they are smarter than Brittany Spears.



Ian_Daemon said:

" didn’t make sense to have three different sites - all focusing on Nintendo - running separately. By fusing them together we will create a strong base from which to expand even further..."

So you think putting all your eggs in one basket is a stronger approach?



longtimegamer said:

Whoa. Way to confuse me guy! Never mess with a guys head when he just gets up.

I loved some of the questions in the article...Funny stuff.

Well I guess I've got to go explore this place.

@Dazza - Happybirthday to Emma.

Edited-The Featured reviews title box has it's words mixed together. Anyone eles see this? I'm using my Wii to view this.



BF-Medic said:

Good work!

This makes it so much easier to stay updated on both VC & WiiWare news Especially when thinking about all the upcoming stuff on DSiWare!

Changes my Home-page settings



Nanaki said:

@jangonov, sometimes the advertising doesn't always fit in with what each individual is looking for - I find that from time to time. But it is what funds the site and keeps up moving onwards.

@Ian Daemon, I certainly think so: risk and reward. By pooling our resources together we are no longer a disjointed hodgepodge of staff members, we have become a well-oiled (in the non greek sense) machine. I can't really see any dissadvantages to bringing the sites together.



SmaMan said:

So that's why my RSS feeds went crazy with 20 new updates. Well it'll be nice to converge it into one. I like the change! At least I'm not alone in thinking this was this was an April Fools Joke.



antdickens said:

@jangonov, yeah.. you'll actually see different ads because your in the US to our EU users, we're working with our US partner to try and improve the quality of the ads, we'd much prefer to only have gaming ones too!



Popyman said:

This is a lot better than the crap the Fanboy sites turned into. I still don't like the name "Nintendo Life" though...



Chipmunk777 said:

I do like it better, although it doesn't really affect me that much since I mostly just use RSS feeds to keep up with VC/wiiware stuff anyway

which reminds me, I have to change the rss feeds on my other computer...



wanderlustwarrior said:

I always liked the WWW colors, but i was starting to shift over to NL anyway. i welcome the change and the ease of navigation

Edit: if this was an April Fool's joke, it would have been great



vherub said:

I had to retype the address into the browser a couple times, thinking I had gone to a different site.
The redesign and merger looks great to me.



thewiirocks said:

@jangonov - <pedantic>Doesn't it claim that Brenda Song's IQ is over 120 or something? 105 would be easy for most visitors to beat.</pedantic><cynical>Of course, it's a scam ad anyway, so it really doesn't matter what it says.</cynical><evil>Not that anything should stop you from clicking on it. If they want to give money to the website-formerly-known-as-WiiWare-World so you can laugh at their site, more power to 'em! </evil>



Lotice-Paladin said:

Glad everythings unified and both of the site's cast survived. Wouldn't be the same without them . The only thing I don't like is the fact I still can't use my hotmail account on here! .

Now I hope this ain't an April Fools prank but I doubt it since you guys are all here to enjoy this miraculous change!



Tragickingdom said:

Man I hate change....seems like every time I go to my favorite web sites they have changed something....if it is not broke......



MaxPlastic said:

It's also weird to see WWW and VC-R people together... Some of us just stuck to one site or the other...
~ Come on, people now... Smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now... ~



MarkyVigoroth said:

The first two comments in this article reminded me of the Death Arcana...

Anyways, I actually like this! There is no more need for a DSi Ware/Virtual Handheld World!



anthonyb said:

This better not be an April 1st joke! This is AWESOME! And there's a forum! I feel like a kid with a brand-new playground!



Nintendophile said:

Ohhhh, I really did think it was an April Fool's Day joke when I typed in my favorite web site's address and was greeted with a splash of new colors! It's going to take me a bit to get used to the new design, but it's already starting to grow on me. Good job guys! _



greyelephant said:

I really like this new design. Thanks to everyone for their hard work to make this happen. This will really open us all up to an even bigger crowd for even better topics and responses. I do have a question. Who are all the moderators? Is there a place to find all the names of who does what? Thanks again.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

LOL, "new talented writers" — by merging with one of the most poorly written sites on the 'net. This is a great prank idea guys.



Ricardo91 said:

Sniff goodbye Wiiware World and VC-Reviews...

Actually, after getting over the shock of the changes and sucking my thumb for a little while, I'm actually starting to think this is better than the old site(s). I no longer have to flip between 3 sites repeatedly all the time, and don't have to see 3 related sites at the top of my Firefox search history all the time.

It also looks a lot more professional than VC-Reviews. I hope it's actually real.
But if it's is in fact an April Fool's joke, that just confirms that you guys have far too much time on your hands.

@Dazza. She's adorable! Tell her I said happy birthday!



Bass_X0 said:

How do we read the most recent messages of news, reviews and games like before?



antdickens said:

@BassX0/Nanaki, I think Bass X0 is referring to the comments feeds pages we had before, they should still be on /comments but we've not fully tested them yet - we'll be doing that shortly!



Terra said:

I am liking the new site design. At first, i thought it was an april fools joke but i'm glad it's not. It works quite well



Fleeman said:

i had to make sure i was in the right place i click back to google to make sure i had clicked on the right thing



Cashman3000 said:

Best summed up as:
"I know that there is pain. But you hold on for one more day and break free the chains. Yeah I know that there is pain but you hold on for one more day and you break free, break from the chains..."



Outrunner said:

I like the new site too. You's obviously worked hard on it and it's appreciated. Thumbs up!



Razoredge17 said:

I love the combined site, the navigation is a lot easier and it looks really nice. Good job guys, though I will miss the stand alone sites too.



Kaeobais said:

Never thought you'd actually combine all 3 sites. I clicked on WiiWare World in my favs and it came up here and I thought I accidentally clicked NintendoLife XD

It's great. Just better not be an april fools joke. Just kidding, this is alot of work to go through just to trick your loyal fans .... right?



Ren said:

I'd caution those that are all broken up and cynical about the new look. It's easy to assume that there was some towering skyscraper with a Nintendolife logo on top where top executives in suits bought up the tiny struggling sites of WWW and VC Reviews run by guys in their basements and forced them and their families into submission, but it's really a lot simpler than that as far as I know and I think Damien was pretty clear about it. The sites had already been working together and no one is getting rich at anyones' expense. Knowing this and seeing how clean and easy it all is to use is exciting. I think it looks fantastic and I'm glad it's done. (sure I have a place in my heart for the old WWW, too, but it was a pretty simple website folks, lets keep our pants on about it). Thanks everyone, I love it here. Now I'll never get anything done.



theberrage said:

2 thumbs up. I couldn't care less about the DS and now I don't have to sift through it to find wiiware info. good job



Viral said:

I am fairly impressed with the web design of this site. I'm looking forward to reading more various Nintendo news. Now, any news on Zombies Ate My Neighbors? Because they're acting weird lately...



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

@Nanaki: Yeah, I've provided detailed constructive criticism to the staff of VCR and WWW in the past. I kept the responses they sent me.

But as for the retained NintendoLife content, if I have any constructive criticism, it's simply that I'd like to see news blog posts and reviews be proofread before they're posted.

Sorry if my first comment came off as rude. I legitimately thought this merger was a joke.



Wesker said:

As far as I know, this all started from VC-reviews; a place where you could find out what games were good on the Virtual Console and which were best avoided, wriiten by independent gamers.

Now it has come to this. And I'm sad



Philip_J_Reed said:

Despite the fact that I'll mainly be posting in the DSiWare section, I'd like to point out that I did NOT choose the color scheme.



Crazynoodle said:

doesnt make much of a differance 2 me, i still get 2 keep this pepper image and now the forums are easier 2 get 2, and there is only one site!



Terra said:

I do like the colour schemes in the different sections, especially the DS one as Green's my favourite colour

@Chicken Brutus
It's ok, No one's judging you (In my house anyway)

"pink is pretty!"
Reminds me of a song i've heard before.



Corbs said:

Don't listen to Chicken Brutus. He pushed the hardest for the pink. In fact, he wanted it to have little white polka dots all over it but we managed to talk him out of it.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Great, now that its one site I have like 50000 comments to read. I liked WWW better.

Plus, I thought you said this would never happen due to traffic stares at Chicken

Next, Dazza got a MadWorld avatar! Perhaps I shall change mine for the new change

And good ol' Corbie skeletons back

Also, Im with Chicken. PINK FTW!!!



Objection said:

Wikipedia will be annoyed since they quoted wiiware-world article a bunch. Will they have to change all that? lol.
Anyway, a late happy birthday to Emma!



WolfRamHeart said:

What have you done?! JK! Thats what I get for waking up late on April Fools day. I'm wondering what surprises await us next week since we got the SD card play/Arcade console update last week and a new and improved Nintendo Life website this week. Time for Earthbound! Combining these sites together into one all powerful entity makes Nintendo Life the ultimate site for all things Nintendo!



SupermarketZombies said:

Just yesterday I was wondering, "Why don't vc-reviews, wiiware-world, and nintendo life merge? Wouldn't that make more sense than having 3 sites?" and bam here we are today. Very cool. Thanks.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Change it back. Now.

(I really hope this is an April Fool's Day joke, and if it isn't....WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO CHANGE TODAY? STOP MESSING WITH MY MIND!)



Wesker said:

Thats a good point actually. WiiWare World and Corbie got plugged in the Official Nintendo Magazine by 2d Boy. And now people won't even be able to find WiiWare World cos it doesn't exist anymore.



Kevin said:

I copy that Tides. I want my good ol' vc-reviews back. And this BETTER be an April Fools Joke.



Corbs said:

While we did put the site up to totally blow your minds today, it is NOT an April Fools Joke, I assure you.



Aenaida said:

Normally I'm not fond of change, but this I don't mind. Better start refamiliarizing myself with the site.



Ricardo91 said:

"People won't be able to find Wiiware World cos it doesn't exist anymore."

Click on that tab at the top of the page that says "Wiiware".

And also, the entire staff and all the virtual console news remains intact, with some new members coming, so there's really nothing to worry about.

@Corbie. Finally got sick of that 'ol witch hat, huh?



Damo said:

@Luigi La Bouncy - WiiWare World still links to here, it links to our WiiWare section. So it's not like it doesn't exist.



Nero said:

Relax guys, when we wake up tomorrow we will see that everything is back like it used to be, they're messing with our heads.. O_o

Anyway, like all changes it takes a while to get used to but I come here for the content and as it hasn't changed this is a good thing.



Nanaki said:

@Jogurt the Yogurt,
Yeah, duly taken there. Proof reading is something that essential (and efforts are being made on that front). No worries about things taken as offense - I honestly do appreciate feeddback, and to know where things go wrong in the reviews is vitally important for making improvements.

Jeez, I go to a rugby match and another 50 posts have passed by ><'



WolfRamHeart said:

Glad to see that the entire staff is still intact. Last thing I wanted to see is them pull an EGM/ on the staff here. Now that would have been a terrible April Fools gag. I like the reviews here because they're honest and unbiased so I will continue to support Nintendo Life for as long as they are around!



Kevin said:

That sucks. I'm gonna miss At least vc-forums is still alive.



Cryo said:

I used to be a member of vc reviews and Wiiware world a while back but I forgot my login stuff. Oh well I still continued to go there, this place looks nice to me.



HOT-ROD said:

Great job. It's nice to only have one bookmark lol.
It also feels good to see the sites evolve from the beginning.
I accidentally found VC Reviews a couple years ago, and then I was with WWW since the beginning of that. Love them both as simple sites, and it's kinda nice to see the evolution into something new. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work.



Bendover83 said:

I still see Air Zonk for Corbie. I've been on here for awhile I might finally get an avatar soon to go with the change. I was also wondering about the star thing too when new releases are out or coming. Also, Europe needs a Hanabi Festival, so hopefully tomarrow or Friday it will happen.



XD375 said:

Hi guys. Couldn't find an introduction thread, so I'll post here:

I'm a LONG time reader of Virtual Console Reviews (and I mean a LONG time - long before The Virtual Console Archive had its name changed), reader of WiiWare World since its launch, a reader of Nintendo Life ever since sometime last year when I noticed the name at the bottom of the VC-Reviews page.

My name is XD375 and I'm a fan of retro gaming and the like.

I've communicated with the staff through email a couple times about news and stuff, and I always wanted to join this community. I recognize all the regulars as I always read the news comments as well as many threads, so I already have respect for [most of] you. -_^

Anyway, this change is as good a time as ever to jump into the mix. There's been plenty of times when I've wanted to comment and I'm glad I'll become part of one of my favourite communities on the 'net.

I'm a major dweeb (look at my display pic, I'm wearing safety goggles and eating a GoldenEye cartridge) but I love it.

I always wondered why all three sites didn't act as one - it makes sense and I don't have to view three different sites, and I happen to get on this site at least once every two minutes (more realistically, every half hour to an hour) as the Virtual Console is my favourite part of next-gen gaming.

Anyway, I hope to be able to hang out with you guys and stuff, as you are among the coolest on the 'net.

~Shane :]



antdickens said:

@XD375, Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the situation, it's always great to hear from you guys that really appreciate what we're trying to do here, we hope you stay and enjoy the site for many more years to come!



classicmike said:

Nice job on the new site guys!
I was lucky to find this, since I usually type in vc-reviews to seeing any info about the VC, but having multiple fraternities under one roof isn't bad (usually).



Corbs said:

Well we certainly want to return the thanks to all of the readers who've supported the sites over the years. You guys make it all worthwhile and then some. We hope everyone will continue to be a part of the site for years to come. It should be an interesting trip.



SilentJ said:

Whoah! I love the new site! It's awesome having everything all in one place and it looks great. I'll miss the old sites but I think the real April Fool's joke would be if you only merged the sites for one day.



Nintendork said:

I was wondering if you guys would do this. This is now the biggest Nintendo site I care about ( so that throws IGN of right there. ). Nice work guys.



WolfLink22 said:

I may get use to this but VCR was better.If you are going to change things and merge others then fine.But make a different layout please don't make it anything like IGN or bigger media sites.Make the look and that stuff different.

As for me i won't be missing anything big from Nintendo i have Press Room access on Nintendo's Press Room and can get Non VC Stuff when i need it.

But hearing what Europe and Japan gets on the VC on different days is another story as they'd say in Sandlot and Sandlot 2 as the case maybe.



Twilight_Crow said:

Not bad... but I'm really gonna miss the old sites , still I'm happy that I don't need to look all over the Dsiware news to get to a single wiiware new .
What I really don't like about this new site is that the text doesn't fit perfectly on my wii any more, so now I have zoom out and get closer to my tv, or zoom in and constantly move the page left and right with the pad, what can I say, I'm a lazy person , but really keep the site as wii friendly as you can, pleaaaase.
All and all, it looks like a cool new site, keep on the good reviews, information and articles and all the sites together will be as great as ever.



XCWarrior said:

I liked the old sites and all, but this looks like a nice new Web site.

I approve. Good thing too, otherwise you would have been forced to change it back.



Mike1 said:

I wish they didn't change the site to nintendolife. The redesign is nice but now I can't go on vc-reviews anymore at work because the name nintendo is in the sites name. All the other sites like gamefaqs and ign are banned, but vc-reviews was so obscure that it never was banned.



y2josh said:

WOO HOO I love this new site and lay out and such. I look forward to checking out this site 20 times a day for years to come. VC-R and WWW will be missed, but I'm sure everyone will grow to love this site who dont like the new layout and such. I know I don't post much, but seeing as everyone is in an avatar changing frenzy I may change mine as well for all the comment readers to enjoy... hehe. I love the site folks, keep up the good work!



Omega said:

I like the design of the new website. It's all clearly arranged.

But there is still one thing I have to criticize. When going to:
WiiWare => Media => Videos
all Videos are displayed, including Nintendo DS and Wii, and not only those related to WiiWare. So I quickly had to shut my eyes. Can you put a filter on it?



Bass_X0 said:

You know what this site is still missing?

The simple design that attracted people when the site originally started?



Wesker said:

I've just been checking out your Wii games section and no offence guys but I don't think you've rated the games too well. I mean 9 out of 10 for games like Mercury Meltdown and Trauma Centre. I think most people would agree these games are no better than above average.

I don't plan to rely on your Wii game reviews as I do for your WiiWare reviews.



Nanaki said:

@Luigi La Bouncy, reviews are all subjective to opinion, which means that's not always something everyone agrees with. Personally, I say read the content of a review and see what the author has to say - then you can formulate your views on something a bit more substantial than score.

But if you just look at the bottom line, sneak a peek at the metacritic links on the side of the page to see what the general average press opinion is (in the two examples you provided, we didn't actually give it a far-off-the-mark score - certainly not an outlier in terms of the mean score). As I said, it all boils down to opinion, which is why we have comments - to invite discussions where people can articulate why they don't agree.

Also, the WiiWare reviewers do Wii reviews too



Wesker said:

@Nanaki. So the score only represents the personal opinion of the reviewer, it does not reflect a consensus opinion of all you guys? Is this true for all reviews?



Dazza said:

We certainly sanity check each others reviews, but ultimately the score given is determined by the reviewer.



Wesker said:

Ok, because I imagined that final scores would be run past the 'lords that be' before being posted. That would rule out the possibility of us fans being misled by extreme opinions and so on.

Also is there a way of checking latest comments for all games? Because I really liked this tool on WWW and VCR



Dazza said:

No no, we're not that autocratic! In very few instances have we every felt the need to kick back to the reviewer and ask them if they were smoking something!

We'll link the comments thing into the nav soon:

You'll also be able to see comments filtered by channel soon also.



Nanaki said:

@Luigi La Bouncy: In the ideal world that would be the case, but we do always make sure to play the games before doing the reviews so that our scores are justified and thought-out. We generally try to get the reviews out in close proximity to their release, and this means that most of the staff haven't played the game and are thus unable to contribute to the review – there’s simply too many games about for us all to play them.

Dazza is right though; there are sanity checks to make sure scores have not been given overzealously. We get beaten if we don't meet his standards



Dazza said:

Oh no, now you've gone and angered him!

Jack's gonna do some chainsawing!!

/Puts Bass X0 on a spike



Quimby said:

Its strange... I agree with all these new changes and it makes total total sense to me (enough to type it twice), But I just cant get used to it.
Better change it back just in case...
Ian Daemon was right (way way up there before I got bored of reading comments) you really are putting all your eggs in one basket. You know thats the quickest way to get an omlette... Luckily I love omlettes (nobody correct my speeling of omlette, Im too tired)



gameking23 said:

The changes are nice I guess... but I liked the old one better. Then again I've never been one for change. It would have been nice to have been warned about these changes ahead of time.



antdickens said:

@gameking23, if you read between the lines of alot of the comments posted by staff over the past month you probably would of worked it out... if we'd of officially warned everyone it was happening I think we would of had a major fire of questions, anxiety and suspicion on our hands!



Corbs said:

Heck I gave out plenty of hints, even put the Nintendo Life Virtual Console logo on the four arcade VC release videos I made and no one caught that.



Bass_X0 said:

I don't believe its the fact that there's been a merge or a name change that people are bothered about - its that the appearance of the site doesn't look as good as VC-Reviews or Wiiware World did.

If you changed everything you did but left the appearance as it was, nobody or very few people would have a problem. The new banner looks nasty and dull compared to the fun and colorful artwork from VC-Reviews.

You went with dark grey over a variety of color...



Objection said:

There were so many hints. BTW, Luigi, how can you not like the Trauma Center series?!



Corbs said:

One of the main reason to integrate these sites was to have a common appearance and layout. That way everything remains consistent across all the various sections of the site now. Not only will that ultimately prove easier for the readers, it will also be easier for us to maintain that consistency as we add items to the site without having to constantly adapt to whatever section we're working on.



rbtransformed said:

Wow! The site looks really good! I used to only check vc-reviews once a week, because Nintendo only updates the vc library once a week, but I'll have to come back more often now.

  • a pleased fan


Damo said:

@Bass - I was tempted to bite my tongue but I can't. I honestly don't know how you can say that WWW and VCR looked better than this site does now. Ant has done a fantastic job and I think Nlife looks totally gorgeous.

Don't get me wrong - WWW and VCR were all very well and I'm glad you liked them - but they were dated, simplistic and lacked any kind of visual punch. Heck, VCR was based on my Mean Machines site template which was created almost half a decade ago.

The time was ripe for change and I think the vast majority of people agree that it looks about a million times better.



brooks83 said:

I have to agree with bass, I just don't like the look of this site compared to VCR.

Also, I think combining VCR and WWW would have been ok, as they are both about Nintendo downloads, but I'm not sure I like the idea of NintendoLife being mixed in. Virtual Console Reviews just had a better ring to the name I guess...



VirtualConsoleGuest said:

Hi there,

I will just say good job on what I’m sure was hard work; even more so because I would never change ‘what is’ like you have done myself, even if greater opportunities could be acquired.

For my part, I am not extremely sad, nor extremely happy at this news, only disappointed in fact. I am obviously not sure about what you went through or what you weighed to come to this decision, but to let go of a thought: I would have been happy enough with a humbler status, even if expanding made it easier to grasp at greater chances nearby. I agree somewhat with the “Luigi La Bouncy” user, albeit in a less acute sense. That clean simplicity is now unduly done away with. It may be too early to say this, but my firm belief is that things are becoming too big budget, and come across as “cold” (partly as a result of this), rather than small/reserved and “warm”. I cannot quite think of another way to put it.

Please do not become like other game websites, with their ‘up market’ reporting (journalism, I suppose), seemingly vast arrays of yucky commentators, and bamboozling boat-loads of bothersome ADVERTISEMENTS (a number that I’ve seen here already have nothing to do with games, unlike VirtualConsole Reviews).

I don’t know how much you can change now, but can you differentiate the Virtual Console from the rest of this website? Such as making a background/tab style option (just one example: I liked the original website’s random banners – Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, Megaman, Mario, etc.) to replicate VirtualConsole Reviews; and perhaps even offering other ‘retro’ backgrounds for members.

I’m sure that I am not the only one that feels what I’ve written, but since you are fixed on this change, I really hope that there could be compromises. For me, (and possible those who visit for the first time) the site, while NOT all bad, it does come across moreso as another busy, murky videogame website. Virtual Console Reviews was different, and as such, for my part, it drew me and helped me actually want to keep visiting.

And so I have chosen to speak up like this. If this isn’t the right place to put this, or no one sees (I hope I didn’t post it up too late..), I could write it again somewhere else, but I hope that the right folks see it either way. I apologize if I came across as impatient or ungrateful – and I am not naturally pessimistic – as I didn’t intend to be so.

P.S. Most of the capitalized words I used because I couldn't use italics.



Ricardo91 said:

I'd have to agree with Damo on this one. This site looks a lot more sleeker and more professional than the old VC-R. The old VC-R was minimalist and dated-looking.Though the old one felt a little more independent than the new one, and the Mean Machines artwork was pretty nice...

Omelette du Fromage!

lol, love the reference!



carson said:

eh, my favorite part is the extra Advertisement. sell outs......well, we have to live with the new design. I liked the simplicity of the old version. oh well. It must hurt the creators feelings because they claim to have worked so so hard for months, and then to recieve more negative feedback than expected.



carson said:


The name is so lame.

@ charco - messege # 150
"my beloved VCR has been taken over by IGN."

hahaha, i thought the same thing.



Corbs said:

Actually we've received a LOT less negative feedback than expected. In fact the response has been overwhelmingly positive. And the advertisements are a necessary evil as it takes money to run these sites. Quite a bit of money in fact, when all things are considered. But if you'd like to send us a hefty donation each month, we'll be happy to remove all advertisements immediately.

We hope everyone will at least give the new site a chance, as it's here to stay.



Party_On_Dude said:

I click in my internet favorites on VC reviews... & after rubbing my eyes in dissbelief, I click it again to see this is real after all?! Why I never liked or visited NintendoLife before... because I always liked VC Reviews & WiiWare World being sperate sites!!!
It's not that you ruinined it for me... I just think everything is soo mushed together now!!! It may be cool, & it'll probably grow on me... but things won't be the same!!

And OH MY FREAKING GOD... OVER 200 COMMENTS... people people people... you have to go crazy over at most everything don't you; why not stop it for once!!!



brooks83 said:

I really don't mean to whine, but I now know why I don't like the new site. First off, I loved VCR because it specialized in Virtual Console news and reviews. For regular game news, I could go to IGN or Gamespot. I hate to sound mean, but this site just seems like a lower quality knock off of IGN. R.I.P. VC-Reviews



Corbs said:

The Virtual Console section of the site still functions pretty much the same way VC-Reviews did and still specializes in VC news and reviews. You don't have to visit the other sections if you don't want to. Just bookmark the VC section.



StarDust4Ever said:

Good thing you waited till April 2nd to post this update, LOL! I for one, actually think this is a good positive change, for three reasons:

#1: Hardly anyone from VC-reviews or Wiiware-World was even looking at the articles on Nintendo Life, judging by the relative lack of comments.

#2: DsiWare would have added yet another site for me to have to enter my login details whenever I use a public access computer terminal.

#3: They have now added a dedicated "Retro" thread

The only con to me, is that this whole time, I'd believed that VC-Forums was a subset of the VC-Reviews network??? I will still continue using regardless...

@Corbie: Whew! My fears are relieved - The ""Purple Dinosaur" avatar was just an April Fool's Joke



Corbs said:

You mean you didn't like Barney??? I could always bring him back if you'd like.



Captain_Konami said:


I'm going to have to opinionate on the side of what Bass X0 said in #192. I was hooked on VC Reviews pretty readily due to the look of the site and the group active there. The group may largely remain, but the death of the warm fuzzies I had for the VC Review site design took a little bit of my joy with it. It was a pleasant smaller site that still covered it's material well. I think I'll have to proceed to suck my thumb for a while longer.

@ Damo "I honestly don't know how you can say that WWW and VCR looked better than this site does now.":

Easy.............WWW and VCR looked better than this site does now. I can even say it three times fast.
Although not entirely sincerely, since I thought the VCR look was golden and the WWW was a bit cold. Alas, the Nintendo Life look feels even colder. I think professionality is in the quality, not the look. Even if the combo needed to happen (whether out of preference or necessity), you needn't adopt a sharp cold inhuman style to earn you cred as an elite/professional site. The content will attend to defining that.
(And don't knock a half decade old genius design there Damo, not if it's a crowd pleaser)

Oh well.......I'll sulk for a bit and peruse here and there. And then decide if too much of the beauty is gone.

And @Corbie #6's inevitible comment about the inevitability of change:
Indeed, change is inevitable..........we all gotta go sometime, but in some cases we can at least choose when (bad quote choice I suppose, since the follow up line is "Nobody chooses when...." ).

Change is neither bad nor good, it just happens. But people like what they like.
And when what they like becomes something else, people shouldn't be surprised if they find less to like. (Heh, channeling the Yogi there for a moment......)

The jury's still out to lunch.



Damo said:

As Corbie so correctly states, the vast majority of comments we've had have been positive. We've also been getting additional comments via email saying equally positive things (many coming from within the industry).

We've already explained our position several times but for WWW and VCR to move forward this really was the only option. Running a site that gets modest traffic is a costly process, something I think some people here aren't aware of.

Yes, this is an age where anyone can run a blog for free, but sadly a blog doesn't offer the same functionality as a site like Nlife. Building a site like Nlife - not to mention hosting it and ensuring that it can deal with the insane amounts of traffic that hits it on a daily basis - costs money. So sorry, but the ads are here to stay. Not that it should be a problem - we're using the same ad companies that we used for VCR/WWW, so the ads you all see will effectively be the same.

As for the question of design, I'm humbled that some of you think my five year old, cobbled-together VCR design is better to this professionally-created one we have now (Ant does this thing for a living, in case you hadn't noticed) but most people seem to agree the new look is superior. I don't quite get why people instantly equate 'clean and professional' with 'corporate sell-out' - but rest assured, if I happen to wake up to find a shiny new Ferrari on my driveway then you'll be the first to know.

I can understand that people don't like change but nothing here has really changed all that much; if you only want VC or WW stuff then you just bookmark those two channels. The content is the same, the staff are the same and all of the reviews, interviews and features are still here.

Sometimes, to keep going things have to change; we wouldn't do this if we thought it was going to harm the site.

Surely you'd rather have a combined Nlife than no sites at all? Food for thought, possibly?



Corbs said:

If you do wake up and find a Ferrari in your driveway, can I at least take it out on weekends?



Neomega said:

Omlette du fromage!
Dexter Reference FTW!

But I welcome the change, while others (gunshots heard in the background) preferred the old layout



Bass_X0 said:

No, don't get me wrong - the layout and everything is much better than it was before. I'm just fond of the old color scheme and banners over the new ones. You know whats funny - I actually don't mind the new banner for the other sections -- that cover the new games. But such a modern day look for such a retro minded section just seems odd to me. Maybe I'll get used to it, eh?



motang said:

Good job on merging the sites, I love it. Now I don't have to go to three different sites now and I can just go to one site!

Oh love the additions of DSiware and retro as well!



Jayenkai said:

Oh, goody.. Another super-overly-complex website to cause my Celeron to overheat a little bit more.


63 degrees!!!



Mix said:

I had WiiWare World bookmarked as my main site for info on WiiWare games. I have to say I LOVE that it's become part of the network.

I love this website and it has an awesome design!



James said:

Just read almost every single comment, and thanks to everyone who posted feedback of any kind. Among the many things I wanted to say that I've now forgotten (hey, there were a lot of comments!) was in response to the "corporate sell-outs" claim.

Nobody who works on any of these sites earns a single penny from it. We work on them because we enjoy them, not for money. We just prefer to do it on a nice-looking site!



astarisborn94 said:

This is indeed turning out to be one heck of an awesome site. Who wouldn't love this place? One of the few sites that I've been into that does require me having to hear fans bitch and bitch about Nintendo every day. I give this site an 9/10 and will remain here until the end.



Corbs said:

We're now coming up on one year as the merged Nintendo Life site. Doesn't seem like it's been that long already. Well, maybe it does.



kitroplious said:

Times are still a changin'....

Thank You NL staff for an awesome 1 year of all Nintendo portals!!!!!

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