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Mon 24th Mar 2008

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AbbyVampire commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bonsai Barber:

@18. Chicken Brutus: Sorry for late reply.

Anywayz: The DSiWare Launch lineup is NOT confirmed. IGN updated their article to say that they were'nt launch titles.

Not to mention its not on any of Nintendo's Official websites. If its not on any of their websites ( or or then the titles are'nt confirmed.



AbbyVampire commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bonsai Barber:

lol yall must not be looking to hard. Its goodbye to Wiikly Updates and hello to Nintendo Downloads since the DSi is coming.

I got 6000 DSiPoints ready to go D:

I might use some of it on WiiPoints. But besides wheat I got money will be scarce for a few weeks so I think I'll wait. Both games this week look pretty good tho. Will deffinitly get SPO sooner or later and Bonsai Barber to if the reveiw is good. I wonder if Nintendo is gonna release anything on the DSiShop on the 5th or wait until the 6th. It would be odd for them not to have anything ready to go day 1. maybe 1-3 titles on the 5th and another 1 or 2 apps on the 6th?

EDIT: Or maybe just the DSi Browser on the 5th then 1-3 games on the 6th?

To bad they did'nt reveal the launch lineup before the actual day it comes out : Well Theres a small chance they'll show the launch lineup on today's Nintendo Channel update..probally not tho lol

EDIT2: Looking at this post I noticed that I really need to change my avatar.



AbbyVampire commented on Nintendo Channel Goes Stats Crazy!:

The reason that the Japan has more stats (Like sales figures) is because the Nintendo channel has been out longer there. They have had sales figures for like the past 5 months...



AbbyVampire commented on Star Soldier R And Critter Round-Up Hit The US...:

@6: Watch some videos of SSR on the Nintendo Channel (Prob go live at 9AM like the games) That will give you a better look at it.

Also theres only a 2 minute mode and 5 minute mode, but the score you get within those minutes are recorded to WFC servers.



AbbyVampire commented on Dr Mario WiiWare pulling a sickie?:

I dont beleive a word Hudsonor Konami says.

Several Companies said there game was set to launch but they did'nt know that Nintendo had the FINAL say.

So yea Im waiting for Monday to see whats coming up. (Gosh dang it why did Ninty catch our PR guys??)



AbbyVampire commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

You know what? I dont care what happens just let me fill up all 48 channel slots and I'll be set.

Seriously the memory thing is freaking dumb! You cant even have all channels and buy the 6 wiiware games without it being filled up!

The Wii is great. However the Wii's Memory is Nintendo's worst mistake EVER.